Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Official Music Video) 

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1. nov. 2019

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Komentarjev 31 435   
Imran Ayub
Imran Ayub Pred 5 urami
DiRoRhys Pred 5 urami
meh... boring song
Douglas Renato
Douglas Renato Pred 5 urami
Bad production!!!
Lira Mustafa
Lira Mustafa Pred 5 urami
Love itt
Sb Garments
Sb Garments Pred 5 urami
Dua lipa rocks💜
Melany L. Urquizo
Melany L. Urquizo Pred 5 urami
This song is just the beginning of Dua Lipa taking all over the world next year! So ready for DL2!!!
PGLxkarma Pred 5 urami
Love you Dua Lipa ❤️❤️
pablo estrada
pablo estrada Pred 5 urami
I love you
Mr. Noob
Mr. Noob Pred 5 urami
Just Loved Your Performance At The OnePlus Music Fest!! TONS OF LOVE FROM INDIA!! : )
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 5 urami
This video was sooo goood .
nicole brown
nicole brown Pred 5 urami
I can hear this song being sung at Victoria secret shows already
Xx F2A
Xx F2A Pred 5 urami
Hey dua lipa 💓
Amber Cole Wallace
Amber Cole Wallace Pred 5 urami
love this song is amazing song
Dangerous Girl
Dangerous Girl Pred 5 urami
When you will be in Ukraine? 😁🇺🇦
Jocarlos Andasan
Jocarlos Andasan Pred 5 urami
first time she sings cool song
abhishek c
abhishek c Pred 6 urami
Your the best Dua.
MaisaSummer MSP
MaisaSummer MSP Pred 6 urami
Where did u get that outfit? I love the song btw ❤️💕
Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Any chance of you coming to Nicaragua?
Sam 91
Sam 91 Pred 6 urami
The vibe is goodhhhh
Varley De Vera
Varley De Vera Pred 6 urami
Sharaf Mohammed
Sharaf Mohammed Pred 6 urami
Will you come to New delhi?
Emery Wang
Emery Wang Pred 6 urami
is there a meaning behind this video?
Mouhamed Mboup
Mouhamed Mboup Pred 6 urami
Who wants a second songs from the new era👍
amy k
amy k Pred 6 urami
Are you going to come to Italy? ?
Iamnourish TV
Iamnourish TV Pred 6 urami
Can I be in one of your music videos one day? Check my instagram : @iamnourish1
Allen Neal Jones
Allen Neal Jones Pred 6 urami
tomorrow is my birthday
jiya's pets
jiya's pets Pred 6 urami
Heyy Dua!! First of all thank you for coming to India...I am Indian and not many popstars come to India so..thank you again. I had a question... What inspired this song?? I mean seriously it's SO.DAMN.GOOD!!!!
Pranab Deka
Pranab Deka Pred 6 urami
Best dancepop track of the year and one of the best from Dua Lipa. Terrific vocals and strong basslines. I can't stop listening to it again and again. It was really euphoric to watch this track live in One plus music festival,Mumbai. Her energy and performance was at a different level. Truly iconic. Can't wait to see Dua performing live again.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Pred 6 urami
Krista m
Krista m Pred 6 urami
I love you !! Could you came to Greece for a concert ??? Pliz
Martyna PL
Martyna PL Pred 6 urami
Will we hear „ be the one ” or something from DL1 on your next tour ? ❤️
Francesca Simone
Francesca Simone Pred 6 urami
my question is, what inspired you when you wrote this song?
Jhen Durango
Jhen Durango Pred 6 urami
Love itt 😍😍😍💓💓💓
Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal Pred 6 urami
He is× hiding
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor Pred 6 urami
Should have a half of billion by now let’s go folks .
Stickman Movies
Stickman Movies Pred 6 urami
Will you make more music?
ARTSYBOY96 Pred 6 urami
This gives me 2030 vibes
ivanCOMuK Pred 7 urami
You are so talented @dualipa, amazing song and video! :) When are you comming to Perú? 💙🕺🎼🇵🇪
jerkien bamba
jerkien bamba Pred 7 urami
Trang Ngọc Uyên Lê
i hope you can visit my country-Vietnam someday....
Sıla Güney
Sıla Güney Pred 7 urami
justine balbutin
justine balbutin Pred 7 urami
Love yahh. dua lipa♥
S&S ss
S&S ss Pred 7 urami
I come .......
rednefed Pred 7 urami
I love you❤️kocham cię
Gulmemmed Babayev
Gulmemmed Babayev Pred 7 urami
I❤you Dua Lipa. Come to Baku😢😢😇
20 000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge
0% violence 0% racism 100% Love 100% talent The best dua lipa............
Shkar Pred 7 urami
I think she’s best singer in the world who agree like this comment♥️ 👇🏻
1kSubsWithNoVideo Pred 7 urami
Who's here after that 8 year old fan
Kenzo Vinck
Kenzo Vinck Pred 7 urami
When comes the tour in 2020🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪
이예린 Pred 7 urami
두아 리파는 날 실망시킨적이 없다 ...
nicol weber
nicol weber Pred 7 urami
Einfach Mega 😍👊🏼 🔥
Shomookh 22
Shomookh 22 Pred 7 urami
why you choose (Don’t start now)the lead of the album’? Send you love Xx
Eldar Cehic
Eldar Cehic Pred 7 urami
Are you coming to Slovenia next year? Love you❤️😁
Tehno- Dag
Tehno- Dag Pred 7 urami
ねずこ--cream Pred 7 urami
Keep your hair please its stunning
Mantasha Qureshi
Mantasha Qureshi Pred 8 urami
I just loved it!😘
Thegaming Terminator544
Briahnna Rankine
Briahnna Rankine Pred 8 urami
Would love to see you, when are you coming to Australia? Absolutely loving this song, I play it non stop at work! 😍
mohannad aldabaibeh
mohannad aldabaibeh Pred 8 urami
Nice song ❤️
Shofiqul Islam
Shofiqul Islam Pred 8 urami
Why so intimating, listening 100 times last week
King Me
King Me Pred 8 urami
the old school vibe in a modern day. SO NICE!!!!! With todays technology it just sounds so amazing. I hope the entire album has this feel going on. This could be her BIGGEST album to date
Kida - Malli
Ogledi 3 mio.