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It's SUV v estate v hot-hatch in our all-new drag! The Mercedes-AMG G63, SEAT Leon Cupra R ST and Audi RS3 are three of our long-term test cars, and they're duking it out over the quarter-mile! So who's your money on - the luxurious 585hp Merc, the ABT-tuned 350hp Cupra Leon or the 400hp hot-hatch Audi? Stick with Mat to see who wins, and let us know in the comments which you'd rather have!
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6. nov. 2019

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Tsling Pred 7 dnevi
The G is 3.9 seconds roughly even though i think u can go 3.8, on paper the rs3 is 4.1 seconds but it has scored stock 3.7 seconds before so its somewhere between 4.0 seconds and 3.8 seconds on average so the rs3 and G are pretty much the same, the rs3 is just a bit faster, the Seat surprised me though
Ђорђе Новковић
Worst audio above all car reviewers on y. tube.
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks Pred 12 dnevi
The Merc is in a different class and kept up with them other cars, I prefer the Merc actually it can go off-road and carry more
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks Pred 12 dnevi
Tf why are times slower than usual I know the rs3 and g wagon have way lower times
Player Pred 21 dnevom
Audi ♥
Charlie Clark
Charlie Clark Pred mesecem
This is the same G63 that beat the Focus RS 520bhp in the carwow race and then in the rolling race very nearly beat it, and here it gets beat by an RS3 with 120bho less!! Shows just how crap the Focus RS is lol
Steven Procter
Steven Procter Pred mesecem
But in a few years as much as id want the g wagon and have an rs4 id still go for the seat. For value for money
ADNAN KABIR Pred mesecem
Ok..Should I say that mercedes's brake is not good? Somebody please explain
Николай Сокол
Ска дебильный язык и дебильный акцент
xavier domingo
xavier domingo Pred mesecem
I don’t believe that!!!! It’s true that the SEAT have less horsepower than the other models, but is not enough to lose with this difference with the others 😡😠🤬🤨😒🧐😞😖
Vaishali Naik
Vaishali Naik Pred mesecem
Audi always, hail Audi
Yo B
Yo B Pred mesecem
Fuck yea fuck #mercedes
Meilat Abylgazin
Meilat Abylgazin Pred mesecem
Hmm I think next video should be audi rsq8 vs x6m
Ali Aliyev
Ali Aliyev Pred mesecem
BMW X7M vs Mercedes g63 drag race
Jarryd Evans
Jarryd Evans Pred mesecem
That jeep is surely one of the most ridiculous vehicles on the roads burning through so much fuel with the aerodynamics of a hgv and cant keep up with a 2.5l hatchback
Paul Stefan
Paul Stefan Pred mesecem
2.5 tones compare with not even 1 tone???. Nice Those 2 boxes Both doesnt have the G's weight
Roman Krejča
Roman Krejča Pred mesecem
RS3 hatchback and Cupra combi 🤷‍♂️ what?
Roni Rahnasto
Roni Rahnasto Pred mesecem
That seat is so nice looking car
TheGodsSon Pred mesecem
ABT sucks like Gianna Dior!
Ichweisdochnet Pred mesecem
Omg What a stupid test is this 🙄 The G63 weight 2,5 tonns and the RS3 1,55 tonns.
TheNegBaron Pred mesecem
Big up to Cupra r ABT 👏🏾
Mateusz Kozik
Mateusz Kozik Pred mesecem
You can clearly see audi is simply faster than g class, but at rolling race also we can see how much better amgs gearbox is, few times better kickdown reaction and faster changing gears, if audi had amg dualclutch gearbox a45 would be no challenge for it
capitán_ camote_picante
Stupid N. American will be confused
Willy TV
Willy TV Pred mesecem
Rs3 is truly a legend , and got a-lot of potential 👌
Vahe Petrosyan
Vahe Petrosyan Pred mesecem
Audi the best❤️😍
MadJamYT Pred mesecem
A fridge just beat a seat cupra
MadJamYT Pred mesecem
Finally a fair race
colskidfarmac Pred mesecem
Audi rs3... ...brill car
Conor Kealey
Conor Kealey Pred mesecem
Standing half mile g wagon woulda had the Audi
olo k
olo k Pred mesecem
Ten merc to kupa.non stop przegrywa.
Mikail Almas
Mikail Almas Pred mesecem
seat with 7.5 mpg!!! woww
Sir Alexei
Sir Alexei Pred mesecem
Well, CUPRA is totally in disadvantage cuz’ is FWD and 4 CIL 2.0T...
Martin Zvarík
Martin Zvarík Pred mesecem
@Sir Alexei You said FWD.... now you're talkin about cylinders?? who cares, jesus, it has horsepower
Sir Alexei
Sir Alexei Pred mesecem
Martin Zvarík Nein, CUPRA is the only car 4 cil, MB G AMG is V8T and the Audi is 5 Cil 2.5T; in conclusion, it’s not fare...
Martin Zvarík
Martin Zvarík Pred mesecem
but it did have a good start... and then it was it's advantage... more power on wheels
Lukas Nghifikwa
Lukas Nghifikwa Pred mesecem
G63, am in love with the sound.... Anyone else..??✌️
JohnDick Pred mesecem
Seat Sucks like always😂😂
wha 70
wha 70 Pred mesecem
The Seat only has a 2.0 but still almost beat them
Anđelo Ivaković
Anđelo Ivaković Pred mesecem
wha 70 it is a weaker rs3 , it cant beat it in any way bro
LesPaulPlayer Pred mesecem
This cupra os awesome
cwuzii Pred mesecem
Loads closer than I thought!
Denise Smith
Denise Smith Pred mesecem
I love a G63
Diego Garduño
Diego Garduño Pred mesecem
Aerodynamics fckin squared thing losses on its straight up wshield
Paul Stevens
Paul Stevens Pred mesecem
The random drag race are great, the main thing is they are all performance versions which may meet out on the road
Antonio Álvarez
Antonio Álvarez Pred mesecem
No me lo creo, tongo
Alex Pred mesecem
Sleman Diab
Sleman Diab Pred mesecem
It's the 300. Carbon edition or Cupra R. With 4 exhaust pipes it's always the 300. And fwd wouldn't be so fast 👌
Alex Pred mesecem
Sleman Diab 290 is fwd, 300 is awd, and who is this?
Sleman Diab
Sleman Diab Pred mesecem
The Seat is AWD too :)
Dominic Powell
Dominic Powell Pred 2 meseci
RS3 a beast for the money
leśny moto krecik
leśny moto krecik Pred 2 meseci
English accent haha
Diego Woodward
Diego Woodward Pred 2 meseci
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁I recommend that you look through to the end🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> ❤💞 👇 👇 👇❣
Shpendi Kryezi
Shpendi Kryezi Pred 2 meseci
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar Pred 2 meseci
Carwow drag races are just pointless. Just bring in a bike as well, cause it doesn’t really matter does it?
Vicious Yolk
Vicious Yolk Pred 2 meseci
Rather take the cupraa
Busta Jones
Busta Jones Pred 2 meseci
What tyres did they each have, wouldn’t be a fair test with out the same tyres on each car
Busta Jones
Busta Jones Pred 2 meseci
It’s all about how the car computer puts it to the tyres 🌝🌝🌝
liber Zugno
liber Zugno Pred 3 meseci
What a stupid test
Maxxon Pred 3 meseci
I want that cupra.
Alberto Cruz
Alberto Cruz Pred 3 meseci
The g63 is made to offroad, not to be fast
vladChmok Pred 3 meseci
The rs3 did 12.4 in previous races
Arash Zare
Arash Zare Pred 3 meseci
Mercedes benz
Mineturtle Pred 3 meseci
There you see again, Seat is still rubbish 😂 To all the little fanboys, put your caps down and safe money for a real car like RS3 or GTI
roderick oulik
roderick oulik Pred 3 meseci
Can't wait for the next RS3
roderick oulik
roderick oulik Pred 3 meseci
Hi matt. When a audi wins a race most of the time u don't like it.but Y. Audi is not the best but they can run with the best. Please give audi some credit. P.S like ur shows
SlayPaypy Pred 3 meseci
The seat did a good Job i Think. With 400bhp he would probably beat both.
NationMixs Pred 3 meseci
My cupra 300 😪
Misselene Jean pierre
Misselene Jean pierre Pred 4 meseci
Carl Charles
Carl Charles Pred 4 meseci
😂seat getting dropped
Misselene Jean pierre
Misselene Jean pierre Pred 4 meseci
Султан Нуржанов
Audi ❤️🔥👍🏻
CERNIUM Pred 4 meseci
Rs3 doesn't look like a start with full launch control. Too slow
IG&SC - ALBION_P05 Pred 4 meseci
These seats are getting quick ngl might consider one😂
Sebastian Diaz
Sebastian Diaz Pred 4 meseci
Can you run the GLE63s?? Very fun and accurate video!!
צבא האמת של ליאור צור
Audi s3 may be fair
Alejandro Kassimatis
Alejandro Kassimatis Pred 4 meseci
What the fuck is a cupra
Green Hell13
Green Hell13 Pred 5 meseci
Second time and the RS3 it’s the winner again! RS always the best! Xxxxx
BMT F4M Pred 5 meseci
A45s vs rs3 2019 vs m2 comp pack
Lendi Ropica
Lendi Ropica Pred 5 meseci
The g loses evrywhere
Prince Lubinda
Prince Lubinda Pred 5 meseci
My favourite always wins thumbs up
ŘÄMÏ ĀMĞ Pred 5 meseci
Eddie Eagles
Eddie Eagles Pred 6 meseci
Audi wins again ❤ ohhh well bad luck.
Cornelius Scipio
Cornelius Scipio Pred 6 meseci
BMT F4M Pred 6 meseci
Rs3 still beating its oppositions lol brutal car
Rowan Collard
Rowan Collard Pred 6 meseci
The g63 is so much heavier than the seat and it beat it
Rowan Collard
Rowan Collard Pred 6 meseci
Postman pats van is faster than the seat
Burak Bayoğlu
Burak Bayoğlu Pred 6 meseci
Audi Driver don't do Launch Control
edi murati
edi murati Pred 6 meseci
The g class do the 1/4 mile at 12.3 seconds not 12.8 😒
Mehmet Coban
Mehmet Coban Pred 6 meseci
Pls Amg A45s vs Rs3