Gastric Bypass Gone Wrong | Gabriel Iglesias 

Gabriel Iglesias
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Happy throwback Thursday from 2014!




7. nov. 2019

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italia gorino
italia gorino Pred 2 dnevi
My cousin died after that operation Years later her daughter died with that operation in the hospital.she never woke up.she wrote a letter how her funeral should be . they did do the funeral that way.invited all on her list. No one should be stupid enough to have that operation hundreds have died after that operation.
MJ Southerland
MJ Southerland Pred 7 dnevi
Now I have two of the Pacific rim movies and Godzilla had so i checked it out now I'm hooked
TLC Lady
TLC Lady Pred 8 dnevi
When I need to laugh I watch this clip 😂😂😂 Thank you!!!😂😂😂
Patricia Fonseca
Patricia Fonseca Pred 9 dnevi
I love it when FLUFFY includes CC 😹🤟🏼🤣🦻
MasterSproutGamer Pred 9 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> Fluffy: Um, right spot? Receptionist: Yes sir, you're in the right location. Fluffy: Can I ask you something? Receptionist: Absolutely. Fluffy: Why does it say "Center for the Morbidly Obese" on the door? Receptionist: The doctors prefer it that way. Fluffy: Why don't you have that on the card? Receptionist: 'Cause then you won't come in. First time? Fluffy: Yeah, first time. Receptionist: Please take this clipboard and have a seat. They'll call you in a few minutes. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> Receptionist: Are you here for the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a>? Jabba the Hutt: Yes, I am. This is my first time here. Receptionist: Is this your first time here? Jabba the Hutt: Yes, but I have a question. Why does it say "Center for the Morbidly Obese" on the door? Receptionist: Because the doctors prefer it that way. Jabba the Hutt: Well then, why don't you have that on the card? Receptionist: 'Cause then you won't come in! Oh god. Take this clipboard and have a seat. They'll call you in a few minutes.
Dave Pitre
Dave Pitre Pred 23 dnevi
This guy has big talent, however I can tell he has a bigger heart.
Shayna Purks
Shayna Purks Pred 25 dnevi
I'm not trying to be mean but like.... my sister said your name and she said "Gabriel gassy-ass" because she can not say something's the right way. :^
2neilas Pred mesecem
One, nine, one, nine, ten, ten, ten, ten.
john dorr
john dorr Pred mesecem
This guy is just great !!! 👍 Every video I have watch of him made me laugh 🤣🤣🤣 ! And put me in a better mood after a bad day
C.M. Cameraman
C.M. Cameraman Pred mesecem
I'm guessing his level was the "OH HELL NO" one! 😂
Mariusz Szymkowiak
Mariusz Szymkowiak Pred mesecem
American/Mexican Peter Kay. 😂🙌
Andrew Fung
Andrew Fung Pred mesecem
It sounds more like star wars chewbacca haha I cannot stop laughing. Lol 😂😂
Juidodin Pred mesecem
Frosty Python40
Frosty Python40 Pred mesecem
Hes just jabba
Roxanne Weichinger
Roxanne Weichinger Pred mesecem
Asaf Kalder
Asaf Kalder Pred 2 meseci
LOL !!!
010BINARY010 Pred 2 meseci
Fluffly discovered another level of fatness that day... 1. Big 2. Healthy 3. Husky 4. Fluffy 5. DAMN! 6. Oh hell no! 7. *Que dubstep growling noises*
Anthony Sura
Anthony Sura Pred 2 meseci
He met a Jabba the hut cosplayer
Anthony Sura
Anthony Sura Pred 2 meseci
He met Jabba the hut.
Anni C
Anni C Pred 2 meseci
Jabba the hut! AAHAHAHAHA! 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣
Peter Lutz
Peter Lutz Pred 2 meseci
Fluffy looking much better these days, keep it up!!!!
Calvy Schoen
Calvy Schoen Pred 2 meseci
In not ihn
M.C.Martin Official Channel
Marie Clark
Marie Clark Pred 2 meseci
I am so glad I watched this this was hilarious this made my whole day so much better
Marie Clark
Marie Clark Pred 2 meseci
I love fluffy and that made perfect sense to not put it on the card cuz people probably wouldn't show up like she says I just love his sense of humor👍👍🥰🤩😍🤟💕💞💓💗💝💖💛👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😁😊 I love how are you is doing 8 8 8 and 9 9 9 and 10 10 10 that was cracking me up😂🤣😄😃😁😆😂🤣😍☺️🤗🥰🤩 I love how he was talking about the man that walked in and how he was more healthier by fault
aracnid guy 1234
aracnid guy 1234 Pred 2 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> ihn a few minutes
Edward st.antoine
Edward st.antoine Pred 2 meseci
wow a rich "man" cant figure out to stop fucking eating more than he burns!?!?!?!?!
TerraMerc 73
TerraMerc 73 Pred 2 meseci
Y know its good when fat ppl call other people fat
Malonze Productions
Malonze Productions Pred 2 meseci
GAH they didnt finish the story! when the dude sits down and gab goes flying int he air lol. then the scale ont he floor where he felt like he had to back up like a semi
shubhanshu yadav
shubhanshu yadav Pred 2 meseci
The Video Game Monk
The Video Game Monk Pred 2 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:02</a> *IHN*
Iris Hernandez
Iris Hernandez Pred 2 meseci
I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Charles Tredway
Charles Tredway Pred 2 meseci
That was toooooo funny!
Swisscheeseoo7 Pred 2 meseci
Jabba the hunt voice OMFG
yuunjac Pred 2 meseci
I'm dying... Haven't laugh that hard for a while.
Alleesha Dean
Alleesha Dean Pred 2 meseci
The seven levels of fatness just unlocked a new level. From HELL NAW to *GRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLL oh shit call Greenpeace, we gotta put it back in the ocean!
Bethany mia
Bethany mia Pred 2 meseci
This is an amazing presentation. Please visit here to enjoy black gossip:- slvid.info/user-HQIEPzrkqumQfGcht2X8wQ
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Pred 2 meseci
They’ll call you IHN a few minutes, caption at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a>
Death Pixel
Death Pixel Pred 3 meseci
Call you inh a few minutes. Typos yall
Elizabeth Viayra
Elizabeth Viayra Pred 3 meseci
Jajajajaja que risa 🤣🤣🤣
Andy Flores
Andy Flores Pred 3 meseci
Gabriel is definitely one of the funniest dudes out here.
LoveHuman BeforeGod
LoveHuman BeforeGod Pred 3 meseci
I have a friend who firts in gathering and then behaves like he is in another world completely unaware of it. These words "gastric bypass" remind me him first.
blancas Is
blancas Is Pred 3 meseci
Not funny I'm big my self
ACLTony Pred 3 meseci
Too funny!
Don Beto Ramirez
Don Beto Ramirez Pred 3 meseci
I'm also healthy by default. Funnies shit ever... Thanks man.
Nyurka Reverón Vázquez
You got me dying!!!!
NVArt001 Pred 3 meseci
You sir, without a doubt, are the funniest guy alive today! Thank you.
NVArt001 Pred 3 meseci
You sir, without a doubt, are the funniest guy alive today! Thank you.
Zeke Polaris
Zeke Polaris Pred 3 meseci
Why the hell is SLvid keep messing up on the same spot of this video? But no issues on anything else? And keeps asking me if I wanna know why when they already told me a lie saying other people are watching at the very same time. No one else in my area even has internet!!!!!! Lying ass SLvid!
Matilda Dias
Matilda Dias Pred 3 meseci
Not funny at all too much talking
Rajorshi Mukherjee
Rajorshi Mukherjee Pred 3 meseci
MC Pred 3 meseci
Joe Rogan quality!!! Just states facts..... Zero comedy!!!
Cryptic YT
Cryptic YT Pred 3 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> EEEEUAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHH
Penny Northcutt
Penny Northcutt Pred 3 meseci
Travis Grooms
Travis Grooms Pred 3 meseci
Big Mac : two obese Patty's, special Ross, Lester Cheese ( pickin his bunions ) on a Sesame Street bus.
Sylvain Boucher
Sylvain Boucher Pred 3 meseci
You need to visit Montréal, Québec!!
Calliope Corona
Calliope Corona Pred 3 meseci
Big Mo
Big Mo Pred 4 meseci
Looking good Fluffy - but damn I’m pissed your avoiding the NW.
Gangster Pig
Gangster Pig Pred 4 meseci
Eklavya Sharma
Eklavya Sharma Pred 4 meseci
I wonder people at the places he visits do not have access to SLvid. Otherwise they'd have recognized him.
Jatin Singh
Jatin Singh Pred 4 meseci
He's good at Sounds. Well actually he's excellent
萌萌噠梁童鞋 Pred 4 meseci
Oh my gosh, my dog pricks up his ears and looked around himself and proceed to sniff every corner in the room when Fluffy was doing the T-rex noise 😂😂 Fluffy's so good even dogs can be tricked!
Zosia Zales
Zosia Zales Pred 3 dnevi
Your comment killed me, I'm dead now☠
soneelita Pred 4 meseci
When you earn money by making fun of someone smh.
Mia Yang
Mia Yang Pred 4 meseci
Juan Macario
Juan Macario Pred 4 meseci
Man I like to see you on America’s got talent
El Chapo
El Chapo Pred 4 meseci
Jabba the Hutt?
Johnny the strong arm Johnny the strong arm
Laughing my fuck’n assofffffff pinche fluffy your joke made me fart lmao 😂😂🤣🤪 💨
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Kathy Sweatmon
Kathy Sweatmon Pred 4 meseci
So funny
majer gamer505
majer gamer505 Pred 4 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> best part
Darren Neilson
Darren Neilson Pred 4 meseci
Every morning MUST start with FLUFFY..😆😜😝😆😀😉😆😀😆
Zombie3110bd Pred 4 meseci
Ruth Ann Cutler
Ruth Ann Cutler Pred 4 meseci
Keep the funny coming and stay being beautiful, defined by your definition of greatness and peace. Listen my handsomely fluffy friend, if you ever consider having a gastric bypass done, make friends with a surgical nurse. He/She will give you the honest tellings of the surgery and it's after effects. I only say this, cause I would hate to see a beautiful soul, completely decimated, or even worse. Love is love baby. ~Ruby
André El Latino
André El Latino Pred 4 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> what the hell was that? a Tyranitar? 😂😂
Christopher Simpson
Christopher Simpson Pred 4 meseci
That reminds me I used to have a job that traveled when I was in my early 20s and one of my coworkers was a big dude. We went to a freak show and supposly they had the world's largest man. I am sure that there are people bigger than him but my co-worker mentioned damn he really made me feel good. I do not feel really fat anymore we both thought it was pretty funny. I agreed that the guy at the show made him look skinny in comparison.
Brother Monkey
Brother Monkey Pred 4 meseci
I love how Sir Fluffy sounds like he’s related to Jabba the Hut.
Jay Tamayo
Jay Tamayo Pred 4 meseci
You're Mighty Joe young sudden then you see King Kong! 😂😂😂😂
Arika Karin
Arika Karin Pred 4 meseci
I love by the fact that the receptionist able to catch all that 🤣
Atreus Son of Hippodamia
How the hell did I get an "uberhorny" ad for SLvid...
terrywest111 Pred 4 meseci
So he must've been like past "Oh hell no!" :p
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