Cardi B Meets Cardi E 

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For Halloween, Ellen transformed into “Cardi E”, inspired by Cardi B’s character in the movie “Hustlers,” and she got a special visit from the rapper herself!




31. okt. 2019

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Angel Cutewolf
Angel Cutewolf Pred 2 urami
Wheres cardi a , cardi c , cardi d
Cinnamon Dancy
Cinnamon Dancy Pred 10 urami
first time i seen ellen dress like a girl instead of a boy tbh
Alydia Mills
Alydia Mills Pred 12 urami
Who is better Like for Cardi E Comment for Cardi B 😂😂😂😂😂
Aquarius air Walts
Aquarius air Walts Pred 4 urami
Mike Willams
Mike Willams Pred 14 urami
Ellen please please invite the dreamcatchers because they have so much potential
The Sisterhood
The Sisterhood Pred 15 urami
Make sure you suscribe to my SLvid channel❤️❤️✌🏼
Dark Rogue Wolf
Dark Rogue Wolf Pred 16 urami
Hmmm....... I'd hit it
HRIDOY KHAN Pred 17 urami
Haha the best moment.
Myles Pred 18 urami
Triecie Eleam
Triecie Eleam Pred dnevom
I was confused by the title. Me:what is a cardi E?
Alisa Ariana
Alisa Ariana Pred dnevom
Omg my bffl wold be so happy to see this bc she is a cadi B fan but I am a ARIANA GRANDE FAN
Jackie Bao
Jackie Bao Pred dnevom
I think I’m traumatized
Nilesh Godale
Nilesh Godale Pred dnevom
$ You are very very very very good $
Rohit Arya
Rohit Arya Pred dnevom
Cardi B ....you are amazing....love every song u part off😍😍
LILLYWAYNA Pred dnevom
Cardi E looks like Madonna
Zuqhame Hebe
Zuqhame Hebe Pred dnevom
Inlove with Cardi E😂❤
Pumza Mahanjana
Pumza Mahanjana Pred dnevom
Ellen you can not were that you look not your self.
QuahmiereTV Pred dnevom
Please guy subscribe to my SLvid 1 subscribers = 1 like
Amit Anand
Amit Anand Pred dnevom
Big Fan from India
royalboy 714
royalboy 714 Pred 2 dnevi
When I realized it was Ellen 😱😱
Black-Stress- Xx gacha 15
Not to be rude Cardi B sounds better then Cardi E and Ellen you look different then how you really look! And my friend said that Thats probably how Cardl B got pregnant by being a striper and having it I didn't say it she did
Chris Asher
Chris Asher Pred 2 dnevi
Lol 😂 I was just about to write Cardi B and tell her No, but then I realized it was Ellen. Ellen you are something else. We adore you
Dontay and Kenetra Tv
Who else still hasn't seen hustlers
roxy dacres
roxy dacres Pred 2 dnevi
Ellen no
Genesis Lopez
Genesis Lopez Pred 2 dnevi
Sow funny
Stacy Shock
Stacy Shock Pred 2 dnevi
Cardi B did not come up with the okurrrr. That was from a SLvid star CoreyB!!!
basuki firmanto
basuki firmanto Pred 2 dnevi
and i need some Cardi O.
Josiah Kato
Josiah Kato Pred 2 dnevi
Ellen looks like a Cardi E + Lady Gaga combo.
ZeezySygn VeVo
ZeezySygn VeVo Pred 2 dnevi
Ich Liebe Dich E. wish I coulda met you cause you inspire me and you amazing and there's lot I would love to talk to you about .
D L Pred 2 dnevi
Wth is cardi b wearing
Paulo Cancio
Paulo Cancio Pred 3 dnevi
Andy makes The Ellen Show CORNY every time he shows up
Raya loves Taylor
Raya loves Taylor Pred 3 dnevi
You need to calm down spotted
Hungry for Apples
Hungry for Apples Pred 3 dnevi
What a boomer
chandana reddy
chandana reddy Pred 3 dnevi
hope you visit india ellen..you have so many fans here 🤩
Pandu Miharja
Pandu Miharja Pred 3 dnevi
She looks pretty with that long hair
Mack Madsen
Mack Madsen Pred 3 dnevi
Yass Cardi E! How doesn't love Ellen?! ❤️
Noreen Goodman
Noreen Goodman Pred 3 dnevi
So funny, Cardi B looks like an inflated First Lady
ツ【IceKaneki】 Pred 3 dnevi
I didn’t realize that Cardi E was Ellen oof
Nydiapatricia Clark
Nydiapatricia Clark Pred 3 dnevi
can I be on ur show once ppppplllllzzz I love ur show lalaloooooooooooooo and me and my sisters can sing good
it's just Gigi m
it's just Gigi m Pred 3 dnevi
Ellen looks different
jami youtube
jami youtube Pred 3 dnevi
Hahahah i love ellen !
DELVIIO Pred 3 dnevi
Ellen you are discusting
Anti-Bullying Squad where dey at tho
I’m dead. 🤣😂🤣😂😅
Anti-Bullying Squad where dey at tho
The “OKKURR” part sounds like pigeons
Clarecsh Richardson
Clarecsh Richardson Pred 3 dnevi
hey big fan
Annah Clinton
Annah Clinton Pred 3 dnevi
Didn't notice that Cardi E is Ellen woooow I'm in love with her look woooow!!!
AMarie MsCooper
AMarie MsCooper Pred 3 dnevi
This was so funny 😂💕💃
Tifóka 09
Tifóka 09 Pred 3 dnevi
Katya R
Katya R Pred 3 dnevi
Ellen look more like Nicki Minaj😂
Louie Gorman
Louie Gorman Pred 3 dnevi
Cardi e is ellen
Slay Pred 3 dnevi
17 milli in two weeks? iiiii yiiiii yiiiii! Ellen did it right to invite her for Halloween. Heheeh 🎃
Prince Makita
Prince Makita Pred 4 dnevi
I am cardi c
Alex Unknown
Alex Unknown Pred 4 dnevi
Big tiddy goth gf= Ellen edition 🔥🙌👌😩
Aniyahstein Boxley
Aniyahstein Boxley Pred 4 dnevi
I'm really dead rn lol
Ileana Gonzalez
Ileana Gonzalez Pred 4 dnevi
Lol I thought Ellen was actually a famous person
Narmos Pred 4 dnevi
i wish Ellen can invite Yes Theory people on the show !
Zavine Pred 4 dnevi
"Ellen gives Cardi B a lap dance"
Hxneybxnch Pred 4 dnevi
Pizza Eyes
Pizza Eyes Pred 4 dnevi
Someone was Fiona from shreck
Fabienne Ulysse
Fabienne Ulysse Pred 4 dnevi
Waoooooow , you look so woawwww
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