Conor McGregor on UFC 246, Khabib, Mayweather | Extended Interview | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show 

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Conor McGregor sits down with Ariel Helwani as he prepares to make his return to the UFC to discuss: The improvements he’s made for his well-being, (12:15) how becoming a father for the second time has changed him, (16:23) fighting Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, (24:15) the buildup to his bout vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov, (31:54) negotiating a new contract with the UFC, (35:40) working with Tony Robbins, (40:33) his aspirations of becoming a billionaire by age 35, (41:47) wanting a rematch with Floyd Mayweather and (44:40) having talks about a potential boxing match vs. Manny Pacquiao.
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13. jan. 2020

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matamareaa Pred 56 minutami
So he was actually training his shoulders for the Cerrone fight during the interview
Wolf Haley
Wolf Haley Pred uro
Who’s watching this after the big fight? 2020 is going to be his best year
Chepe Olvera
Chepe Olvera Pred uro
He just won via TKO.
Bradley Torres
27:05 is the best part lmao " I might not be perfect"
Syd Adnan
Syd Adnan Pred uro
I don’t like conor
Abass Madany
Abass Madany Pred uro
Seems like Khabib beat humbleness into him
Ahmad Baalbaki
Ahmad Baalbaki Pred 2 urami
Humhle connor He actually knocked him I like thew new versuon of him . S
Julian Magana
Julian Magana Pred 2 urami
Who's here after the fight?
Connor F.
Connor F. Pred 2 urami
40 seconds... of
Aidan Bessem
Aidan Bessem Pred 2 urami
Who’s here after he beat cowboy in 40s?
Luciano Baldinelli
Luciano Baldinelli Pred 3 urami
You want to be a champ...you have to ack like one...
ToxicG Pred 4 urami
32:57 that laugh
ToxicG Pred 4 urami
looks like FouseyTUBE 0:10
q W
q W Pred 5 urami
Conor is a changed man Ty Khabib
hassan bhatti
hassan bhatti Pred 5 urami
Khabib humbled Conor
Nick Ward
Nick Ward Pred 7 urami
Love the relationship Ariel has with Conner, Ariel's such a good interviewer
like the new babyface version of Conor better!
Ritalie Pred 8 urami
How does A. Helwani still have a job interviewing Conor and other high profile fighters? Why would anyone allow a person to do a legal interrogation in front of the world. One wrong word from Conor and it could cause severe legal trouble. Who allows these interrogative questions? One accidental comment could literally send Conor to jail for something he may not have done. I would rather not see these questions brought up. I am not here for drama. I want to know about Conor the fighter. Please stop making fighters feel uncomfortable with awkward and inappropriate questions.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj Pred 8 urami
I’ve made mistakes , I’m just a man ! -Conor McGregor 2020
Veronica Lopez
Veronica Lopez Pred 9 urami
Absolutely love❤️this side of Conor💯
uber_n00b Pred 9 urami
a totally different Conor now...he kind of regrets some of the things he said to Khabib. I respect that.
Bullet Park
Bullet Park Pred 9 urami
Waaaaaaaaaay too confident. Sounds like drug talk. Or maybe he knows that the UFC paid cowboy to lose.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj Pred 8 urami
McGregor is a knacker
Bullet Park
Bullet Park Pred 9 urami
That's not water it's vodka.
Barry Simmo
Barry Simmo Pred 10 urami
Khabib made you humble
6EQJ5 WOW 1977
6EQJ5 WOW 1977 Pred 11 urami
If he wins is it an old lady next?
Rawr5649 Pred 12 urami
sit up, Ariel!
Space Hippo
Space Hippo Pred 12 urami
He can't honestly think khabib is scared of him... Come on now Conor. Come on buddy.
Yas. Go
Yas. Go Pred 12 urami
You have sucker Punched a Pensioner, STOP Victimizing. This version of him doesn't fool me, waiting the post fight interview to see real him
Mamang Kulas
Mamang Kulas Pred 12 urami
conor dream for this fight!! okey i bet to you! but if you fight manny all we losses !!!
amateur AQUATICS
amateur AQUATICS Pred 13 urami
Hahaha . someone threw a shoe at you. Connor. Did you see the reflexes .
Hellcat Division
Hellcat Division Pred 14 urami
Ariel was pretty impressive too... I didn't know..
manjaka ranja
manjaka ranja Pred 14 urami
✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 Lovin' this 2020 CONOR
Drone Your Homes
Drone Your Homes Pred 14 urami
When you run your mouth like a 10 year old things are said that shouldn't be said. Connor has the mind of a 10 year old. Zero respect for other fighters.
Francisco Lima
Francisco Lima Pred 15 urami
Conor's plan is to be a 3division Champ, Conor may not be the best MMA fighter ever but Conor will change the MMA game, Multiple division champ are only seen in boxing Conor is trying to do it in MMA, if Im not wrong he was the first of 1 of few 2 division champ, now we have Nunes and Cejudo
wayne Pred 16 urami
When someone asks you if your picking conor to win.... - 26:05
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Pred 18 urami
16:10 see how McGregor starts to lose his patience lol 😂 proper idiot a shame he ain’t in some bar to beat an old man up
Ralf Roovers
Ralf Roovers Pred 19 urami
McGregor is a knacker
think deep
think deep Pred 19 urami
You sure noones punching you in the face???......khabib
Aussi AniMates
Aussi AniMates Pred 19 urami
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to be dancing in the octagon behind them
Nick M
Nick M Pred 20 urami
Those reebok tracksuits are garbage. I wouldn't wear one down the dump
Joker Pred 20 urami
Definitely more humble but still a few too many excuses...
Billy Goat
Billy Goat Pred 20 urami
Good Job Connor
Buster R
Buster R Pred 21 uro
Could you imagine having him as your best mate at least you would be protected!!!!!
ʜɪᴄʜᴀᴍ ᴇʟ ʙᴀɴɪɴᴇ
Conor McGregor looks in this Video more Mature
Ronnie Ochero
Ronnie Ochero Pred 21 uro
"Doubt is removed by action" BARS!!!!!
Miguel Estrada
Miguel Estrada Pred 23 urami
I like this Connor much better. If he wins tomorrow there is only one fight to make next, Gamebred.
Eewock Pred 23 urami
This interview will probably get more views than most other mma fighters fights....the sport needs this man, I just hope he's back and means it.
Rt Rt
Rt Rt Pred 23 urami
The comments are only 11k. I would of got excited if it was 12
Rt Rt
Rt Rt Pred 23 urami
I truly hope he doesn't underestimate Donald. Donald is going to be give his best for this fight.
John Turay
John Turay Pred dnevom
"Why are you happy now?" Because Khabib humbled you, only answer tbh
Rt Rt
Rt Rt Pred dnevom
Last time someone beat Conor who wasnt undefeated was over 3 years ago. The man fights the best
Flying Buddha
Flying Buddha Pred dnevom
He said TIME TIME TIME, sounds like TAP TAP TAP, If anyone was acussed of sexual assault would you say the blinkers are on I dont care, Again this fool TAPPED OUT. Wot about the girl or women it happend to. So disrespectful to not speak out about it.
Shane Kennedy
Shane Kennedy Pred dnevom
God bless 🙏🙏🙏 🙏 you Conor McGregor and you're family!!! Don't ever forget that your family is everything and I love it seeing you talk about your kids. Remember that they are you and you are them. The money might go , but they won't. Respect!!! Glad to see you back 😊
serhat dogan
serhat dogan Pred dnevom
Man's lost the plot, just look at his eyes
El Paraiso verde
El Paraiso verde Pred dnevom
Wow Mr.McGregor, you are such a positiv thinking man, well structured, how you are thinking, working, always looking forward to grow yourself. You know the secret of life. Stay like this and after you finish some day fighting, you will see, so many doors which are open for you, to grow more, finding out that men can do everything they want to, its just the question of willing. You are a great fighter and stay like this in the future, so many challenges are waiting for you, showing the world you are made for everything, not only for MMA. Good luck my friend..(sorry, my english in not that perfect, I am german).
[ GTA5 GLITCHER ] Pred dnevom
He makes all the ufc fighters stand up and want the conor money fight he does bring the bread 100%
pike hunter
pike hunter Pred dnevom
doubt him at your peril and thats from a Belfast man on the protestant side Conor will be back bigtime thats a fact
Ryten Chu
Ryten Chu Pred dnevom
15:50; 25:20; 25:40; 41:40 Blessed 26:55 This is Real Champ Talk 47:13
Niklas_P_1993 Pred dnevom
anyone who knows how to watch UFC for free. for who bother and pay for television