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Big projects, my favorite of all time, lots of travels and good people made 2019 a year to remember!
Thank you for supporting the journey! 2020 Let's get it!
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10. jan. 2020

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Bear Ball
Bear Ball Pred 4 urami
Bear Ball
Bear Ball Pred 4 urami
I wonder if every time he completes one of these absurd stunts he thinks "I just did the impossible for the hundredth time... next country!"
mtb chillan pro
mtb chillan pro Pred 6 urami
Fabio eees un craks te deseo mucho exito!!!
ツRogy Pred 8 urami
Fabio Wibmer: has kids Kids: We want to be just like u dad! All mtb sponsors that fought over Fabio, and his oldest fans: Aaaah shit. Here we go again...
Erik Ziegler
Erik Ziegler Pred 11 urami
Whats the First song
Erik Ziegler
Erik Ziegler Pred 11 urami
Was ist der erste Song Bitte sagt ma wäre ehrenhaft
Alexander Jaramillo
Alexander Jaramillo Pred 11 urami
This video is a 100% better than SLvid rewind. What a frickin good job men. Just incredible
Petar_ babic_
Petar_ babic_ Pred 12 urami
Devi1RUS Pred 12 urami
TELA FOOX Pred 15 urami
Best moments
Вадим Куминов
Russia loves u!
Christian Hutapea
Christian Hutapea Pred 16 urami
Hi Fabio wibmer i am from Indonesian I'm so like you because you are so amazing and you never give up congrants for Fabio because it will penetrate 4 million subscribers
str and
str and Pred 17 urami
Julius K.
Julius K. Pred 18 urami
The best biker ever
Kerem Karipçin
Kerem Karipçin Pred 21 uro
turkey king loves you very much turkiyee
Luca FONTAINE Pred 22 urami
Song name irgendwer? Wär echt mega nett
Sascha Krone
Sascha Krone Pred 23 urami
Mach mal nen rolling stopi ne treppe runder
Joaco Remis
Joaco Remis Pred 23 urami
0:16 Deflicker plugins are around $150 if you're interested
Shredding With Sean
That’s so sick! Congratulations to what 2019 has brought to you and your new sponsor for 2020! If I can get to be half as good of a biker as you then I’d be extremely happy. You’re insanity dude, keep it up. 💪🏆🤘🎆🤜 Edit: congrats on 3 (SUPER close to 4) million subs dude. You totally deserve it.
Aeron Molina
Aeron Molina Pred dnevom
Yeah that is the most inspiring bike trick
invty cylac
invty cylac Pred dnevom
French freerun familly
Александър Георгиев
Fabio is the best
Johannes Zöger
Johannes Zöger Pred dnevom
the year was sick
Jakub Mikula
Jakub Mikula Pred dnevom
2:54 How did he it?
Мирослав Нестер
look at such Ukrainian freerider as мішаня Огороднік
Мирослав Нестер
i'm interested in freeriding
Мирослав Нестер
I'm from Ukraine
Мирослав Нестер
you steep you are the coolest rider
Hamza Aamir
Hamza Aamir Pred dnevom
look at his butt slvid.info/video/0nmDra7LoqeA3KM.html it is in the vid
Marina Santoro
Marina Santoro Pred dnevom
Salut Fabio,je suis Emmanuel et je viens d'italie et j'ai douze ans.j'aime vos vidéos et j'essaie de faire ce que vous faites.
Mateusz Kosinski
Mateusz Kosinski Pred dnevom
When Best of 2K20
Leni Anton
Leni Anton Pred dnevom
Du bist so verdammt krass ❤
Sagar Deb Roy
Sagar Deb Roy Pred dnevom
Akshay Kumar best funny moment slvid.info/video/w5ltm23Ifptv268.html Plz watch & subscribe 🙏 ❤️
Jakob Föll MTB
Jakob Föll MTB Pred dnevom
Fabio dz bist einfach der beste youtuber im Mountainbike bereich bist für mich das größte Vorbild. Mach weiter und bleib wie du bist.
Julien SIAU
Julien SIAU Pred dnevom
I3lackLeqenD Pred dnevom
Absolut geil, einfach genial Fabio ;D ich feier dich und deine Videos einfach ;)
Sergey Florov
Sergey Florov Pred 2 dnevi
Kushan karki
Kushan karki Pred 2 dnevi
4:42 what is the song name pls tell me
Joaquin Esteban
Joaquin Esteban Pred 2 dnevi
come to chile
TMS Pred 2 dnevi
Fabio, I hope you know Jesus Christ, because you sure could end up in His Presence, on any given day! You are absolutely insane and exciting to watch!
Offroad_ Bros_
Offroad_ Bros_ Pred 2 dnevi
Top Best of 2019
rheinhausen 47
rheinhausen 47 Pred 2 dnevi
Was ein Kerl. 💪💪💪💪
Apple Ipad
Apple Ipad Pred 2 dnevi
WoW, danke für 2019 fabio !
Carl FortniteRoblox
Carl FortniteRoblox Pred 2 dnevi
You inspired me to try new things and because of it ive found what i truly love doing and will always do and how far i can progress, biking. Thank you Fabio for inspiring me! :)
Gil Caplan
Gil Caplan Pred 2 dnevi
What songs did you put in this video?
eda1996 Pred 2 dnevi
Keep doing that i love you😍
Gabriel Rezende
Gabriel Rezende Pred 2 dnevi
juan bscur
juan bscur Pred 2 dnevi
you broder is gabriel wibmer yes o no
Sevjen Pred 2 dnevi
2020 kommen dann die 5 Mio abos
Best of 2018 was best
🙏🙏 1:16 💙💙💓 👇 👇 👇 👇💚
Denis Mix
Denis Mix Pred 2 dnevi
7:27 please song name???????😍😍😍😍😍🥰
JeppJo_DK Pred dnevom
Shazam it
Huy Vũ Biker
Huy Vũ Biker Pred 2 dnevi
Name of the second song pleaseeeeee
Hallyce Yoner
Hallyce Yoner Pred 2 dnevi
I need song
osher benson
osher benson Pred 2 dnevi
no way i missed u when u where here :(
David RV 62
David RV 62 Pred 2 dnevi
Que lindo... Dá pra ver nos olhos dele a paixão viva que ele tem com a sua bike... Me apaixonei nesse vídeo
Obeo Waldi
Obeo Waldi Pred 2 dnevi
Wie heißt die erste Musik
Bennie Burger
Bennie Burger Pred 2 dnevi
Dude, you're such a huge inspiration to all people. Riders and non riders. Young and old. No cultural, racial, financial boundaries and no BS... Just pure awesome. Thank you Fabio! What a badass.
Ning Maslucha
Ning Maslucha Pred 2 dnevi
Saw Blade
Saw Blade Pred 2 dnevi
4:44 // KAINA - A Way for Us // It's the song.Fabio Forever!!