Customizing An iPad In 10 Hours, 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 1 Minute & 10 Seconds - Challenge (Giveaway) 

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Can I Customize An iPad In 10 Hours, 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 1 Minute & 10 Seconds?
New Plushies: turkeybyzhc.com/
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPads giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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5. maj. 2020

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ZHC Pred 28 dnevi
Who do you think won? Please subscribe if you are new :)) My goal is to spread positivity and give back as much as I can! First comment: Johnson Wang
cristina mesa
cristina mesa Pred 13 dnevi
Woooow 😍❤
Gurdial Mattu
Gurdial Mattu Pred 14 dnevi
magdiwang jardiniano
magdiwang jardiniano Pred 14 dnevi
I want iphone
•Arika• Pred 16 dnevi
Funny dumb stupid stuff
Your my favorite drawer of my life
JunJing Gaming
JunJing Gaming Pred 7 urami
What pen did ZHC used?
lets play roblox idk
Tbh I really want the iPad mini bec I only have a phone😣🙃
Shelby Elmore
Shelby Elmore Pred 7 urami
I really want an iPad
bekar jibon
bekar jibon Pred 7 urami
Love it
Mathias Hofschulte
Mathias Hofschulte Pred 8 urami
Omg they looks so cool can I win it's almost my bday and my bday is June 10th proof I was born on June 10th 2005 at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="319">5:19</a> pm
NEB Israel
NEB Israel Pred 8 urami
What kind of markers are these?
Josue López
Josue López Pred 8 urami
I subscribed can I plz win
True Believers
True Believers Pred 8 urami
"iPad Pro" "United States/Florida" I really want to chose art as my career and having the iPad pro will give me a better advantage to better perfect myself digitally. I love drawing and it's my passion that I want to stick with for life. An iPad pro will definitely improve me with that as well as me also wanting to share the iPad with my brother. He has a totally messed up and jacked up screen and I want to share it with him so his eyes don't have to strain no more looking thru a cracked screen. I feel and and guilty. Hope I win!! Good luck everyone 👊 much love 💞💞
nitrogen gaming
nitrogen gaming Pred 8 urami
I want one plz
Link Yellow
Link Yellow Pred 8 urami
How do I join the giveaways for the switch
Pedro Ramirez
Pedro Ramirez Pred 8 urami
Give me one
Melanie Baez
Melanie Baez Pred 9 urami
It will be cool if you did 24 hours
Daniella Judah
Daniella Judah Pred 9 urami
Raeven's Gaming
Raeven's Gaming Pred 9 urami
Can I have one of those? Just for my Online Class! Please notice meeee! I really love y'all!
Kulsum Sayeed
Kulsum Sayeed Pred 10 urami
Yu should make a video on twin telaphaty customizing iphones
Nicole Criderhuuejjui37o
I am a huge fan and give me a give away 😥😣😘😍
Lauren's VLOG
Lauren's VLOG Pred 10 urami
I don’t have instagram and I don’t have any laptop or tablet to work for school
Phawzy 05
Phawzy 05 Pred 11 urami
I wish i win the giveaway because my phone is so laggie 😭
Gua Squad
Gua Squad Pred 11 urami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="268">4:28</a> Am i the only one that noticed his stash of apple products?
damian balliram
damian balliram Pred 11 urami
Keep doing your thing
Sis v Bro
Sis v Bro Pred 11 urami
Can I get
Annabeth love
Annabeth love Pred 11 urami
i love dax i love chameleons
Rio & RENZO Pred 11 urami
I love iPad
Lisa Herfel
Lisa Herfel Pred 12 urami
I pad pro i phone 11
O.O Pred 12 urami
What's up with Zach and his damn donuts and dragons lol
Yahdih Bolaoui
Yahdih Bolaoui Pred 12 urami
10m wow
D O U B l E L
D O U B l E L Pred 12 urami
I need an iPad plz
alex salazar
alex salazar Pred 12 urami
I love you !
Cherish Eliana
Cherish Eliana Pred 13 urami
Aww i can’t my mom does not want me too
Cherish Eliana
Cherish Eliana Pred 13 urami
And 4 round zack won but .. he gave it to LEO .... 🤗🤗🤗
Cherish Eliana
Cherish Eliana Pred 13 urami
ZACK won 3 round😑
Cherish Eliana
Cherish Eliana Pred 13 urami
2 round LEO won😯
Abigail Martinez
Abigail Martinez Pred 13 urami
Would love an iPad Pro that has been my dream but I like your art pieces and it’s pretty cool and I would like to get a shout out but I will wait patiently until my time😝🙃
Cherish Eliana
Cherish Eliana Pred 13 urami
ZHC won the first one🤗
Cherish Eliana
Cherish Eliana Pred 13 urami
I wish i can be in your house😐
Cherish Eliana
Cherish Eliana Pred 13 urami
Hewo i been watching your videos and I really want a Apple Watch and the new series phone love bye🥴
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Pred 13 urami
Lexi Mb
Lexi Mb Pred 13 urami
Can I get a ipad please
Sn3iless Gaming
Sn3iless Gaming Pred 13 urami
Give me oneeeee
Paige Bolos
Paige Bolos Pred 13 urami
You are so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Unspeakable friend
Unspeakable friend Pred 13 urami
I think that ZhC won every round in my opinion
katie kleibl
katie kleibl Pred 14 urami
Gg gamer
Tiffany_Cookie UwU
Tiffany_Cookie UwU Pred 14 urami
Hi I would like to ask if I could get a tablet from youbecause I had a tablet that I had been saving for too long but my brother destroyed it and I lost it...
• Winter Gacha •
• Winter Gacha • Pred 14 urami
And I oup- my iPad is broke lol, legit wont turn on.
heather dobson
heather dobson Pred 14 urami
I never seen this type of video! Very smart, cool, AWESOME!!
Madison Graham
Madison Graham Pred 15 urami
I love u so much ZHC YOUR SO KIND!!! but I kinda think its unfair that they count the unboxing and other things...
Salal Akhter
Salal Akhter Pred 15 urami
Plzzz made me one i am your big big fan from Pakistan love from pakistan love and your art plzzz replay me love you
Thea Miller
Thea Miller Pred 16 urami
This is the first time I ever watched you and I think you have a real talent ❤️. I would also love to win one giveaway for one iPad to surprise my mom for her birthday
Silvano Andreatta
Silvano Andreatta Pred 16 urami
How do you live?
Maria Luisa Noblecilla
You can make an episode two and put pizza in food :3
EverythingWithEleanor Pred 17 urami
I wish I could have the fire iPad because I use my moms iPad so I can text my freines and it’s not fair on her I live in England
maruiutu robleis
maruiutu robleis Pred 17 urami
Yo particip
Anne Tougas
Anne Tougas Pred 17 urami
Mikee's React
Mikee's React Pred 18 urami
Evan Murine
Evan Murine Pred 18 urami
Zhc could u make a snake iPad for me
Nidal Destroyed
Nidal Destroyed Pred 18 urami
Any iPad Texas I want to surprise my sister for her birthday please
Tia Faye Anito
Tia Faye Anito Pred 18 urami
Pleas plsss plssss😞
Tia Faye Anito
Tia Faye Anito Pred 18 urami
"iPad" "Philippines" iPad is really my wish, in my birthday but my parents can't buy me cause we can't afford it, and i'm having online class because of this pandemic here in the Philippines, I wish I could have one.. Stay safe Zach + Leo💖
trishelle robinson
trishelle robinson Pred 18 urami
I want a iPad I don’t have a iPad can I have a iPad I live in 541 golf Terrace Union NJ
azlina azmi
azlina azmi Pred 18 urami
'Any ipad' 'malaysia' Why=actually im your fan from malaysia and my birthday is on 23 may is over but i hope i can get a present from you ZHC...😊
Gavin Salerno
Gavin Salerno Pred 19 urami
But great work!!
Finlay Wallis
Finlay Wallis Pred 19 urami
How do you enter the giver ways?
Amaze arts
Amaze arts Pred 19 urami
Actually I dont even have my own phone
Dana Oesch
Dana Oesch Pred 19 urami
When are he gonna a give away
Speedster Cars UltraGoldDino
ZHC vs MR BEAST Who has spent more money on his vids
Mary Joy Cauilan
Mary Joy Cauilan Pred 19 urami
You’re designs are so cool!!! 💯 The both of you are so talented and kind. It’s so satisfying to watch your videos 🙏❤️
Joy Omotosho
Joy Omotosho Pred 19 urami
Who remembers when he only drew on paper 👇👇👇
Jerome Calbitaza
Jerome Calbitaza Pred 19 urami
Plssss I want that for online learning and to improve my skills in digital drawing plssss but I'm from Philippines 😭😭😭
Camila Juarez
Camila Juarez Pred 19 urami
I’m Love you Michel
IceLander Pred 19 urami
amber robertson
amber robertson Pred 19 urami
Hey I'm a former artist like yourself I'm very shy👉👈 But I do mostly digital art and it would mean the world to me if I could get one of the giveaway iPad Pros Please😁😁👉👈
Badroenisa Amoo
Badroenisa Amoo Pred 19 urami
I really like that i pad
Tejaswee Sawant
Tejaswee Sawant Pred 19 urami
I love Michelle ❤️💕💙💜🖤💘♥️
Badroenisa Amoo
Badroenisa Amoo Pred 19 urami
My name is fayaaz
Falaq Faseesh
Falaq Faseesh Pred 20 urami
Can you tell me which pen are you using please
Hannah Bernais
Hannah Bernais Pred 20 urami
I pad pro 😍😍😍😍
Hannah Bernais
Hannah Bernais Pred 20 urami
Omg 😍😍😍
jade Collett
jade Collett Pred 20 urami
can me and my fam have 4 phones
Bad Ger
Bad Ger Pred 20 urami
my parents can't afford to buy me phone, for online class
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