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It's never too late to learn how to talk to kids with the new Duolingo app for childless adults who want to relate.
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3. nov. 2019

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Komentarjev 3 002   
Loser Gang
Loser Gang Pred 16 minutami
Ok boomer
Torey Carlyle
Torey Carlyle Pred 2 urami
I shared this with the girls at work, it’s so me and not them. I actually need this app. :)
Juan C.
Juan C. Pred 2 urami
i need this
Thomas Pastor
Thomas Pastor Pred 12 urami
I'm 18 with Aspergers and I need this badly.
Claudia Jimenez
Claudia Jimenez Pred 13 urami
I need that shit.
R MAC Pred 15 urami
A few days after seeing this I saw a lady with 3 kids under 6. I wanted to yell “CHICKEN FINGERS!!!!!!!” 😂
This_Rose_Has_Thorns Pred 19 urami
Ok gen x-er
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates Pred 22 urami
Why are we not allowed to call girls pretty?
Mark Zadorozhnyi
Mark Zadorozhnyi Pred 23 urami
Princess Bree
Princess Bree Pred 23 urami
Id actually use this though lol
Apeiron Pred dnevom
In my day, we didn't have to be a queer actress to talk to children
KyPie8 Pred dnevom
I have this problem too... except it encompasses all people, not just kids
Mark Zadorozhnyi
Mark Zadorozhnyi Pred 23 urami
try duolingo then...
Katea Jurors
Katea Jurors Pred dnevom
When they talk about the long Meandering pointless stories I sitting there thinking could this be a real thing. Like someone needs to make this for real life I need help with children and their long pointless stories that they never seem to get to the into and then they stare at me blankly waiting for me to respond to something. I need this app
vamsi miriyala
vamsi miriyala Pred dnevom
0:53 0:55 the frick :O
Hadley Nibert
Hadley Nibert Pred 2 dnevi
I actually need this so bad I can hardly talk to people a year younger than me
Cotton Eyed JoeMAMA
Cotton Eyed JoeMAMA Pred 2 dnevi
This would actually help foreign speakers a lot
jade ruiz
jade ruiz Pred 2 dnevi
wait diolingo is dying yes fanlly!!
PCruler Pred 2 dnevi
It’s wrong to call a little girl pretty?! What?! I am crazy for thinking that’s stupid?
Daniel Slusser
Daniel Slusser Pred 2 dnevi
i would love to see the dad one lmao
deprogramtheprogram :p
i need this so bad lmao
No Context?
No Context? Pred 2 dnevi
You didn’t finish your child talk lessons, you know what that means
isolated introvert
isolated introvert Pred 2 dnevi
Okay boomer
Ángela Gracia
Ángela Gracia Pred 2 dnevi
Thanks, Kristen, my bisexualness has increased.
Thanatophobia Pred 2 dnevi
They should call this language "Ok, boomer"
Jessie King
Jessie King Pred 2 dnevi
i thought that was melania trump in the thumbnail for a fat sec
Michelle P
Michelle P Pred 2 dnevi
“Do you wear your, uh, clothes to school?” *dense music*
JJTRUBLE Pred 2 dnevi
Now we just need one for talking to people of the opposite sex
smiley27b Pred 2 dnevi
openskies11 Pred 2 dnevi
This needs to be a real thing.
crjaded Pred 2 dnevi
Ok KS, I forgive you for twilight...almost.
dinnerandashow Pred 2 dnevi
I avoid talking to people. Especially liberals and democrats. You just don’t know what will set them off.
snatchadams69 Pred 2 dnevi
"Do you wear your clothes to school?"
Karina Zamudio
Karina Zamudio Pred 3 dnevi
I wish this was real. I feel like I need this!
riverscuomeme [Audrey/Nikki]
“alsp available in: Your Dad” LMFAAOOOO
nvelet koslin
nvelet koslin Pred dnevom
i'm in your dad
Kobe Pred 3 dnevi
Ok Boomer
Marina Herbst
Marina Herbst Pred 3 dnevi
Ugh she is so damn cute
Rocco Siegele
Rocco Siegele Pred 3 dnevi
are you strugguling to talk to children
Readinghood_13 Vlogs
Coming in June, Duolingo for talking to Boomers.
John Edward Cabrera
John Edward Cabrera Pred 8 urami
“Okay, Boomer.” That’s all you gotta say.
A Tomato
A Tomato Pred 3 dnevi
Ok boomers
Sarafina Donald
Sarafina Donald Pred 3 dnevi
Kristen Stewart was perfect for this role omg.
David Dutton
David Dutton Pred 3 dnevi
SNL sux now! Hasn't been funny sense the90s
Peter Parkour
Peter Parkour Pred 3 dnevi
Why does she look like she was crying the whole time lol
문지원 Pred 3 dnevi
Wait shes so cute with blonde hair.. If only she wasn't in Twilight...
FIREDRAGON158 Pred 3 dnevi
Can this like actually be a thing?
Ryan Heath
Ryan Heath Pred 3 dnevi
Why is her only way to emote is to look like she is trying to hold in a fart.
Erica Mae
Erica Mae Pred 3 dnevi
Yikes remember when snl was funny because they were original
Furry Trash
Furry Trash Pred 3 dnevi
*Jimmy Savvel has entered the chat*
itstatilol Pred 3 dnevi
“child wearing big pink dress”😆😂
Humperdink Hooperdink
Well...that was fucking brain dead.
L. Arge
L. Arge Pred 3 dnevi
Kristen should get the new Duolingo app for how not to commit infidelity.
Lucy Pred 2 dnevi
L. Arge get over it
Purple Activist
Purple Activist Pred 3 dnevi
Why arent u aloud to call lil girls pretty. Is it creepy or smth?
Redflametrow Pred 3 dnevi
I expect this app to be out by Christmas. No excuses. We'll all go to Thanksgiving, fail to interact with children and need to rally by then. Like what do we get them? It's not clothes.
GreatJobTy Pred 3 dnevi
Because of this I just thought of a great one, duolingo for lgbtq community since you have to address them a billion different ways and there’s a million things you can’t say to them, ya know, like comments like this! Woo! Patent!
Michele G
Michele G Pred 3 dnevi
I hated when adults would ask me "how is school?" Uh I had dyslexia and dyscalulia, and I was bullied every day from kindergarten until 11 grade when I beat up a guy for making fun of my friends nose. So now what do I say to kids "how's school?"
Strawberrie Sweetie
Strawberrie Sweetie Pred 4 dnevi
I need this though
6655321 Pred 4 dnevi
Aah another pizzagate sketch I see
Alex Winter
Alex Winter Pred 4 dnevi
Also available for “your dad”
SURAJ NEUPANE Pred 4 dnevi
Jeff Naslund
Jeff Naslund Pred 4 dnevi
Have a kid. You’ll master it
Heather Snodgrass
Heather Snodgrass Pred 2 dnevi
Jeff Naslund Language immersion!
Wooden Winds
Wooden Winds Pred 4 dnevi
I need this to talk to my own age
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