Eating Nail Polish That Tastes Like Ribs (two-course meal) 

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Are things really better if they're edible?🤔
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Daily Mail top tier journalism: www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-7548543/Food-scientists-create-new-edible-nail-polish-tastes-like-ribs-onions-rings-blueberry-pie.html
Simply trying edible nail polish #1: bit.ly/NailPolishCake
Simply trying edible nail polish #2: bit.ly/NailPolishCake2
Other edible nail polish: www.adweek.com/creativity/kfc-just-made-edible-finger-lickin-good-nail-polish-yeah-tastes-chicken-171245/
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2. nov. 2019

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Amelia .2131
Amelia .2131 Pred 6 meseci
Cristine: "hands just taste like hands." Me: *licks my hand to see what hands taste like.*
tania molotla
tania molotla Pred dnevom
Lizzy Chang
Lizzy Chang Pred 10 dnevi
It was weird.
Ruby Ruby
Ruby Ruby Pred 11 dnevi
My hand tastes like *salt*
Fionaboo Lovesyoo
Fionaboo Lovesyoo Pred 12 dnevi
Guilty...... I even did it from reading this comment
Mystical Wonders
Mystical Wonders Pred 13 dnevi
my hand tastes like hand sanitizer
Isla Rose
Isla Rose Pred 10 urami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="403">6:43</a> the deliveroo logo has a blue background that's why they're blue
Hammy Love
Hammy Love Pred 14 urami
Them talking about the good taste of amoxycillin Me over here just remembering that I got a rash and hives because I’m allergic to amoxycillin
Madelyn Jones
Madelyn Jones Pred dnevom
I would make chocolate ice cream flavored nail polish 🍫🍦
Keira Hillier
Keira Hillier Pred 2 dnevi
So ThAy AcTuAlY sHiFt Us A bOtTlE (l I)
TamAryn Brown
TamAryn Brown Pred 3 dnevi
any Australian like me would be wondering why they did blueberry instead of frangipani pie, frangipani pie is Australias main dessert pie is frangipani pie 100% at least where I'm from : )
Mark Tees
Mark Tees Pred 3 dnevi
You should make actual ribs and marinaded in that "nail polish"
Heuwu Moonlight
Heuwu Moonlight Pred 4 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="367">6:07</a> you can hear the cats screaming
Emely Marchena
Emely Marchena Pred 4 dnevi
B-day cake flavored
Naquilia Johnson Carter
I love that bens laughs at everything lmao makes my day . Makes me realize how boring My boyfriend is
miss funsize
miss funsize Pred 6 dnevi
Why do they say ribs everywhere when the polish insert and name said roasted chicken???🤣😂🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
As an Aussie and constant Deliveroo user, I am laughing at her comment
Murphy Hanks
Murphy Hanks Pred 6 dnevi
Me: *Typing about the gum from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory* Cristine: *Starts talking about it* Me: … *slowly deletes chat.*
Luna Meris
Luna Meris Pred 6 dnevi
Christine: eats ribs flavoured nail polish Christine: starts to feel funny * oompa loompas have joined the chat *
Ana Max
Ana Max Pred 7 dnevi
They are this colour as it deliveroo colours
Autumn Center
Autumn Center Pred 7 dnevi
*is literal MEAT flavored nailpolish* cristine: iS iT vEgAn? 😂😂❤️
Red Black
Red Black Pred 7 dnevi
soylent green!! LOL!!
prettyfuldancingirl Pred 8 dnevi
Tomatillos aren't tomatoes tho
Gita Ulaga
Gita Ulaga Pred 8 dnevi
They are that greenish blueish colour because thats the colour of the deliveroo logo
Jessica Dedmon
Jessica Dedmon Pred 9 dnevi
Okay but where did she get that tumbler?! I need it in my life.
Pippa Lumley
Pippa Lumley Pred 9 dnevi
I swear the cat clock is a different colour every video 😱✨🌷
sarah churchward
sarah churchward Pred 10 dnevi
who is Australian and laughed when she said it like it was a postal servos its a food delivery
aesthetically aesthetic
why do I need that nail polish
Jjeong Liang
Jjeong Liang Pred 11 dnevi
I want nail polish that taste like nail polish but edible or non-toxic.
*-.alixia .-*
*-.alixia .-* Pred 11 dnevi
You should’ve pranked Ben 😂
Lesbi honest
Lesbi honest Pred 11 dnevi
Right be before the BEYYYN i got a colgate add.
TheMadHatter _19
TheMadHatter _19 Pred 12 dnevi
Strawberry rhubarb? Only my grandma eats that. Blackberry is superior. Lemon meringue is pretty good tho
TheMadHatter _19
TheMadHatter _19 Pred 12 dnevi
As if we would forget what KFC is
yael P
yael P Pred 13 dnevi
Cristine: key lime pie! I love key lime pie! Me: OMG YES TY FINALLY SOMEBODY LIKES IT Ben: key lime pie sucks >-< Also me: WTF BEN WHY?! 😭😭😭😭😭
piper Pred 13 dnevi
If your listening to this in 1916 trying to get your mind off the Great War, leave a like
Fyonn Munro
Fyonn Munro Pred 14 dnevi
diliveroo is like uber eats for we Aussies
SunflowerGacha Pred 14 dnevi
Do you still have this nail polish? I’m watching this 6 months later
Eliana Geneslaw
Eliana Geneslaw Pred 15 dnevi
I would make the flavor choklet
MISSed Bandwagon
MISSed Bandwagon Pred 15 dnevi
lol, they have really good chemistry.
samantha diemert
samantha diemert Pred 15 dnevi
companies encouraging nail biting lmfao! mmmm
Holo does gacha
Holo does gacha Pred 15 dnevi
We have deliveroo in England aswell
over it
over it Pred 16 dnevi
there was a ribs advert before this video lmao
ISSY M Pred 17 dnevi
I’ve spent days of my life watching Cristine. Why? Because ItS HOlo BiTcH
bluebunnylover 123
bluebunnylover 123 Pred 19 dnevi
favorite pie for me is pumpkin Or raspberry
Anna Bannanna
Anna Bannanna Pred 20 dnevi
This was so freaking funny i can't. Also I would make nailpolish taste like Nutella for sure.:)
Bri Girl
Bri Girl Pred 20 dnevi
When you get an ad right before she's about to scream for Ben
Am I the only person in here who has never eaten any kind of pie?
izzy harris
izzy harris Pred 21 dnevom
Hmmmm Ben was very set on cristine sucking on his fingers👀👀👀👀
Alaina Bees
Alaina Bees Pred 23 dnevi
Ben eating the nail peelies radiates Julian solomita vibes.
Senpai Pred 23 dnevi
Whenever I hear her go to say "BEYNNNNN" I pause the video and put headphones in so my sister won't judge me.
Rialin J
Rialin J Pred 24 dnevi
Stella McClymont
Stella McClymont Pred 24 dnevi
Cristine, I'm so sorry that I've been spelling your name wrong the whole time. Please forgive me D:
yuki 189
yuki 189 Pred 24 dnevi
I just thought what if you wear that nail polish in school and somebody asked the teacher why the classroom smells like ribs and you realize that your nails are the culprit 😂😂. Sorry for my English
Cathlene Shearon
Cathlene Shearon Pred 25 dnevi
That would make me want to bite my nails but I don’t bite my nails
choco strawberry
choco strawberry Pred 25 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">2:45</a> is my fav part of the vid XD
Skylar Adler
Skylar Adler Pred 26 dnevi
Peach pie. That would be my flavor of choice.
Chloe :3
Chloe :3 Pred 27 dnevi
I am questioning humanity
Pink hearts35 Pink
Pink hearts35 Pink Pred 27 dnevi
Bennnn lick it
Amany Fahmy
Amany Fahmy Pred 28 dnevi
If I can make a nail polish that tastes like a food it will be chocolate
Póke- Crossing
Póke- Crossing Pred 28 dnevi
Um u know deliveroo is also in UK and Ireland.......
Isabella Buch
Isabella Buch Pred 28 dnevi
Amy&Nicole Feng
Amy&Nicole Feng Pred 28 dnevi
This is enough to make me go vegetarian.
Savannah Slays
Savannah Slays Pred 28 dnevi
Peach and/or strawberry nail polish would be good
Adorable Soccer577
Adorable Soccer577 Pred mesecem
The cat food nail polish is for my friend they loves eating cat food
Jennifer Honings
Jennifer Honings Pred mesecem
The way she said "deliveroo" I'm dying!!! 🤣
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] Pred mesecem
Next video: Making a cake out of barbecue flavored nail polish!
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] Pred mesecem
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a> You could hear Menchie meowing
Pepperoni Sir
Pepperoni Sir Pred mesecem
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> in May 6th is my bday 😂 I turned 5 that day 😂
Pepperoni Sir
Pepperoni Sir Pred 24 dnevi
Sandhya Elizabeth ty!
Sandhya Elizabeth
Sandhya Elizabeth Pred 25 dnevi
may 6 is close......so happy b’day in advance.....sadly u can’t celebrate.....but u can have fun time with ur family members
bryanna graham
bryanna graham Pred mesecem
Me and Cristine are very much a like. She ate too much nail polish after college, and I just ate too much bc I cant find a job in my field 😭😭😭😭😭 a masters will fix everything
Sammie Skittles
Sammie Skittles Pred mesecem
Nail biters are on the verge of asking the owners for this polish...
Alexa Lozano
Alexa Lozano Pred mesecem
Me as a Mexican watching <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="662">11:02</a> “oh she knows what it is” Cristine:”LiKe PePeR bUt nOt sPiCy”
RJ Rose
RJ Rose Pred mesecem
wait is it ribs or chicken?
Jennifer Sloan
Jennifer Sloan Pred mesecem
My mom had to chase me around the house to get me to take the banana amoxicillin when I was a kid.🤣🤣
Katjusa Krizaj
Katjusa Krizaj Pred mesecem
Christine: * inhales to shout Beyn* Me: *gets an ad about the law of attraction* Oh well Christine: BeYn
Chaja Wolters
Chaja Wolters Pred mesecem
KEY LIME PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so good!
Aubrey Chaides
Aubrey Chaides Pred mesecem
Make a cake.
T.Rickster Pred mesecem
Thy talk about like blueberry pie and key lime pie. Shepherd Pie... is the best pie
Aesthetic Pineapple - Gaming
Bubblegum nail polish. For sure. Maybe cuz u have braces
Your local dumbass kid
I ate a nail peely in my rice yesterday...and nothing happened to me...that means nail polish is kinda edible
Jennifer Venkat
Jennifer Venkat Pred mesecem
a big mac/french fries nail polish :)
Legally Princess
Legally Princess Pred mesecem
So did they just steal the idea of Willy Wonka's gum and turn it into nail polish?
Valiant _
Valiant _ Pred mesecem
an ad popped up before she could scream,”BEYYYYNNN!”
Payton wingate
Payton wingate Pred mesecem
I’m allergic to amoxicillin so I never experienced the banana medicine :( childhood? Never.
Taeko Toga
Taeko Toga Pred mesecem
Payton wingate trust me it wasn’t good.
Ngoc Pred mesecem
"Best before October 8th 2019" *I felt that*
Bella Garcia
Bella Garcia Pred mesecem
Should of made this one into cake 👀🍵
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