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SLAPP Suits: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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After winning a legal battle involving a coal executive and a giant squirrel, John Oliver explains how SLAPP suits are designed to stifle public dissent. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight SLvid channel for more almost news as it almost happens: slvid.i...
14 TYPES OF PEOPLE AT THE MOVIE THEATER || Relatable comedy by 5-Minute FUN
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Have you seen those types of people in the cinema? Subscribe to 5-Minute FUN: bit.ly/2Y4PvhD Going to the movie theatre is a good idea when you're hanging out with your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends and family. You can meet so many different types of people at the cinema. Grab your popc...
Duolingo for Talking to Children - SNL
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It's never too late to learn how to talk to kids with the new Duolingo app for childless adults who want to relate. Subscribe to SNL: goo.gl/tUsXwM Stream Current Full Episodes: www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live WATCH PAST SNL SEASONS Google Play - bit.ly/SNLGooglePlay iTunes - bit.ly/SNLiT...
Cardi B Meets Cardi E
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For Halloween, Ellen transformed into “Cardi E”, inspired by Cardi B’s character in the movie “Hustlers,” and she got a special visit from the rapper herself! #CardiB #TheEllenShow #Ellen
Stranger Things Season 3 Bloopers | Netflix
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We declare this the day FULL OF bloopers. Stranger Things Season 3 bloopers have arrived! (Pssst, this is the line David Harbour was talking about.) Watch Stranger Things, Only on Netflix: www.netflix.com/strangerthings p.s. Stranger Things has a SLvid Channel. SUBSCRIBE HERE: bit.ly/2Lk5uVH A...
Trump and GOP Allies Try to Out Ukraine Whistleblower: A Closer Look
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Seth takes a closer look at the president and his allies trying to out the Ukraine whistleblower while one of Trump’s own appointees admits there was a quid pro quo. Subscribe to Late Night: bit.ly/LateNightSeth Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers Weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC. Get more Late ...
Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger
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James and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger take turns asking each other very personal questions and are given a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever food is in front of them, including a hot pepper smoothie, jellyfish and turkey testicles. More Late Late Show: Subscribe: bit.ly/CordenSLvid Wa...
The World’s Worst Liar (“The Usual Suspects” Parody) - Key & Peele
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A detective has a hell of a time wringing the truth out of a strangely calm suspect. About Key & Peele: Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as w...
Throwback Thursday: The Bartender Tried To Warn Me | Gabriel Iglesias
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Happy throwback Thursday from 2014! #GabrielIglesias
True Confessions with Scarlett Johansson and Mayor Pete Buttigieg
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Scarlett Johansson, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Jimmy play a game where they take turns confessing a random fact before interrogating each other to determine who was telling the truth. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: bit.ly/1nwT1aN Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fa...
My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...
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My Babysitter's a Vampire Animated watch my other Disney Channel videos: Descendants doesn't make any sense... slvid.info/video/zJd3x52cr82Rt9U.html Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense... slvid.info/video/1Jedto3Me9qC05Y.html Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense... slvid....