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John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.
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17. maj. 2020

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TheNinthGeneration Pred 7 urami
I used to work for the Saddle Dome (Calgary Hockey Arena) and my last day was the day they canceled the season
Spruce Goose
Spruce Goose Pred 8 urami
another episode of covid 19 tonight.......yay. this is almost as good as when the entire show was dedicated to trump for months. Can't wait to see you all next week for corona virus 8. pretty smart to use roman numerals so you don't need to put coronavrius 7 up there, looks way better.
N P Pred 8 urami
What's this obsession with Adam Driver?
sixdigit Pred 8 urami
so, in a way, a marble racing youtube channel is now sponsored by HBO?
Derick Writes
Derick Writes Pred 8 urami
Hey you toucan fuck... jk I love you john just getting your attention I'm sure next week you will have a video about protests. I've got a few videos I'd very much like to share with you. This is a crisis point and I have a few things you need to see slvid.info/video/tK2H3oa7jKudzs0.html slvid.info/video/tGJp3muakLqvttk.html slvid.info/video/wGqbmKaTkKqA0LM.html My birthday is the 11th if you could give me a shout out it would make my year.
Devin McCabe
Devin McCabe Pred 9 urami
raspberry racers are going to roll the competition
cerealk53 Pred 9 urami
#HazeAmaze! Still havent gotten over what the Savage Cheaters pulled...
Tura Bura
Tura Bura Pred 9 urami
The Running Man. Coming by the end of 2020.
Tim Duke
Tim Duke Pred 9 urami
It sickens me that famous people corporations and these sports teams are making money off this tragedy!!! Should a face mask that’s meant to save lives cost 10 20 even 30 dollars??? All these entity seen a way to STILL GET YOUR MONEY and are taken advantage of it!!! question do these mask have a metal strap that closes over the nose tightly and fits tight around the face ?? Can germs still come in through the lose fitting sections??? I know here in the US we send billions in aid everywhere, why not take 2 maybe 3 days worth of money out of the 30/31days of the month we would send else where and provide mask FREE to all that needs or want them!!! Idk maybe it’s just my crazy 🤔
G Mail
G Mail Pred 9 urami
Canada says hello. Live in Niagara Falls. Would anybody like a banner hung over the gorge beside niagara falls facing the USA? Tell me what to write america. Trying to support my American friends and their cause
DNX3M Pred 10 urami
Go Limers!
Victor Krum
Victor Krum Pred 10 urami
Why is this trending
nobodys_winds Pred 10 urami
Why don't the WWE just air older episodes? Call it WWE Throwback and market it as 'going back to simpler times' or something.
Nwaiwu Enyinnaya Richard
Does HBO just throw money at him so they don't have to deal with him? Either way I love it
Big Mean Squeeze
Big Mean Squeeze Pred 11 urami
i love professional slapping
Jesse Long
Jesse Long Pred 11 urami
Okay, so what's next. Everyone is talking about tomorrow. Think years. Do we all need to get it? Is that the plan? Cause, I don't hear a plan.
Big Mean Squeeze
Big Mean Squeeze Pred 11 urami
where’s the laughtrack? oh wait
Shomilin Pred 11 urami
John please JUST laugh for once! Stop holding your laugh back! I'm constantly waiting for you to start laughing.
Adrien Fraser
Adrien Fraser Pred 11 urami
I am pretty sure they got the roman numeral wrong.
mrpopo Pred 12 urami
the reverse scapegoat slvid.info/video/qa9-3Y7Veq1uraM.html ​@UCTjiMgzpXp840dysJH47cwA​@UCTjiMgzpXp840dysJH47cwA​ Yehoshua Smith I saw a vulpix plushie and though, oh no not again..." - I know that was a serious comment, but a vulpix plushie being the calling card of a rapist is just hilarious to me... is this what the ma-trix rabbit looks like?
Elizabeth Rose Morriss
This marble racing looks AMAZING. And I feel so much validation for having been the weird kid who anthropomorphized her marbles and played with them as if they were dolls, giving them names and backstories and adventures.... I'm not the only one! lol ;)
Bethany McMullen
Bethany McMullen Pred 12 urami
I had to start cheering on the limers when the oceanics did so badly last year :/
Rudy Wilson
Rudy Wilson Pred 13 urami
I love @lastweektonight. This is just one more reason why this will go down as the best show on HBO.... Ever
Joshua Elderton
Joshua Elderton Pred 13 urami
Lets go HAZERS!!!!
meltman818 ruiz
meltman818 ruiz Pred 13 urami
Yummy d
Golden Pants
Golden Pants Pred 13 urami
"menacing obstacle" hahahahahaha
meltman818 ruiz
meltman818 ruiz Pred 13 urami
His weakness love America
catdog Pred 14 urami
Jim Meer
Jim Meer Pred 14 urami
Amazing, John you did not even mention motor sports... what a shame
catdog Pred 14 urami
seriously fuck off john oliver your jokes about LOVING ADAM DRIVER always fricken get me. seriously beyond belief it makes me laugh so fricken hard I love it. thank you for your content and continually being you (uh oh, I just realized that maybe john oliver doesn't recognize with this actual personality) but tbh ily regardless and I love you for you
catdog Pred 14 urami
such a cute fucking compilation so far, only at the mascot piece but omg my heart
HoodieSticks Pred 14 urami
For those of you itching for more sports and somehow aren't satisfied with the Marble League, here's a friendly reminder that most eSports are still running online events.
ManBearPig Pred 15 urami
I think my favorite thing about John is the fact he makes light of being gay all the time while simultaneously telling people not to make fun of minorities. Very honorable of you!
Advocate For A TYT Canada
When you blindly putting money ahead of human life then you're losing not only perspective, but your humanity as well. What you're doing is showing the world your true character, and it's an ugly one!!
Inoffensive Name
Inoffensive Name Pred 15 urami
Why’s this on trending? Posted 2 weeks ago lmao.
Advocate For A TYT Canada
Advocate For A TYT Canada
*Tell me the ones that own the youtube channel for these marbles isn't LOVING life right now??* *: )* *What better free advertising could you ask for than this show??*
Advocate For A TYT Canada
*The second you put money ahead of human lives, then you've lost not only your perspective, but your soul as well,...* *Like it or not, What you've done is proven your true character,.. and it's an ugly one!!!*
Eric Albright
Eric Albright Pred 15 urami
Trump 2020 he gone do it again
Felix Guilbeault
Felix Guilbeault Pred 15 urami
Absolutly nutz, but, what the hell. I'm in!
Jackoski 19
Jackoski 19 Pred 15 urami
It says something when this is still on trending 2 weeks later
Paulina Baddoo
Paulina Baddoo Pred 16 urami
Its kinoff better without the audience sounds
David Kessler
David Kessler Pred 16 urami
Critikal did it, he got Professional Russian Slapping onto major media networks
Rick Drysdale
Rick Drysdale Pred 16 urami
What the hell are you talking about? The risk of anyone dying is infinitesimally small in healthy people. If we don't want people to die you are fighting a losing battle . Fans have more risk of dying in a car accident than they do of dying from the virus at the stadium . Fans may catch the virus but that is not a death sentence . Lets get on with our lives and in 10 years we will look back and think how stupid we were.
Paulina Baddoo
Paulina Baddoo Pred 16 urami
Before the corona virus he used to include audience sounds But now he doesn't Thats really nice
Paulina Baddoo
Paulina Baddoo Pred 16 urami
You're so intelligent The fact that you're so logical and I can only imagine the research you do You are a very talented man Most of the information you bring out are facts thats the best thing too
Epic Advice
Epic Advice Pred 16 urami
I think 2020 is the world resetting itself; it will be incredibly painful and difficult but the people will become self aware and thus reach enlightenment. We cannot continue down this path of greed, self destruction and ignorance. The true judge of your character is seen in your treatment of others and the decisions you make. Temporary decisions for a lifetime of regret. Give respect where respect is due, treat others how you would want to be treated. This is how you command respect and make change.
CaptainWumbo Pred 16 urami
Just watch StarCraft you fools.
CoolPanda 1331
CoolPanda 1331 Pred 17 urami
Go Raspberry Racers!
Renato Corvaro
Renato Corvaro Pred 17 urami
Unsurprisingly, Vince McMahon has no concern for the welfare of his employees.
Sorenkair Pred 17 urami
its kinda telling where the priorities are when they could just play without an audience...but of course that means no ticket revenue.
Tutarras, Tutoriales en guitarra
OHHHH MEN.....i am waiting for you collaboration about the riots !!!!
Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta Pred 17 urami
But the gaming industry is booming in this pandemic and that’s what most of the millennials watch anyway!
Kasper Pred 17 urami
I'm proud to say that I was watching Jelle's since the great Limers fan brawl of '17. When the security marbles showed up and surrounded the belligerents, I absolutely lost my shit. 🤣
Daniel fredendall
Daniel fredendall Pred 18 urami
Does he know that Adam driver is a Marine
I can't wait until there is somehow a cheating scandal involving polish of lotion But either way this sounds fun lol
Mad Mar
Mad Mar Pred 19 urami
If I had to figure out what this show would sponsor, marble races would not be at the top of the list. Mainly because the marble races are so crazy and outlandish that I would never have thought of them as something that could be sponsored. And that is the exact reason why they are the perfect thing to be sponsored by this show.
Ismael Suara
Ismael Suara Pred 20 urami
Bruh I swear dis guys a actor in community
mpz Pred 20 urami
I’m living for the Adam Driver stuff.
rachael michelle
rachael michelle Pred 20 urami
love to see JO promoting jenna marbles
R Coul
R Coul Pred 20 urami
i paused right at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="429">7:09</a> to go watch this video lol slvid.info/video/s6acv4q1mLls2qc.html
Jacqueline Ainsworth
Jacqueline Ainsworth Pred 20 urami
Thanks for this delightful break from a seriously crappy couple of days.
John Badalutz
John Badalutz Pred 20 urami
Do you really take yourself seriously? You insult everyone, you respect no one
Jennifer Appel
Jennifer Appel Pred 21 uro
Everyone watch Star Craft 2 Matches XD
lilsniper117 Pred 21 uro
WOW! I thought the marble run channel was just kinda a weird offshoot channel all us strange SLvid explorers stumbled across. I never thought they would see a mainstream spotlight! What a wonderful sponsorship! Those guys have earned their recognition IMO
Eric Dufrane
Eric Dufrane Pred 21 uro
I literally didn't laugh one time.
DemJem Pred 21 uro
"used dog toy" got me lol
Sara Kraehling
Sara Kraehling Pred 21 uro
Marble league amazing. Thank you introducing me to this.
FatalHitzX Pred 22 urami
you need a laugh track so i can be sure when to laugh... R.I.P audience
Japanese With Martin
Japanese With Martin Pred 22 urami
Who else already knew about Vasily Kamotsky from Critikal
Shaun Hunter
Shaun Hunter Pred 22 urami
Why do these keep getting blocked in Canada and released weeks later?
Amanda Pred 22 urami
$14/hr as a COOK? Fuuuuuuuuuuck man what a rip
Transonik Armory
Transonik Armory Pred 23 urami
the fact that you choose to speak disgusts me...
The Angry Finger
The Angry Finger Pred 23 urami
Good to see Daniel o Brian going strong. Also donate to Children of the Night
Thomas Uniat
Thomas Uniat Pred 23 urami
Wait. Go back. I CAN RENT A GOAT!?!?
fjames72 Pred 23 urami
Your complaining about vOliver but your watching dumbass
Andre Tabarnak
Andre Tabarnak Pred dnevom
Holzkohlen Pred dnevom
Oh wow, they have "Last Marble Standing". This shitty world does not deserve a marble league but here we are.
Toth f
Toth f Pred dnevom
why no video segments when actual doctors admit thay pay to write covid for every kind sick people papers?
Abdur-Rahman Rana
Abdur-Rahman Rana Pred dnevom
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a> Haven't seen that one yet 😂