A Really Sick Dog 

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Dog: pB2cH3wJAxcC/
Truck: slvid.info/video/raatsJfRbrqL2tE.html
Surfboard: pB1NhqDgHLWD/
Lamp: slvid.info/video/sJh_02m5p5aAnLc.html
Laser: www.reddit.com/r/teenagers/comments/dslirg/i_spent_the_past_six_months_building_a_laser_gun/
Goat: pB4FL7Dlg26s/
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Cat & Baby: slvid.info/video/o5ikq6PWn9myrdk.html
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Track: Broke In Summer - Hello Capitano [Audio Library Release]
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Free Download / Stream: alplus.io/hello-capitano
Track: Wanderlust - CRASTEL [Audio Library Release]
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Watch: slvid.info/video/mG6huZq2l7-jtLc.html
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Into the Depths - Jingle Punks slvid.info/video/snecwHa0qq-Krc0.html
Lurking - Silent Partner slvid.info/video/yJyOk6PfsNKiuck.html
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7. nov. 2019

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Komentarjev 13 790   
Beni S
Beni S Pred 8 dnevi
This cat is a hero.
Christian Andrade
Christian Andrade Pred 6 urami
Beni S that is true
Legit Dog
Legit Dog Pred 19 urami
Ben Ciliberto
Ben Ciliberto Pred dnevom
Cats are stupid
GamingwithEvee _
GamingwithEvee _ Pred dnevom
I agree
Malachi Watley
Malachi Watley Pred 41 minuto
1:05 Cause that's what hero's do
Keybin C
Keybin C Pred 45 minutami
Wow that cat moved quick
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown Pred 3 urami
My uncle was the guy who made the motorized surfboard
Mar Pred 3 urami
3:10 when teacher is staring at you
Itz JuXn
Itz JuXn Pred 3 urami
the cat that saved the baby 🥺
jgoodman76 Pred 3 urami
2:35 are those things in the back round sharks?
TitanicMegalodon Pred 3 urami
Poor doggo
jgoodman76 Pred 3 urami
1:30 that would be useful for you ex's wedding 😂
Aesthetic Gacha
Aesthetic Gacha Pred 3 urami
Dogs know that they can get there foot stuck in the escalator, that’s why.
Rolando Perez
Rolando Perez Pred 6 urami
Poor puppo
Zander Wilde
Zander Wilde Pred 6 urami
That cats house is dirty as fuck
801kamakau Pred 7 urami
That cat is human
Ginger Tube
Ginger Tube Pred 7 urami
That baby was like imma do it
Ryker Thompson
Ryker Thompson Pred 9 urami
Gta in real life: 0:35
Benett Malcolm
Benett Malcolm Pred 10 urami
1:47 Coward didn't show the part where he shoots a bunch of ballons to reveal a paper saying "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself"
Alessandro Hamilton
Alessandro Hamilton Pred 11 urami
“Nobody was hurt from the light poles” *on the right you see 3 cars hit each other
amber lynn
amber lynn Pred 11 urami
Tell me why they left a cat to babysit their kid and the cat really did that
DANDRE OSBY Pred 14 urami
Poor dog the stuffed duck really bought it home though.
The Gamer Goat
The Gamer Goat Pred 14 urami
Is that doggo ok
TommyTarkov Pred 15 urami
Mat S
Mat S Pred 15 urami
animals have a strong feeling of protecting offspring.. they understand what a child is and that it needs to be protected.. just like their own young...that cat sees the kid as part of her pack and thats why its protecting it
King Quarter 67
King Quarter 67 Pred 16 urami
3:10 This is better than any other ASMR videos
James Jeffers
James Jeffers Pred 17 urami
YOURE HOT, love the vids
Ilay greenberg
Ilay greenberg Pred 19 urami
0:26 - wow gta 6 looks so much realistiic !
Pip Squek
Pip Squek Pred 19 urami
Guy makes laser Styropyro: *aRE yOu ChAlLeNgInG mE!*
Legit Dog
Legit Dog Pred 19 urami
Legit Dog
Legit Dog Pred 19 urami
that second guy is a savage
Frosty Aura
Frosty Aura Pred 20 urami
Kimchi 'w'
Kimchi 'w' Pred 20 urami
Who needs a nanny when you got a cat like that😱
Ralph Pred 20 urami
The cat was playing it didn't having any saving in mind. Stop applying human thinking onto animals.
Zurox Pred 21 uro
poor doggo :(
EvilAvi Pred 21 uro
0:32 GTA for real
xd_ToxicTek Pred 21 uro
Isn’t that the most cutest dog ever
Samuel COOKE
Samuel COOKE Pred 23 urami
the truck is gta irl
enkh bold
enkh bold Pred 23 urami
3:18 that animal looks happy
Pancit Canton
Pancit Canton Pred 23 urami
Bloomy Boo
Bloomy Boo Pred dnevom
I’m overdosing on internet
Meme Chris
Meme Chris Pred dnevom
yeah that tornado here in greece has really bad
Maggie12MD Pred dnevom
Smart kitty 🐱 it deserves all the treats now
TheAdvertisement Pred dnevom
1:45 That’s the greatest costume I’ve ever seen.
Angel Bautista
Angel Bautista Pred dnevom
The cat did not save the baby, the cat actually attacked him .
ArtWithOggs XD
ArtWithOggs XD Pred dnevom
Oooo ur voice is just so soothing, lol. Like a young Morgan Freeman!❤️❤️❤️
Mystic US3R
Mystic US3R Pred dnevom
He says parts all you see is debris everywhere
Mystic US3R
Mystic US3R Pred dnevom
The guy in the truck thought he was playin gta 5
Wolf Squad
Wolf Squad Pred dnevom
The car was like YEET
more rice
more rice Pred dnevom
3:10 nikocado avocado?
iCrystalaxyCat Pred dnevom
1:48 Don't forget to vote for this guys next Halloween costume, keep in mind he only has one leg!
ravenwood06 Pred dnevom
1:23 If you find this impressive check out @styropyro
The trash Panda
The trash Panda Pred dnevom
They look tasty
legendyboi Pred dnevom
That cat is a hero.
Just another Memer
Just another Memer Pred dnevom
Driver did what's called a pro-gamer move
Hasan Foyejul
Hasan Foyejul Pred dnevom
doomsday proof CC cam
Feather Song
Feather Song Pred dnevom
That is one massive emotional support animal. 😂
TZ Pred dnevom
That cat holy shit
DarshPlays 4178
DarshPlays 4178 Pred dnevom
0:33 GTA be like...
No One
No One Pred dnevom
holy crap that truck is stronger than superman
Bradlee Allred
Bradlee Allred Pred dnevom
Aww poor 🐕
Derek Ball
Derek Ball Pred dnevom
0:32 sick grind bro
IM Dextr
IM Dextr Pred dnevom
3:04 when the video quality is worse then the storm
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