Dallas Mavericks vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Game Highlights | November 03, 2019 | FreeDawkins 

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November 3 | NBA Regular Season | Dallas Mavericks vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Game Highlights | November 03, 2019 | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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4. nov. 2019

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Spy Retto
Spy Retto Pred 17 dnevi
Dallas and the Lakers are the most fun teams to watch so far this season with Lebron and Luca playing the most complete bball for their respective teams.
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - Pred 27 dnevi
Tristan is proof of how one can waste away their potential. He's one of the biggest NBA players but he never peaked. He chose being a celebrity over being an athlete. Racist deadbeat can't be proud of his black child !
Jiin Polanco
Jiin Polanco Pred mesecem
Great job extending the narrator comments... thanks a lot. (y)
Zy pe
Zy pe Pred mesecem
Fq that 2 towers of mavs Kevin Love looks like a lil kid when he paired against one of them😂
Red Carbohydrate
Red Carbohydrate Pred mesecem
vee tour
vee tour Pred mesecem
The thumbnail look like two college bros chilling.
Bill Top
Bill Top Pred mesecem
Threeeeeeeeeeeee Threeeeeeeeeeeee Threeeeeeeeeeeee
Jerro Gonzaga
Jerro Gonzaga Pred mesecem
More time for jc
chud Zechnas
chud Zechnas Pred mesecem
Cavs number 4 player has a zero def talent.
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Pred mesecem
stupid Cleveland coaching... start Clarkson and team will improve !!!!
NiRVASH ReNTON Pred mesecem
3:27 JC🔥🔥
Juan Pedro
Juan Pedro Pred mesecem
Luka is Damn Good but also clarkson got some moves💪
Chris Michels
Chris Michels Pred mesecem
Thank you Slovenia!
San_Joke Pred mesecem
I am from Latvia and i am Porzingis fan but Luka is insane, MVP season
CommGuy Pred mesecem
That flip back pass to KP at the top for a 3 is probably my favorite Luka assist so far this season. Guy has unreal court vision.
MaCs Baptista
MaCs Baptista Pred mesecem
Im here just to watch clarkson. More time for clarkson
Valentin Salamakha
Valentin Salamakha Pred mesecem
Darrell_beats_eViL Pred mesecem
mavs is gonna be the most exciting team this year!..MFFL
arturs83616 Pred mesecem
Why Luka is completly ignoring Porzingis while they both are on court at the same time? Is there any problems between them that we don't know about? KP only shows his best when Luka is on the bench.
KRI GAMING Pred mesecem
Clarkson 🇵🇭 🔥
Alberto Garcia
Alberto Garcia Pred mesecem
Tell me 1 player more fun to watch than Luka
partygirl21 Z
partygirl21 Z Pred mesecem
Just a reminder:Lakers won over mavs
Iteru Rivers
Iteru Rivers Pred mesecem
Mavs 6-0 v NBA teams this year 4-2 v NBA refs this year.
O Loading
O Loading Pred mesecem
Luka is gonna be the best I’m the league soon
Cy Rizo
Cy Rizo Pred mesecem
luka and kevin love in the thumbnail looks like twins
Alex Young
Alex Young Pred mesecem
My take from this highlight: Luka Good. Dick hard.
ricfern07 Pred mesecem
My two fave teams. Congrats Luka for the 11th triple-double. Clarkson is consistently playing well with less playing time. That sexton is living up to be the most blocked player with most turnovers. We love the usual play of Love.
Rok Podlogar
Rok Podlogar Pred mesecem
mavs need hoody melo to teach luka some swaggy moves :)
Goliat eXperience
Goliat eXperience Pred mesecem
Those pick&roll with Luka&Boban are unstoppable force for Dallas!
Chrisanity Pred mesecem
The Cavs needs to trade Clarkson ASAP,.. the guy needs a decent playing time and should not be a guinea pig for their experiment just to build up Sexton, Cedi, Garland and the rest of their favorite players
Michael_Keehl Pred mesecem
Brunson is fucking nasty
Wavemaker Pred mesecem
If Coach Beilein wants to have a winning record in his homecourt, then it is but a common sense to let his best players play the most minutes. The Cavs players who should play the most minutes are (in order of importance) Love, Clarkson, Sexton, Thompson, and Nance. These are the guys who should be playing the most minutes. You can't claim to want a homecourt advantage and play your rookie a lot of minutes. The rookies can play a lot of minutes in road games where they can develop their game (and commit more rookie mistakes). If they want to have a fantastic homecourt record then let the best Cavs players play the most to avoid more rookie mistakes in homecourt.
Marcos Alonso Suarez
Luka porzingdis is WOW
Paul Peace
Paul Peace Pred mesecem
Very entertaining basketball from Maverick... Luka percentage going up if he plays off the ball ..... I like this Mavs line up.
J DL Pred mesecem
love needs to bring back his game dude was a beast back in minisota
Luh kel
Luh kel Pred mesecem
Clarkson kababayan❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Roland Tecson
Roland Tecson Pred mesecem
Garland and Sexton duo is not working.. they are prone to Turnovers and they are a liability in defense.. I think those 2 need to learn watching from the bench.. they have to gradually grow their craft, not throw them in to the Lions den.. JC is still young and can compete with the best guards in NBA. Why not start him together with Garland?
Roberto Lebron
Roberto Lebron Pred mesecem
Roland Tecson I haven’t seen him facilitating at all. And he needs to improve his floater to be more precise and consistent with it.
Roland Tecson
Roland Tecson Pred mesecem
@Roberto Lebron Yeah, but garland is a much better facilitator that sexton.
Roberto Lebron
Roberto Lebron Pred mesecem
Roland Tecson Garland isn’t doing well either. Worse than Sexton. Sexton last season had 20+ games of 23 points or more
Uroš Peteh
Uroš Peteh Pred mesecem
I am from Slovenia. I know, not a bright comment, but we have a situation here.. We are proud.
Wavemaker Pred mesecem
What is the situation in Slovenia now?
Fadi Ebrhem
Fadi Ebrhem Pred mesecem
It’s funny how Lukas NUMBERS are better than lebron but the racist media analysts won’t even mention his name. Fucking racist corporate pieces of dog shit. Luka is the best player in the NBA right now and it’s not even a competition.
greg rose
greg rose Pred mesecem
Mavs missing a defensive dog.
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