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It's never too late to learn how to talk to kids with the new Duolingo app for childless adults who want to relate.
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2. nov. 2019

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W Pred 2 urami
I need this!!!!
Misha DiCaprio
Misha DiCaprio Pred 4 dnevi
"child falls on sidewalk in front of you. child wears big pink dress" LIFE IS SOOO HARD
KPetrova Pred 4 dnevi
I actually need this app. The character kristen is playing is me irl.
[polaroidxss] Pred 6 dnevi
Can they make one for kids talking to grownups bc it's hard for me lmaoo 🤷😌
ana jorjikia
ana jorjikia Pred 7 dnevi
Sabina from Charlie's Angel
A random goose
A random goose Pred 7 dnevi
The :how to talk to your dad" feature is useless to me ;-; He still hasn't came back from getting milk ;-; the line must be long
Batman 13
Batman 13 Pred 8 dnevi
“They’re bad conversationalists” We know, but hey!
Lazarcorn Pred 8 dnevi
I thought this would be for understanding slang that kids say
Saanvi Srivastava
Saanvi Srivastava Pred 9 dnevi
Bruh, I’m 14 and I need this app.
Mariel Pare
Mariel Pare Pred 9 dnevi
If you said “you go to school, that sucks” to a fourth grader, they’d laugh so hard. These kids are growing up on gen-z memes.
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon Pred 10 dnevi
I'm only 15 and I somehow suck at talking to anyone younger than me
Molly Nash
Molly Nash Pred 10 dnevi
lol, I need this.
Matthew Bloom
Matthew Bloom Pred 11 dnevi
Why do I feel like Kristen Stewart actually can’t talk to kids.😂
temmere Pred dnevom
Wouldn't surprise me; she does seem like a bit of an oddball. (I love her though.)
Ronkyort0dox Pred 14 dnevi
"You're not allowed to call a girl pretty" WTF liberals
Naomi DeOliveira
Naomi DeOliveira Pred 16 dnevi
I think I might need Duolingo for interacting with humans considering how awkward I am...
Leo Nardo
Leo Nardo Pred 16 dnevi
the laugh track ruined the video
Robin van Noortwijk
Robin van Noortwijk Pred 18 dnevi
Wait is that Kristen Steward
Da_Pikmin_Coder Pred 19 dnevi
Chicken fingers!
JP Pred 20 dnevi
I need one for talking to coworkers whom I'm not familiar with and every topic they talk about is one that I have no interest or knowledge in.
AvaFromEngland Pred 20 dnevi
When was the last time Kristen Stewart made that much facial expression?
BON3S McCOY Pred 20 dnevi
The mom celebrity translator 6 years later
lolhoax Pred 20 dnevi
kristen stewart: the queen of making anything awkward af
Sunny H
Sunny H Pred 20 dnevi
I needed this as a child
Grayson Wardlaw
Grayson Wardlaw Pred 21 dnevom
Someone give this to spencer reid
Silas Blair
Silas Blair Pred 24 dnevi
How about duolingo for talking to your crush
sophia 896
sophia 896 Pred 25 dnevi
“Hot tub at vacation resort” That killed me
Denmark Legend
Denmark Legend Pred 26 dnevi
We had to watch this for ELA.
JAIMIE HEART Pred 27 dnevi
This is actually hilarious.
LASHK001 Pred mesecem
My 5 year old nephew talks about nothing besides his She'Ra and He-Man action figures, I've learned to act interested in having the same conversation over and over.
Fake Name
Fake Name Pred mesecem
I never really appreciated how hot Kristen Stewart is until now
Ally Kayyy
Ally Kayyy Pred mesecem
Lmao i literally had to learn.. Just like this, but copying the people around me since there's no actual app for it...when there should be lol. The only kids I know how to talk to are girls that are my daughter's age. Other ages of kids? . ahhh... How do i be age appropriate but not condescending?! I DONT KNOW!! .... And how to talk to little boys? ... I got so used to calling my daughter honey sweetie whatever...but what to call the young gentlemenz?.... "Cool, BUDDY" was definitely something I picked up from those around me hahaha.
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift Pred mesecem
Hello World
Hello World Pred mesecem
And bella still cant complete a full sentence
FlixCreEightR Pred mesecem
Oh give me a break. Can't call someone pretty. No wonder kids today kill themselves.
Tuesd Ay
Tuesd Ay Pred mesecem
The kid looks like eddy Burback
sia thakur
sia thakur Pred mesecem
"Do you wear your clothes.. to school"
Margarita M.
Margarita M. Pred mesecem
The way she pronounces “backpack” gives me anxiety
Marilyn15 Pred mesecem
That's me and I was not a child too long ago.
Allah Anderson
Allah Anderson Pred mesecem
They should do background checks before letting some people download the Duolingo app
Silver BOSS
Silver BOSS Pred mesecem
That sad thing is... I actually really need this.
maroonedsia Pred mesecem
I need a "Duolingo for Talking to Aunts" (particularly my dad's sisters). Recently I've concluded they're from another planet.
tsgg_yt _ttv
tsgg_yt _ttv Pred mesecem
I thought it said taking children
Corvus Crump
Corvus Crump Pred mesecem
Look at you losers who have to do this, I have no friends so I’ll never have to learn how to talk to children.
Danny Devito
Danny Devito Pred mesecem
Titles wrong. Its: Duolingo *taking* the children
kyle breunig
kyle breunig Pred mesecem
you go to school. that sucks. BRUH IK
Hopeinawe Pred mesecem
Lol "Do you wear your clothes... to school?"
Robert Lind
Robert Lind Pred mesecem
laugh track kills this sketch
James Viice
James Viice Pred mesecem
talk 2 me C
James Viice
James Viice Pred mesecem
dose is dou no?
ImpulsePaci Pred mesecem
I thought this skit was funny then today a coworker brought her kid for a bit and after our conversation I realized this skit is me and I really need this app because Jesus I have no idea how to talk to kids and then I realized it's been almost 9 months since I've had a conversation with a kid.
MidnightCanvas Pred mesecem
She looks great with blonde hair!
gacha idiot boy
gacha idiot boy Pred mesecem
More like taking children xd
Duck Clone #17
Duck Clone #17 Pred mesecem
"you go to school, that sucks" so true
Melek Haciyeva
Melek Haciyeva Pred mesecem
"child falls on sidewalk in front of you" really akward situation
• c l o v e r •
• c l o v e r • Pred mesecem
I just avoid children as a whole.
Alex Sparks-Bakota
Alex Sparks-Bakota Pred mesecem
My go to for kids: “Oh you’re 10? You know, I was 10 when I was your age”
opiela .english
opiela .english Pred 5 dnevi
YERP :D Pred 11 dnevi
"Really? You're 13? I was 14 when I was your age!"
no body
no body Pred 17 dnevi
It reminds me of this manga I read once when this older guy was flirting with a younger girl and she was like "sir I'm like 17 leave me alone" and he responded with "oh wow! What a coincidence!aa I was 17 too once"
MiniChip63 Pred 21 dnevom
I shouldn't have laughed at this as hard as I did
welcome to the losers club asshole
i’m a child, and i don’t know how to talk to kids either
partsgeriausias Pred mesecem
I usually just ignore them or smile if I’m in a very good mood
bronwynalexandria Pred mesecem
She’s so pretty wow
It was really interesting, my aunt and uncle had a kid, and as she got to interacting-with-others age, I just... knew how to interact with her, how to talk with her, play with her. Where did that come from? I always wonder if it's gonna be awkward, but it just comes to me. Like there was some latent, instinctual ability to interact with little kids in my brain, and I just hadn't spent any time with them before. I figured I was gonna be one of the people who it didn't come naturally to at all.
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat Pred mesecem
Lol, "also available in...your dad" 🤣🤣
Thilde Fredriksen
Thilde Fredriksen Pred mesecem
I've been working in a daycare and man this would've been handy the first few years lol. A five year old called me out last year all like "why do you say cool so much?" and I was speechless. You just took away my best response to anything you say. How is that okay? Cool, I guess.
Josh The Introvert
Josh The Introvert Pred mesecem
They should make sequels for teens, old people, boyfriend's/girlfriend's parents, etc.
Albert White
Albert White Pred mesecem
Talking to children is like talking to women, both are immature
Kayla Hogan
Kayla Hogan Pred mesecem
Chemicalkinetics Pred mesecem
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> Noticed how that little girl drop her smile to a still face? Yeah. That's right. She is a better actress than Kristen Stewart.
Vivian Tristesse
Vivian Tristesse Pred mesecem
One of the benefits of psychological regression is that I’m great with kids (because I secretly think I am one).
2020 sucks
2020 sucks Pred mesecem
Sweet setup bro
Gavin Nadolny-Pallatto
Do youuu wear your clothes to S C H O O L
Jackie Castillo
Jackie Castillo Pred mesecem
Okay this was hilarious 🤣🤣
Mohammed Sami
Mohammed Sami Pred 2 meseci
Okay but like why doesn’t this exist
Mohammed Sami
Mohammed Sami Pred 2 meseci
You wear your clothes to school..?
Mysterious Opinionated Person
Can I get a duolingo for just normal human interaction?
Alyssa Marin
Alyssa Marin Pred 2 meseci
“Kids are terrible conversationalists” untrue. completely untrue.
Deesh Pred 2 meseci
i think thats dwights nephew from the office
Sherlock Cumberbatch
Sherlock Cumberbatch Pred 2 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a> that absolutely got me. LMFAO😭😭
buzzardbeatniks Pred 2 meseci
Gosh, she's pretty.
O. Ram
O. Ram Pred 2 meseci
I was waiting for a guy in an unmarked van to roll up practicing the line "You like candy?"
Chris Kjorstad
Chris Kjorstad Pred 2 meseci
“Do you wear your clothes to school?” Naw man I wear my pajamas. I’m homeschooled my dude
Debbie Fruitcake
Debbie Fruitcake Pred 2 meseci
I will call every girl pretty if I want!
Tiffany Santacruz
Tiffany Santacruz Pred 2 meseci
Haha didn’t laugh
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