KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE (Official Live Stream) 

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7. nov. 2019

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Damian Aranda
Damian Aranda Pred uro
Logan was actually winning the crowd in this one, but it doesn’t matter now that he lost
XDYourTrashKid PSN
XDYourTrashKid PSN Pred dnevom
Imma be real Shannon is a white boy trapped in a black man body numbah one. Numbah two Logan is just a meme now ,he’s a shit boxer with an ego🤣💯
Edina Brnicanin
Edina Brnicanin Pred dnevom
Fuck yu
ZyndeX Pred dnevom
Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia Pred 3 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1512">25:12</a> Shannon Predicted the future Shannon:”You’re a little boy to me” *Few months later on 6ix9ine live* “You’re a little boy to me, I kiss you on your fucking forehead” Shannon might suck at being a trainer and at boxing in general but he can sometimes predict the future
Piotr S
Piotr S Pred 6 dnevi
logan is better
Piotr S
Piotr S Pred 6 dnevi
ksi is a idiot
Kyle Kyleson
Kyle Kyleson Pred 6 dnevi
Bye bye Logan hahahahahha
SpeczReaperZ Pred 11 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2517">41:57</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2525">42:05</a> Lmao
Wowo 787
Wowo 787 Pred 20 dnevi
someone tell logan this isnt maths class
bo i
bo i Pred 25 dnevi
Hew& Ave
Hew& Ave Pred 26 dnevi
Wtf does maths have to do w boxing and hes calling U a dumbass he dosent know his beard and hair are two different colours
Epic Games
Epic Games Pred 27 dnevi
Go ksi I love you
Rishit Murarka
Rishit Murarka Pred 28 dnevi
Shout out to the models standing behind them and keeping their smile
M1of23 GAMES
M1of23 GAMES Pred mesecem
dun out here
dun out here Pred mesecem
Yeah we back for no reason now SHUSHSHSHHSHHHH
Kirstie Tutanekai
Kirstie Tutanekai Pred mesecem
Ahh shit Fam srry I feel asleep listening to Logan's bullshit☠🤣
DizzyLimps123 Terms
DizzyLimps123 Terms Pred mesecem
Logan Paul on last conference : Tommrrow will be the best of my life KSI: Wins Logan Paul : my appeal got denied
Mr FlipperSoda71
Mr FlipperSoda71 Pred mesecem
Old man vs young boy
Calas Typhon
Calas Typhon Pred mesecem
They talking about bringing in millions of people in, yet the quality is actually aids
Noah Idk
Noah Idk Pred mesecem
I actually love Vidal so much🤣🤣😭
Harry Ely
Harry Ely Pred mesecem
Watching this after the fight I'm crying
Static pixy
Static pixy Pred mesecem
Every time Shannon spoke the vid just glitches out on me
Harry Witherspoon
Harry Witherspoon Pred mesecem
The amount of karma that hit Logan and his trainer is unrealllll 😂😂😂😂😂
Billy Regan
Billy Regan Pred mesecem
Did anyone know that it was niko omilana that asked Logan a question
Fayeqa Bhatti
Fayeqa Bhatti Pred mesecem
all you guys are really rude
Landy Danger
Landy Danger Pred mesecem
The fact lets go champ guy is now disappointed in him self for taking logans side
Mate Kontra
Mate Kontra Pred mesecem
“If you don’t put this man in a hospital, somethin’ wrong.” - Shannon Briggs
Lollipop Sucker
Lollipop Sucker Pred mesecem
Let’s blow lamp
Zakky YT
Zakky YT Pred mesecem
How funny is it watching it now
LiL_BaLjeet 21
LiL_BaLjeet 21 Pred mesecem
Logan fr asking 5th grade math questions thinking he’s smart by asking and answering them.
It's Sarahh
It's Sarahh Pred mesecem
logan has to be on something.
Left a nut stain on your couch
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2331">38:51</a> “you got a mic don’t talk loud”🤣
Ollie Evans
Ollie Evans Pred mesecem
Shannon Briggs after completing No Nut November: “LET’S GO WANK!!”
BreezyKal Pred mesecem
Bruh watchin dis video,i have a feeling of lil boreds editing
Nuke Gaming
Nuke Gaming Pred mesecem
King Rat
King Rat Pred mesecem
Logan:you cant multitask KSI : yes i can Logan:no you cant KSI:u will see i can
gregy2233 yevv
gregy2233 yevv Pred mesecem
Logan don't know shit about boxing
axel blaze
axel blaze Pred mesecem
Coroonaa viruuuus
edwin mathew
edwin mathew Pred mesecem
Logan why did your trainer say I don't give a fuc if you loose during the fight
Jamal Jah
Jamal Jah Pred mesecem
Logan: your hands are shaking and your fingers are small SMALL FINGERS BIG FOREHEAD😂😂😂😂
Jamal Jah
Jamal Jah Pred mesecem
Logan: Saturday will definitely be the day of my life Saturday: Imma bout to end this mans career
Ethan Scarce
Ethan Scarce Pred mesecem
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3095">51:35</a> ksi pushes Logan the pussy Paul
Leech Pred mesecem
easy claps JJ ;)
xBigWilly Pred 2 meseci
bruh, i rewatched this and i feel bad for logan.
casey Freeman
casey Freeman Pred 2 meseci
It said on fight 2 logan is WAY more stronger he way more and is taller
casey Freeman
casey Freeman Pred 2 meseci
Logan has been training for urs look how buff he is
ARK GAMING Pred 2 meseci
Bro logans coach is so annoying like stfu and also dude ksi is really mature also but like bro stfu logans coach
L9D YT Pred 2 meseci
Aaron Aitchison
Aaron Aitchison Pred 2 meseci
Jj: Asks Logan questions about Muhammad Ali Logan:What’s That got to do with boxing? Also Logan: What’s 7X8?
ZJVlogs Pred 2 meseci
Niko trolling here NDL
Quacky Clan
Quacky Clan Pred 2 meseci
samet biçen
samet biçen Pred 2 meseci
selamun aleyküm naber bro
RealChrisHdz7 Pred 2 meseci
It’s funny because Shitgan and Druggs look dumb asf after this especially after they both said they would fuck him up Fuck Logan and Briggs
David Henke
David Henke Pred 2 meseci
Those angry americans are cute 🤭 Greets from germany
Charese A.
Charese A. Pred 2 meseci
SypheNixy Pred 2 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2415">40:15</a> anyone?
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez Pred 2 meseci
Shut up logan ksi traind more then u
Ethansucksatg aming
Ethansucksatg aming Pred 2 meseci
Gooo Kelelleleleod
Ethansucksatg aming
Ethansucksatg aming Pred 2 meseci
Go kai
Joseph Piccolo
Joseph Piccolo Pred 2 meseci
Guys, somethin wrong
Big Boss
Big Boss Pred 2 meseci
Ski's Hat
Ski's Hat Pred 2 meseci
Lmao who where's sunglasses inside
The SHARER of all my Gees
I don't know what the judges are looking for in a fight and they let points be taken away from a reff who never said break but when KSI does it, he never got warned or nothing. The first fight he even hit after the bell . I believe in a real fight Paul would win, put them in a MA fight and let them go at it like men where someone has to give up and take out the judges. I've never liked a fight come down to people who don't even fight but they know who won. U fight till one gives up and let it go all the way no matter how many rounds, someone will have to give up or get there azz knocked out and that will settle it
2FyQ Pred 2 meseci
The SHARER of all my Gees damn cant believe u still butthurt till now, and ur so dumb
dell Pred 3 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2672">44:32</a> they still have the respect for each other by speaking politely unlike shannon. Screaming all over the place u can tell logan was like " bruh tf u doin "
andres gt
andres gt Pred 3 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1344">22:24</a>
Stonkz Pred 3 meseci
malachi corona
malachi corona Pred 3 meseci
Viddal vs Logan paul
E Hus
E Hus Pred 3 meseci
Time 43.15 niko 😂😂.
Iko GoldMan
Iko GoldMan Pred 3 meseci
Ayden Whalen
Ayden Whalen Pred 3 meseci
I am from the future and Logan beats ab
Osvaldas Kupstas
Osvaldas Kupstas Pred 3 meseci
I said don’t read my name !!!
Who’s watching after the fight
Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar Pred 3 meseci
Fuck u ksi
Boomer Pred 3 meseci
ksi bagged one of dose girls no cap
tRebLa Pred 3 meseci
Big up the NDL
Jack Pasquale
Jack Pasquale Pred 3 meseci
As an American Shannon disgraces me
Jack Pasquale
Jack Pasquale Pred 3 meseci
Shannon got fucking triggered
Jack Pasquale
Jack Pasquale Pred 3 meseci
Logan almost laughed when Shannon was being Racist
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