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It's SUV v estate v hot-hatch in our all-new drag! The Mercedes-AMG G63, SEAT Leon Cupra R ST and Audi RS3 are three of our long-term test cars, and they're duking it out over the quarter-mile! So who's your money on - the luxurious 585hp Merc, the ABT-tuned 350hp Cupra Leon or the 400hp hot-hatch Audi? Stick with Mat to see who wins, and let us know in the comments which you'd rather have!
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6. nov. 2019

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edi murati
edi murati Pred 21 uro
The g class do the 1/4 mile at 12.3 seconds not 12.8 😒
Mehmet Coban
Mehmet Coban Pred dnevom
Pls Amg A45s vs Rs3
hdkdbdidnejdu37291j38r be8wj27dv2
CUPRA : Comfort SUPRA : Sport
hehe haha
hehe haha Pred 4 dnevi
My love audi
David Rohrer
David Rohrer Pred 5 dnevi
You guys have GOT to start posting the trap speeds when you do a drag race. The ET is not that important, but the trap speed actually gives you more information on the acceleration potential for a car.
T G Pred 5 dnevi
More random mix of car drag races pleases..just for the fun
MegaSebe Pred 5 dnevi
ABT in Seat is the biggest shit..!
Marius Dobrin
Marius Dobrin Pred 6 dnevi
Where in england is
Ignacio Pred 6 dnevi
RS3 😍
Blaž Bohinc
Blaž Bohinc Pred 7 dnevi
guy in a seat launched like a dead horse
Pop Alex
Pop Alex Pred 7 dnevi
Dömötör András
Dömötör András Pred 7 dnevi
Audi RS3 💪💪😍
Mohammed shafeei
Mohammed shafeei Pred 7 dnevi
Audi Best 👍👍
Josu Lopez
Josu Lopez Pred 7 dnevi
Rs3 win naab glk
Lifted_Above Pred 7 dnevi
Merc.......not bad for a BRICK.
Mohd Haiqal Shazrizan
The Seat Cupra R rev is very familiar than Audi TT Roadster
Siddal Boy 123
Siddal Boy 123 Pred 7 dnevi
Audi and the seat have the same chassis
FAST MONSTER Pred 8 dnevi
Why you don't try dodge cars??????
Akhil Das
Akhil Das Pred 8 dnevi
Matt watson sir , you should start a new youtube channel which is related to bikes . Which is featuring review , drag race , rolling race brake test and many more 💗💗🔥🔥
Entertaining Channel
Who ever was driving that rs3 was sleeping
P Cass
P Cass Pred 8 dnevi
G Wagon has some power!!!
Nasrin Begum
Nasrin Begum Pred 9 dnevi
Like to see this race again with a golf r estate init aswell
Nasrin Begum
Nasrin Begum Pred 9 dnevi
The petrol light was on the cupra cheated less fuel going to the engine
Resonance Pred 9 dnevi
Mat type of guy to memorize every single horsepower and torque of modern cars and forget about wifey's birthday date
Danish Awan
Danish Awan Pred 9 dnevi
Impressed by the G ❤
Spiridon Chilakis
Spiridon Chilakis Pred 9 dnevi
How can you compare a station wagon to a hatchback with 50 hp more. Only the leon hatchback could get closer to the Audi. The extra weight matters.
James França
James França Pred 9 dnevi
Fantastic Dragon Race! I Love RS3
James França
James França Pred 9 dnevi
HarryC26 Pred 10 dnevi
Surprised there isn’t a jimny here because You know... Carwow. 🙃
Ninjas in Fur
Ninjas in Fur Pred 10 dnevi
Audi RS3 is the boss.
Sukh121 Pred 10 dnevi
Wow the merc fast
Denizhan Angay
Denizhan Angay Pred 10 dnevi
Who guess before watching the video 1st audi 2.g class 3. Cupra ?
Ankgamer79 :D
Ankgamer79 :D Pred 10 dnevi
I thought the g63 would do 12.3!
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson Pred 10 dnevi
Can’t be the only one who doesn’t like G wagon’s! Easily one of the worst looking cars going 🚮
Machine Y
Machine Y Pred 10 dnevi
300m g klasse 50 l
Rob ,
Rob , Pred 10 dnevi
Cameltoe Lover
Cameltoe Lover Pred 10 dnevi
Afonso Canoa
Afonso Canoa Pred 10 dnevi
Audi is the best german car brand 🤷🏻‍♂️
Pav W
Pav W Pred 10 dnevi
This boring white audi won everything
Steyr001 Pred 10 dnevi
Most of the people here can’t afford any of those cars. But they look at these videos instead of doing something productive, which is why the guys in the video can afford those cars in the first place :)) Welcome in 2019, where instead of getting real jobs, any fucktard can review cars and thanks to youtube/the internet can get rich without doing anything productive for the society.
Dariosal 94
Dariosal 94 Pred 11 dnevi
The Audi win everything
VITTORIO HOUSTON 99 Pred 11 dnevi
Cupra is better
Alexander К.
Alexander К. Pred 11 dnevi
Ich liebe es ❤️ 3 Tonnen( G) vs 3 Tonnen A3 und Seat 😂
Roland Illés
Roland Illés Pred 11 dnevi
Remelem egyszer egy G osztaly keresztul megy a nyakadon...
tanaka humbani
tanaka humbani Pred 11 dnevi
if the G-wagen had better aero-dynamics it would have won the race
Wahby Quattro
Wahby Quattro Pred 11 dnevi
I win 💪🏻👍🏻✌🏻👌🏻
psychoticapex Pred 11 dnevi
These random drag races have started to be shown too often.
fastra Pred 8 dnevi
Nah... Its always good to see how random cars stack up against each other!
Ollie Meaton
Ollie Meaton Pred 11 dnevi
That Cupra is one good looking car. Certainly the best looking there and the best looking Seat/Cupra in a long while.
Jessy James
Jessy James Pred 11 dnevi
Road to 3 millions subs!
Mr Ed
Mr Ed Pred 11 dnevi
Wow, that was much closer than I was expecting - and well done the cupra that really wasn’t bad at al!
Javier pereira rodriguez
Seat car had a horrible launch
Costin Pred 11 dnevi
Matt Watson… the type of client that test drives cars for 6 months and doesn’t buys anything 😅 , I work at Audi… he is the type!
Martin behrens
Martin behrens Pred 11 dnevi
Take a Alpina please a B5 or a B3 or D3 There are fantastic cars
Michael Francis
Michael Francis Pred 11 dnevi
Audi is still amazing
Jas Pred 11 dnevi
Audi is the BEST!
DoubleDeckerAnton Pred 12 dnevi
I'd say the Audi will win it...🚗💨
Naif Alnemer
Naif Alnemer Pred 12 dnevi
Can you make a motorbike race 😍😍
Christopher Symcox
Christopher Symcox Pred 12 dnevi
Cupra R FTW. I'm slightly biased though
Xinger Pittersgill
Xinger Pittersgill Pred 12 dnevi
Do you have a chart with all the 1/4 mile races?
MegaE46 Pred 12 dnevi
Joshua Nyoni
Joshua Nyoni Pred 12 dnevi
The gear-torque ratio let the G63 down in the rolling race