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There has been a lot of news covering a few Tik Tok videos made by medial professionals. They have been accused of having poor taste and even mocking patients. Some responses went as far as saying that Doctors shouldn't be on social media. I thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss this delicate subject and chat medical some! Huge thank you to Sarah Mojarad for chatting with me about her findings and experience!
AAFP Article: www.aafp.org/news/blogs/freshperspectives/entry/patients_trust_social_media_so.html
Medical Videos Discussed in Video:
Vaccines: slvid.info/video/2meL2oqzrLOi37M.html
Detox Teas: slvid.info/video/qZeJ1WbIo6qNzJY.html
Supplements: slvid.info/video/qIGu3aTggKpqrq8.html
Medical Bias: slvid.info/video/s5112JbRfpqbubc.html
Carrots Cure Cancer: slvid.info/video/x6yO35bHaL2nprc.html
Responsible Medical Influencers on TikTok in no particular order (My account coming next month!)
1- Dr. Choi www.tiktok.com/@drdanchoi
2- Dr. Leslie www.tiktok.com/@drleslie
3- Dr. Staci www.tiktok.com/@dr.staci.t
4- Doctor Jones www.tiktok.com/@mamadoctorjones
5- Dr. Chiang www.tiktok.com/@austinchiangmd
Please submit more names in the comments so I can grow this list!
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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8. jan. 2020

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Jess Boudreault
Jess Boudreault Pred 45 minutami
Medlife Crisis is a great medical channel
Andreza Batista
It happened once with my sister, she was having a panic attack but because of what she felt at that moment she thought it was exactly a heart attack, the doctors didn’t believed her, they just assumed she was on drugs. It was sad because at that time it was a hard period for her dealing with depression as well. 😞
Cinderella Kim
Cinderella Kim Pred 3 urami
not connected but I feel like this girls are just like the ones who bullied my sister who is working as a nurse in California, she was bullied for being a filipino
Zabryna Arriella
Zabryna Arriella Pred 5 urami
The faking one was awful. It hasn't happened to me personally, but a month ago my 22 month old daughter had a high fever for 2 weeks and a horrible wet cough that wouldn't go away. Her doctor dismissed it as a cold because she was acting happy and normal. I took her to the children's hospital E.R one night because she had trouble breathing but was still such a happy baby trying to play and the nurses saw that and continued to dismiss her and we were ignored for 6 hours..got back there. I asked for an x-ray to check her lungs. They dismissed it as a viral cold and sent us out in 5 minutes. 2 days after she still has trouble breathing and starts spitting up yellow stuff. Took her a different hospital and they finally took us seriously seeing past her laughing and playing. Did all the tests and in 2 hours found out she had Bacterial Pneumonia in both lungs and was in the hospital for 2 days. It was so frustrating knowing something was wrong with my baby and nobody would listen to me just because she was still being a happy baby through it all.
Sara White
Sara White Pred 5 urami
Love your videos 1st of all! Great advice. I recently heard about a peds (kids) Dr getting backlash & hate for her tic tok video in favor of vaccines & ending w vaccines don't cause autism. Someone said it was to The Cupid Shuffle, I believe. I thought it was great & to the point, why so much hate when it's TRUE. Guess anti-vaxers feel threatened by her & the truth bomb.
Seanachie's Court
Seanachie's Court Pred 7 urami
well the most unprofessional thing is the first one did the vid at work which makes you think doctors/nurses dont take their work seriously... i realise they need time of and need to relax but that for me is over the line... publicly mocking people that are faking it alot of times i dont have a problem with that, because its true, but it isnt really very funny and comes out lame, but thats just inexpirience from young people and its a phase we all go through just that most people tell it indoors and to friends and not to the world wide media
AEMIAE Pred 8 urami
I have Medullary Sponge Kidney that was diagnosed after I was treated for multiple silent UTIs, one of which led to kidney infection. Anyway, I went to see my pcp for something and I was pretty sure I was passing a stone. I mentioned to him that I was having some pain and his response was “do you even know where your kidney is?” Not only did that hurt my feelings but now I struggle to trust him.
Nataly L
Nataly L Pred 8 urami
Like MD Im 100% agree with you.
anna maree
anna maree Pred 9 urami
As a teenager who used to be severely allergic to many things as a child I understand the concern. One time I had a serious anaphylactic reaction to peanuts or milk I don't remember which exactly but my parents took me straight to the hospital and guess what. They made us wait in the waiting room??? I was on the verge of dying and also a toddler??? My parents said f that and took me to another hospital and they admitted me straight away. Ahhh smh some hospitals and people😔
MizzTab Pred 9 urami
What about the misinformation about prescription pain medication? The CDC lied about the number of deaths, the DEA comes after doctors and the members of PROP and the FDA also have agendas. Millions of chronic pain patients are suffering. As more places adopt blanket no opioid policy acute pain patients will suffer as well. Making millions suffer to the point of suicide is inhumane. Prop members are being paid as experts in lawsuits. States are making millions off these lawsuits. None of this will help drug addiction just as tobacco settlements never helped any smokers. This just spreads suffering and pain.
Beauty and the beast Lover
Bee woop?
ellie rue
ellie rue Pred 11 urami
Mike: wears a button up shirt that doesn't look like it's struggling to hold, wears glasses, wears tie with clip skips the bewhoop Me: dang this is gonna be a serious video
ellie rue
ellie rue Pred 11 urami
He didn't do the "bewhoop" WHERE'S THE " BEWHOOP"!!!!!!!
Andrea Campos
Andrea Campos Pred 13 urami
Sanjay Rishi
Sanjay Rishi Pred 13 urami
These were actually pretty funny tho. C'mon guys, sometimes its all just for laughs
mehak khakra
mehak khakra Pred 14 urami
You're really a revolutionary person ....I wish more and more doctors come on social media....infact more and more knowledgeable professionals from all fields should be on social media...we need trustable people...not just actors and Instagram models.
llululala Pred 15 urami
Throwing this out there: there is increasing pressure and unrealistic responsibility for medical professionals and especially nurses in the USA. These tiktok videos can be seen as a byproduct of being jaded and burnt out from all of this. Having insight into the medical field from family and friends, a lot of people who aren’t in the medical field do not understand how overworked staff are. Research the stats on how many nurses, vets, doctors etc leave the profession, how many kill themselves, turn to mental health services bc of PTSD and stress. It is scary. Patients can get so demanding and entitled when medical professionals are already being worked to death and having every once of compassion squeezed out of them. Medical professionals are known to have a dark humor to help get through some of the things they go through - can we all just take a moment to try and understand these people? This doesn’t excuse the hurt these videos may have caused but I don’t think it should be causing demonization of these people. This comment is really a reaction to so many replies about how “twisted” medical professionals are and I feel like Dr. Mike should have really included this insight as well with this video to give a more well rounded take on this.
Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson Pred 15 urami
Cause Dr's are always right and accurate?? Shut the front door!
Ana who
Ana who Pred 15 urami
You seriously need to have a Ted Talk so you can reach even more people
Dwanerz .G. Defoe
Dwanerz .G. Defoe Pred 17 urami
The first one was kinda funny It's the caption that made it sour
Ann9a R
Ann9a R Pred 18 urami
My mother is a GP, and she likes it when her patients look up things online and bring it to her. She never belittles them for it, because they're learning. She also tries to teach them what their symptoms actually mean, ect.
Shawn Miranda
Shawn Miranda Pred 19 urami
As for other doctors on social media. I can vouch for one. @derm.talk on Instagram. She's a wonderful dermatologist and she is excellent at educating as well.
Sarah Says Hello
Sarah Says Hello Pred 19 urami
Google helped me get diagnosed very quickly. I could tell when my doctor was asking questions about schizophrenia, and when those questions transitioned into questions about bipolar. I didn't need to go through the 50 questions guessing game, I could just say what parts about mania fit and what parts didn't fit. And from there I could trust that my psychologist had all the right info on me, that I han't misspoken, or misunderstood. She trusted what I had to say, and I trusted what she had to say. We could work better together to get a fast, accurate as possible. And my psychologist seamed to really appreciate how much research I came in with.
Jayme Sigler
Jayme Sigler Pred 19 urami
I'm always the first to go to the doctor, but the last to trust them. Because I've had enough experiences where doctors just blew things off. Right now, my bf may die in jail because he's severely ill, throwing up blood, and the jail doctor is doing nothing. He went to the ER 4 times and they kept sending him home and telling him to come back if it continues or got worse. It's been 3 weeks and it's absolutely gotten worse.
lord_xyloz doom's day
lord_xyloz doom's day Pred 19 urami
My mother has been dismissed by doctors many times cuz of the doctors ego they have no idea that they could kill their patients like that many people that i know are now extremely ill because of doctors not wanting to believe that people are patients for a reason
Jayme Sigler
Jayme Sigler Pred 19 urami
I wonder how many sizes too small his shirts are.
Odo Ital
Odo Ital Pred 20 urami
I think they watched to much Dr. House. I once had a Doctor I saw on a regular basis for checkups. The longer I were her Patient the more she became unrespektfull and annoyed by questions I've asked her. It's unprofessional to make jokes about patients
Total Control 871
Total Control 871 Pred 23 urami
Well Mike....because I'm black and opioids started killing middle-class white people....people like me must now suffer and languish in pain for hours if not days. I know what you think of Google compared to your own medical education. But I'm sorry the damage is done and the Medical Community has done irreparable harm and damage 2 people like me. I'll definitely reach for Google before going to an emergency room. and because of the way I was treated the last time I was at the hospital it now means that I'll most likely have to seek out illegal street drugs should I ever suffer an injury that requires strong pain medicine. as for other health ailments I've simply chosen to live without medication and suffer the effects of low T. The medicine is unjustifiable expensive and quite frankly I'm done being a rag doll in doctors maniacal Jaws. this is how bad things are getting in terms of healthcare for the poor. We avoid you Medical people as much as you want to avoid us homeless people
Menma Arts
Menma Arts Pred 23 urami
First one i found funny, second one, i dont know.
Gabrielle Anderson
Gabrielle Anderson Pred dnevom
this message goes out to the people who can literally find a video in 2 seconds. A few years ago a girl posted a video of her saying that everyone thought she looked like a stripper but she was actually a nurse at general mills hospital i think. It went viral and I cant find the video... please help
tisha medrozo
tisha medrozo Pred dnevom
in nursing school we are taught therapeutic communication where in you establish rapport with your patients so you as a health care professional can take care of them better its a shame to see that what they learned go to waste by making such videos
Kimberly Reyes
Kimberly Reyes Pred dnevom
i really appreciate and im truly amazed how Dr. Mike explains everything he is saying in his videos. ♥
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith Pred dnevom
His face on the Thumbnail reminds me of Leonard from the Big Bang Theory Also the woman in the second one reminds me of Angsty teenagers. Which is really sad compared to actual hardworking doctors.
CherienoOnah Pred dnevom
I love you dr mike
Pack Vibes
Pack Vibes Pred dnevom
Who was expecting doctor mike to watch some funny tiktoks and roast ppl
Adam.M M
Adam.M M Pred dnevom
Ummm. A 24 year old can get dehydrated or use birth control or have an infection causing an increased risk for clots and therefore a PE causing chest pain.
Adrianna Brown
Adrianna Brown Pred dnevom
The first one was funny until he read the caption. Yeah... not funny afterwards. Why would anyone fake something like that.
K T Pred dnevom
All the mean girls in highschool become nurses...of course nurses are tasteless
Leon Howard
Leon Howard Pred dnevom
As a Black person I’ve noticed my pain is NEVER taken serious when going to the hospital, so you’re right about that. It scares me that people think cause I’m Black I’m stronger than others! BIG LIE!
Alexa Pred dnevom
Long story here, but relevant. When I was 16, I got a razor nick on my shin. A week later, it was red, swollen, hot to the touch, and I couldn't even walk due to how painful it was. My parents planned to take me to our PCP the next morning. Well, later that evening, I started feeling really terrible. I was now having flu-like symptoms in addition to the swelling in my leg. I barely touched my dinner because I was too nauseated. So I went to get ready for bed. As I walked to my room it was like everything started spinning... and I passed out in the floor. One of my sisters saw it happen and ran to get my parents. They put me in bed as I was coming to. My mom touched me and said, "Oh my god, she's burning up." She took my temp, which, if I recall, was over 104... About 6 hours later, when my mom and I were at the ER, they triaged me. I groggily listed my symptoms... severe pain, especially in my leg near the week-old scratch, high fever, dizziness and weakness, body aches, head was pounding, and lastly, nausea. And as though my other horrible symptoms didn't matter, the nurses all jumped on the nausea I was experiencing and immediately assumed I was pregnant. "When was your last period? Are you on birth control?... You're sure you aren't sexually active?" No. No I'm not. Of course once my mom left to sign paperwork, they pressured me to "be honest, we won't tell your mom". And I was just like... "Lady, I feel like I'm literally dying, and you are questioning whether I'm telling the truth about my virginity???" Obviously, they made me do a pee test. Not pregnant. Duh. And after I vomited multiple times they finally gave me something for the nausea, and left me in a room for what felt like ages, while I slipped in and out of consciousness. At last, at 2am, a doctor finally showed up. My mom, pissed off at this point, told him she believed whatever was wrong with my leg is what was making me so sick. He looked at it for about 3 seconds and said, "Eh, just a spider bite. I'll send you in some meds and you'll be fine." Despite my weak protesting that, no, it was a razor cut, he treated me and my mom like we weren't worth his time and had us discharged. Back at home, I kept getting worse. I can barely remember the day because I was so out of it. But I do remember at one point lifting my shirt to scratch an itch and being shocked to see that my abdomen was completely red, like a sunburn. My parents freaked out, called my PCP, and after they listed my symptoms he said, "Get her back to the ER immediately, tell them to lance the wound and do a blood count test." Lo and behold... I was suffering from TSS, and was about 24 hours away from catastrophic organ failure due to bacterial infection. If you know something is wrong, don't back down until you get an answer. It could cost you your life.
Dez Pred dnevom
My diagnosis as a type 1 diabetic was missed for SO long because medical professionals thought I was trying to get out of school and didn't connect the dots on my symptoms. It was exhausting to have no answers for so long and for my body just to keep breaking down without a treatment. Being taken seriously by a doctor is so important.
young kelly
young kelly Pred dnevom
First video 1:06 Second video 2:56 Read more
no po
no po Pred dnevom
Medical professionals can't joke about patients because it'll scare patients away lol
Chandra Ann
Chandra Ann Pred dnevom
Mama doctor jones is one of the best doctors on the internet. I low key wish she was my doctor, don't get me wrong I like my doctor but dr.jones is great.
King Kong
King Kong Pred dnevom
These videos are cringey af for teens to make, imagine an adult who's gone through medical school, cringey affff
Adelin Ungur
Adelin Ungur Pred dnevom
They watched Dr. House, and they immediately think that they can be like him. There's only one House. Md ladies. Also Dr. Mike keep it up
Lisa67 Pred dnevom
Don't automatically assume drugs with a 24 year old. That's exactly how old my son was when he was admitted for heart failure and kidney failure related to extremely high blood pressure. (Nobody knew it was high until he got very sick.) They didn't believe him or us when we said he doesn't use drugs - until they did tests. Come to find out, it just runs in my husband's side of the family. My husband and several of his family members were all diagnosed with high BP in their mid-20s.
Lexie lu
Lexie lu Pred dnevom
I don't trust most medical professionals in my area. I went in the er a few years ago with chest pain and shortness of breath, and since I was going through chemo I was concerned. Not only did I get treated bad by the doctor and nurses but the blood clot that was so large it showed up on my x-ray attached to the medi port in my heart was just disregarded and they sent me home saying I had a anxiety attack. My life could've ended had that clot moved , it's cases like mine that show there are entire medical facilities that can't be trusted .
Estudie Antes de hablar
If your blessed to be working in a medical facility like those two ladies, appreciate it. I'm struggling to even get to nursing school, and seeing it annoys me. I promise to be the best nurse I can be, help all people alike, African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, and all others. I respect your thoughts on the videos and agree. Take care my brother.
GigaTheyGotGiga Pred dnevom
This dude is stupid smart
Ignacio Guzman
Ignacio Guzman Pred dnevom
I had some chest pain some time ago.. totally thought it was a heart attack. Thankfully all the nurses took me very seriously.. it ended up being a serious collapsed lung. Very important for medical practitioners to take everyone seriously no matter the circumstances.
Starr Alert
Starr Alert Pred dnevom
My cousin's boyfriend passed away from a heart attack. He was 22. I hope medical professionals see this and change their attitudes. Just because we are young doesn't mean our symptoms are fake or are due to drugs.
Mikael svensson
Mikael svensson Pred dnevom
Not a Nice shirt
Nica H
Nica H Pred dnevom
Спасибо - You made my day ✨
Amber C
Amber C Pred dnevom
Shout out to the nurse who told me I was too young to be having a gallbladder attack- my googled science journal self diagnosis was right... Oh and shout out to the other nurse who said it was probably a sore back from work. Honestly being right was worth the agony 💁🏻
Android With Sick UwUs
Facts dropped by Dr. Mike about Women of Color when I comes to them get the medical help that they need. As a WoC, thank you for informing people about the truth. Bless 😊💖
yarnpower Pred dnevom
It seems that many medical professionals are not taking symptoms seriously. Especially for women and because of the opiate crisis. I was 60, had severe spasm of pain in the right side of my back, not at the spine. My husband took me to the ER when I couldn’t take the pain anymore and woke him. I was met with so much disbelief by the ER doctor even though it was obvious I was in agony. The ER was not busy at all, with a full staff and just 4 other patients. I explained I had 3 grown children delivered without pain med and this pain was as bad as that. I think they gave me a fake pain killer because after 25 minutes, I had no relief. Then they gave me a real pain killer. They gave me an MRI, which revealed I had a big kidney stone in the tube between the kidney and bladder. I know there are many people addicted to opiates but to make people in pain suffer longer seems cruel. And then there are the stories in the news of people having heart problem symptoms sent home where they die. Usually they are women. I don’t know why so many doctors doubt women with pain symptoms. Most women know pain, from painful periods and childbirth. Why they believe men but not women is puzzling.
Dandelion Pred dnevom
Oh no he’s hot
nichole Pred 2 dnevi
These medical “professionals” do not deserve their titles.