2 Sets of Identical Twins Drive Thru Prank ft. Rybka Twins - Merrell Twins 

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Things get crazy with 2 Sets of Twins in 2 Different Cars ordering food in the Drive Thru!
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5. nov. 2019

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Sophie Oke
Sophie Oke Pred 3 urami
No hate but the rybka twin arent Identical it so easy to tell the difference
Chiderah UMEANO Favour
I can diffetentiate the Rybka twins but not the Merrel twins
barbara stojanoska
barbara stojanoska Pred 5 urami
aaawww his so cute the MacDonalds guy
Skylar〜 Chan
Skylar〜 Chan Pred 7 urami
Oh invite the dolan twins then do it again with rybka then its triplets that would be awsome
name name
name name Pred 7 urami
Lonely Life
Lonely Life Pred 8 urami
this is really fun
Maribel Vergara M.
Maribel Vergara M. Pred 11 urami
guys why is your hand blurd
Bling up the Things
Bling up the Things Pred 13 urami
please don't tell me no one noticed the seatbelts were different colors?!
Tiana Sang
Tiana Sang Pred 14 urami
Guys you forgot there different seat belts💖
ChovalMC Pred 15 urami
wait wtf i didn't even notice they were switching perspectives
Lexi Bartell
Lexi Bartell Pred 19 urami
So funny the workers were so confused
Renegade Pred dnevom
Never heard of them but I'm glad I found them lol 😂 this is so cute 💕
Unicorn gamer Loves adopt me
Fail but is was awseome
Alexa F.
Alexa F. Pred dnevom
I love that they're polite to costumer service, saying please and thank you after every order. Little things, but it really makes a difference. :)
Jocelyn Alfaro
Jocelyn Alfaro Pred dnevom
They all so cute
Paige Smith
Paige Smith Pred dnevom
Does anyone else think that Sam would be such a good friend??? She seemed so down to earth and nice in the video.
Fotograf110 Pred dnevom
That was very funny! Couldn’t control my laughter!! Full marks for the originality. I appreciate your honesty at the last order when the confused sales person thought they gave the food already but decided to give the food again and you paid for it instead just driving away!
Fotograf110 Pred dnevom
That was very funny! Couldn’t control my laughter!! Full marks for the originality. I appreciate your honesty at the last order when the confused sales person thought they gave the food already but decided to give the food again and you paid for it instead just driving away!
paul clitheroe
paul clitheroe Pred dnevom
paul clitheroe
paul clitheroe Pred dnevom
I can imagine how they was like at first hahahahaha
Yastika Prashar
Yastika Prashar Pred dnevom
This is how many people want a twin 👇🏻
raisya and amani
raisya and amani Pred dnevom
Ngl but you guys are so pretty and I even tell my sister guess which is which and she said Veronica looks beautiful and Vanessa looks cute and that how I tell you guys differents too!
hiba Mihtam
hiba Mihtam Pred dnevom
When they said chicken fries I was like isn't it chicken chippes (I live in Australia)
Swati Wadhavane
Swati Wadhavane Pred dnevom
Kristen Bortignon
Kristen Bortignon Pred dnevom
the starbucks barista was mad cute tho
Isabella Salas
Isabella Salas Pred dnevom
Nobody- Teagan- i feel like she didn't even look at me i was like LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MY FACE Me- *dies of laughter*
Gacha Ella
Gacha Ella Pred dnevom
Before they can actually do this | | \/
zharxscool Pred dnevom
Yo no hate on Taco Bell but first and second order was the same but they were two different prices
Texas Made Born N Raised
Two pairs of triplets would be even more scary
E .C
E .C Pred dnevom
If ur confused on which set is which, Sam and Veronica have red seatbelts 😛
Brianna Morales
Brianna Morales Pred dnevom
That was Soo funny 😂
yollanda Dabbas
yollanda Dabbas Pred dnevom
I’m only figuring out who’s who by the seatbealt😭🤣🤣
Alexander Busscher
Alexander Busscher Pred dnevom
Ofc they went to Starbucks 🤦‍♂️
Nicola Ryan
Nicola Ryan Pred dnevom
At the beginning the didn’t blur the redge plate…
It's Isabella
It's Isabella Pred dnevom
Familia Beltran
Familia Beltran Pred dnevom
Imagine while there editing this they didnt even know who each other were not eventhemself :O like so them Vanessa thought that she was Veronica and labelled that :O or maybe she mix up with Teagan and Sam
Thunder Girl
Thunder Girl Pred 2 dnevi
I was also got confused in which one is one and which one is one oh my gosh this is really so real
ray valencia
ray valencia Pred 2 dnevi
On the Starbucks one they reclines the camrome to I was so hilarity’s
Taylor Taylor
Taylor Taylor Pred 2 dnevi
I love you guys
Layla Salem
Layla Salem Pred 2 dnevi
Roses are red Violets are blue this comment has one like wait why is it blue?
Sofie Steiner
Sofie Steiner Pred 2 dnevi
They really said “wienerschnitzel- is that from GERMANY?” Omg hahah nooooo it’s from Vienna (Wien in Austrian)
Alexander Freeman
Alexander Freeman Pred 2 dnevi
You know it surprises me that people know what a schnitzel is I didn’t until I moved to Germany
Anita Klos
Anita Klos Pred 2 dnevi
When she asked if the wiener Schnitzel is from Germany but you're Austrian and know it's from Austria 😩😂
Fitness Shark
Fitness Shark Pred 2 dnevi
Things you tubers do to baristas
Gabriel the royale high gamer
I watch their vids
Traci Wright
Traci Wright Pred 2 dnevi
Does someone wanna tell me why they ordered the exact same thing but it was .50 cents more and looked different? I’m the end??
xxAnimeBobaVivianxx :3
Who else really like there accent Cause I do
Zoie White
Zoie White Pred 2 dnevi
Can y’all get me some chicken nuggets please🥺🥺
Skylah Couture
Skylah Couture Pred 2 dnevi
Hii I love you all
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer Pred 2 dnevi
Why is her hand blurred?.?.
Nawira Khan
Nawira Khan Pred 2 dnevi
OMG the starbucks guy was soo busted!!!!!!!!!11
Emily Shang
Emily Shang Pred 2 dnevi
Throughout the video, i got mixed up which twin is which!! I literally couldn't tell!!!! LOL😂😂
Jayne Pike
Jayne Pike Pred 2 dnevi
Alice_Yabusame Pred 2 dnevi
Wait why were the hands blurred out in some shots?
Leah Brady
Leah Brady Pred 2 dnevi
Was anybody else confused which pair was which? I mean the wrighting in the corner is tiny.
Blue Flamingo
Blue Flamingo Pred 2 dnevi
This video is literally "they had us in the first half not gonna lie" meme
lisa virgens
lisa virgens Pred 2 dnevi
WIENERschnitzel from Germany? Ok😂😂 ?...
Emer Nolan
Emer Nolan Pred 2 dnevi
Why are they all the same height
Emelia Loves Slime
Emelia Loves Slime Pred 2 dnevi
#2 success a hundred percent!
Emelia Loves Slime
Emelia Loves Slime Pred 2 dnevi
#1 success
Hi Haley
Hi Haley Pred 2 dnevi
The confusion in my mind-
Sophie Rowe
Sophie Rowe Pred 2 dnevi
This was the funniest video ever!!!!!
Gloribel Gonzalez Guzman
54321frosty the snow man
gildardo salazar
gildardo salazar Pred 2 dnevi
Addison Gale
Addison Gale Pred 2 dnevi
whompER lmao 😂
Amy and Marie Smith
Amy and Marie Smith Pred 3 dnevi
Brooklyn and bailey should do this with them and then they could trick them 3 times
I think that you guys should walk into a restaurant and the other twins could be behind you and the person behind the counter would be so confused plus order the same thing please do that I mean I subscribed so I know when your next video will be can you do that for the next one by
Hriddaya Waghdare
Hriddaya Waghdare Pred 3 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="256">4:16</a> omggg bshahaaahhhh
Rebecca Curran
Rebecca Curran Pred 3 dnevi
K can tell Roni and Nessa and Tegan and Sam apart like ifyou can to>
Tiger Lillie
Tiger Lillie Pred 3 dnevi
Yo I can easily tell the Rybka twins apart Sam has a younger, smaller face. Teagan has a slightly larger older face.
•RHYME SELEN• Pred 3 dnevi
Actually I was confused little bit in the video😄😕😅😆😜
Maria del cielo Murillo Galvan
I speak Spanish But I can't understand.<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="542">09:02</a> :,v I AM learnig English.
Never-a-Like Pred 3 dnevi
How do they eat all that food?
John Loyd Cusay To-os
Crush pa shout Naman po💕😍
Matilda W
Matilda W Pred 3 dnevi
Imagine it's your first day working at McDonald's and this is what happens😂
SavvyPlays and The Cherry Blossom Girls
It’s my dream SPENDING MY MONEY ON FOOD (I never had Starbucks before that drink that is the color pink looks so good 🥺)
Alishaa Amin
Alishaa Amin Pred 3 dnevi
this just makes me want fast food 😂
Yailys Consuegra
Yailys Consuegra Pred 3 dnevi
For anyone who was wondering the lady when she spoke Spanish she said to the other person:"no they're the same people"
JOAN ADORA Pred 3 dnevi
i wanna buy your merch so bad
Devon Siharath
Devon Siharath Pred 3 dnevi
Their nervous that their going to a Starbucks lol
CraftingVictory Pred 3 dnevi
Why are Vanessa’s hands being blurred so much in the Starbucks clips? Edit: it’s the credit card nvm