I painted a mural on my bedroom wall 

Joana Ceddia
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What happens when I move out? I have severe attachment issues so how am I expected to cut this wall out of my parents house and take it with me to my humble new abode? I should have thought that through more, shouldn't I?
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3. nov. 2019

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Your mom gay 696969
Your mom gay 696969 Pred 17 dnevi
Joana I love your channel but this video was completely terrible I don’t click on a SLvid video to see an 18 year old woman complaining about deleting half of the footage for 50% of the video rather than just talking about the painting, your jokes are not funny anymore, I unsubscribed and hope for the best for your dark looking future I still have hope one day I can call this a good channel again.
rachel Opoku
rachel Opoku Pred 14 dnevi
Yo wanted to be the 500th comment
AmirInUniverse -
AmirInUniverse - Pred 15 dnevi
Your mom gay 696969 This is a joke y’all Look at the last sentence and tell me that isn’t a joke.
Megan Polmanteer
Megan Polmanteer Pred 15 dnevi
last one to reply!
jesegrocu Pred 16 dnevi
STFU Boomer!
Pepa da frog Daughter
Me: No one: Did I mention no one: Joanna: I dElEtEd ThE fOoTaGe
Tanor Pred 8 urami
Take a shot every time she says, “I deleted half the footage.”
Senpai Wolf
Senpai Wolf Pred 9 urami
Whos a real fan of Joana Meeeeee
YT C 0 0 L C A T
YT C 0 0 L C A T Pred 14 urami
We will now have a moment of silence for those who did not make it through to the final cut of the video. Rest in pop tarts deleted footage. 2019-2019
Jude Barakat
Jude Barakat Pred 16 urami
You’ve grown so much my child... one day you will become a avocado truly
Jude Barakat
Jude Barakat Pred 16 urami
Can we just take a moment and appreciate how many times she keeps saying “I deleted half of the footage.”
Ava Dixon
Ava Dixon Pred 17 urami
Honestly I don’t think you should worry about the footage you lost! It came out amazing and you are really talented!
Cory Ahern
Cory Ahern Pred 18 urami
Dear John, i am a highly respected social media consultant.. my rate is a very reasonable $50,000/hour if interested but can offer a free tip if thine wants to be a successful influencer on this platform... if you have footage to upload for content you shouldn't delete it because then you won't be able to upload it.
Miranda Johnson
Miranda Johnson Pred 18 urami
The Mood of this video is real. I've deleted valuable stuff by accident before without meaning to as well.
Luna Chamorro
Luna Chamorro Pred dnevom
Joana, never trust an edited comment
Gxcha Rxse
Gxcha Rxse Pred dnevom
I love your channel. You are funny,creative,smart and every video gets a laugh out of me 😂 I don’t care what the haters think I just love this painting you made and they should too. Love you ❤️
Mia Pred dnevom
why is no one talking about 7:47 *Voldemort was like 6 horcruxes in to coming back to life, and he was giving off major rat boy vibes*
Cory Ahern
Cory Ahern Pred dnevom
her face at 5:33 lmao
Kermit Scooter ankle
I love your channel Joana but the fact that you couldn't Film this well enough that it almost looks like half the footage was deleted is unbelievable. I'm leaving and wont come back until you an 18 yr old woman can learn how to film smh.
Kermit Scooter ankle
Kermit Scooter ankle Pred 22 urami
@Gxcha Rxse r/woooosh
Gxcha Rxse
Gxcha Rxse Pred dnevom
Kermit Scooter ankle maybe you should learn how to comment. Look, at least she did something. You should appreciate that. Also here’s a SLvid tip, if you don’t have something nice to comment, don’t comment anything at all.
SushiPillow Aesthetic
joana i fricking love your channel 🤠🤠🤠 i have been watching your videos for at least 5 months so i hope you keep making great and funny progress bye queen
Lucy Campbell
Lucy Campbell Pred dnevom
R.I.P 50% of Joana Ceddia's video But you did pretty well without it... Love ya girl
Nicolas P
Nicolas P Pred 2 dnevi
Very skyrim. Noice.
Aesthetic .R
Aesthetic .R Pred 2 dnevi
Girl YOU HOW THE SAME GLASSES AS ME TWINS ok I don’t now why I am so happy just about that ‘’
qsf wxc
qsf wxc Pred 2 dnevi
wow John cina u have done it again
Emma Floress
Emma Floress Pred 2 dnevi
The painting turned out so beautiful even if you deleted half the footage
xaviaa Pred 2 dnevi
i thought she was actually there
Ruchi Manandhar
Ruchi Manandhar Pred 2 dnevi
No matter how many times you said "I deleted half of the footage", I love you and I love the painting. ❤
Phone Finger Painting
Getting back that footage is easy, just download this 100% trustworthy app at my site www.retrievehalfyourfootageforrealnotascam.scam
Amanda C
Amanda C Pred 2 dnevi
everyone’s focused on how many times you said the footage was deleted, but i can’t get over the way you pronounced Rona
LecheLait Pred 2 dnevi
Low key kinda mad about the people who are grilling her for talking about how she deleted the video. I think people forget that vlogging is literally just a virtual diary, and the creators have a 100% right to complain in a video if they want. She’s not complaining because she missed out on entertaining you guys and extracting money from Adsense, she’s genuinely upset that she put a lot of effort into an ambitious project, was excited to share the journey with her viewers, only to discover that most of the journey was gone and she’d never get it back. And she wouldn’t get to share it. And considering I’ve lost like 40 minutes footage for time lapse paintings before, and know people who have had similar experiences and reactions and have been upset about it, I can’t imagine what it feels like losing weeks of footage. If y’all out here complaining because this video wasn’t “quality” because she complained and showed legitimate upsetness at losing a whole ass journey, no one here cares if you unsubscribe. You sure as hell don’t care, because all you cared about was getting entertained, not the content creator herself. Let the door smack you on the way out. Gorgeous painting Joana, you’re inspirational! This whole video was a mood lmao Godspeed overcoming this hurdle
Myrk Fælinn
Myrk Fælinn Pred 2 dnevi
Joana Ross confirmed!
gekyume ?
gekyume ? Pred 2 dnevi
Gxcha Rxse
Gxcha Rxse Pred dnevom
gekyume ? 😂😂😂
gekyume ?
gekyume ? Pred 2 dnevi
lil brown indian
lil brown indian Pred 2 dnevi
This sucks
Gxcha Rxse
Gxcha Rxse Pred dnevom
lil brown indian you shouldn’t be commenting this. If you don’t have anything good to comment just don’t comment at all.
I am A fox
I am A fox Pred 2 dnevi
You watched 3 hours and 20 minutes of bob ross when I can’t even watch one tutorial
50% of the video I DELETED HALF OF THE FOOTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
CKD Pred 3 dnevi
It’s been two weeks and I’m still trying to figure out that asymptote joke.
Ivana Santini
Ivana Santini Pred 3 dnevi
I've lived in Canada 95% of my life and never heard anyone call Rona "Rawna" lol
Sardonic Poet
Sardonic Poet Pred 3 dnevi
You are awesome.
kim Pred 3 dnevi
i was waiting for the peel ... yet you did it from afar 😭🤚🏼
DamDam Noiggle Noisy
*s h e d e l e t e d h a l f t h e f o o t a g e*
Valentine Bucquet
Valentine Bucquet Pred 3 dnevi
"I just took out chunks of my ceiling" -- Joana, 2019
andioop andioop
andioop andioop Pred 3 dnevi
Kyia Chan
Kyia Chan Pred 3 dnevi
Omg did you delete half the footage or something why is there only a few progress shots 😂
Gxcha Rxse
Gxcha Rxse Pred dnevom
Kyia Chan Omg did you even read the beginning of the video? It’s like you never heard her say “I deleted half of the footage I’m sorry guys”😂
R Pred 3 dnevi
Excuse me can you come paint my entire house please thanks bye.
m4151e Pred 3 dnevi
We love John Cena complaining about losing HALF THE FOOTAGE while holding a hydro flask with a tiny microphone attached
BewareTheGuardians Pred 3 dnevi
EaseUS recovery software might save your footages my dudes. And it's free.
Snow Minty
Snow Minty Pred 3 dnevi
Peel porn reference to nailogial
Daisy Peeters
Daisy Peeters Pred 3 dnevi
*clapping for perseverance*
Covers By Ki
Covers By Ki Pred 3 dnevi
Sis really said "talent" out here.
harry potter5789
harry potter5789 Pred 3 dnevi
i wish i had the talent to do that but i don't
JoAnA cEdDiA FaN
JoAnA cEdDiA FaN Pred 3 dnevi
Dear John Cena, I highly recommend having lemon, honey and water for a drink because it is good for of your insides and slimey stuff From the best person you’ll ever meet, ME!
cyber Jellyfish
cyber Jellyfish Pred 3 dnevi
Last April I tried to draw Metropolis city on a wall in a college extra activity I'm a watercolor person and I've never tried to work with other materials before So it went soooo baaad I've skipped most of my lectures and spent hours in the sun *and btw I'm Iraqi so April is like 44C * The worst thing was that my friends helped me..... My enemies helped me out of pity to finish this shit and in the end I broke my ankle.... How? Don't ask..... 😂 And today I will attempt to draw on a wall in Tahrir Square.... Your art is amazing btw.... Never stop drawing
Lizzie Jackson
Lizzie Jackson Pred 3 dnevi
On Halloween I drank 3/4 of a bottle of vodka and threw up 8 times, so sad I missed it 😂😂😭🎃👻
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Pred 3 dnevi
i don't get why everyone's hating all of a sudden but ok boomer
Lizzy McGreevy
Lizzy McGreevy Pred 3 dnevi
i luuuv ur channel and i dont care if ur jokes r not funny (even though i think ur funny) i still support u
Julienne Marie Sabolboro
BUT did anyone catch that subtle shade towards Trudeau????????
OwOIt’sRyan Galvan
First of all, I like comic sans
sammie chung
sammie chung Pred 3 dnevi
take a shot every time she says “i deleted half the footage” or don’t if ur like 12
Celeste Villarreal
Celeste Villarreal Pred 3 dnevi
“If you know what I mean”😀
Sophie B
Sophie B Pred 3 dnevi
2:54 Sksksksk who saw that hydroflasksks
xcarmen Pred 3 dnevi
lmao everyone hates this but i honestly think its funny lmao.
zarela romero
zarela romero Pred 3 dnevi
Y’all need to remember that she’s human to and she makes mistakes 🤦🏻‍♀️
Lil Chocolate
Lil Chocolate Pred 17 urami
zarela romero ur profile pic is scary af
Kat Odd
Kat Odd Pred 3 dnevi
I thought the painting was clickbait and you had just bought it until I watched the video. You're so talented, wow.
XX Monkey ninja
XX Monkey ninja Pred 3 dnevi
You are annoying
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