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These lip sync fails will have you lmaoing yourself to heaven.
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Today I have a look at some lip syncing gone wrong. Singers stopping but you can still hear them singing, mics moving away from mouths too soon and sudden changes in voice quality. We get to see lip sync fails from artists such as Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson & MORE.
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19. maj. 2020

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Sheila Valenzuela
Sheila Valenzuela Pred 23 minutami
Ariana grande can dance and sing at the same time 👍
Siren Kun
Siren Kun Pred uro
Im outside my house watching this
Sophia H.B
Sophia H.B Pred uro
you sound like pewdiepie m8 WOAHhh
Call Me Agent M
Call Me Agent M Pred 4 urami
Michael performed 2hrs straight, so as a human , he got tired too. He was dancing so much, that it is hard to maintain. But he didn't always did that. Singing won't be good if you're breathing is hitching no? That happened, when the sound didn't come, and he had to sing that part.
Bridget Burton
Bridget Burton Pred 4 urami
"Well why don't you take your clothes off"- Joel's bellybutton
HoneyedHylian Pred 4 urami
I get it if they're dancing around, but still, if I'm paying to see you live, I want to see you live.
Spectik_ gladiator
Spectik_ gladiator Pred 5 urami
Jungi Hoo
Jungi Hoo Pred 5 urami
The only one who can sing and dance at the same time is jungkook and BTS
somethung Pred 5 urami
Unless theres heavy dancing, and i mean HEAVY dancing, not just some dance moves, lip sincing isnt never good
Aiden Howard
Aiden Howard Pred 6 urami
Simp for Rihanna
Ethan Fisher-Perez
Ethan Fisher-Perez Pred 6 urami
The instagram is Fakelena, I don't think it's real
None Existent
None Existent Pred 7 urami
This is so annoying because he DIDN'T SEE THE BAND on Beyonce's performance! Look at the band, when it's zoomed in they AREN'T MOVING ANY FINGERS OR INSTRUMENTS. She's absolutely amazing, but he literally didn't even see the band
Daddy's Wermez
Daddy's Wermez Pred 8 urami
I know a singer who doesn't lipstick Melanie Martinez How I know I watched her K12 performance and she was loosing her voice and couldn't breathe
Daniela Gambino
Daniela Gambino Pred 8 urami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="739">12:19</a> person in backround i am a o o f
Blaze Ramos
Blaze Ramos Pred 9 urami
We love Selena we know the girl can’t sing... she knows she can’t sing... we know she gets lots of panic attacks etc... we still like her lmbo
Mohammed Ghouse
Mohammed Ghouse Pred 9 urami
When he video of "how to know if any singer is lip syncing" so in that they said that if they are dancing like there is no tomorrow it means they are lip syncing . But BTS sing and dance with full energy . I just wanted to point that out lol
Liana Drummond
Liana Drummond Pred 9 urami
These artists are so immensely talented and as much movement they do on stage, I don’t blame them for lip syncing. Everyone is so judgmental, it’s ridiculous.
Bella Smith
Bella Smith Pred 10 urami
I was gonna leave the video when he said belly button reveal
Felicia B
Felicia B Pred 11 urami
“You have you’re own door” but I wonder what if you have to doors witch should you go out of??🤔🤔🤔
Luxanna Crownguard
Luxanna Crownguard Pred 12 urami
Welcome back to another daily video grandma?? Is that what he said or?
Unconcerned Citizen
Unconcerned Citizen Pred 14 urami
The one where Selena was talking about the stims it was bad. I have seen the clip where it happened and there was honestly no reason she couldn't have sung it.
Cris Adrian
Cris Adrian Pred 14 urami
Hey I'm a fan, I think the Star Spangled by QBey, she admitted to lipsyncing it in an interview, saying she was sick the day before and did not want to take the risk of messing up the anthem
kk ll
kk ll Pred 14 urami
Musicals are a thing.. what i mean is dancing amazingly and singing is not impossible
Asad Bilal
Asad Bilal Pred 14 urami
if you wanna see *NO* lip sync songs then go to bts they sing, dance too but no lip sync
Luiz Alferez
Luiz Alferez Pred 15 urami
U a barb?!
Alyssa Pred 15 urami
You making fun of yourself is the best thing ever.
beckm1t Pred 16 urami
Mgee Gabriel
Mgee Gabriel Pred 16 urami
Listen to Katy Perry - Daisies acoustic live something where she is playing the guitar. She obv now lip syncing but the back track was also loud, louder than her but still she is still singing.
X×O.D.D core×X
X×O.D.D core×X Pred 16 urami
I understand lip syncing some times like if you've had a rough day or something but everytime is just ....naaa
X×O.D.D core×X
X×O.D.D core×X Pred 17 urami
The worst one i saw was Mariah Carey on like 2018s performance 😑
Evie Gamez
Evie Gamez Pred 17 urami
Why does he sound so much like Jelly? 😂
thatgirlfrom6thgrade Pred 18 urami
Michael Jackson only lip synced during one of his tours: HIStory, because he had bad cases of laryngitis at the time. When he did sing live in that tour (occasionally) you could tell his voice had more of a rasp and roughness to it. Other times he lip synced out of the tour were rarely and due to over exhaustion.
Adele Pred 19 urami
Mj started lip syncing around 1995 because he was ill + imagine how it was difficult making his dance moves and singing like every day for years during world tours
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred 19 urami
Joel: “Belly Button reveal somewhere in the video” FBI: FOCUS 100
keviin Aguilar
keviin Aguilar Pred 20 urami
Lady Gaga don't do Lip sync You can hear the distortion in her voice ... Also she needs backing vocals because she sang and danced two hours every night for that moment and still sang.... Is like Usher example dance moment bro
Melanie Van der Beek
Melanie Van der Beek Pred 20 urami
Haha I call it lip singing and I didn't leave IM EVIL 😈😈
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred 19 urami
Haha, jokes on you I don't have to sing to look bad
Mr ape Man
Mr ape Man Pred 21 uro
so many lip singers ((:
Queen Savage
Queen Savage Pred 22 urami
You cant even notice if michael is lip syncing or not lol damn unless you ACTUALLY look into it but his is not obvious Roomie is an innie
Nabil Matt
Nabil Matt Pred 22 urami
Pls react to Gaga’s live vocal video
Mlcgr 532
Mlcgr 532 Pred 23 urami
In my opinion I think Selena it's kind of overrated, personaly I don't think she is the greatest actress, also she doesn't have like really "incredible" movies, it's ok at acting. The same is in her career as a singer, I don't think she has like the gratest singer, not just because of her voice, it's about technique too, so again, I think it's OK. PD: don't hate, it's just an opinion. I can understand your desagree.
Emily Zucatti
Emily Zucatti Pred dnevom
You know Roomie is very wholesome when he lets out a little laugh right after "I gotta go get some water", cuz he can't hide that he's up to something
betch lasagna
betch lasagna Pred dnevom
I thought the video is done when the “what to watch next went out”
Rebecca Marie
Rebecca Marie Pred dnevom
I think Selena has bad live vocals because she’s moving around. I’m no professional but when I walk my voice is steady
Scarlet’s Time
Scarlet’s Time Pred dnevom
Is it just me or does this look like this guys hand is inside out??? (By that I mean the palm is on like the top) <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="788">13:08</a>
Kaza0kun Pred dnevom
I listened to this at 2x and every vibrato sounded just horrible.
My name doesn't matter
Joel talking about how Justin lipsyncs: “that bothers me a lot” Me paying for two concerts to see him not realizing that he lipsynced: “yeah that bothers me too 🙃”
Ash Pred dnevom
You sound like pewdie so much to me
JokaGamer680 Pred dnevom
Bruh😂 it’s lip singing in America atleast
Misterr Yes
Misterr Yes Pred dnevom
Imagine being so disinterested that you cant even memorize your songs
O962 aaa opem068
O962 aaa opem068 Pred dnevom
thats why u go to metal concerts
Shadow2799 Pred dnevom
To be fair, I don’t see why it really matters. People aren’t paying money just to hear them live at concerts, etc. They pay for the atmosphere of the concert. If you’re paying hundreds of dollars only to hear a live performance, you’re just dumb.
Icoolest Cap'n
Icoolest Cap'n Pred dnevom
Haha, jokes on you I don't have to sing to look bad
DTLamia Pred dnevom
You should watch some kpop live performances Many groups have a backing track cause they're dancing a lot but when they sing you can usually hear it very clearly cause it's a lot louder
Quanchdadanchka 2
Quanchdadanchka 2 Pred dnevom
Nobody's talking about how that beyonce performance was actually lipped lmao
Chiara Lena
Chiara Lena Pred dnevom
Why at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> do I feel like you wanted to imitate an italian? I AM ITALIAN AND THIS IS THE EXACTLY WAY TO IMITATE AN ITALIAN! AHAHAHAH LOVE IT
Gabrielle Drumm
Gabrielle Drumm Pred dnevom
Beyoncé didn’t seem to be lip syncing to me either.
Zelda Smith
Zelda Smith Pred dnevom
You look a bit and remind me of Cole Sprouse.
Cookie Doggie
Cookie Doggie Pred dnevom
Its Just Sad to wach....
Kristian Eberhardt
Kristian Eberhardt Pred dnevom
Alec Collinsworth
Alec Collinsworth Pred dnevom
Back tracks in hard parts of a song like the bridge in Poker Face, which most people can't even do without taking a breath in the middle of, are obviously going to be louder than the vocals from the mic. Plus that part of the song is talking, not singing. Gaga wasn't lip syncing and she never has. The most you will ever hear is backtracks because some songs aren't as simple to sing as they seem
MJ Clips
MJ Clips Pred dnevom
Michael only used the playback later in his career No playback in Victory tour No playback in Bad tour little in Dangerous tour in the History tour was more than most songs playback
Kube Pred dnevom
Michael Jackson kinda had to lip sync most of the time because he was always dancing and out of breath
Hisham Zaza
Hisham Zaza Pred dnevom
Did he just call me grandma...
Lily Murphy
Lily Murphy Pred dnevom
Roomie: And if you call it Lip singing then you can walk out the door! Me: * walks out door taking phone with me*
Catie K.
Catie K. Pred dnevom
I was said lip singing...
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Pred dnevom
Michael Jackson... hmph. I feel like he has a reason to lip sync. Idk, but he's a great dancer, and I would think that he would want to dance. He just probably wanted to do his best for his fans. Also, he pre recorded it, soooooo. Yea. Just my opinion.
Alaceya Osborn
Alaceya Osborn Pred dnevom
I think lip syncing is okay if you have to like if your sick and cant sing I mean they still need to make money and go through with pre planned concerts
Artist Lulu
Artist Lulu Pred dnevom
Auto tune wasn’t really used as much back then especially because there was points where it wasn’t made and then people used it, and I think Michael Jackson is great but I don’t agree with all his choices. I love his song but whyyy Michael. Even though I kinda already knew he liked synced and edited stuff still. I love music but there are parts that are annoying, but no doubt it can be very difficult
Concept Creator
Concept Creator Pred dnevom
You can see a moment someone uses a straining tone that on the side of the neck you will see this uhm... well whatever it is haha
Concept Creator
Concept Creator Pred dnevom
with MJ it REALLY depends when he does a song! I mean the dude dances like CRAZY so yeah if he is tired one he will sound different because he doesn't have a lot of breath, but also if he has some rest he will sound better then when he didn't
Cardelia Manes
Cardelia Manes Pred dnevom
Some singers have very extensive and draining dance routines/choreography, so I get lip syncing in that concept. But otherwise, I don’t necessarily agree with it. It really depends on the situation though.
alejandra lira
alejandra lira Pred dnevom
The say the can’t sing because they lip sing but you try to move around and sing perfectly
ViaXO Pred dnevom
Micheal Jackson died the day I was born 25th June 2009
Kaylee Geyer
Kaylee Geyer Pred dnevom
If the singers are dancing than lip syncing isn’t that awful because moving around when singing just doesn’t sound all that amazing.
56 years ago • Edited
Lloyd Paguinto
Lloyd Paguinto Pred 2 dnevi
Petition for Roomie to collab again with Davie504 when he hits 6.9M subs
Elyse Green
Elyse Green Pred 2 dnevi
Selena is a fake singer. She's not even that good to me. You can argue with me if you want but I think most of you agree with me.
Bruce Burk
Bruce Burk Pred 2 dnevi
Beyonce has always been overrated to me and I sing so much better than Justin Bieber it's an insult I'm not famous
Rebecca Pred 2 dnevi
I've been watching your videos for the last 2 hours and I just notice I havent heard any F curse words. It's so nice. Lately I've been hearing it so much online it's become what "mom/ma/mami" sounds like to me offline/"irl" xD Thank you for the awesome videos!
Favio Navarro
Favio Navarro Pred 2 dnevi
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