HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo vs. Sergey Kovalev 

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Ruiz vs. Joshua 2 (December 7)
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3. nov. 2019

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Erick Gomez-Mendez
Erick Gomez-Mendez Pred 17 dnevi
I’m still waiting for 5th gear . Canelo:ight I’m about to knock him out!!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Liam Pred 3 dnevi
I LIKE LEGAL MEXICANS NOT ILLEGAL... I have Mexican friends who support trump
Isaias Ruiz
Isaias Ruiz Pred 3 dnevi
Angel Tega
Angel Tega Pred 7 dnevi
Angel Tega
Angel Tega Pred 7 dnevi
No ur not
Paul Zarate
Paul Zarate Pred 10 dnevi
@A.T X bvsilrd
El jazy tv
El jazy tv Pred 6 urami
That was a clean ko
Eli JoJo
Eli JoJo Pred 14 urami
Reminds me of mike Tyson vs Tyrell Biggs just punished him
Ivan Borovnjak
Ivan Borovnjak Pred 19 urami
I wonder how much Canelo weighed in on fight night ,he looks bigger here then on weigh in?!
Eddie M
Eddie M Pred 17 urami
If I heard right, the announcers said 178 so 3 pounds more
Justin Yang
Justin Yang Pred 20 urami
I always told those GGG fan's that Carnelo is the true champion....I wonder if they still think their fighter is a champion now??? And oh yea GGG lost the fight against Dereyanchenko for sure straight robbery. 4xChamp Carnelo!!! Viva Mexico!!!🇲🇽
Cota D'angelo
Cota D'angelo Pred 21 uro
Bueh, no veo a los mexicanos comentando para desacreditar a Canelo...pensar que tienen un gran gran boxeador y no le dan el respeto ni el lugar que se merece. Grande Canelo!! saludos desde Argentina
Quayshawn Austin
Quayshawn Austin Pred 21 uro
A Crackhead
A Crackhead Pred 15 urami
Quayshawn Austin yeah right
Magallanes Ohana
Magallanes Ohana Pred dnevom
Am I the only one that thinks there’s too much people in the ring I wish DAZN would gain little bit more experience maybe hire some HBO or Showtime guys coordinators to create some smooth running boxing events but for sure too much people in the ring too chaotic
francisco medina
francisco medina Pred dnevom
Its weird that kovalev ko yarde round 11 and canelo no kovalev round 11
The Sevilla Show Everyone
He was mimicking Luffy and jumped to 5th gear, no Bounce Man.
guillermo luna
guillermo luna Pred dnevom
canelo true cartel of boxing cheers con un chela viva Mexico cabrones
VictorinoL42712 Pred 2 dnevi
Canelo out here ending racism.. Kirkland, Khan, Kovalev 😂
CHITO2800 Pred 2 dnevi
Andre Ward ruined kovalev career! He has not been the same since .
Wow Legend
Wow Legend Pred 2 dnevi
GGG beat canelo twice and yet canelo has GGGs belt, boxing is so rigged.
Eddie M
Eddie M Pred 17 urami
Yeah boxing is rigged, ggg didn’t win his last fight. He got hurt bad with a one eyed opponent
Abraham Pred 2 dnevi
" iM sTiLL wAitInG fOr 4tH gEaR "
Eric Lin
Eric Lin Pred 2 dnevi
Canelo gunna become a heavyweight now and fight deontay wilder for wbc title
Martinez Aguedo
Martinez Aguedo Pred 3 dnevi
Porque no izo eso con GGG
325hpls1 Pred 3 dnevi
This kind of reminds me of when people are jealous about 6 cylinder turbo engines beating the bigger and stronger V8 motors..... Canelo is no V8 motor he is a monster B6 twin turbo charged killer
pworldthug 69
pworldthug 69 Pred 3 dnevi
Andre ward will beat canelo
Bulmaro Vera
Bulmaro Vera Pred 3 dnevi
Pinche pecoso sin vergüenza tú el viejo corrupto del sulaiman y el de la hoya están quitándole seriedad al boxeo con razón Chávez no habla lo que debe decir no dudo que le den un campeonato a Daniel para volver a hacer lo que le hicieron a maravillaMartines y hacer campeón al irresponsable. Junior que poca.......
Carlos Caballero
Carlos Caballero Pred 2 dnevi
Llora como vieja ardida, arriba el campeón canelo
Razor Rela
Razor Rela Pred 3 dnevi
Kovalev Absolutely dominated canelo in this fight. Canelo got the knockout because kova got lazy and fatigued. He showed the same behavior when he lost against Alvarez last year. Props to canelo for defeating him but kovalev outshined him in this fight. He deserves a rematch 💯
El viejo Marijuano
El viejo Marijuano Pred 3 dnevi
Le ponen a puro que ya va al retiro 😬
Myst1c L3g3nd
Myst1c L3g3nd Pred 3 dnevi
Andy Ruiz Jr vs Canelo Alvarez Best battle of the decade
CliptoClip Pred 3 dnevi
Austin Roccaro
Austin Roccaro Pred 2 dnevi
viva el rey palomo
viva el rey palomo Pred 3 dnevi
Chino maidana va por vos canelo
Carlos Caballero
Carlos Caballero Pred 3 dnevi
Chino marrana pierde con canelo, arriba México
T.Lian Pred 3 dnevi
canelo vs pac man
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Pred 3 dnevi
Canelo is a Killer !!!!
Bryan C
Bryan C Pred 3 dnevi
This is way better to watch instead of some youtubers fight like rookies.
Israel Diaz
Israel Diaz Pred 4 dnevi
At 3:17 kovalev landed a hard right cross on canelo's chin kovalev would only trow the right hand to counter canelo.because every time kovalev trew a hard right hand canelo would slip it and counter him with a right uppercut to the body. left hooks to the body and left hooks to the chin.
JC Gabriel Bernal
JC Gabriel Bernal Pred 4 dnevi
En el 9 minuto 1.30 le meten un putazo a canelo y luego luego c da cuenta q lo lastima y c amarra no mamen esta super comprada esta pelea
JC Gabriel Bernal
JC Gabriel Bernal Pred 4 dnevi
Pinche pelea luego luego c vio comprada
DarkRattle Pred 4 dnevi
Man Canelo got a mean af high guard game why don't we ever talk about that?
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez Pred 4 dnevi
Did they delay the fight because of the UFC fight that night ?
Javiguapoo Pred 4 dnevi
I want to see canelo vs spencer jr or canelo va Saunders
Glicerio Estevez
Glicerio Estevez Pred 4 dnevi
Me hubiera gustado ver esta pelea hace unos años atrás cuando sergey kovalev estaba en sus mejores momento no ahora que ya está de retirada ha perdido su gran pegada su rapidez y reflejo, no le quito el mérito a Saul Álvarez pero a este hombre no le hubiera sido muy fácil noquearlo hace unos años atrás cuando era el krusher ahora ya su tiempo terminó
Armando 5
Armando 5 Pred 4 dnevi
That knockout looks suspect
daniel flores
daniel flores Pred 4 dnevi
no mamen esta bendidisima esa pelea cobalev nunca pelea asi
El Ram
El Ram Pred 4 dnevi
5k Down-votes? Becauuuse??? Are some that sensitive that you'd down-vote a highlight video of the facts??? If you're that weak, even to the point of negating reality...your comments are not to be taken seriously...not even for mere consideration.
Francisco Moreno
Francisco Moreno Pred 4 dnevi
Haters gonna hate. They expected Kovalev to KO Canelo OR Canelo winning the decision, so they can cry ROBBERY. HOWEVER, these hating bums, didn't expect a Canelo KO of Kovalev...👊
Terrance Hibler
Terrance Hibler Pred 4 dnevi
When did this fight happen
elvez1231 Pred 4 dnevi
Two big-time class acts!!!
Jhon Famo
Jhon Famo Pred 4 dnevi
fawad khan
fawad khan Pred 4 dnevi
ggg should be given a last chance against canelo...
Darnell Davis
Darnell Davis Pred 5 dnevi
How is this man not p4p? 🤔 y’all mfs trippin trippin
Fino loks
Fino loks Pred 5 dnevi
canelo fights like a lion on the hunt slow calculated and presides. eye on the pray.
Black Star
Black Star Pred 5 dnevi
i will never understand why mexicans dont like canelo
Carlos Caballero
Carlos Caballero Pred 2 dnevi
@Black Star i mexican 100% I was born in Guadalajara Jalisco. Soy mexicano entero, nacido en Guadalajara México
Black Star
Black Star Pred 2 dnevi
@A A julio cesar chavez was a white boy and mexicans loved him
Black Star
Black Star Pred 2 dnevi
@Carlos Caballero i ment mexicans who dont speak english, you are probably chicano not mexican
A A Pred 3 dnevi
Prolly because he's a white boy
Carlos Caballero
Carlos Caballero Pred 3 dnevi
I mexican and i love canelo
jonavuka Pred 5 dnevi
think canelo heard the commentator
Mei Wei
Mei Wei Pred 5 dnevi
It looks like a fix fight set for canilo to win
Jose G
Jose G Pred 5 dnevi
Kovalev had a price and Canelo the 💰, just saying
Joe Momma a Hoe
Joe Momma a Hoe Pred 3 dnevi
Too many fighters die in the ring for you to think it's a fix sport , with your bs conspiracies
Uncle Peaceful nih
Uncle Peaceful nih Pred 5 dnevi
This truly shows just how great Mayweather was, to beat this guy... amazing.
max 61
max 61 Pred 5 dnevi
@Nate Higgers your right but not on his prime at all 💯
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers Pred 5 dnevi
He 21 or 22
Uncle Peaceful nih
Uncle Peaceful nih Pred 5 dnevi
@max 61 yeah beating light heavy weights at will, still got utmost respect for both fighters
max 61
max 61 Pred 5 dnevi
Don't really count canelo was a kid but because of that lost look at canelo now your half right
Duvy Boss
Duvy Boss Pred 6 dnevi
pinche pelea arreglada....
Andres Acevedo
Andres Acevedo Pred 6 dnevi
Ed un fraude esta pelea!!! Kovalev nunca tuvo la intención de dañar a canelo
Randy White
Randy White Pred 6 dnevi
Still a Canelo fan. Glad he won. Still having a problem getting past his use of steroids . That's a blemish on your record that will never go away. I'm just being honest about it. Really let me down.
Randy White
Randy White Pred 4 dnevi
Francisco Moreno he wasn’t cleared of any wrong doing such as taking illegal drugs he was suspended for it. He had to pass many drug test to be certified to fight again. He was cleared to fight after his suspension was up. I believe it was 6 months. If that’s what you mean by cleared. But he was suspended. Are you angry because I hold people to their honesty. Or just mad because I brought it up. But it is true . You can do your homework and google all of it. While your at it you can find where he is having a little trouble with the law about some guy he beat up over a girl.
Francisco Moreno
Francisco Moreno Pred 4 dnevi
@Randy White He wasn't cleared? So how did he fight GGGimmick the 2and time? You can't fight, if you aren't cleared sucka. Do you even know what Clenbuterol is? Some Canelo fan you are lol...🤦‍♂️
Randy White
Randy White Pred 4 dnevi
@Francisco Moreno well sucka he wasn't cleared. He was suspended. That why the ggg fight was delayed. He used the excuse they all use. Must of been the meat. But really it don't matter. It's just the way I feel about cheats. Believe what you want.
Francisco Moreno
Francisco Moreno Pred 4 dnevi
Lol. You ain't no fan sucka. He was cleared with a drug test. Only haters keep bringing the "drug cheat" excuse EVERYTIME...🤦‍♂️
ChewyB Pred 6 dnevi
The only thing that can beat him is Time
Empresario1308 Pred 6 dnevi
Nothing new here, kids. Canelo is as big of a cherry picker as Floyd was. Floyd’s career is full of low risk high reward matches. True great champions like Ali, Leanord, Duran, Chavez, Hagler etc, faced other great champions WHEN these other great champions were in their prime years, unlike Mayweather who never faced a great top of the line future Hall of famer in the opponent’s’ prime. One thing is to face a washed up DLH on his way out, and unfortunately an addict, and another is to face a DLH in his prime years when he defeated Chavez. Unfortunately, the people that get upset when are told the truth about Floyd, know and understand very little about the once upon a time beautiful sport. ✌️
Adolfo Camarena
Adolfo Camarena Pred 6 dnevi
Aguebo canelo tela rifaste 🇲🇽
Blake Dweirick
Blake Dweirick Pred 6 dnevi
Have to start mentioning canelos name in goat status convos. A single loss on his record to another all time great when he was just a puppy...canelo keeps busting down barriers. 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Anthony Lapuma
Anthony Lapuma Pred 6 dnevi
Since golden boy promotions just signed a 365 million dollar contract with canelo for 11 fights is canelo going to fight any competitive fights or are we going to be bored even more w/ fights everyone already knows he can win?
Rmc Cis
Rmc Cis Pred 6 dnevi
, 1st one of Canelos fights I missed. And he did this!!! Wow, did they say he is the light heavy weight champ of the world? So that would mean in 2 years he has conquered 3 weight divisions, if so. Either way when his work is done he did have a legendary career and broke more records then the rest.
el mago
el mago Pred 6 dnevi
Una oferta de una compañía a Canelo,después de terminar con Dazn por más de 500 millones.
Steve Hernandez
Steve Hernandez Pred 6 dnevi
10k people dont know this fight was fix .