Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal (5-4 on penalties) Reds win dramatic 10-goal thriller | Highlights 

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Watch all the key highlights from the Reds' dramatic penalty shootout victory over Arsenal, following a 5-5 draw in the Carabao Cup at Anfield.
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30. okt. 2019

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Jack Molina Condori
Jack Molina Condori Pred 6 dnevi
I remember watching that game and ended up crying. YNWA
Olimjon Shermexmedov
olga ,☆☆☆☆
Liverpool jedrys
Liverpool jedrys Pred 13 dnevi
I Love Liverpool
dav1dcmify Pred 16 dnevi
2009: 4-4 2019: 5-5 2029: 6-6?
Obiwan Kenobi
Obiwan Kenobi Pred 17 dnevi
Yes origi did brilliant but how is nobody mentioning kelleher?
David W
David W Pred 19 dnevi
the word defence didn't exist.
HRBFC Josh Pred 21 dnevom
Who are the commentators?
ysr Pred 25 dnevi
Most biased comentator
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H Pred 25 dnevi
What’s with the calm commentary?
Fabiano Rodrigues
Fabiano Rodrigues Pred mesecem
Vai perder vai tomar
Michael Courtney
Michael Courtney Pred mesecem
Lallana I really like you
Arch Samson
Arch Samson Pred mesecem
Junior Liverpool ?
Bubz Gamez
Bubz Gamez Pred mesecem
3 1 comeback
Ippank Adista
Ippank Adista Pred mesecem
semangat terus liverpool
Syed MerakamMalaysia
Hat trick: Divock Origi Martinelli
Tech Sreang
Tech Sreang Pred mesecem
Anfield for liverpool is devil stadium .liverpool is the best team in preamleague .
good job
Liza Scerri
Liza Scerri Pred mesecem
Taimoor Tanweer
Taimoor Tanweer Pred mesecem
Liverpool all penalties - Left Corner
Reggie Nixx
Reggie Nixx Pred mesecem
That arsenal goal keeper sucks lol
Dean Saisong
Dean Saisong Pred mesecem
Liverpool was lucky
Dympna Hynes
Dympna Hynes Pred 2 meseci
Up liverpool
Alex 2002
Alex 2002 Pred 2 meseci
jimakos YT
jimakos YT Pred 2 meseci
Where is Van Dijk and Alison ????????
Dark_Karim Aiash
Dark_Karim Aiash Pred 2 meseci
No onecares
Adhere Sincere
Adhere Sincere Pred 2 meseci
Cant believe it 5-5 really!
Mr. GOGO Pred 2 meseci
Origi is on fire !!🔥
Josh Ya boi
Josh Ya boi Pred 2 meseci
Why does the 2nd commentator even exist. He just waits for Liverpool to score then goes "yeeeeeeees"
skull bon
skull bon Pred 2 meseci
Oscar Alfred Elmgaard Andersen
DeBruyne TehGenius
DeBruyne TehGenius Pred 2 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a> if i turn on subtiles it says squadron muster feet
Marco Ciraulo
Marco Ciraulo Pred 2 meseci
Only Purnama
Only Purnama Pred 2 meseci
Time penalti Why the ball kick to left more and more
Cuu Hoang
Cuu Hoang Pred 3 meseci
Oh my God. Great liverpool
Rahul Rahul
Rahul Rahul Pred 3 meseci
Ozil is a best player
Gymnastics & fitness with Lottie.B Baker
Liverpool should always beat arsenal
Marie Quinn
Marie Quinn Pred 3 meseci
Ian Araújo
Ian Araújo Pred 3 meseci
parth verma
parth verma Pred 3 meseci
Origi is legend in the absence of salah
Fadi Abou-Khreibe
Fadi Abou-Khreibe Pred 3 meseci
يقرا قبل آل game. . يكتب خلال ال game أهداف ولعب حلو. اللة يحميك . حريف
Veronika Marku
Veronika Marku Pred 3 meseci
Anamasi Anamasi
Anamasi Anamasi Pred 3 meseci
Xxxl opp
Anamasi Anamasi
Anamasi Anamasi Pred 3 meseci
Anamasi Anamasi
Anamasi Anamasi Pred 3 meseci
Zain and Taisir
Zain and Taisir Pred 3 meseci
Wish I can see you but not me I go in the 🇶🇦
Ahmed Mohammedzain
Ahmed Mohammedzain Pred 3 meseci
Incredible game
Trankenade Pred 3 meseci
Arsenal tried to take advantage of no Salah, Firmino, Mané, VVD, E.T.C, *nah ah*
Lorik Sheji
Lorik Sheji Pred 3 meseci
Me:I will kill liverpool when i will grow up Kloop:Please come play for us Me:if you don't win vs arsenal Kloop:ok i will not win Me:i will come now
bghismaill Pred 3 meseci
Ankaragücü-konyaspor maçı daha heyecanlıydı
Havaleur 1
Havaleur 1 Pred 3 meseci
Pro liverpool
NareN Pred 3 meseci
John Stokes
John Stokes Pred 3 meseci
The commentators commentaded like the match meant nothing 😂😂
Vaqif Aliyev
Vaqif Aliyev Pred 3 meseci
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="55">0:55</a> wow Mesut is a legend
Asgar Tv
Asgar Tv Pred 4 meseci
I love Mohammad salah'
Myron G.A.
Myron G.A. Pred 4 meseci
DeltaHacksource Pred 4 meseci
What a game! Good luck to Liverpool with the rest of the season ❤️
khadija khadraoui
khadija khadraoui Pred 4 meseci
Nb v
Mohamed 37
Mohamed 37 Pred 4 meseci
Today Liverpool has 100,000,000 Egyptian fans♥️♥️♥️🇪🇬
Reverse videos
Reverse videos Pred 4 meseci
Both goals were insanely beautiful (wolf whistle)
Baxaaye Fm
Baxaaye Fm Pred 4 meseci
Galzo Diallo
Galzo Diallo Pred 4 meseci
fans of divoc origi like let me see
Maestro Pred 4 meseci
Briliant match, stunning goals.
Kakyus Pred 4 meseci
LFC road to final
Eddie Tozaka
Eddie Tozaka Pred 4 meseci
Love u liverpool
David Hurrle
David Hurrle Pred 4 meseci
The liverpool editors were trying so hard to find Liverpool fan boy commentators
Sh4dowblack13 fire
Sh4dowblack13 fire Pred 4 meseci
Ho trovato il canale della mia squadra preferita a parimerito
Gaming Potato
Gaming Potato Pred 4 meseci
Player: Misses the goal Commentator: Thats a nice spot kick
Ali Zaidi VLOG
Ali Zaidi VLOG Pred 4 meseci
The best Football team for Miracle Comebacks that's Liverpool
Rovsen Ehmedov
Rovsen Ehmedov Pred 4 meseci
Mehemedsalah ela oynuyur o olmasa oyunun dadıda olmaz her oyunda olsun ve her takimi udsun
Deni Naufal
Deni Naufal Pred 4 meseci
Liverpool Vs Barcelona: Corner taken quickly.. Liverpool vs Arsenal: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">0:24</a> *Free kick taken quickly.. What's next? Goal Kick Taken Quickly?
QQHoki Bola
QQHoki Bola Pred 4 meseci
taruhan gede? bareng QQhokibola sajsa
Erdina Cizmo
Erdina Cizmo Pred 4 meseci
Adelle Guy
Adelle Guy Pred 4 meseci
I sport wolves because Liverpool are boo
Amar Gill
Amar Gill Pred 4 meseci
All we can say is, no one can goalkeep
Milos Stanimirovic
Milos Stanimirovic Pred 4 meseci
Stina Wilhelmsen
Stina Wilhelmsen Pred 4 meseci
Liv er dritt
Imran King gamer
Imran King gamer Pred 4 meseci
The. Most of the team of Liverpool ar players that are not in the 11
Zubair Wardhere
Zubair Wardhere Pred 5 meseci
ox's face when he scored <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a>
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