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Boris cooks soup by using only a chainsaw and pure slav skill. There is potato, carrot, cabbage, meat and.. of course the bay leaf. Delicious as always! Enjoy.

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18. maj. 2020

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Soga Chew
Soga Chew Pred uro
" I am leaving. " 3 weeks later: cooking with chainsaw
Sun Shine
Sun Shine Pred uro
Dgman2k12. Pred 2 urami
the sync with the chainsaw on the beggining... AWESOME !
ghostie Pred 2 urami
Now cook with a bayonet on a Kalashnikov
Vedant Ganesh
Vedant Ganesh Pred 3 urami
when is boris gonna play Crossout again
an 8th dimentional being
i just watched a russian guy make a whole soup using a chainsaw...what a time to be alive
Eduardo Ramirez
Eduardo Ramirez Pred 5 urami
Next is cooking with Artyom
karatekid Pred 7 urami
Jamie Oliver is shaking and crying
Коваленко Тамерлан
Hello Boris I хз как по твоему привет Борис
Коваленко Тамерлан
Hello Boris I хз как по твоему привет Борис
Dr. humbolt
Dr. humbolt Pred 7 urami
Could you do an eye reveal since you did a mouth reveal
Kazewolf Pred 8 urami
Wut xD
slav boy1
slav boy1 Pred 8 urami
Pavlinka Malchárková
cooking, but you have to make tools out of the food
Eerie Epiphany
Eerie Epiphany Pred 9 urami
If I tried to do this on my home rez (reservation) it would start a movement lmao
Baphomet_The_Great Pred 9 urami
Try growing bay leaf!
Emir Zukic
Emir Zukic Pred 9 urami
every forest be like : God help me ;-;
Султан Магмедо
I from Russia I likee Vodka
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff Pred 9 urami
Cook with vodka
T34-85 Pred 9 urami
//Kebab Gamer\\
//Kebab Gamer\\ Pred 9 urami
How go to Gulag - Acting like western apy - Dislike Boris Video (That mean who dislike Boris Video Must Stay In Gulag 1000 years)
//Kebab Gamer\\
//Kebab Gamer\\ Pred 9 urami
Now Cooking With Vodka Bottle
//Kebab Gamer\\
//Kebab Gamer\\ Pred 9 urami
Better than Gordon Ramsay.
Niek Schrama
Niek Schrama Pred 10 urami
Well, i mean, if your babuska can wield a ak-rollingpinnovich, then of course she can wield a chainsaw
Piirakka Liisa
Piirakka Liisa Pred 10 urami
chainoil gives the soup a good flavour
HalimKairin Pred 10 urami
The neighbors :" omg i hope he didn't kill anyone this time🙊"
Harman Petrosyan
Harman Petrosyan Pred 10 urami
Visit armenia blyat, we welcome you with open arms
Jeremiah Felix Sobrevilla
Please be careful with power tools, comrade. We want to keep watching you make videos. With all of your body parts intact.
Liam McClintock
Liam McClintock Pred 11 urami
Boris, I need help. I recently found out I no longer can have eggs, and this means that I can no longer have mayonnaise. Please help me
Kiroileva Kakara
Kiroileva Kakara Pred 11 urami
Im actually wating for Gordon to react.
Невемор Pred 11 urami
Господа соотечественники, мне кажется или у него голос, как у Бэдкомедиана? Евген, ты ли это?
DOOM4FAN Pred 11 urami
*First thing on my mind looking at the thumbnail* cooking with chainsaw and DOOM GUY?
vanja djendic
vanja djendic Pred 11 urami
Next episode:cooking with ak-47
the watcher
the watcher Pred 11 urami
I wonder what his neighbours are thinking
GlennGaminT Pred 12 urami
Everyt time he said "blyat"is gold.
Pick Me
Pick Me Pred 12 urami
*Next episode,* *"Cooking with hammer and sickle."*
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 12 urami
Parents: Where did you learn to cook like this? Me: it's complicated...
dennis bach
dennis bach Pred 12 urami
Boris, if you're reading this, then tell me, would you record SWBF2 (2005 steam edition) if I gifted it to you? It's one of my fav games and would like to see someone crazy play it. Ik the chance for you reading this is very slim, reply is even smaller and you accepting is less than 0.000000000000000001%, but still.
TheGreatBritishFarm Pred 12 urami
Nice flavour of chain oil.
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 12 urami
How about some blins made with extra vodka
The Red Paladin
The Red Paladin Pred 13 urami
Why do I think the words "Blyat" "Cyka" & "Pizdec" Are so damn funny?like,I don't even know what they mean but I just assume it's something
Mateja Nikolić
Mateja Nikolić Pred 13 urami
In next cooking with boris you could prepare pihtije
Zone Pred 13 urami
holy shit i fucking lost it at the mayonez jar lol
Глеб Бакай
Глеб Бакай Pred 13 urami
ru Где-то умер один белорус. en Somewhere a Belarusian died.
Глеб Бакай
Глеб Бакай Pred 13 urami
Mr.Dimitri Pred 14 urami
Cook the fuhken food with ak 47 blyat
chir39 Pred 14 urami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> "now technically we can just throw these in without cutting *but we are not savages here" *uses a damn chainsaw to cut the carrots*
Steven Universe
Steven Universe Pred 14 urami
A little dirt is good for building up the immune system! I'd eat it!
Istentelenezahaj Pred 14 urami
That sync with the two-stroke after the drop is so epic. Needs to be made into a remix @uamee
SasanékPL Pred 14 urami
doomslayer liked that
Michaela Dove
Michaela Dove Pred 14 urami
Boris, due to the current situation we're all in, we could use more tasty and affordable budget recipes! Budget cooking 2020 like a boss! 👍😎👌😁
Bagus Angga
Bagus Angga Pred 15 urami
Cooking with DRAGUNOV
Agent Perry07
Agent Perry07 Pred 15 urami
When is face reveal ?
daniell Bryce
daniell Bryce Pred 15 urami
Literally doom guy when he goes to cooking:
Alex Erz
Alex Erz Pred 15 urami
Les français manifestez vous 🇨🇵🇵🇱
Alberto Procas Pinilla
Boris you speak spanish please in the one video
iNico Pred 16 urami
How about some blins made with extra vodka
Lauren Carman
Lauren Carman Pred 16 urami
I vote for cooking with a brick
SniperkingTaz1 Gaming
SniperkingTaz1 Gaming Pred 16 urami
Boris: What’s next cooking with brick Me: Thank you for that I dear to give us
javavibes Pred 16 urami
why did i use to have the exact yellow pot thing from the start that he uses to scoop water
Pip Law Enforcement
Pip Law Enforcement Pred 16 urami
Whats next? Cooking with rifle?
ahmed isam
ahmed isam Pred 16 urami
next vid cooking on a 1 us dollar budget cus of quarantine
Breeze music
Breeze music Pred 16 urami
Boris: “And wait till your neighbour Bursts into flames” Vadim: *NERVOUS SWEATING*
Quirin Pred 17 urami
I hope there wasn't any chain oil in the chainsaw
PuiDeZmeu - Gaming
PuiDeZmeu - Gaming Pred 17 urami
I puted subtitles in russian and The chainsaw sound was puted as music
Chef Silly
Chef Silly Pred 17 urami
This is one of the chefs Gordon Ramsay would want to learn from
philip anch
philip anch Pred 17 urami
Boris Is the new Gordon Ramsay
Een of andere gekke man
Een of andere gekke man
comrade need music in chainsaw scenes
Raees Redza
Raees Redza Pred 18 urami
Ever thought of cooking with Kalashnikov?
Paul Hardardt
Paul Hardardt Pred 19 urami
Whats the music During the Video calles
DylanTheVillain Pred 19 urami
“What are we cooking with today? Axe, chainsaw? Boris: *_B R I C K_*
Robert Carter
Robert Carter Pred 19 urami
BORIS show me how to make gravy! It would be much appreciated.
Legolas von Fliegenklatsche
Hey Boris. I scrolled through Weslav shop an wondered, if the Squatnik Suit will come back to the Shop somewhen... Will it?
vet ka
vet ka Pred 19 urami
What about boiling dumplings in vodka? Or make tarhoon
самоделки и не только
Где Русичи
a grey cat
a grey cat Pred 20 urami
Knowing russian and watching Life Of Boris feels like you get VIP access
Cloonsy Pred 21 uro
Oh boi, New vid
Praise TheSun
Praise TheSun Pred 21 uro
What did I just discover?
maxyusha Гагарин
Next episode : *Cooking with an ak-47*
Reo shuレオ周
Reo shuレオ周 Pred 22 urami
Admit it: We were all kinda disappointed when Boris didn't show us him cutting the pork
Pall- -idium
Pall- -idium Pred 22 urami
*Борис у нас есть пожелания* Hey, cook with brick, much requested
The vodka cooled PC
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