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This week on Instant Influencer, the competition gets real when our artists have to apologize for a scandal. 😭 I also invited some of my favorite SLvidrs for a collab challenge. How will these aspiring artists match up with some of the biggest names in beauty?
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8. maj. 2020

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Alana cullom
Alana cullom Pred 4 urami
I was literally thinking “hey, what if louie walked in” 😭
Hélio Arnaldo Massingue
I love Bennyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Kate Monge
Kate Monge Pred 5 urami
Its was funny went Katelyn say hey stupidas bruh girl got that
Nancy Marroquin
Nancy Marroquin Pred 5 urami
Kate Monge
Kate Monge Pred 5 urami
Benny is my favorite he always do great 😍
Nelle B
Nelle B Pred 5 urami
This dog is sooooooooooooooo cute to
bella brown
bella brown Pred 5 urami
Everyone hating on Norvina but she just has like a super professional side and and I feel like she gives amazing constructive criticism
Perezs11 Pred 6 urami
The colabs where funny cuz they felt like they where gettin criticized like if they where on the show lol
Lauryn Howell
Lauryn Howell Pred 6 urami
I wanna know the kind of shit talking session that nikita and bretman had after this lmao
Lauryn Howell
Lauryn Howell Pred 6 urami
Everyone's talking about bretman looking uncomfortable but did y'all see Nyma 😭 girl was literally twisting her mouth I don't think she smiled once lmao
Sniper_ Aliyah
Sniper_ Aliyah Pred 6 urami
benny was trying too hard to be funny lmao we can see the pain in bretman face.
Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast Pred 7 urami
i feel like everyone would’ve made a great video if they worked on the video on their own time instead of 3 hours, if they all were to collab outside of instant influencer i would’ve totally watched their videos :)
Ishi GotTalent
Ishi GotTalent Pred 7 urami
I am so excited for the next episode!James is so great
Rhiannon craver
Rhiannon craver Pred 7 urami
Ashley and Nikita better be friends in the future I sweaaaaaar
Rebecca Dugger
Rebecca Dugger Pred 7 urami
FunnieMonkee Pred 7 urami
Omgggggg Louie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Marshay Dianne
Marshay Dianne Pred 8 urami
Ashley looks like the Barbie doll I always wanted as a kid 💕💕💕 Yessss
Lillian Kelley
Lillian Kelley Pred 8 urami
Benny is just to much for me...
Karina Matveiciuc
Karina Matveiciuc Pred 8 urami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="790">13:10</a> i love how hes just admiring himself
Bunnabelle Pred 9 urami
The fact Gabriel smiled as he got eliminated really is inspiring. It shows that he learned from the experience and was just happy with that. He understood he could have done better. Really great person you can just see from that clip.
Yaniry Vasquez
Yaniry Vasquez Pred 10 urami
Adrienne Hamrick
Adrienne Hamrick Pred 10 urami
bro whenever james said "its a competition" to benny was an absolute burnnn
BlueMouse_Draws Pred 11 urami
When James came in looking pissed, I was like "Oh shit..." come to find out that dude was faking 😂😂
Chloe Abela
Chloe Abela Pred 11 urami
I love jamess
Bakugou’s_ Høe
Bakugou’s_ Høe Pred 12 urami
I literally (not really) jumped out of my seat when I saw sister Nikita on screen. Like boo yess queen
Kayla Lee
Kayla Lee Pred 12 urami
james could never do my makeup xD i have tourettes and it would just be something else
Anais Larson
Anais Larson Pred 12 urami
At the end when James Charles was talking to Gabriel he looked like he wanted to kill James Charles
Deep hug
Deep hug Pred 11 urami
I feel like bretman was low key annoyed by Benny, like being annoying and dramatic isn’t quirky... :-/
brooklyn simpson
brooklyn simpson Pred 13 urami
im cringing at benny he js trying wayyy to hard with bret
John Cena
John Cena Pred 13 urami
Not even a James stan but like- mad props to him for eliminating them in a nice way.
Goalie_ 25
Goalie_ 25 Pred 14 urami
reminder for myself: im at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1020">17:00</a>
BakingwithAudrey Pred 15 urami
Stop saying b****
Luna Solis
Luna Solis Pred 15 urami
I need kailins jacket
/ K&RLA \
/ K&RLA \ Pred 15 urami
i wouldn’t know how to act if i got to collab with louie😍😅
Megan Snyder
Megan Snyder Pred 16 urami
Hey James. love ya!
Ava Broxton
Ava Broxton Pred 16 urami
Bro Ashley and Nikita where the best group in my opinion. They where being themselves. And I feel like Ashley didn’t make it weird.
ayazdani74 Pred 17 urami
Nikita and Ashley became besties in two secs and there seriously the same ppl `QWQ
Only Zoe Jane
Only Zoe Jane Pred 17 urami
Yayyyyy there is another doggggg!!!!!!
Maddeline Lasky
Maddeline Lasky Pred 17 urami
Anybody want a season five of escape the night and have James Charles in it?
prancydancy dancer
prancydancy dancer Pred 17 urami
Same shoe team spent 10 mins twirling and walking pretty no hate 😊
genny mescudi
genny mescudi Pred 18 urami
I cringed when James introduced Nyma. “advocate for inclusivity”...um what? She’s also a great SLvidr/influencer her daum self
ItzWerg MSP
ItzWerg MSP Pred 18 urami
I feel like bretman was low key annoyed by Benny, like being annoying and dramatic isn’t quirky... :-/
Sabrina Alston
Sabrina Alston Pred 18 urami
Can we just appreciate the fact that this is free
Abdelrhman Ayman
Abdelrhman Ayman Pred 19 urami
Mila Pred 19 urami
Iris van Meijeren
Iris van Meijeren Pred 20 urami
Im dying😂😂 its not clicking😂😂
Jahnjae Zarkar
Jahnjae Zarkar Pred 20 urami
Can we talk about how nikita and ashley were literally best friends at first sight
AKC Pred 20 urami
Do someone of you guys see them on tik tok
Sabertoothcubs Pred 20 urami
Nikita's pants are the same as niki demar at the 3 sister living in a small house for 24 hours
reina canas
reina canas Pred 20 urami
Gabriel and nyma’s collab was awkward lol
Kate Sutcliffe
Kate Sutcliffe Pred 20 urami
Love it ! Xx
Ana Dukic
Ana Dukic Pred 20 urami
umm idk why im commenting just felt like it
Marie Zed
Marie Zed Pred 21 uro
bro i would click on ashley's video and it was so good!! proud
Marie Zed
Marie Zed Pred 21 uro
they looked so bored watching benny's video rip i felt so bad
Jansen Lazatin
Jansen Lazatin Pred 21 uro
I love benny so much!!!!
Btch Luv
Btch Luv Pred 22 urami
Aliah Garcia
Aliah Garcia Pred 22 urami
i hate your youtube videos
Esmeralda Pompa
Esmeralda Pompa Pred 23 urami
Esmeralda Pompa
Esmeralda Pompa Pred 23 urami
Kailey Kerr
Kailey Kerr Pred 23 urami
Ashley and Nikita were made to be partners I am fans of both and watch them like if they were awesome together (Ashley did the best in all episodes in my opinion)
Kaitlyn KK
Kaitlyn KK Pred 23 urami
Louie and James look alike
ShannonGaming9 Pred 23 urami
When I was the thumbnail I was like nooooooooooo! Not Benny! Then I watched the video and I realized he wasn't eliminated thank goodness
Ayna d
Ayna d Pred dnevom
benny overdid the ruined makeup
Isabel Stewart
Isabel Stewart Pred dnevom
I feel like Gabriel would be more progressive on instagram not SLvid!
Carleigh Matherly
Carleigh Matherly Pred dnevom
Can you watch this on Netflix or Hulu or what?
Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez Pred dnevom
I hate that benny kid or whatever his name is
Cadence Cameron
Cadence Cameron Pred dnevom
James scared me so much.
Lily_ Hazel
Lily_ Hazel Pred dnevom
I really want Nikita and Ashley to do a real collab.
Lily_ Hazel
Lily_ Hazel Pred dnevom
James: Less profanity Bretman: 👄
Melissa Moronta
Melissa Moronta Pred dnevom
Ashley is so beautiful omg 🥺😍😍
Melissa Moronta
Melissa Moronta Pred dnevom
Ashley is so beautiful omg 🥺😍😍
Bella Vena
Bella Vena Pred dnevom
They should of done a n word one 😭shsvgssi
Mila. Pred dnevom
Of all the videos Ashley stood out the most in my opinion she was the one that seemed the most genuine and the editing was on point.
Abigail Gwaltney
Abigail Gwaltney Pred dnevom
My 3 favorites made it to the finals 😁❤️
Thanh Vo
Thanh Vo Pred dnevom
I love how they just changed thier whole mood during the editing process-
elle espy
elle espy Pred dnevom
I got second hand embarrassment from benny's video
Kate Lee
Kate Lee Pred dnevom
James: calls norvina iconic James 30 seconds later: personally I’m a little bored of the word iconic... it’s overused Norvina: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1097">18:17</a>
Aubri Hall
Aubri Hall Pred dnevom
they are talking about explaining more and talk more but they only had a 5 min video
Black Simon
Black Simon Pred dnevom
Krusty Crystal
Krusty Crystal Pred dnevom
Gabriel’s so cute 🥺
harpsicle _
harpsicle _ Pred dnevom
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="406">6:46</a> 😂😂🤷‍♀️
aubrey moher
aubrey moher Pred dnevom
benny was trying waaaayyyy to hard like way to hard it was annoying and cringy
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