David Dobrik's Blind Date With a Superfan | Celeb Blind Date 

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I'm pretty sure everyone on SLvid has a crush on David Dobrik. We set him up on a blind date with a vlog squad superfan to see if sparks fly IRL. The catch? His date has no idea THE David Dobrik is behind the curtain! Will she guess he's her favorite member of the vlog squad before the end of the date? Watch and see. BTW, he also reveals whether or not he'd date a fan, and I am SCREAMING at his answer!!!
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6. nov. 2019

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Komentarjev 4 563   
Seventeen Pred 3 meseci
Would you take a canoe ride in the ocean with David Dobrik?
Reshmy AR
Reshmy AR Pred 6 urami
enooms. Pred 2 dnevi
QSA Dynamic
QSA Dynamic Pred 4 dnevi
Wtf kinda question is this fr
xd fantastic
xd fantastic Pred 5 dnevi
hell yeah who tf wouldn’t 🙆🏻‍♂️
French Toasted
French Toasted Pred 6 dnevi
Well before that he better roast me like a cabob with a flamethrower
shivank kunwar
shivank kunwar Pred 2 dnevi
Fake fan
Agera R
Agera R Pred 2 dnevi
And this girl who calls herself a "Superfan" really didn't recognize David's voice?
Natasha Guevara
Natasha Guevara Pred 2 dnevi
Me: watching through the end of the video, to find out she did know it was david thank god, she wouldn`t be a fan, if she didn`t recognize his voice.
Natasha Guevara
Natasha Guevara Pred 2 dnevi
Anna: I like her (Natalie) better than David David: *crying inside* :yeah, I guess
Panic TST
Panic TST Pred 2 dnevi
4 outta 10
sleuth 2077
sleuth 2077 Pred 2 dnevi
Let me guess....... 70% of the comments are about Natalie 20% are about Liza 10% are actually about this video
Ekponmwen Omoregie
Ekponmwen Omoregie Pred 2 dnevi
3:58 she could tell literally from one word LMFAOOO
Alexis Powell
Alexis Powell Pred 3 dnevi
i actually do feel like they would be a cute couple i ship it
Steven Gomez
Steven Gomez Pred 3 dnevi
My name is Steve
Oseghale Eidangbe
Oseghale Eidangbe Pred 3 dnevi
Why does he sound like the guy from the good doctor
TOPSPOT Pred 3 dnevi
I wonder if David realizes he can pretty much get any girl he wants. I'd happily give him my girlfriend ... If I had one.
TOPSPOT Pred 3 dnevi
I've never liked my name Steve ... Now I LOVE it!!!
C черным сердцем
them chugs
Emily Baxter
Emily Baxter Pred 4 dnevi
Scotty mentioned TWICE??? Too much..
Merts Vlogs
Merts Vlogs Pred 4 dnevi
my name jeff
Adriah's Vids
Adriah's Vids Pred 4 dnevi
They should use a voice changer
Jonathan Caraway
Jonathan Caraway Pred 4 dnevi
No homo David is hot how does he not have a GF 😂
Kim Annye
Kim Annye Pred 4 dnevi
Ok if she is a “SuperFan” how can she not know it’s him?
cayy Pred 4 dnevi
Do Billie eilish
L G Pred 4 dnevi
I feel like David is somehow waiting for Liza
L G Pred 4 dnevi
he always says he doesn’t date or hook up like he is trying to prove it to someone
Fudge Gordon
Fudge Gordon Pred 4 dnevi
He finally moved on from Liza 😅
Numb Thoughts
Numb Thoughts Pred 4 dnevi
Accent just dies halfway lol
mysupercreativeusername ;-;
Anna: You don’t like Sushi? David: don’t like fish food I LOST IT OMG
southern city dip
southern city dip Pred 4 dnevi
Ok but like they look cute together
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Pred 4 dnevi
Ja Ci dam Michal!!
Almeda Whitthorne
Almeda Whitthorne Pred 4 dnevi
She’s so lucky. I love him.
Alex Schweitzer
Alex Schweitzer Pred 5 dnevi
sooooooo did they actually at least grab some food?
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia Pred 5 dnevi
He kept forgetting about his accent lmao
Sunshine25819 Pred 5 dnevi
Bro this whole video had me ROLLING
Alonso Martinez
Alonso Martinez Pred 5 dnevi
David’s accent should be the next Siri 😂
Destini Hand
Destini Hand Pred 5 dnevi
It looks like david actually really likes her this is so cute
Who Is Zercurey
Who Is Zercurey Pred 5 dnevi
I need an xbox gift card
Jess Higginbottom
Jess Higginbottom Pred 5 dnevi
*sigh* .. of course she knew it was him! 🥱
Jessie Pred 5 dnevi
Are black people real?
Sara Kelesis
Sara Kelesis Pred 5 dnevi
How did she not recognize his voice
ImaginaryFilm Pred 5 dnevi
She was low key so great good looking good hart and kinda funny
Alyssa Collett
Alyssa Collett Pred 5 dnevi
iM gOnNa HaTe On ThE GiRL bEcAuSe ThE GiRL iSnT MeEeEe
Luckystarr Paul
Luckystarr Paul Pred 5 dnevi
My name is Jeff !
Tom Noah
Tom Noah Pred 5 dnevi
she is so calm
Hannah Burkett
Hannah Burkett Pred 5 dnevi
Is anyone wondering if they actually went on a second date ?
Asserting Word
Asserting Word Pred 5 dnevi
Damn shes hot
Danielle Mercury
Danielle Mercury Pred 5 dnevi
I want a blind date w David 😢
Godiraona Setlhabi
Godiraona Setlhabi Pred 5 dnevi
Somone tell David he HAS an accent!!!😂😂 I feel like the Ross is Matt , Toddy is Joey and Scotty is DEFINITELY Chandler!
Michal Hamer
Michal Hamer Pred 5 dnevi
My names Michal hi David thanks for almost using my name hahah
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez Pred 5 dnevi
I’m sure they never spoke again. Even though she probably kept reaching out.
bear_bleex Pred 5 dnevi
I guess it didn’t work out she never appeared in any blogs
brcooley325 Pred 5 dnevi
Go out with her. Go out with her. Go out with her. Go out with her. Go out with her. Go out with her. Go out with her. Go out with her.
Kina Delorme
Kina Delorme Pred 5 dnevi
i woulve shit myself if david called me babe wtf
scubaseppy Pred 6 dnevi
I went on a canoe ride with my wife of 6 years for our first date.
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander Pred 6 dnevi
She’s got some nice hoo-hoo’s. I’d totally do the dirty mcnasty sexy time with her on the slick. ijs… if I were David, I’d go out with her once just to see what she’s packin in that wife beater with the denim. She’s pretty fine, tbh. Fun video. Great job!
raksha mittal
raksha mittal Pred 6 dnevi
What do I have to do to get on a blind with David????
Cody ๖ۣۜNorth Wire
listening to david chew himself out is hilarious
Phara Giza
Phara Giza Pred 6 dnevi
it makes me feel weak lol
Follow Me
Follow Me Pred 6 dnevi
Kevin Hart would be a great addition to the vlog squad
Skull Basher XD
Skull Basher XD Pred 6 dnevi
She is such a beautiful girl honestly
catch Pred 6 dnevi
no way I guessed the name I was like it has to be steve or jared lmfao
Emma Rose
Emma Rose Pred 6 dnevi
How did she not freak out when she recognized his voice
Mr.Pineapplehead559 Pred 6 dnevi
Why is everyone hating on her😂
alextoddslick Pred 6 dnevi
I was waiting for this moment 11:58 lol