I Bought The World's MOST EXPENSIVE PENCIL ($10,000) | ZHC 

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You won't believe how much this pencil costs! Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching! :)
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9. jan. 2020

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ZHC Pred 16 dnevi
I spent more than $10,000 on a pencil! Right after I bought it I found a used one for around $3,500 lol :(( Hope you guys enjoyed! Can't wait to show you guys what I have planned for 2020! This is going to be the biggest year for the channel! Love you guys!
Exctinct Orange
Exctinct Orange Pred 9 dnevi
Hey ZHC I have a challenge for you are you able to Martin Luther king JR on a apple pen just try
Queen Jas
Queen Jas Pred 10 dnevi
Hey Zhc you should enter me in a AirPods or iPhone giveaway love you ❤️
Nesty potatoes
Nesty potatoes Pred 10 dnevi
Hey zhc I saw your airpod video is there a way I could send it to you for you to customize?
REDSTONHERO 383 Pred 10 dnevi
REDSTONHERO 383 Pred 10 dnevi
Is your friend or your brother?
Emily ibarra
Emily ibarra Pred dnevom
can we have two pencil please
Jeffrey Morris
Jeffrey Morris Pred dnevom
zhc you need a haircut
Øyvind Rodal
Øyvind Rodal Pred dnevom
Anil Ackling
Anil Ackling Pred dnevom
Can you draw ninja for 24 hours
Sara-Maria Tudosie
Sara-Maria Tudosie Pred dnevom
We will, we will, Rock you!
Theron Gaming
Theron Gaming Pred dnevom
This day is my birthday
triggered 21
triggered 21 Pred dnevom
Русский чел лайкнет этот коммент потому что нихуя не понял в этом видео
Chitu Joshi
Chitu Joshi Pred 2 dnevi
bolhassan shazwani
bolhassan shazwani Pred 2 dnevi
If that pencil can help me during cheating my exam...maybeeeee I considered to buy that
bolhassan shazwani
bolhassan shazwani Pred 2 dnevi
His mom got point...wasting 10,000 $ for pencil
brother&sister War
brother&sister War Pred 2 dnevi
me litarly crying because they get along so well
Noahgamer Høgh
Noahgamer Høgh Pred 2 dnevi
stevee is sooo aanoing
Doyouwannahavefun Pred 2 dnevi
Nice house!
Zeanna Solomon
Zeanna Solomon Pred 2 dnevi
This pencil was made on my birthday lol
Kiara THOMSEN Pred 2 dnevi
Are they real gems in the eyes?
Kiara THOMSEN Pred 2 dnevi
Kpopc _x hahaha true! 😀
Kpopc _x
Kpopc _x Pred 2 dnevi
Well I'd hope, after all it was $11000 😂😂
get noobed
get noobed Pred 2 dnevi
Next day Goes to school Where did my pencil go?
Syn Beast
Syn Beast Pred 2 dnevi
I started watching you at 300k subs, then stopped then 500k then stop then Like 2 million then stop then 3 mill THEN YOUR AT 6 MIL, YOUR GROWING FAST AS A YT AND ARTIST
Just Gigi 11
Just Gigi 11 Pred 2 dnevi
Lol he just yeeets it.
Fab Palacios
Fab Palacios Pred 2 dnevi
When a Spoiled kid uses a expensive pen to roll Pizza dough😐😂 5:05
the fingerboard dude
Can I win the pen and pencil
Julien Crt
Julien Crt Pred 2 dnevi
tallan medeiros
tallan medeiros Pred 2 dnevi
Next do the worlds most expensive paper IK AMAZING IDEA LIKE FR DO IT
Karla Castro
Karla Castro Pred 2 dnevi
Please give me the Apple Watch please I already told you the comments on TikTok please make me as one winner
Joaquin Lopez
Joaquin Lopez Pred 2 dnevi
I love your artwork
FaKe Tarek
FaKe Tarek Pred 2 dnevi
Can u bought me a pen from Apple 🍎 😉😂😂😂
Khalid Rassib
Khalid Rassib Pred 2 dnevi
Syaziana Farisha
Syaziana Farisha Pred 3 dnevi
xyriel alexa salazar
ZHC- gives away apple watches Me who live in taal and left my pc and other stuff there- *i felt that*
Aoplonmb 21
Aoplonmb 21 Pred 3 dnevi
mighty dragon
mighty dragon Pred 3 dnevi
lucky can you buy me only one pen because I followed you and never get giveaway or a piece of ur art because I really like I've been following you and vexx and gawx art for like 4 year .
CornB0b Pred 3 dnevi
Zach: Is it noise cancelling l Steve: Yeah I cant hear anything Hmmm....
Hidden Hood
Hidden Hood Pred 3 dnevi
Do that know how permanent fountain pen ink is
Santiago BOSS :v
Santiago BOSS :v Pred 3 dnevi
like si quieres ser igual de millonario que ZHC
Walter Borromeo
Walter Borromeo Pred 3 dnevi
While I was watching this I was eating pizza 🍕
You Tube
You Tube Pred 3 dnevi
ZHC I hope I win the GiVeAwAy I'm an artist myself not only that but always wished to have an apple watch and much less have one from the one and only ZHC WOULD MEAN SO MUCH TO ME much support
Ralph Donn
Ralph Donn Pred 3 dnevi
Can steve draw more
Rodrigo Rodas
Rodrigo Rodas Pred 3 dnevi
Hola soy el único
Agustin Ramirez
Agustin Ramirez Pred 3 dnevi
La mejor pluma ya la quiero
Senpai Pred 3 dnevi
Who waste 11k on a fricken pen ?!?!?!?!
Alex_00 0
Alex_00 0 Pred 3 dnevi
TEDZ Z Pred 3 dnevi
Ronnal Hernández
Ronnal Hernández Pred 3 dnevi
Que no os engañen fijo lo compro en el chino de la esquina por 5 €
Maaz Talpur
Maaz Talpur Pred 4 dnevi
I see you have bought an 11000 dollar pencil, so now give me 1000 dollars🥺🥺 Please I need a new pc for my birthday gift, aka nobody gave me a gift😭
Maaz Talpur
Maaz Talpur Pred 4 dnevi
I am also subscribed so now please give me the 1000 dollars as I will be really happy🥺🥺
Elyijah Cabrera
Elyijah Cabrera Pred 4 dnevi
vdg arulmozhi
vdg arulmozhi Pred 4 dnevi
Super pen ZHC
Jacob Mossdorf
Jacob Mossdorf Pred 4 dnevi
Eyy Zch, Meisterstück is german anf means Masterpiece
U boxing prefection
곽민기 Pred 4 dnevi
More of a pen
곽민기 Pred 4 dnevi
I don’t. Think this is a pencil?
jorgenbaybay capilitan
Theres a pencil thats 100,000
atamjit pandher
atamjit pandher Pred 4 dnevi
You are a artist mr beast
Tushar Mahanta
Tushar Mahanta Pred 4 dnevi
you are crazy bro Joi aai axom Jai hind
Dee Law
Dee Law Pred 4 dnevi
Did all
Wieni Albino
Wieni Albino Pred 4 dnevi
You are amazing ❤️❤️❤️🌈
Alvaro Garrido
Alvaro Garrido Pred 4 dnevi
wut song is that
Vishos Pred 4 dnevi
Este video es tan estresante This video is so stressful Pero me gustan mucho estos videos :) But I like so much this video :)
Anders Robinson
Anders Robinson Pred 4 dnevi
I’m a little late just 36mins late ohfff☹️
raneem almahamed
raneem almahamed Pred 4 dnevi
I will love to get one
Meego Pred 4 dnevi