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9. nov. 2019

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JxmyHighroller Pred mesecem
But for real, I actually appreciate Harden’s offensive greatness. It’s been crazy to watch his growth over the past few years. Side stepping his way to 36 a night, I could shed a tear. But for this video I played devil’s advocate specifically to Daryl Morey’s statement. For every knock on Harden’s game there’s about a dozen exceptional qualities. But for this project we explored some of those imperfections. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some unnecessarily detailed charts to make. *bass boosted trap sax begins to play in the background*
DIFFERENT NAME Pred 12 dnevi
You showed one graph this season in his first 5 games right now he’s on pace to have a better season than last year which was the best offensive season of all time
idealcommentary Pred 15 dnevi
Aidan Williams thank you!!! So far off on this video lol
idealcommentary Pred 15 dnevi
The per 100 possessions stat isn’t really applicable here because that is team possessions rather than player possessions (so that stat is obviously going to favor players with higher usage rates like Harden - in other words, the stat does not correlate well to individual player scoring efficiency in this context)
Diestro Terrero
Diestro Terrero Pred 19 dnevi
JxmyHighroller NBA these days is about fouls and free throws this remains me the 2002 Lakers vs Kings and 2016 finals win by refs giving fouls to the winners team I think NBA IS FIXED when they want to for money or ranting
Diestro Terrero
Diestro Terrero Pred 19 dnevi
JxmyHighroller great video brother I would like you to show all the nba scoring champions so people can see greatness
Shovel Pred 2 dnevi
rasta man
rasta man Pred 2 dnevi
Exactly the same with Russ's triple doubles. Good for the stats, bad for the team.
Chris McLaughlin
Chris McLaughlin Pred 2 dnevi
Y’all just gonna forget wilts 50 points per game season
Craig Stargell
Craig Stargell Pred 3 dnevi
He said don’t ask why I picked 11 players instead of 10 idk beats me I’m dead😭😭😭😭😭
Ayyan Ramin Tamjeed
Ayyan Ramin Tamjeed Pred 4 dnevi
darrell is wrong but let me tell you how wrong
BoBBy DiGiTaL Pred 9 dnevi
What if...??? Unicorns existed I could fk Scarlett’s Johansson
BoBBy DiGiTaL Pred 9 dnevi
Why is it that whenever Michael Jordan is brought about not being the best player ever it’s like your shitting on him not propping up another player...sigh
Jazga Pred 9 dnevi
Weird... Seems like you had made your mind and then worked back to reach that conclusion?
Drip Wellington
Drip Wellington Pred 10 dnevi
Lmaoooo that ending
Nicolas Di Dio
Nicolas Di Dio Pred 10 dnevi
If jordan played in this era I believe he’s averaging 45
Galaxy Buckets
Galaxy Buckets Pred 11 dnevi
Harden is just a baby
Galaxy Buckets
Galaxy Buckets Pred 11 dnevi
I don't know about that play at 730
BARUtubbig Pred 11 dnevi
Think you should include all players here, Luka and Giannis for example are really close to Harden. Also it should be per game, not total. He just plays more as well.
kobe Siemers
kobe Siemers Pred 12 dnevi
When he says right get your popcorn ready
Tomas Elvir
Tomas Elvir Pred 12 dnevi
Jxmyhighroller’s voice makes this channel so special. It’s iconic
Adam Lenk
Adam Lenk Pred 12 dnevi
Sooooo basically if Harding wasn't kind of an a**hole and constantly drawing contact and bending the rules, he probably wouldn't even be an average player in the league... Smooth
Sports Guru
Sports Guru Pred 13 dnevi
I like the replacement for trap sax But I like Trap sax better
Sports Are life
Sports Are life Pred 13 dnevi
Jxmy was an A+ student in school
specimen beats
specimen beats Pred 14 dnevi
F harden
iPsiiKo Olivier
iPsiiKo Olivier Pred 14 dnevi
why tf is nadeshot there go back to call of duty !
Hoopfan83 Pred 14 dnevi
Jane's harden plays no d. Kobe n Mike did. Lockdown d.
Hoopfan83 Pred 14 dnevi
These career stats say alot for kobe bryant being that his first couple seasons and last few were not very productive.
Zois Antonopoulos
Zois Antonopoulos Pred 14 dnevi
Its sad it has to be this way. I hope harden changes his ways because that will never win a chip.
giorgos pap
giorgos pap Pred 15 dnevi
Elijah LaCross
Elijah LaCross Pred 16 dnevi
you know nothing about high level play if you have this take about his free throws. Refs catch on if players bullshit calls all the time, and Harden doesn’t bullshit anymore than other players, hes simply unguardable for almost anyone.
JERI KO Pred 16 dnevi
Trashy video .
BRTxNL Pred 16 dnevi
Harden's style of basketball is like getting nukes in COD MW2 with a noobtube. Yeah, sure, it's part of the game and you're technically following the rules but you're also just a bit of cunt for doing it and your accomplishments should not be taken as seriously.
Freddy Arkalji
Freddy Arkalji Pred 17 dnevi
And u make it sound like harden is terrible
Freddy Arkalji
Freddy Arkalji Pred 17 dnevi
This guy has a chart for everthing
a human
a human Pred 17 dnevi
what about the playoffs...😂😂😂😂
Nova NP
Nova NP Pred 17 dnevi
"harden:s former teammate" uh ok
Taxi NBA 2k20
Taxi NBA 2k20 Pred 17 dnevi
MJ has better Shot IQ
Ayden Taylor
Ayden Taylor Pred 18 dnevi
Anyone know where he gets all his numbers from?
Hoover E Londono
Hoover E Londono Pred 18 dnevi
Damm well jimmy the guy is milking it. For 30,000,000 a yr I would do the same
Cale Keene
Cale Keene Pred 19 dnevi
Regarding 7:27 - If Lou Will or Kyrie Irving were able to shoot 110 free throws this season, they absolutely would. That chart is a testament to just how good Harden is. People just like to complain bv it's "not fun to watch"
hittman Pred 19 dnevi
JxmyHighroller is the greatest youtuber of all time (GYOAT). And once again MJ needs to stop being disrespected
AMWR6 Pred 19 dnevi
5:30 Westbrook is still his teammate
RonteThoee Pred 20 dnevi
I need you to make a part 2 with hardens now 😴
Atoms Matter
Atoms Matter Pred 21 dnevom
Well he scores a lot because he shoots a lot.....40 to 50 field goals a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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