Fluffy Stopped By Border Patrol | Gabriel Iglesias 

Gabriel Iglesias
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Happy throwback Thursday from 2011!




5. dec. 2019

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Den Mother
Den Mother Pred 2 urami
The *Damn* part got me
ArDFaarK _
ArDFaarK _ Pred 7 urami
"(Vrooooomm)Fluffy!" "(Vrooooomm)He's American!" "(Vrooooomm)DAMN!"
Bhl 10
Bhl 10 Pred 10 urami
3:18 He is referring to Trevor Noah
Ashton Mathias
Ashton Mathias Pred dnevom
Uh oh fluffy is doing puffy😂
ROYAL BIHARI Pred 2 dnevi
seti111 Pred 2 dnevi
Transporting illegal drugs across State lines = " Being harassed ". Busted and called out for the indignant act of habitually stealing other comedians material and jokes = Being harassed. An always the victim pattern is developing....
Angela Jefferson
Angela Jefferson Pred 2 dnevi
Fluffy! I love you man. Lololol.
Wendy Rivera
Wendy Rivera Pred 2 dnevi
I wish u can come to worcester
India Walking Tours
India Walking Tours Pred 6 dnevi
1 little, 2 little, 3 little Mexicans
NB7281 Pred 6 dnevi
This guy should lose some weight
Yonko IB
Yonko IB Pred 6 dnevi
Lmao I'll see you in Atlanta
Philip Dressler
Philip Dressler Pred 6 dnevi
White people really love me fucking fuck
Philip Dressler
Philip Dressler Pred 6 dnevi
Theres Sarah snyder in the Klan uniform
Philip Dressler
Philip Dressler Pred 6 dnevi
He approved was like 74 percent for legalization shops in the bario near the taco shop
Philip Dressler
Philip Dressler Pred 6 dnevi
Martine hung himself politically he for the real number in barrior for Marijuana it was dictator high for his ass
Philip Dressler
Philip Dressler Pred 6 dnevi
So Martine can christ up the audience and blink light in my eyes while doing Marijuana not alone with my own place soon to have a fence!
Loud Mike Media
Loud Mike Media Pred 6 dnevi
i need views
Goat1320 Pred 7 dnevi
If u sub to me u will meet fully tomorrow 🙏🙏🇲🇽🤠
Hans van Poelgeest
Hans van Poelgeest Pred 7 dnevi
Fluffy, dude.. you almost killed me with this, could not stop laughing.
Cilmi Faafiye
Cilmi Faafiye Pred 8 dnevi
U comedian and u look teddy bear . Lol
Harshit Jain
Harshit Jain Pred 9 dnevi
Best thing is dave and scooby doo
iniminie123 lol
iniminie123 lol Pred 9 dnevi
Anamathouse Pred 9 dnevi
No matter how the story goes. He makes it very, very funny.
Hi Hu
Hi Hu Pred 10 dnevi
Racism, meet comedy. Scary stuff.
Erik L
Erik L Pred 10 dnevi
Geez that TMZ sound was on point👌
Justin Di Paolo
Justin Di Paolo Pred 10 dnevi
4:16 had me ROFL😂😂
TrollolloReaction Pred 10 dnevi
This is the guy I always see in the ads
Aveves Silva
Aveves Silva Pred 11 dnevi
Thrush will they are doing that that are going by full of you know I send them
yo dawg
yo dawg Pred 11 dnevi
that damn at the end had me lost 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sa yan
Sa yan Pred 12 dnevi
Fluffy, we want you in Austria!!!
Lily McCracken
Lily McCracken Pred 12 dnevi
how could 1K dislike one of Fluffy's videos tho?
Laura Swihart
Laura Swihart Pred 12 dnevi
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger Pred 13 dnevi
0:401:20 1:50 3:30
RGF RGF Pred 13 dnevi
This guy isn’t funny
samuraiboy497 Pred 13 dnevi
Mexico ain’t paying for shit
salavador sanchez
salavador sanchez Pred 14 dnevi
And I am 11
salavador sanchez
salavador sanchez Pred 14 dnevi
My name is Salvador Sanchez
Srikanth Bharadwaj
Srikanth Bharadwaj Pred 14 dnevi
He is fluffy the fluffy. Very good comedian
San Pred 15 dnevi
"Heyyyy!!! It's Fluffyyyyy!!!"
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Pred 15 dnevi
4:16 That freaking TMZ impression! Crazy!!
Who Isit
Who Isit Pred 16 dnevi
Nice commentary on arriving in Phoenix, AZ, now lets hear your comdey routine.
iniminie123 lol
iniminie123 lol Pred 16 dnevi
What did dave say though?
Alec Prange
Alec Prange Pred 17 dnevi
Nick The Pepper Guy
Nick The Pepper Guy Pred 17 dnevi
the way you tell it is funny and awesome.and im glad your so positive but you know, that's really messed up you guys got hassled.im sorry that happened to you. your talented and kind. keep it up. dont ralphie may it. keep your health up.keep at it. R.I.P. RALPHIE. much love and respect fluff.
Simon Frederiksen
Simon Frederiksen Pred 17 dnevi
Anyone know what he said during all the beeping beeping!?
Headless Horseman
Headless Horseman Pred 18 dnevi
Gabriel: Ahhhhhhh! Dave you’re going to get us arrested! Dave: I don’t give a shit! LMFAO
OZMX Pred 19 dnevi
How is this not political?
Ram Chauhan
Ram Chauhan Pred 19 dnevi
That's gonna be amazing
Negan Pred 20 dnevi
*Stop censoring comedy videos*
Athos Colon
Athos Colon Pred 20 dnevi
Send Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 back where they came from 1 little 2 little 3 little Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
Raj Orab
Raj Orab Pred 20 dnevi
Isn't it ironic that half of all Border Patrol agents are Hispanic/Latino? So basically our government hired Mexicans to stop Mexicans from coming here 😆😆
pan - da
pan - da Pred 20 dnevi
*Not only his jokes but his laughter is also funny*
LST NEWS Pred 20 dnevi
i like his vw camper collection best ive seen
amanda lopez
amanda lopez Pred 21 dnevom
Car driving by “ He’s American.”
Connie Gonzalez
Connie Gonzalez Pred 21 dnevom
Ayyyyee it's fluffyyyyy
Connie Gonzalez
Connie Gonzalez Pred 21 dnevom
This make me laugh so mf hardddd
Brenda Lastname
Brenda Lastname Pred 21 dnevom
You un-American fluff 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
James Butler
James Butler Pred 21 dnevom
All of you laughing at drug possession and defying immigration and border patrol, well done, you are the reason the rest of the world laughs at the USA.
Lady M
Lady M Pred 22 dnevi
Damn Fluffy you had a black experience 🤣🤣 WE LOVE YOU FLUFFY!!!!💜💜
Shril Shah
Shril Shah Pred 22 dnevi
His impressions and noises r so good