ARE YOU READY TO PARTY? || Genius Fashion and Beauty Hacks To Rock Any Party! 

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Hey guys! Close your eyes and imagine the coolest festive party with your friends!
It's not easy? No worries! We’re here to provide you with some stunning DIY ideas everyone is sure to love!
Improve your look and learn how to upgrade clothes, transform your old outfit into new and learn how to color your hair and make fake piercing and tattoo! Plus many other DIY fashion and beauty tips and tricks!
Watch our new video on how to rock any party!
You won’t need to spend much time or money on these creative last minute hacks!
Stay tuned for these and even more party fashion tips and beauty tips!
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30. dec. 2019

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Ahmad Ahmad
Ahmad Ahmad Pred 4 minutami
andreas petersson
andreas petersson Pred 37 minutami
Angel Custer
Angel Custer Pred uro
Johnna Simone
Johnna Simone Pred 2 urami
me and my siblings tried the tattoo hack multiple times. unfortunately, it doesn't work. this comment isn't to send hate to this channel but it is simply to inform the ones who are willing to try it. stay safe everyone !
Meline Gevorkyan
Meline Gevorkyan Pred 3 urami
Did you guys notice it is Vicki’s nail
Lauren Florendo
Lauren Florendo Pred 3 urami
Tiena Skinner
Tiena Skinner Pred 4 urami
so dumb and stupid to much effort for something so stupid
neiko Jackson
neiko Jackson Pred 4 urami
Yeah but how do u take the black heels off?
Kiyah P
Kiyah P Pred 4 urami
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen Pred 4 urami
Whoa!Too cool!
carl williams
carl williams Pred 4 urami
I have two dogs
Frankie Siguencia
Frankie Siguencia Pred 4 urami
Adopt_Me Playz
Adopt_Me Playz Pred 5 urami
I have my Molang tattoo on my wrist thanks for the hack,even though it’s on Tik Tok already but eh
Amanda Daniels
Amanda Daniels Pred 5 urami
You like to give people false things that can't work
Sophia Jeffels
Sophia Jeffels Pred 5 urami
I'm not ready to go to a party!
Faith Dudley
Faith Dudley Pred 6 urami
_{Gacha Sea}_
_{Gacha Sea}_ Pred 6 urami
Can’t the tattoo one get u skin cancer
Barbara saylor
Barbara saylor Pred 6 urami
For the last one how are u apost to get it off
tonya mayhew
tonya mayhew Pred 6 urami
Love it 😍............................ I can not believe that.............yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
Gacha Cat lover
Gacha Cat lover Pred 6 urami
Cynthia Wilhoit
Cynthia Wilhoit Pred 7 urami
Karlisia Johnson
Karlisia Johnson Pred 8 urami
Karlisia Johnson
Robert Fujimoto
Robert Fujimoto Pred 8 urami
Is that hair die permanent
Eliane Venderametto
Eliane Venderametto Pred 8 urami
think ink dont make bad
annag cocl
annag cocl Pred 6 urami
Tatu ne deluje
Kathleen Mitchell
Kathleen Mitchell Pred 8 urami
Wow how did you do your own tattoo amazing
annag cocl
annag cocl Pred 6 urami
Hey, one of the girls name is my name lol!
Julia Waddell
Julia Waddell Pred 8 urami
Omg do you know hair spray on your legs leads to death
Iza Martinez morales
She doesn't look like a movie star, the girl before her did
MrAylett Pred 9 urami
I love 💕 you 123 got
Brianna Draws
Brianna Draws Pred 9 urami
Hmm 11:49
Brianna Draws
Brianna Draws Pred 9 urami
7:29 was so creepy oof
Alain Demandt
Alain Demandt Pred 9 urami
Please pause
Alain Demandt
Alain Demandt Pred 9 urami
At 11:34
Iamsavior Ofworld
Iamsavior Ofworld Pred 9 urami
I tried the tattoo thing but It was not printed I will repeat the process
all of your videos are trash
Richie Tindall
Richie Tindall Pred 9 urami
Gio-Shadow / God level
No se me fue a la cabeza de la otra cuenta que no me avía visto r que no se me fue la de la otra cuenta que no me avía visto en la otra cuenta que no me avía
ALAYHA WELCH Pred 10 urami
i trid yall hacks didint worck
Tonie Westergaard
Tonie Westergaard Pred 10 urami
Bellavision Television
Hey, one of the girls name is my name lol!
Zoja Gotic
Zoja Gotic Pred 10 urami
Tatu ne deluje
M Funez
M Funez Pred 11 urami
The perfume tattoos were fake or does it have to be that specific brand of perfume or certain amount of sprays it totally fake
Sugar Rainbow
Sugar Rainbow Pred 11 urami
Stop saying snag
RACHANA PHATH Pred 12 urami
Princess Myia
Princess Myia Pred 13 urami
This is so cool I would love to do this comment down below if you think to say
Orsolya Csüllög
Orsolya Csüllög Pred 13 urami
6:45 it's worked!
ASMR Slime making
ASMR Slime making Pred 13 urami
No offence but did anyone see mias yellow teeth sorry but I had to tell her🤭
Maria Macedo
Maria Macedo Pred 13 urami
Maria Macedo
Maria Macedo Pred 13 urami
tako gzirishvili
tako gzirishvili Pred 13 urami
this is good stuffs
Tango Charlie
Tango Charlie Pred 13 urami
Where do You live??👧
Zeliha Dag
Zeliha Dag Pred 13 urami
Poo them they should read mean comments like I am saying bad words to them like ugly
Zeliha Dag
Zeliha Dag Pred 13 urami
So poo you
Peyton Parks
Peyton Parks Pred 13 urami
You are awesome
Ravi Nayak
Ravi Nayak Pred 14 urami
بنت العراق وافتخر
Originally they did not control the movement with me Altto they are liars, who did not control the movement followed him Altto degrades Lake
Fahmida Kazi
Fahmida Kazi Pred 14 urami
I thought that the bottle would still show
Javana Milovanovic
Javana Milovanovic Pred 14 urami
Nalazite meni nije usprlo
tijmen meyer
tijmen meyer Pred 14 urami
History modify link control variable place up support.
Burcu Aykar
Burcu Aykar Pred 14 urami
Ben o dovmeni denedim olmadi
Shari Renee Moon
Shari Renee Moon Pred 15 urami
Why do all the girls have belly piercings
Chae-young won Littlefoxfighter
2:36 she said it will take 10 min but it was 2 min wierd