Coldplay - Orphans (Official Video) 

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Orphans is taken from the new album, Everyday Life, out now. Listen / buy now from everydaylife.coldplay.com/
Stream/Download: coldplay.lnk.to/Orphans
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#Coldplay #Orphans
Director: Mat Whitecross
Producer: Hannah Clark
Director of Photography: Byron Werner
Production Designer: Misty Buckley
Editor: Glenn Martin, Kevin Clark & Grace Romstad @ Nomad
Line Producer: Jessica Wylie
Choreographer: Tanisha Scott
Dancers: Cilia Trappaud, Slade Sergeson, Mona Berntsen, Nia Hutchinson, Jamie Donovan, Ryan Spencer, Zach Hudson, Brandon o’Neal, Jake Moyle
Additional Cinematography: Erin Granat & Machete Bang Bang
Video Commissioner: Sam Seager
Band Stylist: Beth Fenton
Chroegrapher’s Assist: Ryan Spencer
1st AD: Seth Farley
PM: Tanner Sawitz
Art Director: Joe Celli, Richard Olivieri
Props Master: Baza Novic
Stunt Coordinator: Daniel Arrias
Background cast: Dan Akoka, Aliyah James, Success Prysock, Amanda Alossi, Maximilian Bader, Kyaw Joe, Jeremy Weaver, Yuliia Sorokina
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© 2019 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company.




25. okt. 2019

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thiaggo Pred 7 urami
do you believe? slvid.info/video/q3mNyam6kNyb0Lc.html
José ailton
José ailton Pred dnevom
Corona out
Chloe Burke
Chloe Burke Pred dnevom
Nicholas Anatoly Grishin
Music is like WW2 style as in u want to see your friends again and there are a lot of bombs which makes a lot of sense
Giulia Aliprandi
Giulia Aliprandi Pred dnevom
Guy smilling <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a> made my day ❤❤
José ailton
José ailton Pred dnevom
The best smile in the world
Emman Villamor
Emman Villamor Pred 2 dnevi
I'm 16 and I am proud to live in coldplay's era and witness this masterpiece album
gab Pred 2 dnevi
now i really wanna travel the world
Youssef Pred 3 dnevi
José ailton
José ailton Pred 5 dnevi
7 months ago coldplay released this vídeo amazing
José ailton
José ailton Pred 5 dnevi
A 7 meses o coldplay lançava esse videoclipe maravilhoso
Enrique Eriza
Enrique Eriza Pred 6 dnevi
Love this song sooo much! ❤️
Dani Michelle
Dani Michelle Pred 8 dnevi
Kyloluma Pred 8 dnevi
This is the most relevant song for these times
Samuel Ferreira
Samuel Ferreira Pred 9 dnevi
Muito Pika!
Anna Oliveira
Anna Oliveira Pred 11 dnevi
2k20 🦋🌙☀️Brasil 💚💛
Anna Oliveira
Anna Oliveira Pred 10 dnevi
José ailton amoh
José ailton
José ailton Pred 10 dnevi
Finalmente um brasileiro nos comentários
Anna Oliveira
Anna Oliveira Pred 11 dnevi
Eduardo Franco Villegas Odar
Este es un himno para las reuniones con amigos
Dennis Montalvo
Dennis Montalvo Pred 12 dnevi
Coldplay basically did The Simpsons here with this song...
Araceli Acosta
Araceli Acosta Pred 12 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> It looks like one of the scenes from SOBER - BIGBANG
L. Violet
L. Violet Pred 12 dnevi
Dunno y im always crying when this song comes up.. "i wanna be with you till the world ends" hits the hardedt
Mohamed Shifaau
Mohamed Shifaau Pred 14 dnevi
Who else love Coldplay songs. ♥️💜💛💚💙🔴🔵⛎♏♎♐♑
José ailton
José ailton Pred 13 dnevi
Breann Shanagher
Breann Shanagher Pred 15 dnevi
I wanna go back & get drunk with my friends!! Bloody lockdown!!
Carla Valeria Ferrari (STG)
Every time I listen to this isn’t I cry, the meaning of it is so powerful 🥺
RJ Estillore
RJ Estillore Pred 16 dnevi
Coldplay Quarantine guys?
José ailton
José ailton Pred 16 dnevi
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Pred 17 dnevi
i love this song
Marco Forte
Marco Forte Pred 17 dnevi
Sounds like a Fifa 2021 Soundtrack
Alcione Pereira de Melo Soares
Uau!!!! bom demais. ❤❤❤
Top popular music
Top popular music Pred 17 dnevi
Coldplay!! My favorite group. Beautiful song
José ailton
José ailton Pred 17 dnevi
Me too
Ingeborg Odgaard
Ingeborg Odgaard Pred 19 dnevi
If they play this in heaven, thats all I need
Máximo Gustavo Montes
Hermoso Video!!!!
Maulana Majid Nasution
Maulana Majid Nasution Pred 21 dnevom
I love you Coldplay!! Its always beautiful to hear you trough my earbud everyday ❤️❤️
はちわれ猫 Pred 21 dnevom
コロナの影響もあって、 図らずとも歌詞が社会に属している全世界の人間に向けた内容へ昇華していることが、 やはり図らずともバンドとしても普遍性のあるグループになっている。 泣いちゃう。
Killercroc Pred 22 dnevi
“I wanna know when I can go back and get drunk with my friends.” - Coldplay (this hits completely differently in spring of 2020)?
Forever40Fashion Pred 22 dnevi
I wanna dance on the beach!
Forever40Fashion Pred 22 dnevi
Love Cold Play getting me through the workday on a Friday
Jennifer Moose
Jennifer Moose Pred 24 dnevi
My people!!! Love these guys
nathalie toure
nathalie toure Pred 25 dnevi
Christine Moharter
Christine Moharter Pred 25 dnevi
Boys I think this may be my most favorite Video to date for me anyway. I’ve seen so many times and I can Never get enough! Keep on Keeping on My Friends! ☮️❤️🙏🏻😊
Emiliano Maya Ospina
Emiliano Maya Ospina Pred 25 dnevi
los admiro
Emiliano Maya Ospina
Emiliano Maya Ospina Pred 25 dnevi
me parese creativo me gusta
Carlos Kombo
Carlos Kombo Pred 26 dnevi
Minha preferida do album, essa eu dancei demais, ou melhor: Casei com o REPLAY!!
Carlos Kombo
Carlos Kombo Pred 26 dnevi
@José ailton Massa demais, amigo! Pura arte essa música, e com uma mensagem poderosa.
José ailton
José ailton Pred 26 dnevi
Verdade no começo quando foi lançado eu ouvia 3 vezes por dia até hoje eu não cansei dessa música
AARYAN VED Pred 26 dnevi
I want to be with Coldplay till the world ends:)
José ailton
José ailton Pred 27 dnevi
Road to the 17
José ailton
José ailton Pred 27 dnevi
16,7 subscrivers
José ailton
José ailton Pred 28 dnevi
Boa noite a todos
Luís Guilherme
Luís Guilherme Pred 28 dnevi
Orphans é a melhor do álbum. o vídeo ficou sensa
José ailton
José ailton Pred 28 dnevi
Ficou muito bom
Novan Susilo
Novan Susilo Pred 28 dnevi
i'm moslem from indonesia...i like this song
Ethan Cash
Ethan Cash Pred mesecem
I too want to know when I can get drunk with my friends again
coldplay is love
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
Алексей Курашев
Shabana Begum
Shabana Begum Pred mesecem
Who is orphan
Alejandro Crespo perez
Uwu xD esta guai la canción chaoo oo os voy a denunciar el canal jejejeje
Para Dice
Para Dice Pred mesecem
Still one of my favorite bands of all time!
Bruno Augusto
Bruno Augusto Pred mesecem
*_Esse clipe é tosco e totalmente desconexo com a letra cantada._* *É alheio e insensível com a realidade de milhares de crianças sírias...*
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
A melhor banda
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
The best band in the world
Adam Green
Adam Green Pred mesecem
Just makes the best music ever, HOWWW???
Shaz Kingdom
Shaz Kingdom Pred mesecem
the adlib and the lyrics ooh... ohh 💯 xxx on repeat .. it makes you feel better in times like these...
Agnes Behr
Agnes Behr Pred mesecem
I love Coldplay, I could swear I hear an African beat in there and I love the fusion.
Jacob Crotty
Jacob Crotty Pred mesecem
I saw them in concert and i still wish i was walking there and seeing Chris Martin play
Jordds TV
Jordds TV Pred mesecem
So thankful Coldplay exist 💯
Rebecca Royce Music
Rebecca Royce Music Pred mesecem
Same here, their music is like pure magic!
Brian Ataide
Brian Ataide Pred mesecem
Obrigado Coldplay! / Thanks You Coldplay! 👫😔🎶❤🇧🇷 #Orphans #EverydayLife #ColdplayForever #230420
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah Pred mesecem
song of quarantine " i wanna know when i can go back and get drunk with my friends"
Ardiansyah Pred mesecem
Pecinta Coldplay Dari Indonesia Mana Suaranya??? #LoveColdplay🇮🇩
Alonzo corp
Alonzo corp Pred mesecem
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> looks like the quarentain
titanium girl
titanium girl Pred mesecem
All live From Arabic country Algeria ❤💚
Ttto Yaw
Ttto Yaw Pred mesecem
Best band in the world
Ttto Yaw
Ttto Yaw Pred mesecem
@José ailton Can't disagree. With Guy the most handsome bassit ever.
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
Of all the time
Cool Runnings
Cool Runnings Pred mesecem
"I want to be with you 'til the whole world ends"
ThunderClap Clap Trap
Introducing the all-new Circle Of Life by Coldplay sorry lion king.
Brianiwis14 Nny
Brianiwis14 Nny Pred mesecem
Amo esta canción💓sin duda colplya es la mejor banda de música en todo el mundo
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
Peace and Love in the world
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
Corona out
Weldon Lawrence
Weldon Lawrence Pred mesecem
Happy to be in a time when I can hear this music, especially in light of the times. Thank you #coldplay #Orphans.
Azalea Meruno
Azalea Meruno Pred mesecem
This song is gold #april2020 #covid19era
LUCIANO PITA Pred mesecem
Tony P
Tony P Pred mesecem
Coldplay at there very best I so love this song it's very sad but cheery aswell . ...
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
José ailton
José ailton Pred mesecem
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