Everything you MISSED at KSI vs Logan Paul #DramaAlert (SHOCKING FOOTAGE) 

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12. nov. 2019

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Komentarjev 9 776   
DramaAlert Pred 28 dnevi
Currently working on a big story!!! Will have another video in 72hrs!!! This will change everything!!!
FBI Pred 2 dnevi
You're under arrest
Mona Mireles
Mona Mireles Pred 3 dnevi
christian Madrid
christian Madrid Pred 11 dnevi
Why does the guy in 3:16 look like Danold trump
Jesus Fierros
Jesus Fierros Pred 20 dnevi
Juicy Freddie
Juicy Freddie Pred 9 urami
8:08 is that josh beck top left
mansour GTCT
mansour GTCT Pred dnevom
“Logan Paul has the edge on this one” KSi your a legend I knew you would outsmart Logan
AzTc Eclispe
AzTc Eclispe Pred 2 dnevi
"Cheaters never win" BITCHESSSSSS
Jonathan Sommers
Jonathan Sommers Pred 5 dnevi
Jake paul does sound stupid but hes not lying
daniel juarez
daniel juarez Pred 6 dnevi
Ill knock you out
WOLF Fizz Pred 6 dnevi
KEEMSTAR! You are saying how you want someone to knock Logan out and your saying how mich you don’t like him. HOW BOUT YOU KNOCK HIM OUT.
Arjun Deth
Arjun Deth Pred 6 dnevi
8:09 dont forget about the legend Greg Paul on the left side lol
RJ Brown
RJ Brown Pred 6 dnevi
I didn't even see him you got good eyes
Super Mario Boogie
Super Mario Boogie Pred 7 dnevi
Keemstar is cringy
Azul Luciano
Azul Luciano Pred 8 dnevi
Mighty miggle minecraft and toy review fun
U met fgteev too Mia's favorite SLvidr right????
Colorado Coin Hunter
Zikry Shaharudin
Zikry Shaharudin Pred 8 dnevi
Go back to coin hunting
LeoAshu Pred 9 dnevi
Jack Black was there
N1ght7lash Pred 10 dnevi
1:32 when ur 4 and your parents don’t give you what you want
jiggly jinja
jiggly jinja Pred 10 dnevi
If a real professional boxer saw jake say that boxing was rigged he would have knocked the goofy out him
Iiro Kupari
Iiro Kupari Pred 11 dnevi
Yo you just got bamboozled
Ana Lea Uy
Ana Lea Uy Pred 11 dnevi
ty from manchester
Matteo Azille
Matteo Azille Pred 11 dnevi
Shit head
christian Madrid
christian Madrid Pred 11 dnevi
Why dies the guy in 3:16 look like Danold trump
Master Gynx
Master Gynx Pred 12 dnevi
well, thanks for ruining my ears.. FOREVER!
Dawn the Cutie
Dawn the Cutie Pred 12 dnevi
What if the fake Ed Sheeran was actually the real Ed Sheeran trying to prank people that he’s fake?
Beta Wolf Gamer
Beta Wolf Gamer Pred 13 dnevi
*Keem looking at Jake Paul* please, some one knock him out! *Me* ok, just gotta buy a plane ticket to LA *Keem* in a boxing sence ofc *Me* well shit i gotta become a boxer too now
69696 subscribers with no videos challenge
bradley saying it was because of alcohol lmao. roids definitely have nothing to do with it
Jblocksss Pred 13 dnevi
Sub to me so i can get fame then knock him out
Graeme Stevenson
Graeme Stevenson Pred 14 dnevi
Ed was niko lmao
Tony Cervantes
Tony Cervantes Pred 14 dnevi
Keems a bitch
VRN BANDS Pred 14 dnevi
Jake tried to hard to be cool
White Alliance
White Alliance Pred 14 dnevi
Everyone: omg ed sheeran? Litterally everyone: ED SHEERAN! Banks: meh, im not buyin it Me: Scorpio power 💚🐉
Ryan Z
Ryan Z Pred 15 dnevi
Honestly, I'd be surprised if KSI's win will be turned into a draw,
Flawz HD
Flawz HD Pred 15 dnevi
buy a cyber trunk danny duncan
CooliMeanBool Pred 16 dnevi
Remember when keem used to be a total piece of shit
ZeleBigzTV Pred 16 dnevi
Logan Paul was a meme even before the fight 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Joseph Tran
Joseph Tran Pred 16 dnevi
This is bullshit, I’m not happy Logan lost the boxing match......
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Pred 17 dnevi
Keemstar is a fucking liar and he calls out people for doing nothing, he doesn't deserve all the subscribers he has. He calls people pedofiles even though they've done nothing wrong. When people point out how racist he is he replies with "it was a joke!" Or "they took it too seriously!". So, if you heard this: "I am white, you are black, you are my slave" would you think it was a joke? No, didn't think so. I am saying this not to cause drama, but to make sure people know how bad he is.
pointerrider Pred 17 dnevi
*Huh u think u can fool me. u r just a imposter keemstar. U can't trick me poppy gloria*
Leonardomarroquin _
Leonardomarroquin _ Pred 17 dnevi
4:23 I think in MMA and Boxing, its illegal to hit someone who's already down so Jake is just a nonce
WhoTheFAmI Pred 17 dnevi
9:54 *sad jake paul noises*
Joel Ovaska
Joel Ovaska Pred 17 dnevi
Logan Paul: Gets hated on by millions Jake Paul: Ive been in this career for over a year now, I mean I’m just saying that its rigged
MVXX WELL Pred 17 dnevi
I thought my fire alarm was going off when Tana made that noise
blingeran videos
blingeran videos Pred 13 dnevi
MVXX WELL this comment is underrated
PezRowland Pred 18 dnevi
Bro that screech just messed up my ears I demand compensation
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