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The Ireland Boys attempted the never before done 72 HOUR CHALLENGE! We tried to spend 3 FULL DAYS in Walmart including eating and sleeping in Walmart without getting caught. We also did some challenges in Walmart within the 72 hour overnight challenge Walmart. This was probably the craziest challenge we’ve ever done and definitely the most EPIC overnight challenge ever done by anyone. People have done 24 hour overnight challenges before and spent 24 hours in Walmart but w had to take it to the next level for this overnight challenge!
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Ireland Boys Productions




19. apr. 2019

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Ireland Boys Productions
Ana Godinez
Ana Godinez Pred 3 dnevi
Ireland Boys Yeye
thez nuts
thez nuts Pred 6 dnevi
Made you get 500 comments enjoy
Science with Umbrellas
Ireland Boys Productions beet it
Heather Dorsey
Heather Dorsey Pred mesecem
Ireland Boys Productions hi
Hussein Hany
Hussein Hany Pred 3 meseci
You liked it for your self
Fin Jacobs
Fin Jacobs Pred 12 urami
did you know your stealing and you will be on camera but your doing it for the boys so we be cooool
xGalaxyPotatox Pred 15 urami
i just realized that this was posted on my birthday :3
The 3 girls Gymnast
The 3 girls Gymnast Pred 15 urami
Says to rick you have to be QUIET!! Screams QUIET on perpius
senpai_chan Pred 15 urami
"ma tonge is controled by ze fort"
Bom Trady
Bom Trady Pred 23 urami
Ever heard of a 24 hr Walmart?
timothy baranets
timothy baranets Pred dnevom
every single time I watch you guys make me hungry
Zacori Myrick
Zacori Myrick Pred dnevom
How will they plug in the microwave and the blender with no outlet? Edit: Oh never mind!😁
swyz_flood Pred dnevom
who put that music 21:33 lol
Bacon eggs 101
Bacon eggs 101 Pred dnevom
How are you guys awake so late.😴. YEE YEE
unicorn fans 4 ever
unicorn fans 4 ever Pred 2 dnevi
Can you guys do a 72 hour challenge in a mall
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez Pred 2 dnevi
You have to be QUIET SO NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU Nick-2019
coopsthe best. 160 Patterson
In 8 months you have grown 50 mill!!!
Xxxtenticles7177 Pred 2 dnevi
I always go to that walmart
Anisa Abdulkadir
Anisa Abdulkadir Pred 2 dnevi
Did y’all brush ur teeth? Lol
ThePointlessChannel Pred 2 dnevi
Fear Carter11
Fear Carter11 Pred 2 dnevi
Ireland boys: talking loud Me I’m the worker: found u u know why cause u loud asfuck
Samantha Hanna
Samantha Hanna Pred 2 dnevi
I love your videos and you should make a 96 hour challenge at Walmart
Maryam Najm
Maryam Najm Pred 2 dnevi
*the drunk security camera dood tho*
Kittzy Girl
Kittzy Girl Pred 2 dnevi
This channel gives me nostalgia
Fudgiecat !!!
Fudgiecat !!! Pred 2 dnevi
Who else is watching in December lol 😂
Unknown Enchantment
Unknown Enchantment Pred 3 dnevi
9:42 I laughed crazily
charlotte pollock
charlotte pollock Pred 3 dnevi
You guys are the best you guys are so cool
Daniel Olivas
Daniel Olivas Pred 3 dnevi
10:24 when you think your strong but your really not
Daniel Olivas
Daniel Olivas Pred 3 dnevi
Me when nick tried to hit the woah: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 SLvid robots:
Garth Thomas
Garth Thomas Pred 3 dnevi
You should give away random stuff like example: send me a switch lite etc.
Fun time tails
Fun time tails Pred 3 dnevi
Dose it randomly play music for anyone else at 21:33
Purple Koala
Purple Koala Pred 3 dnevi
I don’t believe any other youtubers accept for you guys!
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson Pred 3 dnevi
👌 noice
Dave Doran
Dave Doran Pred 3 dnevi
Why do you have pizza
Noah_cats Meow
Noah_cats Meow Pred 3 dnevi
23:10 I saw the baby on the diaper box behind the wheel and I thought “who’s watchin’ u?” I cracking up. The face.....
FadiCanHacks S
FadiCanHacks S Pred 4 dnevi
4:04 bruh
Dragonslayer 69ASMR
Dragonslayer 69ASMR Pred 4 dnevi
Hit 4mil and do 100 hour overnight challenge 4 DAYS
Carlea Clark
Carlea Clark Pred 4 dnevi
Grizz Pred 4 dnevi
Ireland boys: 3 years = 3 mil Pewdiepie 1 week 5 mil Ireland boys = Am i a Joke to you?
Nicky Janes
Nicky Janes Pred 4 dnevi
Haters: Dude that's trespassing. Ireland boysssss: it's called hiding from customers
Agent Sync
Agent Sync Pred 5 dnevi
April 14 is my birthday
26Brandan Brock
26Brandan Brock Pred 5 dnevi
Whats with the camera its fucked up
Linkirby 18
Linkirby 18 Pred 5 dnevi
You guys are giving inspiration for where the homeless should live. Lol ;)
Phoenix 358
Phoenix 358 Pred 5 dnevi
more like stealing for 72 hours in walmart