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00:32 DIY Bed for a dog
01:41 Inexpensive cat house
03:16 Baking soda for bad odors
04:34 DIY Cat feeder
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12. jan. 2020

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Komentarjev 656   
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith Pred uro
Pickle Peacock
Pickle Peacock Pred 3 urami
My dog does a lot of dose
emilce balmaceda
emilce balmaceda Pred 5 urami
Has más
Valentin Fernandez
Valentin Fernandez Pred 6 urami
Son una presiosura de mascotas
Susan Lazo
Susan Lazo Pred 6 urami
i like eating mercury
you shouldn't put fish in that! they need more than just water and food to survive!
Maria Luiza
Maria Luiza Pred 8 urami
Muito bom
c tay
c tay Pred 8 urami
My heart has officaly melted
Cerys Williams
Cerys Williams Pred 8 urami
I find the mice trap handy
Panda Pro
Panda Pro Pred 8 urami
Sooo cute
Mia Lloyd Thomas
Mia Lloyd Thomas Pred 10 urami
love the video
Selime Özen
Selime Özen Pred 13 urami
Zaga Bosnar
Zaga Bosnar Pred 16 urami
selda altun
selda altun Pred 16 urami
jayaprakashan k.
jayaprakashan k. Pred 17 urami
All dogs are very friendlyand lovely and cute
Mohan Choudhary
Mohan Choudhary Pred 19 urami
risma putri cindia
risma putri cindia Pred 20 urami
I what you smile dog and cat I Love you😘😍
Amazing facts and Drawings
How many pets do you have 😁😁
Elin van Bezooijen
Elin van Bezooijen Pred 21 uro
Heel erg cool zo leuk ik kan het niet anders zeggen
Cat Lovers YT
Cat Lovers YT Pred dnevom
Hahaha like my cat.. Very cute
Светлана Мартынова
Susu Bé
Susu Bé Pred dnevom
So cat cute
Vivian camila Mamani mamani
El video se debe llamar como engañar a tu mascota 😃🟡
bodoy euir
bodoy euir Pred dnevom
I don’t even have any pets 😂😂😂 why am I watching this?!
Arzu Dirim
Arzu Dirim Pred dnevom
Fareye yazık
senni bgon
senni bgon Pred dnevom
In which u put ur cat in drees is awesome I am going to do that
sylwia cieslikiewicz
Wow she has a lot of pets😲😲😲😲
Ghazali Handicraft
Ghazali Handicraft Pred dnevom
bodoy euir
bodoy euir Pred dnevom
so cute 😮😮😮☺☺☺😊😊☺😊☺😊☺😻😻😍
Michal Štiavnický
What the your dog?(little)
Vitória Oliveira da Silva
MİNA BOĞUR Pred dnevom
Pls.is a ❤
Daiana Bertoz
Daiana Bertoz Pred dnevom
realistic drawings
realistic drawings Pred dnevom
My cat look like the first cat that was seen in this video
Lara Olmedo
Lara Olmedo Pred dnevom
Maditanolopudestener en tu pierna
Mixux 00
Mixux 00 Pred dnevom
Why are you tortueing your pets, get a fuckin job if you dont have money to buy that shit
Cassey Jeanice
Cassey Jeanice Pred dnevom
Wow they're mean
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Pred dnevom
I’m pretty sure taking a shoe away from that small of a dog wouldn’t be hard. My two little puppies can’t even play tug a war
Usha Srivastava
Usha Srivastava Pred dnevom
It was very nice
Julie Bellut
Julie Bellut Pred dnevom
1:24.. c sensé rien changé sur le fait d avoir des poils... fake
Simaran Saikh
Simaran Saikh Pred dnevom
Do you love cats
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Pred dnevom
0:39 never do that to a animal ! 😢 he/ she was sitting right there comfortable and you just put the dog in the floor !!!
Uma maheswari . k
Uma maheswari . k Pred dnevom
In which u put ur cat in drees is awesome I am going to do that
Ramil Marba
Ramil Marba Pred 2 dnevi
At the first it's like your a kangaroo and there's a mini kangaroo (I like jumping like a kangaroo).
herobrine gamer pro
herobrine gamer pro Pred 2 dnevi
so cute 😮😮😮☺☺☺😊😊☺😊☺😊☺😻😻😍
Kylee 0
Kylee 0 Pred 2 dnevi
My mom:every cat knows how to litter!! My cat:*poops in the floor This is sad someone pls teach me how to train her without her scratching you
Wolfy_SaraYT Wolfie
Wolfy_SaraYT Wolfie Pred 17 urami
Pet her or him and feed her or him and then you can pet her or him
Rachel Schelich
Rachel Schelich Pred 2 dnevi
Maya Albanese
Maya Albanese Pred 2 dnevi
Where are the gecko hacks
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr Pred 2 dnevi
That one Chow Chow
That one Chow Chow Pred 2 dnevi
I wish dat was teacup chihuahua
Meissou Beny
Meissou Beny Pred 2 dnevi
Wow bla bla
Hhahad Hamde
Hhahad Hamde Pred 2 dnevi
Jessi Pusheen
Jessi Pusheen Pred 2 dnevi
Love 5 minute ceafc
Amelia Przybylowicz
Amelia Przybylowicz Pred 2 dnevi
0:30 owww 😖
annag cocl
annag cocl Pred 2 dnevi
I think that giving parsley and coconut oil to a dog is bad but that’s just me
Sassy Tangerine
Sassy Tangerine Pred dnevom
yeah, it's you. or just COMMON SENSE
julie lowder
julie lowder Pred dnevom
@Kids Willow Show same to lol
Kids Willow Show
Kids Willow Show Pred dnevom
Alina Jurkina
Alina Jurkina Pred 2 dnevi
Alina Jurkina
Alina Jurkina Pred 2 dnevi
Apryl Ayon
Apryl Ayon Pred 2 dnevi
0:39 never do that to a animal ! 😢 he/ she was sitting right there comfortable and you just put the dog in the floor !!!
annag cocl
annag cocl Pred 2 dnevi
Victoria Dru
Victoria Dru Pred 2 dnevi
Very cute pets 😊❤🤣🐶🐱
Ilaria Caretti
Ilaria Caretti Pred 2 dnevi
4:31 ??? ?????????!???!!?!?!??
Mimi Terkmani
Mimi Terkmani Pred 2 dnevi
La derniere etait entike
Mimi Terkmani
Mimi Terkmani Pred 2 dnevi
Dehbia Chehami
Dehbia Chehami Pred 2 dnevi
شكرا لكم
Jenowah Tauroni
Jenowah Tauroni Pred 2 dnevi
Zo schattig🌈🌈🌈
yeyby dubon
yeyby dubon Pred 2 dnevi