Louis Tomlinson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED 

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Louis Tomlinson takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. What is Louis Tomlinson's phone number? What kind of dog does Louis Tomlinson have? Is Louis British? Who is Louis Tomlinson's best friend? Where does he currently live? Louis answers all these questions and more!

“We Made It” from Louis’ upcoming album, WALLS, is available now, get it here: louis-tomlinson.co/WeMadeIt_Single
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Louis Tomlinson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




6. nov. 2019

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Momo Kandinsky
Momo Kandinsky Pred 2 urami
What happens with one direction?
Lucy C
Lucy C Pred 3 urami
I have a labradoodle to his name is Rusty and he is a rust color dog, lol I did not know we have the same breed of dog
lisa marie thiesse
lisa marie thiesse Pred 3 urami
Righties For Life
Eleonora Fadda
Eleonora Fadda Pred 5 urami
Favourite food? Carrots
Christy Saji
Christy Saji Pred 7 urami
When he said he's going on tour by march this year YEA SURE IF MS RONA WAS NOT HERE
Nadia Galvan
Nadia Galvan Pred 10 urami
When he was describing the dogs it was like a resemblance of him and Harry in their different personalities 🥺
Logan Davie
Logan Davie Pred 17 urami
he said hopefully we come back when asked about one direction guytyyssss
Gabi Mussa
Gabi Mussa Pred 20 urami
He looks so sad 😞
Montserrat Romero
Montserrat Romero Pred dnevom
Yo también soy Capricornio!!!!!!!!!! No es una mentira solo por que soy su fan
hazza Pred dnevom
louis tomlinson 'hAirstylEs' iiii----
Rosie Marie
Rosie Marie Pred dnevom
You can’t convince me that miss you isn’t about Harry Styles and one direction
Elizabeth Schuyler
Elizabeth Schuyler Pred dnevom
Nobody’s gonna talk about him immediately going to "1D is the band I’m in" and the saying "hopefully we come back"
Head over Heels
Head over Heels Pred dnevom
his humor is actually hilarious. Im american and Im throughly enjoying his british humor!
1funnyfish Pred dnevom
I love how Louis is like "my best friend Olly lives with me" ...... like *psst* remember you're supposed to have a long-term girlfriend lmao. Also when he says he's been living in LA, you know it's because he's living with Harry. dkjfkldksldhk
Gladys F
Gladys F Pred dnevom
Louis is the cutest person
Sara L
Sara L Pred dnevom
Louis Tomlinson one direction Louis: that’s the band IM IN Me: AGGHHHHHHHHHH
Astrid Colin
Astrid Colin Pred dnevom
Did he say that One direction comes back ?!
The Trampoline And Floor Stunts
When is Louis Tomlinson going on tour 😭
Oof Foof
Oof Foof Pred 2 dnevi
Louis: My tour starts March next year, and it goes all the way through to June, July. Corona Virus: *hah, that's what you thought.*
Kanpai K.
Kanpai K. Pred 2 dnevi
He has grown up so much
Joscelyn Nuñez
Joscelyn Nuñez Pred 2 dnevi
When he said “in-n-out that’s a proper burger” the Californian in me just smiled like a freacking idiot I have no clue why I think it’s cuz I ate in-n-out today 😂
Marya Pred 2 dnevi
Everyone just gonna ignore the fact that they skipped the last question <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="276">4:36</a> !!!!!!!!!
Priyanka Ghosh
Priyanka Ghosh Pred 2 dnevi
kaleigh tuntland
kaleigh tuntland Pred 2 dnevi
i love how i can barely understand him 😌 he’s the “pip pip cheerio” British person i- ❤️
Rock Gailhard
Rock Gailhard Pred 2 dnevi
why he looks like he snorts coke
Milena Yez
Milena Yez Pred 2 dnevi
Louis talking about 1D: Hopefully we come back Me: THAT’S A SIGN PEOPLE! THEY’RE COMING BACK! LOUIS’S IN
12AliCat6 Pred 2 dnevi
How have I missed this?
Екатерина Осинкина
Срочно покупаю учебники английского языка,это невыносимо не понимать о чём речь😭😭😭
Georgia Lambert
Georgia Lambert Pred 2 dnevi
“whats my favorite food” me: chicken stuffed with mozzarella-
ashley b
ashley b Pred 2 dnevi
he is sf cute i cant
Bd bitxch
Bd bitxch Pred 2 dnevi
louis is a capricorn is every way, not 2/8, more like 12/8, he’s so stubborn
nikola yt
nikola yt Pred 3 dnevi
„hopefully, we come back” 🥺
Nina Bernheim
Nina Bernheim Pred 3 dnevi
I love one direction
emo girl
emo girl Pred 3 dnevi
I love his nervous little laughs. they're so cute lol
Guadalupe Bosch
Guadalupe Bosch Pred 3 dnevi
He is so english i love it
Evelyn Jeba
Evelyn Jeba Pred 3 dnevi
I need Billie Eilish to do this interview!! 🥺❤️
Yogendra Raghuwanshi
No one: seriously no one: louis: my dog is a thief(<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a>)
Pia Thallauer
Pia Thallauer Pred 3 dnevi
omg he actually said „HOPEFULLY, WE COME BACK“
Anna Kate Shukes
Anna Kate Shukes Pred 3 dnevi
I love u so much!!!!!!
Alan Mccloy
Alan Mccloy Pred 3 dnevi
Izzy Fullbuster
Izzy Fullbuster Pred 3 dnevi
His accent talking about burgers is adorable
{Chasity} Pred 3 dnevi
Louis really said “ the band I am in then changed it to I was in “ omg I cant process right ( HE ALSO SAID HOPEFULLY WE COME BACK ) IM SCREAMING
Emma Beck
Emma Beck Pred 3 dnevi
Man he is so British
cloud Pred 4 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="455">7:35</a> GIRL I'M CRYING
Charlotte 8P
Charlotte 8P Pred 4 dnevi
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="574">9:34</a> I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I’m not crying I am crying
Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson Pred 4 dnevi
Omg he said „Hopefully we come back“ at the One Direction Question😌😍😍
Georgie .Sings.
Georgie .Sings. Pred 4 dnevi
“Hopefully we come back” I’m crying like we neeed 1D back
Ruby Vlogs
Ruby Vlogs Pred 3 dnevi
crying in a cool way
beenab00 Pred 4 dnevi
louis: i eat a lot of rubbish food... also louis: *has the body of a god*
pipingcold Pred 4 dnevi
It's honestly crazy how before I used to find him "eh" but now I really fkg think he's the hottest amongst his fellow bandmates. (ex-bandmates)
Shayla Styles!
Shayla Styles! Pred 4 dnevi
“Fanks louve” 🤣 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a>
Michaela Cloyd
Michaela Cloyd Pred 4 dnevi
watching this the day he reschedule his tour. he was so excited and happy about and now im just v sad
arianaa Pred 4 dnevi
the way he said WHAT miss you is about but not WHO is it about, we know the truth william
sami quartuccio
sami quartuccio Pred 4 dnevi
me over here waiting for him to be asked “have u and harry had a thing or sum”
Althea a
Althea a Pred 5 dnevi
Hey! I miss you and 1D!❤
Roblox Rush
Roblox Rush Pred 5 dnevi
What’s sad is him and Harry where best friends and they don’t even follow each other on most social media :(
Rebecca Pred 5 dnevi
I love Lou ❤️ you're so nice and funny! I'm always rewatching your interviews when I miss you 🥰 (I didn't know it possible to miss someone's voice until I met you). Be always happy and healthy 🙏
Inga Jones
Inga Jones Pred 5 dnevi
He seems like a really nice guy
Hannah Shojaeemehr
Hannah Shojaeemehr Pred 5 dnevi
“The tour starts march next year” nope louis Corona ruined my dream😭
Le na
Le na Pred 5 dnevi
No Lerry Questions thats a whole lie !
Jayleen Velazco
Jayleen Velazco Pred 5 dnevi
I dont know why but he seems so pure in this
no way
no way Pred 5 dnevi
Do all british people speak like him? coz his accent is strong
Ruby Vlogs
Ruby Vlogs Pred 3 dnevi
yeah we do lol
ava Pred 5 dnevi
i love his voice idk why
randommonkeyy Pred 5 dnevi
I don’t believe there wasn’t a question about his height. Smol bean.
megan noble
megan noble Pred 5 dnevi
Why did this video kind of make me sad, I want the rest of the boys with him 🥺
Maria Pred 5 dnevi
Rip tour :(
Sofia Lucia
Sofia Lucia Pred 6 dnevi
please get harry on here
heyitslucy Pred 6 dnevi
he’s not in tour now.
kz Pred 6 dnevi
i mean.. how can someone be so cute?
Green Goblin
Green Goblin Pred 6 dnevi
So basically if Larry were dogs, Louis would be Bruce and Harry would be Cliff
Green Goblin
Green Goblin Pred 6 dnevi
pls get Zayn on one of these I'm begging y'all.
Ana Marroquín
Ana Marroquín Pred 6 dnevi
Question: “When is the Louis Tomlinson tour starting?” *Louis saying the exact same timing as de quarantine*
Ampa Robles
Ampa Robles Pred 6 dnevi
Aya Hirano
Aya Hirano Pred 6 dnevi
When did he turn 27 imma cry😭😭😭
Faith Eve
Faith Eve Pred 6 dnevi
love having same birthday as Louis
Zoe Finkler
Zoe Finkler Pred 6 dnevi
He said hopefully we come back 😱😱❤️
Zoe Finkler
Zoe Finkler Pred 6 dnevi
Does anyone recognize that he just didn’t answered that one question at about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Rose Brogno
Rose Brogno Pred 6 dnevi
Louis Tomlinson One Direction- ya that was the band I am in, was in, depends on the way you look at it. *hopefully we come back*
Guadalupe Ibañez
Guadalupe Ibañez Pred 6 dnevi
cómo existe una persona tan hermosa como Louis? Quiero explicaciones
Nikki Str
Nikki Str Pred 6 dnevi
Sweetest creature 😭😭😭😭
Jimmy bob Joe
Jimmy bob Joe Pred 6 dnevi
WAIT WAIT WAIT "HOPEFULLY WE COMEBACK" OMG OMG <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="579">9:39</a>
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