Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb... 

Alex Meyers
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Lemonade Mouth Disney Channel Movie Reaction
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5. nov. 2019

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Drake Collins
Drake Collins Pred 39 minutami
Do Minutemen I use to love watching that one as a kid it’s a Disney original
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear Pred 39 minutami
You should do Z.O.M.B.I.E.S
Chase Tibay
Chase Tibay Pred uro
Ummmm.. I think that lemonade mouth was good but if you think other movies are dumb then why do you talk about it you talk about negative thoughts about them
Emma Sims
Emma Sims Pred uro
When your older and your still in love with Disney Channel
ilenix Pred uro
Now this I can get behind, I never liked it as a kid 😭 sue me. Nvm💀this video made me like the movie 😂
Ragda Tag
Ragda Tag Pred uro
Arise and shine
Cathleen Mudong
The book was better
Jaden Fillenberg
Jaden Fillenberg Pred 2 urami
Miki mii
Miki mii Pred 2 urami
Realised why the UK doesn't has as many of these as the USA- no yearbooks~
Kirito wingo
Kirito wingo Pred 3 urami
Do Anime
K r u s h
K r u s h Pred 4 urami
next video: *why reality isn’t realistic.*
Hunter Winslow
Hunter Winslow Pred 6 urami
The music is legit good sometimes
Ruby M.
Ruby M. Pred 6 urami
No one going to talk about Naomi Scott is literally in this movie?
Toyaa Ikem
Toyaa Ikem Pred 7 urami
Ohhhh just sit down 😂😂😂😂😂😏😏2:20
ETN Raheem
ETN Raheem Pred 9 urami
*when you realize Naomi Scott was in this movie*
Emmy Q
Emmy Q Pred 9 urami
You should do The Elite from Netflix bc I need to know if I should watch the show or not. (Unless you can't bc of reasons)
doro626 Pred 9 urami
LMAO, You've never seen ONE episode of rick and Morty? Oh man. Then what can I recommend as the one and only episode to watch? I would recommend "Close encounters of the Rick kind" if we can only convince you to watch one.
AtlantaFan21 Pred 9 urami
Now talk about Let It Shine next!!! Please.....
Beatrice C:
Beatrice C: Pred 10 urami
Am I the only one that thinks lemonade mouth is underrated
Pay Payyy
Pay Payyy Pred 10 urami
When the blonde guy from the other band that causes problems is Lukas Parker from the vampire diaries😳anyone notice that
Black Ninja
Black Ninja Pred 11 urami
Tisha Campbell is here......just got interesting lol
Snakeye Plissken
@Black Ninja So you're into overweight grandmas?
Black Ninja
Black Ninja Pred 7 urami
@Snakeye Plissken oh i know, i mean she's not bad now but she was hotter then
Snakeye Plissken
Snakeye Plissken Pred 8 urami
She used to be hot on Martin
Black Ninja
Black Ninja Pred 11 urami
LET IT SHINE!!!!! And STARSTUCK!!!!!! Please
Anna Zank
Anna Zank Pred 11 urami
Can you do cartoons like the dragon Prince and Carmen sandiego?
Eliza Mitkova
Eliza Mitkova Pred 13 urami
pls make a video about "dog with blog " pls
Magda Zwolska
Magda Zwolska Pred 14 urami
The book was awesome too
Anon Pred 14 urami
Mo should've sung speechless.
julie bazacas
julie bazacas Pred 16 urami
you should do old movies, like butterfly effect...
Dildo_Baggins Pred 19 urami
Lemonade mouth is sacred. You took this one too far man. 😠
Zoe White
Zoe White Pred 19 urami
That guy who was guiding Stella is around is like Hi I’m a helpful stereotype used to fix plot holes, oh my name that doesn’t matter see you’re catching on!
Zoe White
Zoe White Pred 19 urami
Why r u so funny??? It’s hurts my stomach
MulanTheWriter Pred dnevom
6:06 same 💀😂
Charles Bowman
Charles Bowman Pred dnevom
john lemuel santiago
Everything you watch you dont like if you are just crititaising everything you watch dont review and watch
lowercase f
lowercase f Pred dnevom
dont disrespect cinematographic masterpiece Lemonade Mouth ever again or else 😤😤😤😤
Mary Brunner
Mary Brunner Pred dnevom
This is a movie I’ve watched over and over again, and seeing how you liked it so much, just makes me feel a whole new level of happiness for this movie. Yeah, Disney is pretty much always dumb, but like you said, sometimes they can make some pretty alright movies.
Brooklynn Lackey
Brooklynn Lackey Pred dnevom
Alex! Don’t even I sung more than a band for a talent show!
Aditya Saxena
Aditya Saxena Pred dnevom
Lol I feel like this is kinda picky ngl
cosmixxnebula Pred dnevom
do one on wizards of waverly place! that was my fave disney show when i was like 9
Mrs. Dickinson
Mrs. Dickinson Pred dnevom
Lemonade mouth is stupid It was a terrible movie
Kefira Ahavah
Kefira Ahavah Pred dnevom
The friend zone part I cracked up 😂😂
ERLproductions Pred dnevom
Review The OA
biankaleon15 Pred dnevom
This is how you much u like these videos 👇🏼
Karina Springer
Karina Springer Pred dnevom
can you watch minutemen?? i remember i loved that movie growing up but it’s prob trash lmao
IM_A_GRILL_ Pred dnevom
who plays Stella?? oop nvm just looked it up ITS HAYLEY FFFFREKING KIYOKO yes
Hey it’s Maya
Hey it’s Maya Pred dnevom
Shut up lemonade mouth is the best
FurryKuriboh Pred dnevom
To this day I still can't believe Scott cheated on Mo with that blonde. like, Really dude?
Scarly Mushroom Noodles
Wdym ‘still quotes rick an morty’ as if it’s from like ten years ago, when the latest season came out this year 🤣
brook Lynn
brook Lynn Pred dnevom
LEMONADE MOUTH!!!! im so happyyy
Solace Omondi
Solace Omondi Pred dnevom
What mad house did this teacher break out of?😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Shae'John Horton
Shae'John Horton Pred dnevom
So nobody gonna talk about how “wen” is committing armed robberies now
Matthew Anthony
Matthew Anthony Pred dnevom
"Because when I tried to say hi to the girl I had a crush on and all that came out was *HUUUUUHH*
Jade Gaudreault
Jade Gaudreault Pred dnevom
dont u dare disrespect our childhood like that wtf
MrVleker Pred dnevom
Its also funny how they instantly know how to play and have this perfect band repetition with no issues at all haha
tiffany hallow
tiffany hallow Pred dnevom
Alex: 12:04 Me: PFFT...I know, this is my favorite Disney channel movie! *Besides Cheetah Girls*
Zx Falci
Zx Falci Pred dnevom
The teacher: you break a rule I BREAK YOUR BONES
Mayowa Adedokun
Mayowa Adedokun Pred dnevom
Please do the movie ‘Let it Shine’
Mandie Rushforth
Mandie Rushforth Pred 2 dnevi
I’m feeling like there’s going to be more reviews of older DCOMs coming with Disney+ being out. Rip Girls, Smart House, Zenon, The Thirteenth Year and more and we all will be living for it.
Jonathan Barton
Jonathan Barton Pred 2 dnevi
Have you reviewed Princess Diaries?
Moon Kirin
Moon Kirin Pred 2 dnevi
is that hayley kiyoko my lesbian jesus
Nakita Rice
Nakita Rice Pred 2 dnevi
I love Disney but this movie was a little stupied but I loved all the music on this movie
Before I fight Logan Paul...
Every Denny's Ever
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