10min Cup Noodle Challenge 

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10 Minutes of Cup Noodle action!!
Iconic, Chicken-Flavored, Instant Budget, Carrots & Corn included, Noodle action!!
Not often to I push my limits on this channel in a fixed amount of time. I should probably more often (it's good training for contests)
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Akane Sasu
Akane Sasu Pred 2 urami
This noodles is nice actually. I've tried it before
stik bot films
stik bot films Pred 5 urami
Your ar the best yutuber
Kakashi Jr
Kakashi Jr Pred 6 urami
man stonie eating hot cup noodles nbd. when i take a bite and its hot and i get worryed thinking hope my mouth will be ok. then i see matt stonie taken super big bites when its pipeing hot. and im like ok why was i even worryed me taken a bite. this man just eat pipeing hot noodles fresh.
Beau Sparklingeyes
Beau Sparklingeyes Pred 10 urami
I ate one bowl of noodles while watching this lol
Styx Pred 12 urami
Matt: *eats cup o noodles in 25 seconds* Me: *can barely eat a cup o noodle in 10 minutes*
XxNightcoreLoverGyu xX
just wanna know... Why are you doing this to yourself?
Yuki Macale
Yuki Macale Pred dnevom
I really love Nissin Cup Noodles when my grandma from Japan I always ate mine 1st and I have nothing left lol I LOVE NISSIN CUP NOODLES
OSK_slicy Pred dnevom
Stoke confirmed
Darleon Ronald
Darleon Ronald Pred dnevom
Câncer confirmed
Oblivion uWu
Oblivion uWu Pred dnevom
i was scrolling through the comments and everyone is so damn toxic- like i see a funny comment, i check the comments on that comment and everyone is arguing, like damn wtf-
Hussain Salam
Hussain Salam Pred dnevom
Does Matt stonie have different colored eyes?
Fiona Onyekwena
Fiona Onyekwena Pred dnevom
I thought he was stopping at 10
milla niemelä
milla niemelä Pred 2 dnevi
How I eat noodels
idel javier
idel javier Pred 2 dnevi
If he eat too much noodles he got cancer. :/
OuTeRsPaC3 Pred 2 dnevi
I love these things
Big Boi
Big Boi Pred 2 dnevi
When Matt goes to lunch and has 2 minutes
Ricardo Blanco
Ricardo Blanco Pred 2 dnevi
Like si, lla tedeo hambre
Jackie Bandosa
Jackie Bandosa Pred 3 dnevi
It takes me about 25 minutes to eat a cup of noodles. It takes Matt to eat 20-30 seconds. I feel so ashamed
Jacob_ Carlos246
Jacob_ Carlos246 Pred 3 dnevi
It only 10 mins
Jacob_ Carlos246
Jacob_ Carlos246 Pred 3 dnevi
It’s says 10 mins and 10 seconds
Kareem Z
Kareem Z Pred 3 dnevi
How is he still skinny ?
Sarah Pred 3 dnevi
I would throw up if I ate to much
Sarah Pred 3 dnevi
mar Har
mar Har Pred 3 dnevi
That’s gonna give you organ failure
FiXxer Pred 3 dnevi
*Load screen in Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi be like:*
Gamerroy 43
Gamerroy 43 Pred dnevom
Most underrated comment I’ve ever seen in my entire existence
Vennoyjah Henry
Vennoyjah Henry Pred 3 dnevi
Try Jamaican snacks
RosyBlue Studios.
RosyBlue Studios. Pred 3 dnevi
How many chemicala are in your stomach? Stomach: yes
SouL SmarT
SouL SmarT Pred 3 dnevi
SuperSodazPotato Pred 4 dnevi
does anybody else like noodles whither they are spicy or not
Videzz Pred 4 dnevi
1 minute silence for his throat.
Charlesthegre Pred 4 dnevi
Why you drink noodle
BossMichael01 Pred 4 dnevi
Matt: Too much noodles UTI: Am i a joke to You?
cosmic_ Pred 4 dnevi
*me slowly chewing on my cup noodles*
Mark Curry
Mark Curry Pred 4 dnevi
His insides are glue lol
Kool Boo69
Kool Boo69 Pred 4 dnevi
Him: eats 15 in 10 mins. Me: take nearly 45 mins to eat a single cup
Alishba Malik
Alishba Malik Pred 4 dnevi
In the middle of this video I stopped then make noodles and watching this...enjoying
Ro Craft
Ro Craft Pred 5 dnevi
I’m using wireless earbuds i7TWS
Adam Ocjdkeisksksksksksk
I’d like to ask something....... are your craps bigger then the ego and confidence you got? Buddy. You and Erik needs to collaborate. I understand that you always try to go fast and technically so does Erik.......... so does Joeyworldtours. You all should make a video. 1 legend in the video........... oh you thought I was talking about Joey? Nah.......... oh you thought I was referring to Matt! Nah. Erik will always be the legend. The only reason I’m here is because I watch you when I’m hungry- otherwise I find no entertainment or a sign of life. My fan........ you’re a prime example of trying TO HARD.
Spy monkey 007
Spy monkey 007 Pred 5 dnevi
The amount of noodles he ate is equivalent to how much 🍜 noodles I’ve had in my life
Preciousgem Stylez
Preciousgem Stylez Pred 5 dnevi
Maruchan brand noodles are better than Nissan brand noodles.🤤❤️
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