Cats From Hell 

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This is the greatest cat training of All Time




13. jan. 2020

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YT_Shadowolf Pred dnevom
Jackson Galaxy looks like the type of person to steal 3 singing chipmunks
Hensen Pred dnevom
How does a man fall into the cat profession?
takoyaki :]
takoyaki :] Pred dnevom
my up next is the “cat refuses couples to get married” one coincidence?
Omar Ali
Omar Ali Pred dnevom
I feel like you just made fun of this guy without actually giving him a chance, you just saw his somewhat eccentric appearance and made jokes. It would have been a way better reaction vid if you just actually listened. This guy really knows his stuff about cats. And he doesn't charge, he makes all his money from the videos and his brand of cat toys sold in stores. If anything he's grateful to the couples for letting him come because it gives him content.
Respectfully Critical
If you shut the fuck up just once in a while, or pause the video when doing commentary then just maybe more people would enjoy your shit. you speak so fucking much that it's hard to get a gist of what is going on i half of your commentaries.
dickthedestroyer Pred 2 dnevi
I would drop these cats off to peta so that they get the "taken care of properly and humanely" treatment
Lucas Rush
Lucas Rush Pred 3 dnevi
Why does Keanu Reeves have the same SLvid algorithm as me?
Fyrestone Pred 3 dnevi
Jackson looks like a goddamn Stand user
Super Fangirl
Super Fangirl Pred 3 dnevi
Honestly love this show
sakura hoor
sakura hoor Pred 3 dnevi
You can't dis him he's amazing i am unsubing you appreciate a little bit
l3m0njoe Pred 4 dnevi
I’ve brought my spaying tools. It’s a scalpel and, well, 3 pieces of bread in case I get hungry.
Marc Bergeron
Marc Bergeron Pred 4 dnevi
I love how I clicked on this, watched 2 ads and it fucked up, clicked it again ANOTHER 2 ADS
Pvt. Prinny
Pvt. Prinny Pred 5 dnevi
I cant decide whose more badass, this guy or the rock n roll cowboy pest control guy, forgot his name
Brazen Pred 5 dnevi
It’s obviously keemstar
shrunkenderp Pred 6 dnevi
Wait, isn't that hard Rock Nick?
Mima Pred 6 dnevi
Jackson is good with his job, tho
oNearo Pred 6 dnevi
This video got published on 13. and now SLvid remembered and popped it up for me in a notification as a new one like wtf?
Ghost Spore
Ghost Spore Pred 5 dnevi
Same here, SLvid be trippin'
Dezzle Pebble
Dezzle Pebble Pred 7 dnevi
Why does this man look like uncle Ian from the Chipmunks 😂
Gucci Gengar
Gucci Gengar Pred 7 dnevi
easy fix, get a dog.
Lodlox Pred 7 dnevi
Welp, time to prepare the crucifix!
KrikaHalo Pred 7 dnevi
He looks like a shitty Kerry King.
hashtagzommbie ET
hashtagzommbie ET Pred 8 dnevi
your a low life and contoling never let you girl be online you and your budy used her and called her names low life sum bag women rights bud
Marvin Zimmerman
Marvin Zimmerman Pred 8 dnevi
I love how he puts his hair under his ears 😂😂
Dirty Danimals
Dirty Danimals Pred 8 dnevi
thought that was ian from alvin and the chipmunks
Human Landfill
Human Landfill Pred 8 dnevi
I remember this show on animal planet!... it sucked pee pee dick
Darth Tyrannus
Darth Tyrannus Pred 8 dnevi
1000th comment. That’s it.
Anler Cabrera
Anler Cabrera Pred 9 dnevi
Bruh I would kick that cat in the balls the minute he tries to do anything like tgat
Technogist Pred 9 dnevi
Jackson looks like Ian from alvin and the Chipmunks
JelloItsMe Pred 9 dnevi
Since I know there’s two stories in one episode I thought Larry was the other cat and they were going back and forth between the two stories at odd moments. Now at the end I know these two people named their female cat Larry and couldn’t figure out why she hated them.
Kazuo Pred 9 dnevi
Didn’t this guy steal the chipmunks
Randy Lehey
Randy Lehey Pred 9 dnevi
Jackson galaxy makes me embarrassed to like cats
Charles Gough
Charles Gough Pred 9 dnevi
Didn't he kidnap some chipmunks or something?
Cry0genic Pred 9 dnevi
Jackson looks like the type of person who would take a old car and add spoilers to it hoping people will buy it but it inevitably fails so he drives it thinking he would get his money that he paid for the care and custom mods thinking it would get his moneys worth but it sounds like the engine is going to blow up every two seconds.
Alien from Mars
Alien from Mars Pred 9 dnevi
Diamond Crazer
Diamond Crazer Pred 10 dnevi
Why is the female cat named Larry 😂
Dalton Johnson
Dalton Johnson Pred 10 dnevi
Anybody else noticing the fact that there’s a bondage suspension rack in the background of the clip at about 4:06
Kyle Finn
Kyle Finn Pred 10 dnevi
This is one of my favorite shows
J Pred 10 dnevi
I legit just started watching this thing again before you made this lol
Kashaun Morris
Kashaun Morris Pred 10 dnevi
So do they ever change the cats behavior? It’s never disclosed well
Ebola Pred 10 dnevi
wow a predator in ur house is mean who woulda thought
Валентин Valentin
This is nothing... I once had a cat and was so angry she was biting me many times even when I leave her and go to sleep she bites me and she had a lot of spit in her mouth I used to clean her a lot and she doesn't like it
L KC Pred 10 dnevi
This show is great, loved to watch it
Cryofeenix Pred 11 dnevi
If you wear gloves it only makes it worse because then they get distressed and even more defensive because *that isnt skin*
Samuel Henkle
Samuel Henkle Pred 11 dnevi
Mathilde Bruhn
Mathilde Bruhn Pred 11 dnevi
The reason for the cat pilates bed, is that cats like to do something called "mirroring", where they copy the poses and position of other cats or people. It's basically how cats hang out, and by giving the cat its own pilates bed, it won't try to use its owner while she's working
cloudbloom Pred 11 dnevi
Home funk be on the strenf with the cat rehab action no lie but damn bruh all it takes is he just gotta pop in a slice of eclipse gum and dat M.C. Escher beardscape of his finna have the God Hand climbing all over it like shit homie what is you thinkin what is you doin smdh
Nycto Pred 11 dnevi
Cats From Hell was my shit. Ever since I got some cats and have had to interact with other cats I've actually used his advice multiple times and it works.
Rick Cruz
Rick Cruz Pred 11 dnevi
Your a douchebag !
Taliyah Pred 11 dnevi
Still better than the movie cats
Orange Knight
Orange Knight Pred 11 dnevi
Asking Charlie to play Castle Crashers attempt number 11
Con the Fruiterer0
Con the Fruiterer0 Pred 11 dnevi
Haven't watched the vid yet but the thumbnail is fire
The Suspicious Doge
The Suspicious Doge Pred 11 dnevi
So is this guy the supernanny of cats?
Nicholas Polkey
Nicholas Polkey Pred 11 dnevi
jackson galaxy looks way too similar to hardrock nick.
Crimson Caballero
Crimson Caballero Pred 11 dnevi
Jackson Galaxy is 6' 2'', and more than half his height comes from his massive forehead
I fuck yor mam
I fuck yor mam Pred 11 dnevi
2:01 tbh if I was there I would have just punched that smug ethnicel in the mouth and proposed to his gf in front of him. And if he attacked me, I would get him in a 2-3 year prison sentence and pour a bit of my money into to his unfaithful hoe and get her to make me a child. I'm not saying I would do this to anyone but If I was there, I would totally take a hit and then instantly speed dial the cops behind my back. Being a successful lawyer sure has it's perks, oh and btw enjoy trying to track me down Triangalo760, my onion routing passes through hundreds of nodes and yes I do have your picture from your facebook account, triangalo you pathetic moron.
eurologic Pred 11 dnevi
This cat guy is a mega loser. He's had sex with so many cats
Strawberry Cheesecake Lover
Cats are good pets and just like any animal it depends on how you raised them. If you are mean to your cat or just or just spoil him or her the cat is going to have problems.
The Anal Atheist
The Anal Atheist Pred 11 dnevi
Unspayed cat? No wonder she’s such a bastard, she’s just deathly horny.
Amanpreet Sekhon
Amanpreet Sekhon Pred 11 dnevi
that guy looks like the guy from alvin and the chipmunks
2002 Pontiac Montana
2002 Pontiac Montana Pred 11 dnevi
All of Galaxy's personality persists of being balled and using a guitar case is a suitcase.
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