Coding on cheapest laptop ever! - Programming with Boris 

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Coding on cheapest laptop ever! - Programming with Boris
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In this video I teach you the basics of programming with Java. I try coding on the cheapest laptop ever. It's a Slavtop from eastern bloc costing only $200. I am here to prove that even the cheapest possible laptop on the market is enough to start coding, for studying and even professional programming work.
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11. jan. 2020

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Finding Myself
Finding Myself Pred 3 urami
I have a $150 laptop that I've been programming on for the past 4 years.
Александр Черных
I get high from this stereotypical accent)))))
VANANA Sanchez
VANANA Sanchez Pred 5 urami
No entiendo nada de los videos de este bato pero me dan risa
Wajdi Ben Rabah
Wajdi Ben Rabah Pred 5 urami
WTF i'm i doing here at 3am ? and who is this guy ?
küçükmemuş Pred 6 urami
I thought you were talking russian till my friend said that your talking english
Alexandra Rostislavna-Romanov
Forgot to uninstall bloatware.
sina lelele
sina lelele Pred 9 urami
i got a cheaper laptop
LiarCake Pred 9 urami
Не для этого я английский учил...
Aryan Pred 9 urami
vat ze fuk is blin
TheProG4merPlayz Pred 10 urami
lol mine is cheaper.
Rijal Maulana
Rijal Maulana Pred 10 urami
That's like my laptop 😂🤣🤣
RiksaBoi Pred 10 urami
"Cheapest" What about my cereal box 10$ laptop
με λενενε
με λενενε Pred 10 urami
this is completely pizdec ahahahahahaha love u bro
ITМафия Z
ITМафия Z Pred 10 urami
I am from Cyprus like the conp
Dr. Bumm
Dr. Bumm Pred 10 urami
Java -> C -> Assembly and boooooom your brain explodes
Shushkin Pred 10 urami
I am sure that you could've bought a cheaper laptop from a gopnik around the corner.
Koldo Pred 11 urami
where can i buy it from spain?
TobiTube1o1 Pred 11 urami
Not sponsored by raid shadow legends... a man of culture I see
Rxbsii Pred 11 urami
It hurts my eyes, if u dow a Class the first word of the Class u write Uppercase
Chaos: International
Chaos: International Pred 12 urami
This would have been 2k 10 years ago NGL
johnpipi Pred 13 urami
java is a shit language
Hayden Young
Hayden Young Pred 13 urami
When the Discord notif played I had to check some fuckhead hadn't pinged me
Tim Seidel
Tim Seidel Pred 13 urami
Blyat, an intel Atom? XD
Boxes 3:33
Boxes 3:33 Pred 13 urami
Non alcoholic vodka...... so water?
In Full Bloom
In Full Bloom Pred 14 urami
Is Boris the Crazy Russian Hacker?
Κωνσταντίνος Γεωργακόπουλος
Once you've learned Java everything else is simple. C++:Am I a joke to you???
Phoenix Pred 14 urami
Yes, cover webcam. A Russian spy may be watching.
Menuka Ramanayake
Menuka Ramanayake Pred 15 urami
Thank god, the subtitles...
Thomas Anoniem
Thomas Anoniem Pred 15 urami
Actually usefull info.. thanks! :)
KJ Pred 15 urami
big brain slav writes code on his slavtop
Bitcoin Sofia
Bitcoin Sofia Pred 16 urami
Seriously? I code on a $75 laptop. Yours isn't even close to the cheapest. :D
Thomas Terance
Thomas Terance Pred 16 urami
Lol man... iball has $130 laptops
The Sticc
The Sticc Pred 16 urami
So basically a faster calculator
EnjoyMyApple Pred 16 urami
I litterly wouldnt understand one word with out the subtitle
Jonathan Livingston
Jonathan Livingston Pred 17 urami
Now I will start coding and discover my own design pattern
Packloot Admin
Packloot Admin Pred 17 urami
bet hes writing java, because he wrote bots for runescape haha
Name Surname
Name Surname Pred 18 urami
but you use light mode in windows 10!!
The MySquat516
The MySquat516 Pred 18 urami
This Potato is still better than my Laptop😪😭
Bowbert Pred 18 urami
He attac He prottec But most importantly *He knows how much blins one can make*
Stevie Wong
Stevie Wong Pred 18 urami
I just figured out the Middle East is southern Eastern Europe and Asia is eastern Eastern Europe and America is western Eastern Europe and South America is south eastern Eastern Europe
Logika Ayam
Logika Ayam Pred 19 urami
Si anjir motor Jawa
Александра Соколова
I start to respect Boris. I'm subscribed.
Youtube-person0098 Pred 19 urami
How do i return a two dimensional array from a separate method back to the main method? The array is sent as an argument from the main method to my method. Now I'm supposed to have it printed on screen as a return.
SomeRandomTechChannel Pred 19 urami
I rewrote this program in C++
Tilo Siegner
Tilo Siegner Pred 20 urami
"Once you learn Java everything else is easy". Try Assembly.
Łukasz Wiśniewski
🤮 this code is so ugly.
Shourya Khare
Shourya Khare Pred 21 uro
The code for finding minimum portions would have been so simple for python
FrostMan Ua
FrostMan Ua Pred 21 uro
It is Eugene Badcomedian?
Dino d
Dino d Pred 22 urami
Blyattt. Try acer aspire 315 for less then that with celeron or pentium gold cpu.
Dragan Mladenov
Dragan Mladenov Pred 22 urami
When you buy a cheap laptop it will probably be with hdd. Replace it with SSD and you will see a big speed improvement. Ssd cost like 20-30$
Dragan Mladenov
Dragan Mladenov Pred 13 urami
@Life of Boris I Never expected a reply from you. :) We have at least two things in common - I have a colleague named Anatoli and i know what is to drive a LADA on snow. About the laptop: I don't know the specs but it is suprisingly slow for an SSD powered unit. Maybe you have a western spyware installed called windows 10? This laptop is slow for gaming so why not Linux with kde plasma ? It is very good looking and resource friendly. P.s. I like your videos , because you teach people how to improve themselves and the biggest achievement is that is done in a funny way. P.s.2 can you please teach more people about the linux. In the last few years it is very user friendly and you have the control ... It is not like win 10 to decide itself when to restart or update :)
Life of Boris
Life of Boris Pred 22 urami
actually this one already has SSD inside
Anobaly Pred 23 urami
alymuni Pred 23 urami
Can you include the code next time :P :P :P :P
Meizyk™ Pred 23 urami
Make slav Windows 10
Oleg Tovstukha
Oleg Tovstukha Pred 23 urami
Так в ворде проще писать код, нет лишних настроек. Открыл и пишешь. Я свой первый сайт в экселе написал, до сих пор летает. А анимацию в пэинте рисовал. Если нужна помощь, обращайтесь. С уважением, фрилансер Олег.
Klasicna Koruza
Klasicna Koruza Pred dnevom
Nice video :) did this in python :D
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Pred dnevom
I thought this video would be just him writing print(“hello world”) and then ending the video
Zach B
Zach B Pred dnevom
And since it's in Java you can port blinmaker onto your Slavic made smart refrigerator.
XtraSwift Pred dnevom
Java part 2?
Sabrintwitt3r Pred dnevom
...than running naked on Moscow metro *again* What did happen there?
MajorChief5 Pred dnevom
Now I can say Boris is educational
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