LeBron James & Luka Doncic: UNPRECEDENTED Triple-Double Duel 

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LeBron James (39 PTS, 12 REB, 16 AST) became the oldest player to put up a 30-PT, 10-REB, 15-AST game, and Luka Doncic (31 PTS, 13 REB, 15 AST) became the youngest in the Lakers' 119-110 OT win over the Mavericks.
It was the first time in NBA history that opposing players each dropped a 30-PT, 15-AST triple-double in the same game.
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1. nov. 2019

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Jay Jr
Jay Jr Pred mesecem
Val Valiant Thor
Val Valiant Thor Pred 2 meseci
Is Luka a shooting guard or a small foward?
Val Valiant Thor
Val Valiant Thor Pred 2 meseci
this duel is similar when kobe played against MJ
Y3XER Pred 2 meseci
Now kid's they will tell you luka is better than lebron how does that feel now you know compairing jordan to lebron
Kyle Austin
Kyle Austin Pred 3 meseci
Luka is best
Josh Silva
Josh Silva Pred 3 meseci
Why dose Luka remind me of Larry bird
Gozilla Pred 4 meseci
3rd qtr was an insane combat. Too bad Dallas got robbed
All American Podcast Ed McCants
Luke overrated not the best 20 year old ever at all! slvid.info/video/1pyc0n63g7We1ZI.html
Callum Aston
Callum Aston Pred 6 meseci
We might have a white best Player in the world in a couple of year Lmao
Aris Echevarria
Aris Echevarria Pred 6 meseci
Doncic.............he got it!!!
SuperRip7 Pred 6 meseci
The Triple Doublers. 11-07-19.
Matthew Jimenez
Matthew Jimenez Pred 6 meseci
Howard held Curry at 2.9s. Seth needed to stop when he reached Green not go by him.
Sebastian m
Sebastian m Pred 6 meseci
LeBron is so 2018. 🦑
Hubert Ting
Hubert Ting Pred 6 meseci
trae young is better
Hexter Zerda
Hexter Zerda Pred 6 meseci
Its just like young Kove vs MJ
Fabio Parpanesi
Fabio Parpanesi Pred 6 meseci
If u r on of 3 p, why u defense on James who s going for 2 points and leave free green for a 3 p shot? R u ok with your f head?
Chris Connor
Chris Connor Pred 6 meseci
Luka is the future but Lebron is still King
winstons mother
winstons mother Pred 6 meseci
Doncic is the next dirk
Rajesh Mahajan
Rajesh Mahajan Pred 6 meseci
Luka is sure a mvp
Claudia Segura
Claudia Segura Pred 6 meseci
Eh eh eh eh ekej🍩
Kakhaber Tukhashvili
Kakhaber Tukhashvili Pred 6 meseci
Nope, no, no, this was not fair viictory, none, nonita, no way, нет, nein, keiner, everybody saw what Howard did with Dundic, that was dirtiest play ever seen, the world was stunned, that was not victory, that was fraud, even pussy Cousins never payed so dirty, look: Is that all what is left from you from your past glory, shame, shame on you taco ass tuesday: slvid.info/video/2X2YnIK7gMmXl80.html
master wong
master wong Pred 6 meseci
Lebron just playing 50% on his level..
Joe Hollywood
Joe Hollywood Pred 6 meseci
I'm not much of a Lebron James fan and wasn't sure how good Luka could be but they both appear to be on some very good teams now and it's bringing out the best of them. Great job to both of them. I hope we see more of this from them.
Gabriel lobato
Gabriel lobato Pred 6 meseci
Le regalaron un fault y cuenta a Lebron
don ice
don ice Pred 6 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a>, how is that an act of shooting foul??
Brandon Bogott
Brandon Bogott Pred 6 meseci
Dwight cheated his ass off
Izaksson Pred 6 meseci
BruBimm Pred 6 meseci
There’s no way Luka can guard LBJ🆗
Aris Echevarria
Aris Echevarria Pred 6 meseci
@BroBimm : There’s no way LBJ can guard Luka🆗
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor Pred 6 meseci
And there's no way LBJ can guard Luka
Smail Ait amer
Smail Ait amer Pred 6 meseci
perhaps a Friend of rashad philipps ??
Smail Ait amer
Smail Ait amer Pred 6 meseci
ok are you a member of Mike Jones project ??
yongshan koh
yongshan koh Pred 6 meseci
need to give Luka an all star appearance this year at least!
Channel __
Channel __ Pred 6 meseci
When James dunks did anybody else see the guy not get a high five
Skupa Man
Skupa Man Pred 6 meseci
Luka Doncic: remember to spell my name right.
Amr Del
Amr Del Pred 6 meseci
Davids Levalds
Davids Levalds Pred 6 meseci
Amazing grab by Howard! WOW. Except that, amazing game!
David Krušnik
David Krušnik Pred 6 meseci
NBA is this how you promote this sport? Nice Referies.... watch 4.6 to the end Howard holidng Steph Curry! Refs are blind!
Mikenician Pred 6 meseci
Noh'Vis Pred 6 meseci
Luka is something else...
stealthballer Pred 6 meseci
If/when KP knocks off the rust the league better watch out for the mavs.
Exodus 2020
Exodus 2020 Pred 6 meseci
King james always makes it personal with dallas because he should have four rings instead of just three.the 2011 finals is the one that he regrets the most.the one that he let slip away so he always gets emotionally personal against the mavericks the team that stole a championship from the king .
BanchiiLife 〽〽
BanchiiLife 〽〽 Pred 6 meseci
I’m so mad I had to work and miss this game
Smail Ait amer
Smail Ait amer Pred 6 meseci
no problème rashad Phillips watch all the NBA game espécialy when Luka play
crazynorthserbia12 Pred 6 meseci
Zimbaa Pred 6 meseci
The Kobe vs Jordan of our era
deeps Pred 6 meseci
Bruh imagine passing out on Luka on NBA draft
Smail Ait amer
Smail Ait amer Pred 6 meseci
@deeps no it s more like that. just his opinion with tape in his kitchen
deeps Pred 6 meseci
@Smail Ait amer Rashad is a clown
Smail Ait amer
Smail Ait amer Pred 6 meseci
and so what rashad philipps Say Luka IS not a lottery picks.
Edvinas Rakickas
Edvinas Rakickas Pred 6 meseci
Luka is being shy when guarding James.
DD Pred 6 meseci
Luka's an All star since he was 16, for those who don't know...
MrBlackblack23 Pred 6 meseci
Bro I’m gonna cry when Lebron retire😢🐐🐐
Χάρης Μ.
Χάρης Μ. Pred 6 meseci
Why didn't the mavs faouled in the end?
Amo Bratina
Amo Bratina Pred 6 meseci
Referees robbed Mavericks for win over Lakers: slvid.info/video/l2qeu5iporiq3Kc.html
Trilldreamz Pred 6 meseci
Mavericks should've won this game. Officiating was trash.
H B Pred 6 meseci
Im dissapointed. Double lebron at last seconds of the game inside the paint when you up 3 points??? Not calling time out after luka was on the floor at the other end of the floor, forced a jump ball??
ATL 1 Pred 6 meseci
Neither one should be able to do what they are doing at their given ages.
anrie Pred 6 meseci
umu nice duel today
Mistah Unknown
Mistah Unknown Pred 6 meseci
Welcome to the NBA, young blood.
Jack Felipe
Jack Felipe Pred 6 meseci
Haters are mad af now lol long live the king james
negtr Pred 6 meseci
Old Lion vs Young Lion crazy duel!
Héctor Soto
Héctor Soto Pred 6 meseci
Doncic 19 James 35 . Wow and still have not reach his maximum Doncic. This mattch was special and i'm glad i watched live
Mr TW Pred 6 meseci
The mavs need a solid 3D guard next to Luka and then it's a wrap
Silver TT
Silver TT Pred 6 meseci
damn ESPN and their wokeness.... doris burke is so boring to listen to....... and female commentators in men's sports suck! so annoying
Hal Bleavy
Hal Bleavy Pred 6 meseci
That was a clinic by Lebron on the other team's floor. That was total domination.
Aris Echevarria
Aris Echevarria Pred 6 meseci
No no not really it was a close game. No domination just two great players doing their thing.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Pred 6 meseci
LeBron vs Luca Is like C. Ronaldo vs Messi
Smail Ait amer
Smail Ait amer Pred 6 meseci
and rashad philipps vs humble guys
Billy Batts
Billy Batts Pred 6 meseci
Luka > LeChina
winstons mother
winstons mother Pred 6 meseci
Billy Batts go fuck yourself
Fernando Pred 6 meseci
Yes the Mavs are a playoff team. And we’ve showed it through 5 games. James said himself, were the best offensive team they have faced yet and that all revolves around Doncic and our squad🙌. #MFFL
Aleš Boscherini
Aleš Boscherini Pred 6 meseci
Luka hale luka...luka MVP..2021.22.23.24...✌
esclave capitaliste
esclave capitaliste Pred 6 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="211">3:31</a> the Lakers referees are back... Look the obvious flagrant foul by Howard :(
Jr Pred 6 meseci
Ohh gtfoh
1219DSmith Pred 6 meseci
Imagine a 7 game series with these two teams!
Smail Ait amer
Smail Ait amer Pred 6 meseci
ok i will Ask to Mike Jones or rashad philipps . they Comes from an others planete
Paquette Stephen Brett
Luka is a less athletic LeBron
DJ Plato
DJ Plato Pred 6 meseci
but lebron is the best
Carlos Pred 6 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="49">0:49</a> OMG!
Miami Sports fan
Miami Sports fan Pred 6 meseci
The mavs are the next spurs with their guys from other countries
Life 4 Learning
Life 4 Learning Pred 6 meseci
Just as we expected...the LEAGUE is fiya this year!!!
RM - 07SJ - Green Glade Sr PS (1308)
Steph Curry broken hand, Kevin Durant not playing this season, LeBron may have a chance to win M.V.P, or James Harden if he plays better
Jatmiko Marsudi
Jatmiko Marsudi Pred 6 meseci
E P I C..one of the games that people will remember
Ram Pred 6 meseci
Passing the torch i seee
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin Pred 6 meseci
Luka is beyond an all star. If he somehow didn’t make the all star game again that would be a travesty. The young man is establishing himself as one of the leagues best players if you ask me.
Smail Ait amer
Smail Ait amer Pred 6 meseci
an all star i don t think so. even if Luka become an all star the guru rashad philipps Say no so i ts impossible
amjan Pred 6 meseci
So amazing for 2 players from 2 generations to create history together in one game, something they may share for many many years.
king_has_no_cloths kul
luka fantastic player but cant defend a lick. this is nba. Ben simmons is more athletic but cant shoot. but if he learns shooting, that guy is a mvp material.
king_has_no_cloths kul
anteto running is some sight. so does when simmons runs. but man, lebron coming at you full speed is scary stuff. the speed at 6 f 8.5 and 260 is insane.
Vlad Pred 6 meseci
Great game :)
Prince CherubTV
Prince CherubTV Pred 6 meseci
Luka is only sophomore 20 year old kid! Goosebumps!
Steven Castellanos
Steven Castellanos Pred 6 meseci
All these shows saying Luka won't be an All-Star this year after coming in second in votes last year are CRAZY. Even LeBron acknowledged he's a bad MotherF#cker!!! Respect #HALLELUKA
Christian Antasuda
Christian Antasuda Pred 6 meseci
A fan meeting his idol.. What a great one.. His going to be a great one like his idol LBJ.. A perfect match..
D-Man Pred 6 meseci
Christian Antasuda Actually they met last year when Luka blocked him twice :)
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