Dope Tech of CES 2020: Sony Made a Car?! 

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Sony made a car. OnePlus made a piano. Razer made a mini PC. CES still got it!
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9. jan. 2020

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Ter Thesz
Ter Thesz Pred dnevom
maaaan the intro was fuckin sick
Ravage_ Cabbage24
Ravage_ Cabbage24 Pred dnevom
The tycan should have been at ces
Marijn van Braak
Marijn van Braak Pred 2 dnevi
Stop shooting vertical video! check the VVS video :D
Cardinal Pred 3 dnevi
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold Pred 4 dnevi
The only problem I see with replacing things like side mirrors with LCD screens is that there are more things to go wrong. You don't want the side mirrors to fail mid-trip. You would want redundancy on those systems. Also, I agree with you in that people should stop shooting vertical videos; our TV's couldn't rotate sideways, until now, but they shouldn't have to.
That Boxing Guy
That Boxing Guy Pred 4 dnevi
For the rearview cameras, what picture profile are they using? Is it 6k down res to 4k?
Merks Pred 5 dnevi
I'll buy a Sony car
yut suneki
yut suneki Pred 5 dnevi
Sony car.. what a surprise lol
Mohamad Shamel
Mohamad Shamel Pred 5 dnevi
I wonder what they’ll name their car. Probably M108959054TS or something.
New change unlisted_viewer
The rotating tv just looks like a giant vertical phone... ew
ds sanders
ds sanders Pred 5 dnevi
Great job!!!
Khaled Miah
Khaled Miah Pred 5 dnevi
dizingof Pred 5 dnevi
Dude, water your plants.. or buy a gadget for that.. Peace. :)
Nathe Ben
Nathe Ben Pred 5 dnevi
LG has a similar display as Samsung on rotating screen to match the aspect ratio. I saw that at the first opening of CES 2020 at the LG booth.
Adam Zillin
Adam Zillin Pred 6 dnevi
"The rest of the stuff, like brakes, wheels and tires..." Yeah, mate. The rest of the stuff is what a car IS.
Linus Madsen
Linus Madsen Pred 6 dnevi
I Hope it has a ps
Linus Madsen
Linus Madsen Pred 6 dnevi
Then it will be a psp
Jumbo Dogg
Jumbo Dogg Pred 7 dnevi
Alejandro Jimenez
Alejandro Jimenez Pred 7 dnevi
5:23 “...or we could just stop recording so much vertical videos” 20 seconds later (5:43)... there’s someone recording vertically😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Jake Kauzer
Jake Kauzer Pred 7 dnevi
What's inside the Sony car??
Pierre Magnusson
Pierre Magnusson Pred 7 dnevi
dude, give that plant some water
Sean Hamilton
Sean Hamilton Pred 7 dnevi
4:33-4:45 That sounds familiar........
Nicu Nita
Nicu Nita Pred 7 dnevi
I really appreciate the fact that you’ve placed the adds at the end of the video. Surprisingly I didn’t want to press skip.
Citer Pred 7 dnevi
I love the way this kid thinks he can mention his thoughts on cars if he has nothing to do with them whatsoever and his tech channel is crappy now he literally thinks he can rewiew everything why da fuck who'd I want his thoughts on a car if he probably drives worst than old lady
Lil Luke_YEET
Lil Luke_YEET Pred 7 dnevi
I didint get rickrolled WHOO
JeffDM Pred 7 dnevi
The rotating TVs are solving a problem that would be fixed a few other ways. I refuse to buy that rubbish idea when the camera app could remind users to hold landscape for video or the sensor could capture widescreen even when the phone is in portrait. But I guess if that sells then that's more money for them.
Greg D
Greg D Pred 7 dnevi
I would buy that Sony Car in a sec.
Jorge Vieira
Jorge Vieira Pred 7 dnevi
Vidhaan games
Vidhaan games Pred 7 dnevi
2:42 when Samsung has nothing to do excepts s20
malcolm liston
malcolm liston Pred 7 dnevi
No thanks I don’t want my car hacked during Christmas every other year
Mr. SoiSauce
Mr. SoiSauce Pred 7 dnevi
Pls don’t support the Mach-E; it’s not a Mustang
Mike Stoops
Mike Stoops Pred 8 dnevi
And all this to make SLvid videos.
Jet ‘
Jet ‘ Pred 8 dnevi
Mercedes avtr is the best
Keath Me
Keath Me Pred 8 dnevi
Please check on what's inside Sony car
asief sharai
asief sharai Pred 8 dnevi
Malaysia is build a flying car sir maybe in next ces
tisa sari
tisa sari Pred 8 dnevi
Sony changed direction
El Edp
El Edp Pred 8 dnevi
Who else is here from giofilms?
Goober and Buddy
Goober and Buddy Pred 8 dnevi
ces was a disappointment this year
ONE LYFE TV Pred 8 dnevi
Dj Bradz
Dj Bradz Pred 8 dnevi
wonder what the budget was for creating a useless rotating tv while a child in africa starves
RiseUpToYourAbility Pred 8 dnevi
I don't get the concept of a compact desktop. They are super difficult to upgrade, and it's not like desktops have to be portable. You're not going to be carrying them around that much.
Thxt _Rax
Thxt _Rax Pred 8 dnevi
Chi qua da jakidale?
Adhidev Saravanan
Adhidev Saravanan Pred 8 dnevi
The car is fantastic. *But they won't sell it.
Adhidev Saravanan
Adhidev Saravanan Pred 8 dnevi
Apple makes a car - iCar Pro Max s Xtreme SE . Price : 3000 grand (ONLY) *Wheels and doors sold separately. (No aux jack available, only airpods compatible)
W1ck3d G4m1ng
W1ck3d G4m1ng Pred 8 dnevi
Im only here for the Rick Roll ad
Zachgamer Subscribe 2
r/madlads anyone
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr Pred 8 dnevi
Im here for the rickroll
n j
n j Pred 8 dnevi
What's wrong with vertical videos. That's the new natural. Let's get used to it. Portraits and sculptures have been part of humanity for long time3. It's perfectly okay. I'm a big fan of vertical videos
Julian Cantillo
Julian Cantillo Pred 9 dnevi
Is that a hasselblad on the background?
Devin Cardillo
Devin Cardillo Pred 9 dnevi
Bro it looks just like a tesla lol soney is late to the party
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Pred 9 dnevi
I wasn't notified of this video
k0walsk Pred 9 dnevi
I wish Sony had invested in some quality exterior designers and modellers. My word this thing looks 15 years old already.
DCLP97 Pred 9 dnevi
Anyone else notice the guy messing up in Fur Elise
TuxKey Pred 9 dnevi
Bosh should try to focus on improving their quality of household products ant their warranty. Last year I bought a Bosh combie oven that’s microwave and oven in one. After have bought a new dryer and washing machine. The oven makes strange noises and support doesn’t want to help because it’s just out of warranty and I called in the problem while in warranty. In short bad service try to make a CES show about the one thing lacking Customer service
Alexander Suvorov
Alexander Suvorov Pred 9 dnevi
How is dynamic range in this car? Is it 10bit internally?
You2be Pred 9 dnevi
I never thought vertical videos would become a trend , but here we are on stories 😄
Joash Naidoo
Joash Naidoo Pred 9 dnevi
Sony so confident of the Ps5 that they made a whole car just to Flex instead of focusing everything on their next gen console
roouit patan
roouit patan Pred 10 dnevi
Can’t wait to see Motorola make “Moto”cycle 😂
Carlos Martínez
Carlos Martínez Pred 10 dnevi
WTF happened to your video production quality?
Luke Sylvester
Luke Sylvester Pred 10 dnevi
nice Porsche Taycan
Ronald Grant
Ronald Grant Pred 10 dnevi
A galaxy with a flat screen and a headphone jack. I could get on board with this.
roouit patan
roouit patan Pred 10 dnevi
Finally the headphone jack is back, dude the headphone jack is stoll neades mr. Brown
Alex Regalado
Alex Regalado Pred 10 dnevi
the samsung phones i think maybe when the new galaxy’s come out they will instead of having the normal galaxy 10 phone they put those lite version kinda how like they did for the iphone 6s they come out with the 5se which is essentially a 6s
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