AirPods Pro Review: Imperfectly Perfect! 

Marques Brownlee
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AirPods Pro are the best non-best headphones you can buy.
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5. nov. 2019

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Xavier Arc
Xavier Arc Pred 39 minutami
7:09 As far I know ipx4 is dust resistant
FaZe Noxious
FaZe Noxious Pred 3 urami
I asked my friend if he wanted some Apple EarPods (Aka the wired version of the AirPods), to which he replied yes. I gave the EarPods to him and he said "Wtf I thought you were going to give me AirPods"
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer Pred 4 urami
Ernest Official
Ernest Official Pred 5 urami
The thumbnail is squidward pro
Izzy Osman
Izzy Osman Pred 6 urami
01:46 just adjust volume on the crown of your Apple Watch if you’re all in on that iOS life
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh Pred 10 urami
Sir please send me the money to buy apple products thanks
At Close Range
At Close Range Pred dnevom
Warning! Don't believe that. The new air pods pro sound shit. Let me explain: I work in the remastering domain and I just tried them at the Apple Store and all what I can say it is not good at all compare to the previous air pod. There's no dynamic, the sound isn't highlighted, without deep, no presence and flatter. If you don't believe me, go to your Apple Store and ask to try both air pods and air pods pro and you will understand.
ZGzoids Pred dnevom
What are your thoughts on coppa and FTC?
Axxohl R
Axxohl R Pred dnevom
That thumbnail... I-It’s the RichMan’s Stick Figure.
Enzo Gonzalez
Enzo Gonzalez Pred dnevom
3020 IPhones be like : This is the IPhone 112 S R T G O K P S Q B Y Z M L I U A H F J PLUS Lite Pro Max SR I76 T2 Version 35
J B Pred dnevom
Is it worth buying these if I have an Android or should I take a different route
Bernd M. Schell
Bernd M. Schell Pred dnevom
I flew to South Africa for 12 hours and was extremely positively surprised how well the AirPods Pro Noicecanceling works. ...and while I slept, they were reloaded. Surely my Bose headphones do the job 100%. But the small, compact AirPods Pro easily manage 95% - and are just small, handy and not clunky.
Iana Cleo Gaylan
Iana Cleo Gaylan Pred 2 dnevi
airpods pro or powerbeats pro?
Random ACCOUNT :P Pred 2 dnevi
I bought the airpod’s when THE AIRPOD PRO CAME OUT 😤
XFire Pred dnevom
Random ACCOUNT :P but you’re saving money so you shouldn’t be complaining
Just Jason
Just Jason Pred 2 dnevi
Hi Marques, what do you think about JBL's Wireless EarBuds and Razer Hammerhead True Wireless?
bean Sprout
bean Sprout Pred 2 dnevi
Tbh the airpods are pretty good
Alessio Albanese
Alessio Albanese Pred 2 dnevi
I’m watching this with my air pod pros
Momo SaDonne
Momo SaDonne Pred 2 dnevi
Tweet ?
Momo SaDonne
Momo SaDonne Pred 2 dnevi
What do you wear ? "No earbuds" ... ?
RealLugia97 GeN
RealLugia97 GeN Pred 2 dnevi
The silicone is great because you can’t clog your headphones and if the silicone gets dirty you can take it off wash it, dry it and then put it back on with no damage to the headphones
Thimble _
Thimble _ Pred 2 dnevi
Looking at Marques wearing AirPods is like a glow-stick in the dark
Thimble _
Thimble _ Pred 2 dnevi
When you’re so rich that you make an Airpods Man in your thumbnail just so you can flex *can’t relate*
KrisTheGoat 30
KrisTheGoat 30 Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine having the AirPod pros and an iPhone 11 😱😂
Engr. Jeruz Madlangbayan
KrisTheGoat 30 yep iPhone 11 Pro Max and AirPods pro 🤪
Zes Pred 2 dnevi
wrg, just worthless sht
Michael L
Michael L Pred 2 dnevi
Really love them. A bit too expensive but so damn good!
Alan K
Alan K Pred 2 dnevi
Does it have some delay to the sound, as some other brands have delay?
Colin Glasbergen
Colin Glasbergen Pred 2 dnevi
You are very negative🙁😕
Bo Funic
Bo Funic Pred 3 dnevi
Miss the volume confi on the pods... what a pitty cause I’m a big fan
Jenson T
Jenson T Pred 3 dnevi
Apple is doodoo and overpriced. Like if u agree
Cyber Knives
Cyber Knives Pred 3 dnevi
Love that thumbnail.
Hot Cheetos
Hot Cheetos Pred 3 dnevi
My friend told me that they dont work with samsung but they do
Aiden Collins
Aiden Collins Pred 3 dnevi
Airpods are better
Aiden Collins
Aiden Collins Pred 3 dnevi
Kage 1110
Kage 1110 Pred 3 dnevi
What a brilliant thumbnail
Panetta Pred 3 dnevi
wait what size tip do you use?
Blah blah Blah
Blah blah Blah Pred 3 dnevi
Very creative thumbnail
OhHey I'mJulez
OhHey I'mJulez Pred 3 dnevi
Not the best tools, but they are the best to use.
chlamydia-hunter Pred 3 dnevi
Comment nr. 7000
gayasscroissant Pred 3 dnevi
Welp why am I even watching this I can't afford bloody primark
Jake Howell
Jake Howell Pred 3 dnevi
Soooo happy to find someone who likes the silicone tips! I HATE the way the old AirPods fit which is the only reason I bought the Powerbeats pro
SmaragtErz Full HD
SmaragtErz Full HD Pred 3 dnevi
My friend:The Beats are better than the EarPods pro. Me: Am I a joke for you?
AldenG Pred 4 dnevi
He has air pods in he can’t hear us literally means he can’t hear us
João Gabriel
João Gabriel Pred uro
Depends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Grant Hutchins
Grant Hutchins Pred 4 dnevi
Been an Apple user since 1985 (yeah, I’m old). But I still laugh at the audacity of Apple marketing speak. “Force sensor”? Common! Leave it to Apple to call a physical button a new break through... a button on earphones that, unless I’m mistaken, doesn’t control volume. That ain’t the bleeding edge of tech, it’s more like the bleeding behind, and it has less battery life than cheapo Chinese no-names on amazon. Having said that, this guy is fast becoming one of my favorite gear reviewers. In 1985, I couldn’t have imagined that one day I would utter that sentence.
siddheshcnsn Pred 4 dnevi
Volume control is the most required function for any kind of earphones
mrbiglolz06 Pred 4 dnevi
The most creative thumbnail I have ever seen in my life!! Heads Up Marques!!!
Oh Mushrooms
Oh Mushrooms Pred 4 dnevi
They reveal the Pro right after I buy the normal AirPods 😂
Stonks Pred 4 dnevi
That must be omega tough
Nevermind YT
Nevermind YT Pred 4 dnevi
“I really don’t wanna ask Siri to change the volume every time hands free” Volume buttons: Am i a joke to you?
Cookie Pred 3 urami
Nevermind YT he mean his phone in his pocket Just u know AirPods also has a Siri so u don’t need to take out ur phone zz
Om Turakhia
Om Turakhia Pred 21 uro
"hands free"
Nocturnno Pred 4 dnevi
Sony: what do we want for our newest product’s name? Some guy: check the back of the router.
AnnoyedArt1256 Pred 16 minutami
Trev Pred dnevom
Facts this is legit the only reason I won’t shop for Sony headphones idk wtf is what
Guillermo Bistrain
Guillermo Bistrain Pred 2 dnevi
Best comment I’ve seen all year 😂 😭
Musa Raza
Musa Raza Pred 3 dnevi
Nocturnno the most underrated comment of the year.😂😂
Sahil Talkar
Sahil Talkar Pred 4 dnevi
1 like for Thumbnail 🤗
Yourhommie Myhommie
Yourhommie Myhommie Pred 4 dnevi
Decided my earbuds for me thank you finally someone telling me about the Sony's
cheng shiyu
cheng shiyu Pred 4 dnevi
i want the pro but it’s S$300+ here :(
Net Guru
Net Guru Pred 4 dnevi
NO VOLUME CONTROL Now that's what you call manipulation tactics to get us all accustomed to biometrics. Siri. You do know all our voices are being recorded
Isaac W
Isaac W Pred 4 dnevi
Anuj Sobti
Anuj Sobti Pred 4 dnevi
Thanks a lot Marques for this review video 🔥🔥🔥
Garrett Hatcher
Garrett Hatcher Pred 5 dnevi
$50 Sennheiser buds are better than any airpods on this planet. Almost any earbuds with silicon tips offer some level of noise cancellation. Can’t believe someone would pay $250 for a shitty apple product like this. Pretty clear from this video it’s a paid promotion. Probably the last video I watch of this dude. 5 hours of use??? 😂😂 What a load of shit! Wired earbuds are far superior in every way besides their wires.
Andrew Shih
Andrew Shih Pred 5 dnevi
So pissed off about the airpods pro because I bought the Sony wf1000xm3 because the airpods did not have any of the features the current airpods pro have. Now the airpods pro just came out, less than two months later and now I feel cheated.
/M/A/R/C/ Pred 5 dnevi
how is the microphone quality? u cant even listen to a voice memo with the standard air pods
Paul Pred 5 dnevi
Does this work with android?
napolalf Pred 5 dnevi
Powerbeats pro IPX4; It not sweat proof. Splash proof only.
MAXIMO MAX Pred 5 dnevi
Just got my airpod pro today! AWESOME!! 👍
Roshan Gekan
Roshan Gekan Pred 5 dnevi
Hey Marques, can you do a review on the RHA True connect ear pods
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