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We're live for the final press conference ahead of KSI vs Logan Paul 2 *Warning - explicit language may follow*
Who will win and via what method? Send in your predictions 👇
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7. nov. 2019

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Sky Sports Boxing
Sky Sports Boxing Pred 6 meseci
Gursewak363 Pred 29 dnevi
Matt Carey ur fucking dumb and u have no parents u adopted fuck
Usman Ali Fazal
Usman Ali Fazal Pred mesecem
Sky Sports Boxing id say ksi to beat jake Paul and Logan up together
Liam 30
Liam 30 Pred 6 meseci
Its yaaa booy zuhaib sub to my channel for fight toinght
Liam 30
Liam 30 Pred 6 meseci
aljanat5 sub to my channel for fight toinght
Liam 30
Liam 30 Pred 6 meseci
Sky Sports Boxing sub to my channel for fight toinght
Leon Wanigasekara
Leon Wanigasekara Pred 5 urami
Logan paul sucks
Viktor Skibild
Viktor Skibild Pred 18 urami
“He’s White and he Got legs” Lmao even Eddie couldnt stop smilling of how dumb it was
Rb6 Gamer
Rb6 Gamer Pred 22 urami
What song does ksi walk out to ?
Lewys Chivers
Lewys Chivers Pred 23 urami
Any KSI fans here after he won the fight and are just thinking Shut up Logan, KSI is going to beat your ass
Ploppp Pred dnevom
Viddal : go back to taking your dugs Shannon : ILL BREAK YOUR FUCKING JAW! Eddie : 😁
Jenny Bullivant
Jenny Bullivant Pred dnevom
We hate We love But most importantly We got everyone’s back and we respect all ppl like ksi. And Logan and deji and jake
Shiv HD
Shiv HD Pred 22 urami
Jenny Bullivant definitely not Jake
suomynonAssassin Pred dnevom
When I reviewed this, it's quite funny.
grace Hall
grace Hall Pred dnevom
logan is still coming out from KSI’s corner🤣🤣
Kelly Gilder
Kelly Gilder Pred dnevom
Logan is a absolute joke
courtney foster
courtney foster Pred dnevom
omg i just noticed niko speak i’m creasing 💀💀
Jonas Halvorsen
Jonas Halvorsen Pred 2 dnevi
The girls in the background just posing and smiling for 40 minutes...so long
Evan O'Neill
Evan O'Neill Pred 2 dnevi
Looking back at this i think logan was trying too hard to get into jj's head and it wasnt working so logan grew frustrated
lizardgreen Pred 2 dnevi
But ksi barely won lol. Its almost a draw... so yea.
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas Pred 2 dnevi
Logan: “lets take a look at last years fight.” KSI: I still technically won, you didn’t take the belt from me.” Shannon: “you was at home, you were supposed to win. What happened?” *KSI beats Logan in the U.S.A*
Abs Gaming
Abs Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
When Logans trainer was speaking, KSI payed attention. But when Vidal was speaking, Logan was somewhere in the outer space. What disrespect
Colin Nite
Colin Nite Pred 3 dnevi
How JJ just started laughing
Skink Chiggus
Skink Chiggus Pred 3 dnevi
this is so much funnier after Logan paul took another L
Shay worsfold
Shay worsfold Pred 3 dnevi
Shannon is pussy
Isma Styles
Isma Styles Pred 3 dnevi
Everyone: Yelling random stuff The girls behind KSI & Logan: 😁😁😁😁
Selim G.
Selim G. Pred 3 dnevi
Yo guys. Im planning on hiring Logan Paul as a math tutor since his mathematics is just beyond everyone elses level. How much du yu think he wuld ask for?
Dylan Raleigh
Dylan Raleigh Pred 17 urami
He would ask for some simple arithmetic
Jessa Martin
Jessa Martin Pred 3 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="461">7:41</a> KSI choking on his water is iconic. 😂
Azhar Rashid
Azhar Rashid Pred 3 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="880">14:40</a> that ages well
JBiscuitesq Pred 3 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1185">19:45</a> Logan paul: I'm an animal JJ: Well I'm gonna kill this animal. You know what I'm not even gonna go there
Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Pred 3 dnevi
Ksi tries so much not to laugh😂😂😂😂
SquadtwinGamer Pred 4 dnevi
Ahnaf Faisal
Ahnaf Faisal Pred 4 dnevi
abbas al baalawi
abbas al baalawi Pred 4 dnevi
what was ksi's song komment
Destiny Dreams
Destiny Dreams Pred 4 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1970">32:50</a> is it just me or this girl is creepy she smiled for like 5 minutes
Dawstheboss 17
Dawstheboss 17 Pred 5 dnevi
It’s so funny watching this after Logan lost
haziq am
haziq am Pred 5 dnevi
all this talk only to lose
Jacky the Spark
Jacky the Spark Pred 5 dnevi
Mohammad Farhat
Mohammad Farhat Pred 5 dnevi
Did JJ just say Logan can’t punch backwards 😂
Alex Macias
Alex Macias Pred 7 dnevi
Shannon is an idiot
마이크스파이 키
Biggieboss power
Biggieboss power Pred 7 dnevi
Logan is better in both Fights he won fck that 5 Min Rest Time for Ksi when he got flatlined!! With that Uppercut and was wabbling around the Ring like a Rat hes not the better Fighter "BOXER" Then Logan and everyone knows it!
StevenU1845 Pred 7 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> Is he forgetting about pewdiepie
snapchat michaelr288
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="625">10:25</a> when borris said the schools arent closing
Kaiden V12
Kaiden V12 Pred 8 dnevi
Shannon:You’re a little boy to me Viddal:Yeah and you’re an old man to me 😂😂😂
Matko Milić
Matko Milić Pred 8 dnevi
how do these 2 women stand there the entire time? wtf. and why btw?
mannic Pred 8 dnevi
Shannon needs to stfu
Calvin Vang Vlogs
Calvin Vang Vlogs Pred 8 dnevi
People say this is a joke yet they still get millions of views smh
Yousefff_ _44
Yousefff_ _44 Pred 8 dnevi
This is literally the best thing to watch after seeing JJ win the fight😝😝
Feranmi Onifade
Feranmi Onifade Pred 9 dnevi
Watching this in 2020 after KSI won is bliss
Hugh G. Rection
Hugh G. Rection Pred 9 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="898">14:58</a> Logan starts his Spanish accent
Derrius Harney
Derrius Harney Pred 9 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2353">39:13</a> caught that dude smiling ,right between Logan, and KSI ,like he knew that no one else in world could hear them ,but him ,the camera man,and the security guard, no just him😆
Patience Pred 9 dnevi
It’s funny how in the end JJ won, after all the bragging logan and Shannon did 😂😂😂😂
hamoudi 19
hamoudi 19 Pred 9 dnevi
The most entertaining shit ever
It’s Babble
It’s Babble Pred 10 dnevi
Viddal most professional there
darcy nicholson
darcy nicholson Pred 10 dnevi
Logan and shannon where all talk all verbal. On the fight it all went to shit😭😂
diamond kingYT
diamond kingYT Pred 10 dnevi
Logans looks over at ksi like wait did shannon just aay that
Dom1cs Pred 10 dnevi
Mia’s Wrld
Mia’s Wrld Pred 11 dnevi
The way ksi is so mature and he won
JML Vlogs
JML Vlogs Pred 11 dnevi
Wow doesn't Shannon briges Look like a dumbass clown rn
Hugo Chothia
Hugo Chothia Pred 11 dnevi
Bro the girl behind Logan Paul is so nice
Neo VinDiesel
Neo VinDiesel Pred 11 dnevi
Tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life Logan: I lost
Mo Meliani
Mo Meliani Pred 11 dnevi
Lol , niko omilanas questions was 😂🤣😭
Sabina ciwoniuk
Sabina ciwoniuk Pred 12 dnevi
It's a boxing match not a classroom..why is Logan so stupid
BMDCOMPS TM Pred 13 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="766">12:46</a> disrespectful? Wow Shannon is such a hypocritical piece of shit😂
Subscribe to my channel for no reason
The girl's face just makes Shanno's statement so much more hilarious xD <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="613">10:13</a>
Malcolm McMaogao
Malcolm McMaogao Pred 14 dnevi
I'm really convinced Shannon has brain damage like actually serious.
James Leach
James Leach Pred 15 dnevi
Re watching this makes me hate Logan Paul so fucking much he was just a fucking dickhead in this whole thing
PestoSauce Pred 15 dnevi
It’s so fucking cringe looking back at this again 😬
normal Chanel
normal Chanel Pred 16 dnevi
First of all why do you have a ring walk for a press conference? Or should I say press conference walk
Dumb_Robloxian Pred 16 dnevi
No one clapped for either of them
Hello Pred 17 dnevi
Shannon says your meant to win on your own turf that ages so nicely
yeet things
yeet things Pred 17 dnevi
Brandon Best
Brandon Best Pred 18 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1480">24:40</a> logan i dont care about u idk who u are. U dont know millions of your fans that mean u dont care about them
connor gill
connor gill Pred 18 dnevi
Shannon is so fucking annoying
TeenDillBill Pred 19 dnevi
Let's get something straight. He lost by two points. Be honest he destroyed him.
Gabriel Satish Ramiah
Gabriel Satish Ramiah Pred 19 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1499">24:59</a> God bless America
jessica goodwin
jessica goodwin Pred 19 dnevi
two things the us lack is talent and sarcasm
All Sanchez
All Sanchez Pred 19 dnevi
Anyone knows whos the girl that laughed at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="821">13:41</a>
Alex Flego
Alex Flego Pred 20 dnevi
No one: Literally not a single soul: Bear Grills: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1183">19:43</a>
Deadeyezek Jr
Deadeyezek Jr Pred 20 dnevi
Trained by butter knife beat the 'White' that trained old black sword
Willy The Bully
Willy The Bully Pred 20 dnevi
No one: Shanon: what's up guys, lets go champ
kenzy mihoubi
kenzy mihoubi Pred 20 dnevi
Police: Sorry but you're mom got kill. Shannon briggs: Let's go champ!
Ciaran Caldwell
Ciaran Caldwell Pred 20 dnevi
JJ should fight jake Paul in a career match.whoever loses has to quit youtube.
Luke Woodworth [Student]
America is literally the dumbest country in the world
Devnd Pred 7 dnevi
Fact tho no cap
RedGamer Pred 21 dnevom
Anyone here in may 2020?
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