I Tried Tik Tok Food Hacks to see if they work 

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I Tried Tik Tok Food Hacks to see if they work! Today we’re trying out some diy life hacks to see them in action! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one slvid.info/video/wnyr0KabpL6umac.html Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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18. maj. 2020

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SSSniperWolf Pred 9 dnevi
Hellooooo friends what other hacks should I try next?
Khloe’s World
Khloe’s World Pred 5 dnevi
SSSniperwolf I think you should do clothes hacks
Bishinka Malikyama
Bishinka Malikyama Pred 8 dnevi
Hey lia
Ass crack Itchin
Ass crack Itchin Pred 8 dnevi
Sssniperwolf when you get a GTR 😳😳bcuz nice😏
Yamilet World
Yamilet World Pred 8 dnevi
Eat Mac and chese
Julz C
Julz C Pred 9 dnevi
I think pool things
Ellery Love
Ellery Love Pred 11 urami
white skittles eggs
itsicegamer yt
itsicegamer yt Pred 12 urami
Me: i want to eat the food so bad but my mom does not let me Sssniperwolf:this is so good Me:😢 Lol
Sara Stauffer
Sara Stauffer Pred 13 urami
Before I watched this video I was hungry and now I’m even hungrier
Meagan Murray
Meagan Murray Pred 13 urami
who else watches the vid and scrolls threw the comments at the same time?
Espy Hurtado
Espy Hurtado Pred 15 urami
Would u like this? 🥺pls
Daily Life of Lexie
Daily Life of Lexie Pred 16 urami
Why is she wearing a pentagram 😦 as a Christian this sort of changes my opinion on Lia.
gabriel oris
gabriel oris Pred 16 urami
Are you 27
Jordin Gray
Jordin Gray Pred 17 urami
Nobody: Not even a soul: Not even ash Digital nex: this is the pusheen cup I bought her :D
Sue Hass
Sue Hass Pred 17 urami
Girl u should really cut your dam fringe off
Peta Noferi
Peta Noferi Pred 18 urami
Kennedi Blake
Kennedi Blake Pred 20 urami
idk you drove a get r35 250k brah
itsvanessa alawig
itsvanessa alawig Pred 21 uro
I love you lia I wish I can see you in reality huuuu😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jordan Gilmore
Jordan Gilmore Pred 21 uro
"this is foreshadowing" lmao *cue ptsd from english class* haha
sheila Govenor
sheila Govenor Pred 21 uro
We gonna do this the right way Next sentence:I have no idea how this works
Meme Eddlemon
Meme Eddlemon Pred 22 urami
You look like demi Lovato sssniperwolf
Izabella Gutierrez
Izabella Gutierrez Pred 22 urami
Leah: cause you know we be heathy 2 seconds later: it's time for the takis
Weirdo girl UwUz
Weirdo girl UwUz Pred 23 urami
Umm how do you change your picture on the side?
Weirdo girl UwUz
Weirdo girl UwUz Pred 23 urami
I rlly wanna change my picture plz tell me :
Gracy Girl
Gracy Girl Pred 23 urami
Her:Were healthy Also her:Puts A big handful of takis on it
mario juarez
mario juarez Pred dnevom
Lia i would join with the membership but anyone with latin would understand my mom says she doesnt have money then i look at her purse and i see a whole lot of money like if your mom is the same
Jaycee Garner
Jaycee Garner Pred dnevom
Your bad and you say bad words and do bad videos and your ugly
Jewell Bissell
Jewell Bissell Pred dnevom
U eating food makes me hungry
Jaimie Ricks
Jaimie Ricks Pred dnevom
I'm new
Jim Yt
Jim Yt Pred dnevom
Hello FILIPINO here!!!!
Allie Gochenour
Allie Gochenour Pred dnevom
Did you know that that star with the circle around it is a witch craft sign it’s called the pentagram
Jessica Massey
Jessica Massey Pred dnevom
So look up how to do that
Jessica Massey
Jessica Massey Pred dnevom
I need to know how to charge a phone without a block and not in a car
Genji Main
Genji Main Pred dnevom
We all new the egg water bottle trick
Meekah Chacon
Meekah Chacon Pred dnevom
Hi sssniperwolf so I was talking to my mom and I realize how she she was a lot like you and I was like oh my gosh my mom's so cool I love you sssniperwolf
Catserella Pred dnevom
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> the fly in the background
Dan L
Dan L Pred dnevom
SSSniperwolf try a mug cake it is so delicious 😋
Chrisette Cooper (Student)
wolf pack for live
Rafaela Pema
Rafaela Pema Pred dnevom
My mom: how did you learn to cook so well?! Me: oh, that’s easy, just look on tik tok
Anastasija Blazevska
Why she had a satain necklace
gacha grrl
gacha grrl Pred dnevom
gacha grrl
gacha grrl Pred dnevom
Art hacks
Wolf Girl’s Things
Sssniper Wolf you should do a live! That would be awesome! (Just advice) 🤪😋😝😜😉🤗🤗🤗
Danielle Lewis
Danielle Lewis Pred dnevom
Look yummy
Eily Jade
Eily Jade Pred dnevom
Who else thought that thing hanging of her shirt was a tattoo
Charlie Juran
Charlie Juran Pred dnevom
Why do people click on this.
Paula Simpson
Paula Simpson Pred dnevom
Actually it isn't safe to cook stuff in microwaves because it can cause cancer and stuff, so please stop, ur the only SLvidr I actually love watching their vids (other than bright side)
itz adina vids
itz adina vids Pred dnevom
I love when lia says hi guys its me
Tori Bogert
Tori Bogert Pred dnevom
I’m hungry too
iimelodyrxseii Xx
iimelodyrxseii Xx Pred dnevom
Jessika Joers
Jessika Joers Pred dnevom
Lia is too good for her boyfriend
Haitham Garba
Haitham Garba Pred dnevom
try a jelly pineapple
We love roblox
We love roblox Pred dnevom
I think the grapes were supposed to be frozen for the sour patch kid hack to work but idk...
niamh rattigan
niamh rattigan Pred dnevom
How does she eat so much and stay so skinnyM
niamh rattigan
niamh rattigan Pred dnevom
How does she eat so much and stay so skinnyM
Roshaan Hashmi
Roshaan Hashmi Pred dnevom
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a>
may cusido
may cusido Pred dnevom
I.... Never expected that tatoo on your chest i see now its my first time see you that
Holly Cate
Holly Cate Pred dnevom
why her chair look hungry to :)
Adylene Velasquez
Adylene Velasquez Pred dnevom
I think for the mold they had a mold..for them
•LemonTea• Pred dnevom
My older sister works at a mcdonalds, she can confirm the saltless fries one. And another hack; ask for EXTRA sauce on a sundae. Ask it clearly. It works majority of the time, and you get like double the sauce.
Yamen Laila
Yamen Laila Pred dnevom
It's so funny when you say gelatin you say it jelatin
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Pred dnevom
I Love Your Videos SSSnipperWolf
Donna Walsh
Donna Walsh Pred dnevom
Plz pin me
Donna Walsh
Donna Walsh Pred dnevom
Gurl love It 😍
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Pred dnevom
I see the old e paso
Just a Dead Rat
Just a Dead Rat Pred dnevom
If you want fresh fries from McDonald's, just say you want them fresh. I work at McDonald's so I should know. Just a tip.
Chicago BALLZ45
Chicago BALLZ45 Pred dnevom
What is on her neck? Satan?
Kade Vahok
Kade Vahok Pred dnevom
why does she have a pentagram as a neckless
Jen_123x Pred dnevom
Jelly doesn't stretch like that. It's probably colored clear slime they stretched out of a skittles packet.
Slime Fox
Slime Fox Pred dnevom
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> My uncle worked at McDonald’s and when people did this it was a NIGHTMARE!
goth baby jade love
This is so off topic but that thing around her neck the sign thing I was raised to say that wasn't a bad thing but the one upside-down is and tbh it looks so cute on her
Jona Flo
Jona Flo Pred dnevom
Have you tried fried Oreos? If you haven't, you should try them! They're so good! Also, I love your videos! 🥰
Who likes pusheen
Luna alpha Gallegos
On the scitels one made me die or laughing
Lindsay _7457
Lindsay _7457 Pred dnevom
Broooo it's 2 AM and now I really want Takis...😭😭
Alia Mills
Alia Mills Pred dnevom
Which car is that?
jaime maciel
jaime maciel Pred dnevom
When I was watching a hal storm was going on so I could barely hear
KingZ On Switch
KingZ On Switch Pred dnevom
So devilish her necklace
Heba Fouitah
Heba Fouitah Pred dnevom
On the pannini there is a fly on the left
TV Home
TV Home Pred dnevom
No one Purple = u dont like me i dont like u
JoAnna Donecker
JoAnna Donecker Pred dnevom
The seat of her care is a face 👀
Irene Pando
Irene Pando Pred 2 dnevi
Your the best youtuber!!!!
ImRaivon Pred 2 dnevi
Lmao, "white people pizza"
Sunda Raider
Sunda Raider Pred 2 dnevi
What is that sign on her neck
debra toscano
debra toscano Pred 2 dnevi
U should try to make your own hacks that u help us do
M Victorianlight express
Hey I like your videos 😁😊 my kids too
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