Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video) 

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This video is dedicated to touching.
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Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want more berries
And that summer feeling
It’s so wonderful and warm
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without
I’m just thinking out loud
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar

On a summer evening
Baby, you’re the end of June
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
Getting washed away in you
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high
I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Watermelon Sugar
#HarryStyles #WatermelonSugar #FineLine




18. maj. 2020

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F E E L I N G S Pred 10 urami
Kayden Glascock
Kayden Glascock Pred 10 urami
Karringten Winn
Karringten Winn Pred 10 urami
His voice gets better every time I hear him sing
Katelyn Shorson
Katelyn Shorson Pred 10 urami
and suger!!! lool
Katelyn Shorson
Katelyn Shorson Pred 10 urami
i LOVE watermelon
CARLOS ALBERTO Pred 11 urami
Ostrich Socks
Ostrich Socks Pred 11 urami
Nice cover up with the watermelons, Harry
Bulimic Diet
Bulimic Diet Pred 11 urami
All these fine ass girls and I still have my eyes locked on Harry
Auquatxc Pred 11 urami
I would pay to kiss him
Andrielly Rosa
Andrielly Rosa Pred 11 urami
magpieandtea Pred 11 urami
the set must have been real hot and heavy lmao
john valencia
john valencia Pred 11 urami
Angela Regina Orta Perez
Fabio Gonzalez
Fabio Gonzalez Pred 12 urami
Esas sandías tienen más suerte que yo😂
unbear able
unbear able Pred 12 urami
โอ้ละมะบักแตงโม เวออิ้ง
Isabella Gargagliano
Isabella Gargagliano Pred 12 urami
anyone else get uncomfy
Samara Kramer
Samara Kramer Pred 12 urami
luckiest watermelons in the world 😔
MP lyrics
MP lyrics Pred 12 urami
Nicole Morales Riveros
I love you ❤️
James Henrique
James Henrique Pred 12 urami
Top 😎
Casual YouTuber
Casual YouTuber Pred 12 urami
I could write an entire essay on how the lyrics don’t make sense and the chords/melody used as the melody is simple and I’m a musician who notices the little things. I’m not hating.... just think that the music could have been better quality.... like if you are like me and agree. I do apologise if I offend anyone, it is not my intention.
Junnueth Garcia
Junnueth Garcia Pred 12 urami
El peor video del mundo
The Meme Man
The Meme Man Pred 12 urami
What of watermelon is he rly talking about hummmm...
The Meme Man
The Meme Man Pred 12 urami
These mf in the maths problem who buys 100 watermelon 🍉
Lucy Tyler
Lucy Tyler Pred 12 urami
_Denz_ 666
_Denz_ 666 Pred 12 urami
if one of those girls has corona MonkaS
Rubyistics YT
Rubyistics YT Pred 13 urami
I hope he never marries just so i can always pretend to be married to him
Bhavee Rathod
Bhavee Rathod Pred 13 urami
when everyone thinks you’re gay for your (ex?) best friend so you gotta drop a mv with a bunch of models
Maggie Haesler
Maggie Haesler Pred 13 urami
Is it just me or does he keeping looking more and more like Elton john?
Akmad Z
Akmad Z Pred 13 urami
Watermelon sugar hahahaha wtf Shortage idea to make a good song title 😂😂
Daniela R
Daniela R Pred 13 urami
Creo que todos queremos ser esa sandía 🍉🍉🍉
Leandro Kern
Leandro Kern Pred 13 urami
No se si quiero ser las sandias para que me coman harry o ser harry para comer todas esas sandias :_
Cierria Zeller
Cierria Zeller Pred 13 urami
They look like they're having a blast too. Getting my plane ticket now, kidding
Cierria Zeller
Cierria Zeller Pred 13 urami
Haha wouldn't it be funny if he was saying "watermelon sugar, HI" instead of "high"
Rowie Lutap
Rowie Lutap Pred 13 urami
Only Harry can do this: *Bites watermelon* “Taste like strawberry "
Fooking Styles
Fooking Styles Pred 12 urami
Sienna Feinberg
Sienna Feinberg Pred 14 urami
If only he looked at the comments WHEN IS 1D COMING BACK TOGETHER!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
Fernando Medeiros
Fernando Medeiros Pred 14 urami
I feel like eating watermelon now
Marivel 666
Marivel 666 Pred 14 urami
casey parkin
casey parkin Pred 14 urami
is that the same beach that the 'WMYB' music video was filmed at?
Purple Pony
Purple Pony Pred 13 urami
zaynab Pred 14 urami
Harry definitely has no issue with ppl invading his personal space😂😂😭
Odin Aksnes
Odin Aksnes Pred 14 urami
This gives me summer vibes😍
ll hernan ll
ll hernan ll Pred 14 urami
ava smith
ava smith Pred 14 urami
can somebody PLEASE tell me what happened on may 18!!
Austin Adams
Austin Adams Pred 15 urami
Hetero Harry just doesn’t hit the same... bummer lmao
Simply Toxic
Simply Toxic Pred 15 urami
This is one of the dumbest songs ever
Meidu tiss
Meidu tiss Pred 15 urami
Never thought im gonna say this about Harry but this whole video is just ew.
Nia V
Nia V Pred 15 urami
More than anything I wish hot girls were feeding me watermelon while we lounge around carefree at the beach.
Yara ImrieTV
Yara ImrieTV Pred 15 urami
Ava M
Ava M Pred 15 urami
What's up with him and strawberries First strawberry lipstick and now strawberries again lol Also he just loves fruit he has a song named kiwi
Markable Pred 15 urami
*Being bi is a huge advantage when watching this you can simp for the girls and harry*
Lucy Frias
Lucy Frias Pred 15 urami
Imagine being that watermelon
the brave one
the brave one Pred 15 urami
GUYS GUYS GUYS That tablecloth at the start is the sail of the boat from adore you.... My minds blown.
yara Adel
yara Adel Pred 15 urami
I want to put these girls in trash
Stefania rambaldo
Stefania rambaldo Pred 15 urami
Harry Styles sei sempre il numero uno anche quando eri con gli One direction,spero che tornerai dagli One direction
julia Marett
julia Marett Pred 15 urami
He’s like a modern Elton John, but just hot🍉
W Pakwan
W Pakwan Pred 15 urami
I love watermelon
Francine Moura
Francine Moura Pred 16 urami
Casey Dolliver
Casey Dolliver Pred 16 urami
please marry me
Giuli Borzino
Giuli Borzino Pred 16 urami
Is this Elton John? 🤔
camila meza
camila meza Pred 16 urami
Esta como el vídeo de Luis Miguel- Cuando calienta el sol
sunny day
sunny day Pred 16 urami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">01:31</a> am I the only one who likes this moment?
Liv_is_ok Pred 16 urami
Yes sir
Olivia Skov Andersen
Olivia Skov Andersen Pred 16 urami
Love you Harry styles 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mariam B
Mariam B Pred 16 urami
This video is very haram for my eyes😳so I’m reading the comments👁👁 imma need some Zam Zam water
Helie Pro YT
Helie Pro YT Pred 16 urami
like si quieres una sandia
kaya Fleux
kaya Fleux Pred 16 urami
everyone wants to be one of these girls
Aplex14 Pred 16 urami
Welp Harry’s bi/pan/poly bc he wrote a song about 🐱and a song about 🍆
millen maggs
millen maggs Pred 16 urami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a>
DBDM Player & Gaming
DBDM Player & Gaming Pred 16 urami
Great music
Neowns Pred 17 urami
harry eu te amo
Nayu Pred 17 urami
mds harry que baixaria é essa???, adorei.
Little Step chicken
Little Step chicken Pred 17 urami
That’s a lot of watermelon 🍉 😯
uniters forever
uniters forever Pred 17 urami
Noah urrea vem aqui
Talha Pred 17 urami
I want a banana sugar version
Rianna Annair
Rianna Annair Pred 17 urami
This song feels like what summer 2020 was supposed to be ..
Гимнастика Pred 17 urami
кто из раши?
Kandycorn 4
Kandycorn 4 Pred 17 urami
Watermelon sugar is a type of heroin
Lola Rozandal
Lola Rozandal Pred 16 urami
Josue Herrera
Josue Herrera Pred 17 urami
Petition for this to be a track in Fifa 21?
Ciara Tau
Ciara Tau Pred 17 urami
watermelon shoeger
conan gray is bae
conan gray is bae Pred 17 urami
my friend really called this video weird....she doesn’t get the vibez
Agust D '대취타' MV