Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Dyeing Their Hair Neon 

Brad Mondo
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 4 girl dye their hair all kinds of neon colors!
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Lorgia Natalia: slvid.info/video/u4StsnjVhZWty6c.html
Nasya Merook: slvid.info/video/0ax_1Y-xiJVqs6c.html
Moriah Kaelyn: slvid.info/video/2nygy4S8fJuLzas.html
eve frsr: slvid.info/video/k6l7uIi7pa2cxq8.html
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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17. maj. 2020

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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo Pred 10 dnevi
🥺👉🏻👈🏻 ur so pretty
Abby Walker
Abby Walker Pred dnevom
I ❤️ you
Mel Pred 9 dnevi
I loooveyouu🥺🥺
Katarzyna Dolegowski
Janice Marvell
Janice Marvell Pred 9 dnevi
@Faith Autumn Brad ILY!! I cannot stop watching your videos specifically the kpop series. Loving it. And I would love to see moreeee pleaseee 👉👈💖
Ryleigh McKee
Ryleigh McKee Pred 9 dnevi
when u did the whole thing at the beginning i cried
Daniela Flemenbaum
Daniela Flemenbaum Pred 6 urami
The second girl looks a lot like lilli reinhart
Zainab Alzeyadi
Zainab Alzeyadi Pred 6 urami
Can u please react to people doing their curly hair!! Like cutting it or just styling it!!!!!
notsofestive Pred 6 urami
yesss i love eve, she changes her hair like EVERY week lmao, watch her rainbow hair tutorial !! edit, she has two up, this is the one i meant slvid.info/video/0Y2O06_Pb7d52bc.html
RozeE -Stop eating my weaves-
Man I really want to cut my waist long hair up to my shoulders but idkkkkkk um does shoulder length hair match a round shaped face? Aaa
delaney escobedo
delaney escobedo Pred 7 urami
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred 6 urami
I mean dyeing your hair will make your hair fall but I bet if you save up and buy wigs it would be much better I don’t really know how wigs work but I think better than hair fall.... X
Praneetha Pred 7 urami
Even when its all lies, I still feel good when he says something nice.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred 6 urami
I need to stop watching these videos. I want to dye my hair a fun color!!!
Marcella Pred 8 urami
Sarah Thornton
Sarah Thornton Pred 9 urami
I went from white blonde to dark chocolate brown. My blonde had grown out and even though I went to a highly recommended hairdresser, he killed my hair, the ends are still falling out and breaking 3 inches from my scalp. Rip my hair, back to a pixie bob after lockdown haha
Em Stinson
Em Stinson Pred 9 urami
that intro made me smile like a fool. i just got my hair dyed magenta again and it's by far my favorite color so idk, it just made me happy 😊
Angel Eye’s
Angel Eye’s Pred 9 urami
I love the way brad reacts to these videos
Lupe Martinez
Lupe Martinez Pred 9 urami
I also look good in the i fucked up my hair look 😂
Lupe Martinez
Lupe Martinez Pred 9 urami
The last girl is sooo cute.
Britney Evans
Britney Evans Pred 10 urami
More. I want MORE!
Annie Ice Cream
Annie Ice Cream Pred 10 urami
He is the hype friend we all need💕💕💕 Love you Brad!!!
X Jucie X
X Jucie X Pred 11 urami
I actually went to the mirror and it made me feel so good :)
fujo_trash69 Pred 11 urami
1st girl really working with a kenma kozume moment-
Charlotte Hansen
Charlotte Hansen Pred 11 urami
Me: literally just woke up and look at myself in the mirror with eyeliner strewn across my forehead. Brad: it’s intimidating being in your presence Me: giggles like a damned school girl..*blushes* thaaaaaanks, Brad ☺️☺️ Good god you’re smooth!! Even though you’re talking to millions of people, I still totally blushed! What is this suavely magic you possess?!?
Angela Angie
Angela Angie Pred 11 urami
I swear if I had to choose 5 people to be alive with,after an apocalypse, Brad would be one of them.
sabrina baldwin
sabrina baldwin Pred 11 urami
Aspen Pred 12 urami
The pink and orange girls hair turned out soo good!!!🌟
Leticia Nascimento
Leticia Nascimento Pred 12 urami
I need to stop watching these videos. I want to dye my hair a fun color!!!
Mangoloverworl Pred 12 urami
I mean dyeing your hair will make your hair fall but I bet if you save up and buy wigs it would be much better I don’t really know how wigs work but I think better than hair fall.... XD
Elizaveta Alekseeva
Elizaveta Alekseeva Pred 13 urami
Me sweating on the elliptical looking gross af Brad: hiii beautiful
Ruth Dorcelien I.
Ruth Dorcelien I. Pred 13 urami
i had my headphones on and it was on 100 and i jumped
jooooooooiya Pred 13 urami
Omg is it sad he actually made me feel special? ❤️
Jaree Makaley
Jaree Makaley Pred 14 urami
wanna get blue outta your hair? 😂 go to the ocean and swim for some hours 😂 had a dark royal blue on mine then went to the ocean and it became barbie doll blonde
J Hall
J Hall Pred 15 urami
UR so pretty Brad 🥺
C.larixon Pred 15 urami
You're just like an exited baby 😂💜
La tribu
La tribu Pred 15 urami
*<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="721">12:01</a>** sorry but, tf are those lashes ? Daaaamn !*
Cloe Absher
Cloe Absher Pred 16 urami
you give me the hugest confidence boost🥺💓 . you are my biggest hype 💓💓 .
Exam Moles
Exam Moles Pred 17 urami
At the start: Me, a 12 year old: Well this is creepy.
Woke Daddy
Woke Daddy Pred 17 urami
am i rewatching this x10000 times bcs he hyped me up in his intro? YES. do i have any regrets doe? No luv😌😌😌..he said im pretty...and thats on periodt HHAHAHS 💓 #selflove
Idk whatimdoing
Idk whatimdoing Pred 17 urami
Idk why but that 3rd girl pisses me off.
Vaping Fox
Vaping Fox Pred 18 urami
Ooooff That intro 😍
Tallulah Beatrice
Tallulah Beatrice Pred 18 urami
Brad: GO look in the MIRROR you are so BEAUTIFUL me: *with a mouthful of 2nd day poppadom that I'm having for breakfast whilst I take a break from uni work at 8am which I have to hand in at 3pm*
Breanna Bodnar
Breanna Bodnar Pred 18 urami
why brad mondo gotta hype me up like that... love your vids!!
Yvette Rodriguez
Yvette Rodriguez Pred 19 urami
Tell me why I started crying during that intro 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Haatti Tmg
Haatti Tmg Pred 19 urami
The way Brad gassed me up at the beginning 🥺🥺
Serena Monteverdi
Serena Monteverdi Pred 19 urami
* me going to the mirror during the intro and feeling myself like i'm a fucking model *
im a bully
im a bully Pred 19 urami
Sickening Flowers
Sickening Flowers Pred 20 urami
the way he starts his videos just makes me feel happy as hell, and your sense of fashion is just so inspiring and amazing like damn
Leslie Ford
Leslie Ford Pred 20 urami
Whenever I feel down I will just listen to all your intro's. You make me feel pretty thank you.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred 20 urami
Brad how do you feel about people bleaching their hair with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide?? Do you have any lightening tips to not damage your hair? Help!!!
Estefania Carreras
Estefania Carreras Pred 20 urami
Need meee a good video of just curly hair 😩 and tips too
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred 20 urami
That into literally almost made me cryyyy🥺🥺💕💕💖💖🥰🥰😭😭 I’m rly insecure and hearing that literally was so uplifting!!!!!
Alis Zeynep
Alis Zeynep Pred 20 urami
That intro just made my day and boosted my self esteem thx Brad we all love you
Nosremi Pred 21 uro
brad: "that was rude" brain: "it wasn't even that funny" me: *continues to laugh aggressively*
zoe walz
zoe walz Pred 21 uro
“I wanted to go home even though I was home.” Big mood
Janey D Switzer-Paul
Janey D Switzer-Paul Pred 22 urami
I love this video and all the other ones ❤️❤️😍😍 I love you brad mondo
Danielle Hillman
Danielle Hillman Pred 22 urami
Awww thanks :)
EnchantingStorm Pred 23 urami
I know that this wasn't actually for me but I had a smile from ear to ear
Vanessa Padilla
Vanessa Padilla Pred 23 urami
I absolutely love your intros and sweet words. I showed my husband and he agreed as well that we need more people like you ❤❤❤❤❤
Fernanda Matute
Fernanda Matute Pred 23 urami
I really liked how the last one turned out
John Underwood
John Underwood Pred dnevom
Brad mondo James Charles Larayee the trio u didn't know u needed
Rebecca Maria
Rebecca Maria Pred dnevom
That “you look spectacular, oof” actually felt nice lmfao. Needed that
Fernanda Matute
Fernanda Matute Pred dnevom
Brad Mondo is basically the only reason i have self confidence 😔✌🏻
zoe attebury
zoe attebury Pred dnevom
did anyone else hear a little kid in the back ground of the second girl??
Annie M.
Annie M. Pred dnevom
1st style was cute, but I wish she would have dyed also along her "bang"(?), I mean along her face...(I don't know if I actually explain well...darn it!)sorry am French speaker...
Shoujo Whore
Shoujo Whore Pred dnevom
you’re making me wanna dye my hair bright colors again 🥺
Lauren Uhler
Lauren Uhler Pred dnevom
Every time I watch ur videos it makes me want to dye my hair
KidsRFoodies2 Pred dnevom
That into literally almost made me cryyyy🥺🥺💕💕💖💖🥰🥰😭😭 I’m rly insecure and hearing that literally was so uplifting!!!!!
Tatiana Mica
Tatiana Mica Pred dnevom
I don’t know what I’d do without your intros 🥺❤️
Lia A
Lia A Pred dnevom
Nobody: Brad:you're so pretty The boys:pretty oh thank you
Grace Collene
Grace Collene Pred dnevom
I felt so bashful at that intro doe! Thanks Brad Mondo
Maëlle André
Maëlle André Pred dnevom
Yes neon green queen💚
Stephanie Digo
Stephanie Digo Pred dnevom
*looks in the mirror* (That thing that goes I like the view oh u do ur my best view) eeh
Layne McIntosh
Layne McIntosh Pred dnevom
Brad literally out here doing the absolute MOST to make sure we know how beautiful we are 😭😭😭
idkyoutellme Pred dnevom
Pink highlighter head was cute af
Joanna Pred dnevom
wheezing/coughing laughter from that. 🤣
Gaby Sanchez
Gaby Sanchez Pred dnevom
Brad, can we be besties!?! 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Joanna Pred dnevom
the intro was a little cringy
Mindy James
Mindy James Pred dnevom
I legit cried with that opening 💙 Thank you. You really made my day today!
sunshinecheese17 Pred dnevom
Omg I love this intro thank you 🤍
Gloria Salinas
Gloria Salinas Pred dnevom
Hova Richard
Hova Richard Pred dnevom
I actually went into the bathroom and I think my mirror broke 😅
Abrianna Morris
Abrianna Morris Pred dnevom
Brad: you are so pretty Me in bed: 👁👄👁 😂😂
Katelyn Strickland
Katelyn Strickland Pred dnevom
His intros are literally the most purest form of compassion to this world
SkyTheImaginer Pred dnevom
Brad: You’re so pretty. Me: *Double chinning watching SLvid on my couch*
Emma Hoggard
Emma Hoggard Pred dnevom
Ive been watching his videos all day and now I want to cut and dye my hair...
Maddie McLachlan
Maddie McLachlan Pred dnevom
Every time i click on Brads videos it makes me so happy specifically because of his intros
Junior Pred dnevom
brad i cut my hair
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