9 Truly Terrifying ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges | MTV Ranked 

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Scared of being buried alive? How about drowning? Clowns? This video has all that and more. Promise. Relive 9 terrifying ‘Fear Factor’ challenges in honor of Halloween right now. Oh, and don’t plan on sleeping soundly tonight. Sorry!
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31. okt. 2019

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MTV's Ridiculousness
Still nightmare fuel
Laila Edits
Laila Edits Pred uro
jungkook’s high on banana milk
Hmmmm, this was less than an hour ago, so brUh
pEpPa Pred 3 urami
Keanu reeves
Keanu reeves Pred 3 urami
Thank you for using bruh sound effect #1 Kutos to you
UnidentifiedTrollMix Pred 29 sekundami
And the people who were laughing while the ones doing the challenge were crying or screaming.... creepy af
Hindu 3
Hindu 3 Pred minuto
I’m surprised no one hasn’t died from this show yet ..
Logan Lee
Logan Lee Pred 5 minutami
Why are they doing this you can die in his like the death is not good!
im ur mum
im ur mum Pred 9 minutami
Mixer : exists Me in the chamber : *escaped in the hole* then *YEET*
She wanna meet Carti
She wanna meet Carti Pred 12 minutami
That blood look juicy
Jasmine Parker
Jasmine Parker Pred 13 minutami
Who else geting anxiety by watching
Erlou Yu
Erlou Yu Pred 14 minutami
Totally not recomended
Tic Tac Yo
Tic Tac Yo Pred 15 minutami
Awe I wanna play but I’m a lil too young :
Ooof 1
Ooof 1 Pred 15 minutami
Who else is trying to hold their breathe while watching this😂
Ooof 1
Ooof 1 Pred 14 minutami
Cause i was
Galacticat Pred 15 minutami
Honestly, props to the medic team bc nothing too bad has happened since the start of the show.
Erlou Yu
Erlou Yu Pred 17 minutami
Im gonna vomit
Samara Barnes
Samara Barnes Pred 17 minutami
Okay but like are they allowed to back out?
Thatsmischa Pred 18 minutami
The coffin⚰.......OH HELL NO!!! it brings me a phobia!!!
༄tqegu Pred 21 minuto
number 8 _can't_ be safe
akira keijime
akira keijime Pred 22 minutami
the girl at 2:56 is so beautiful
Airikgaming Pred 27 minutami
This is basically saw but everyone knows what's gonna happen
Henry Ro
Henry Ro Pred 32 minutami
These episodes are literally so dumb....
Tj Pagara
Tj Pagara Pred 33 minutami
Bruh this tv show needs to end someone can die or get hurt
Francis Linaza
Francis Linaza Pred 43 minutami
Sadly to say... They just do these for money😞😔
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams Pred 43 minutami
This is stupid
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams Pred 43 minutami
bxringaries Pred 53 minutami
That's scary af like even for 15 thousand dollars I wouldn't do it
The Luminous Yellow Diamond
Loco Tv
Loco Tv Pred 54 minutami
Samantha Skye
Samantha Skye Pred uro
most of them need to shut up!! i’m being serious , talking makes u loose ur breath faster. talking and freaking out is going to make it so much worse, they need to stay calm and think about what they have to do.
More Gian
More Gian Pred uro
It doesn't censor pls dont watch this is not a for kid or babys to watch this :(
Harsh Banyal
Harsh Banyal Pred uro
Full copy of khatron k khiladi
Elijah Vanloon
alot of these would be easier if they took it slow and didnt rush so much
pipersdreams Pred uro
Nobody: Fear Factor: *Alright who want to die today!*
캇차KASTA Pred uro
i think that challanges are bad someone can die
SuperStar12 Pred uro
That dude ate all them Flies that’s a real man
Drawings with Panda
The one being buried in cement is scary
Laila Edits
Laila Edits Pred uro
I hate how some of the contestants were laughing like they wasn't finna do the same challenge :/
Olivia_Games DRAGON2
Ok god im going to swaloe holy water and blech
Galaxy_Me Pred uro
That was f***
댕추 Pred uro
아니 이건 사람 죽이라고 하는거 아님???
Jesus Is cute
Jesus Is cute Pred uro
0:33 I smells like something died Me: No shit
taehyung's holy hands
i would honestly rather live with my fears than go through all these stuff...
M y R A PlAyz
M y R A PlAyz Pred uro
My fear is dying underwater😰cuz I almost did once
Cupphed 12
Cupphed 12 Pred uro
But still they tryna stop other peoples nigthmares because if u dont pass ur nigthmares u will never past
Cupphed 12
Cupphed 12 Pred uro
Fear eactor just tryna kill people but if u see it by the truth i really think they tryna kill people so yep
uwu Pred uro
Tattoed guy: no don't think about the money. Think about the water Guy 2: Think about your life.
spiciest speck of dust
the cement one was fucking ridiculous
• -•Gäçhä_Łäūrêñ•- •
I would die the first second
Sam Jam
Sam Jam Pred uro
Wjy do yoi do this!!?? This is horrible you don't do this
jelly.rollish Pred 2 urami
bruh why wouldn’t you lie about your biggest fear
Karen Chester
Karen Chester Pred 2 urami
bruh this look so scary
Bonnie The bunny kid Version
Why people do this
Fortnite kid L
Fortnite kid L Pred 2 urami
Bro fear factor is dumb it’s like they’re trying to get you killed
Eduardo Mendoza
Eduardo Mendoza Pred 2 urami
12:38 david alvereeeeeezzyyyyyy brothers what ?
Gigabite Raptor
Gigabite Raptor Pred 2 urami
This show is fucked up.
GachaRoblox Gamer
GachaRoblox Gamer Pred 2 urami
MAYBE the reason why Fear Factor is a show is so people can face there fear, not that they want people to die
Wixsy Pred 2 urami
I would not survive touching that disgusting blood.
Chris S
Chris S Pred 2 urami
People people people! Look, they have multiple cameras everywhere and safety crew right off camera at all times for every Factor. It's a person's mental endurance that gets tested. Fear is in your mind. Trust yourself and you will be fine.
Shabzz Regis
Shabzz Regis Pred 2 urami
Y'all really be wildn with this shit 😭 i swear
wild default
wild default Pred 2 urami
Why would you buy and kill animals just for the show sickos
Chris S
Chris S Pred 2 urami
Where's the scary stuff? All I see is fun and cake walk. I game!
Nickl lis Cameron
Nickl lis Cameron Pred 2 urami
This is a drajres thing
Rita Ferguson
Rita Ferguson Pred 2 urami
iiClockwork_Fox Pred 2 urami
I think people have actually died on fear but they don’t use that footage
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