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The queen calls an emergency family meeting following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from their royal duties, and Trevor looks at the racially charged headlines that have been targeted at Meghan. #TheDailyShow
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14. jan. 2020

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Night Shade
Night Shade Pred 6 urami
Had me at Next Illuminati orgy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
westhammer81 Pred 6 urami
"The richest man and the wealthiest man are two very different people." - me, probably while drunk and not giving a single fvck
Cardfan Pred 6 urami
I wonder if there was threats on Meghan and Harry could see his mother's accident all over again so he decided that's it. I'm out!
MJ 47
MJ 47 Pred 7 urami
This EVI freemason satanic royal family reminds of the EVIL freemason satanic families of the Bush's, Clinton's and Obama's
patricky boi
patricky boi Pred 9 urami
Everybody gangsta till the qween pull up
Rovine Hall
Rovine Hall Pred 10 urami
Get out!!!
Rovine Hall
Rovine Hall Pred 10 urami
Naw they know better. I'm so glad Megan got out.
E. I.
E. I. Pred 11 urami
Am I the only one who remembers the nasty headlines about "Waity Katy" and the "Duchess of Pork"? How Kate was stalked through the streets and had insulting ads about her on buses, how they posted her topless pictures on the cover of a magazine or how they print her wardrobe malfunctions on half a newspaper page? I don't mean to excuse the media treatment of Meghan but let's not pretend that she and Diana were the only ones in the BRF to get slandered by the media, they were simply the ones who gave the more drastic response but the media will always find something to attack almost every consort with. For Philip it was his nationality, for Diana it was her personality and marital drama, for Fergie it was her weight and infidelity, for Kate it was being perceived as William's back-up plan and for Meghan it's her race and influencer lifestyle.
Anoy Phabmysay
Anoy Phabmysay Pred 12 urami
I think William if he could he would do the same, but he is next in line.. so he can’t and all the haters... Harry loves Megan
FurFur Pred 13 urami
Don't trust any babushka looking lady...look what happened to President Kennedy ...lol
Charlotte B.
Charlotte B. Pred 13 urami
Les médias et Britanniques sont de racistes et NANZIS.
cp1307 Pred 13 urami
Ironically, brits showed their true colour.
Daniel Marsala
Daniel Marsala Pred 13 urami
Lyft isn't for me
Rusalka Pred 14 urami
Look at Jay-Z's hair ........ I think a bunch of squirrels have taken up residence there!
Derick spawn
Derick spawn Pred 14 urami
Trevor Noah is so funny!!!!😂😂💯
John Adams
John Adams Pred 15 urami
Harry just became the king.....of simps. Can't wait till the skank dumps him and he crawls back to his family.
Brian T
Brian T Pred 19 urami
Trevor is beautiful! Meghan is in love and the Prince is exquisite in taste. With both well!
Torrell Jones
Torrell Jones Pred 21 uro
Kardashians with an occasional beheading😁😁 love it
S G Pred 21 uro
The press has freedom, and that's respectable in countries where it's allowed. The issue here is the dishonesty of someone who expresses himself wrongly. Megan is not the first American to leave her country, her family, her job, her friends etc etc. There are many women who have taken this step out of love. Please, here the subject of " love " is very important to consider. If a woman who loves her husband, I accepted to take challenges, such as learning a new language, as is my case, I had to learn a new language for 3 years to be able to adapt myself in Europe. "Love makes that possible". I have been in Europe for 17 years and I travel to visit my father's family. Megan didn't have enough " love " for her husband, she put her ideals first and that's why she couldn't stand to do a show for a long time. It's not racism, I want to make that clear, we are many inmigrants in Europe, and European countries are very receptive and nice to migrants. I don't agree that Megan is hiding herself behind the shield of the racism issue. She is just looking for an intelligent point for leaving the royal family, which is now her new family.
Venus Heard Mosley
Venus Heard Mosley Pred 22 urami
The total life is hard to get used to You can take the girl out of the hood but you can't take the hood out in the girl
Edliza by Dinu
Edliza by Dinu Pred 22 urami
I love this man so much for his humor. You always make my day better thank you Trevorrrrrr😊🤗
Jessica jessica
Jessica jessica Pred 22 urami
There is no black woman in the world that was deal with this s*** I would have left too and took my man
luv roxie
luv roxie Pred 23 urami
Beautiful Couple..💝
Carolyn Pagliuca
Carolyn Pagliuca Pred dnevom
Even though they are loosing their royalty they are still involved with illuminati crazy disney corporation which probably leads you right back to the grandmother!
Jacky Walcott
Jacky Walcott Pred dnevom
I am with you Meghan and Harry♥
LM Mayberry
LM Mayberry Pred dnevom
Makes you wonder what they said about Lady Diana visiting black orphanages and hugging AIDS patients. Cheating husband aside, no wonder she wanted out
Rahymn Inc
Rahymn Inc Pred dnevom
Minerva Ramirez
Minerva Ramirez Pred dnevom
She's a destroyer. Like Atila. Nothing grows wherever she pases by. She is the only woman that has turned a Prince into a frog.
ozintokyo Pred dnevom
Trevor Noah is Anti-white. Most of his humor is talking s##t about white people.
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper Pred dnevom
How will they support them selves like this dude wasn't a pilot and she was never an actress and neither of them have a savings lmao like come on how do you think they will support themselves
juicer404 Pred dnevom
maybe the royals didnt want mix race blood in the royal family and fabricated all this bullshit with harry, same way they staged a car crash and killed princess diana when the fear she was pregnant for that muslim she was seen
Gryff Pred dnevom
That gone with the Windsor poster is amazing! Great photo editing
Pookie0504kb Pred dnevom
wow what's the big deal.... monarchy is so outdated...let them be happy
Richard Miller
Richard Miller Pred dnevom
Trevor,go back to south Africa
danielle cole
danielle cole Pred dnevom
I married a British man and I can tell you that my in laws who live in uk hate me and have outcasted my hubby due to him marrying an American and moving here to the states
felicia kelley
felicia kelley Pred dnevom
abla kugblenu
abla kugblenu Pred dnevom
In his speech about his decision, he mentioned how hard it was to take this bold step for his wife and how he's seen what this life can do to people. He has a mixed child too and no father will Want their children to go through the kind of hate his mother went through. We all do what is best to protect our families and royals are no exception
OBITO Uchiiha
OBITO Uchiiha Pred dnevom
If she stayed at england we’ll witness another royl family car accident
Caroline Wu
Caroline Wu Pred 2 dnevi
This exit will be a positive crisis to reform the monarch.
Shakastaka M.
Shakastaka M. Pred 2 dnevi
I just about peed myself when he played the Biggie track.
Hakim Ben Romdhane
Hakim Ben Romdhane Pred 2 dnevi
Eve do it again and make adam out of paradise
Sheila Wilson
Sheila Wilson Pred 2 dnevi
I wish them the best!
Agnus Pred 2 dnevi
well said even though this is very sad
Josephine Austrie
Josephine Austrie Pred 2 dnevi
🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾To Harry & Meghan
Reading is Magic! TV
Diana is smiling!
Anastasia Charles
Anastasia Charles Pred 2 dnevi
Trevor Noah you are the best
onee Pred 2 dnevi
Jesus, can't believe how utterly racist the Brits are. It's disgusting.
cp1307 Pred 13 urami
Ironically, brits showed their true colour.
MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)
Yes, but they'll insist that they're not racist at all. They're clueless in that regard.
S G Pred 21 uro
Those of us who live in Europe can say that it is not true what Megan tries to make believe in America, she simply did not want to be responsible for the activities she had to carry out, that is going to happen in the future in Canada, too when the press also says it. It is NOT right for Megan to attack the press when she knows it is her own fault,
maguette gueye
maguette gueye Pred 2 dnevi
They all hustling
Warren Shapiro
Warren Shapiro Pred 2 dnevi
A hilarious take on this craziness! Great job Trevor! But I do feel bad for Harry and Meghan. I know they are rich, powerful and famous and I'm none of those but they have pain in their lives like anyone else.
ladyjenice Pred 2 dnevi
The queen is evil she is threaten that they will replace her. I don't trust that immortal evil lady either. I saw the movie American Horror story where the evil old supreme witch killed everybody because she felt threatened that they will replace her. Sometimes Life reflects the arts! Think about that!
E S Pred 2 dnevi
She’s rich from Suits, he’s rich from Diana inheritance. Leave them alone
E S Pred 2 dnevi
Diana has her thumbs up!
Orion Star
Orion Star Pred 2 dnevi
MERCHANT MARKLE only cares about making money...she is using PLAIN HARRY AND THE ROYAL CONNECTIONS to make bucket loads...COME ON PEOPLE..nobody chased her, she invented all that to attract attention to herself...ACTUALLY...IF THEY BOTH HAD NO RELATION TO THE ROYAL FAMILY.....NOBODY WILL GIVE ANY OF THEM 5 MIN OF THEIR TIME..lets be honest WHO CARES ABUT WHAT PLAIN HARRY AND HIS OLD LADY HAVE TO SAY??? NOBODY...she is not Diana, she will never will...SHE IS NOT EVEN AT KATE'S level...and Harry...poor Harry...he was pitted and love...but he is not William.
Orion Star
Orion Star Pred 2 dnevi
TREVOR they are not like the Kardashians....don't do that...is does not look good on you...it only shows that either you are IGNORANT or a complete IDIOT....read history, help people understand. Don't show your self to be an uninformed imbecile.
meli d
meli d Pred 2 dnevi
I love how colored people like to talk about white people all the time. So racist. Turn that shit around and all of a sudden everybody’s a KKK member
meli d
meli d Pred 2 dnevi
“Because nothing good happens when black people invite you to the ghetto“ better bring your gun. Don’t sound nice now does it. Now before you guys get all mad and crazy I’m not saying this is true this is just a stereotype that people would say.
wtrbb Pred 2 dnevi
Sayan Pred 2 dnevi
W h i t e || s u p r e m a c y surreptitiously normalizing racist disparagement humor under the veneer of a made up self serving Grammys Award show. When called out claims plausible deniability. War is waged via deception. ☠️
Mumtaz Shaikh
Mumtaz Shaikh Pred 2 dnevi
Iris Wilson
Iris Wilson Pred 2 dnevi
When you sweep things under the rug and pretend it does not exist, it’s still there and it only festers. When it explodes it’s really bad. It seems we are in a time when people are being EXPOSED FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE AS A PERSON. Look at the past few years in the people that have been exposed😱
A W Pred 2 dnevi
1. “Walk away without all the royal cash” ?! Mind you, they still get to retain 95%of their allowance from Charles (according to BBC source)! They only stop getting that 5% sovereign fund for acting royal duty and 2,4 m for renovation (not even half of their year allowance)...in exchange of taking all those commercial deals as mentioned in the video and loosing all the royal obligations and duties ...it’s hardly a “walk away”. More like made themselves an extremely good bargain. 2. A lot for comments comparing Meghan with Diana and Harry doesn’t want what happened to his mum to Meghan. But Diana got into that fatal accident 1 year AFTER her divorce finalized and hence lost her royal privilege (therefore paparazzi can do whatever they want without following royal Protocols)...so logically , I don’t think that makes any sense... 3. Some Brits and British media are racists. So instead of fighting against racism for a good cause, the couple decide to walk away and take away the money and part time title (although for the part time royal thing-yea that’s truly what they said in the original announcement -the Queen said no. You can’t have your cake, let other people pay for it, and eat it too...at least can’t have the cake, we ll still pay for it and you can still eat it...). What charity and good cause and sense of duty is that? More like a move for that Disney fairytale money and American kardashian fame