Luka Doncic 27 Pts! Vucevic Misses Game Winner! 2019-20 NBA Season 

Chris Smoove
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7. nov. 2019

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marcellino sanchez
marcellino sanchez Pred 3 meseci
You sleeping on JI smooth
Billy Pred 3 meseci
Luka watches Smooves my career ;)
Eli W
Eli W Pred 3 meseci
You were sleeping on Jonathan Isaac 😴
Aleksandar Petrovic
Aleksandar Petrovic Pred 3 meseci
buyanjargal temuulen
buyanjargal temuulen Pred 3 meseci
Mavs vs Heat FINAL. Round 3
Swag_21 Pred 3 meseci
That 3 should’ve gone in😭
vMagnus Pred 3 meseci
Commenting Until Chris Smoove Abuses Claymores Again
Jacob Correia
Jacob Correia Pred 3 meseci
Modern warfare is waiting for you to come back
ma tt
ma tt Pred 3 meseci
Luka is the smartest player in the NBA.
Lil DripGod
Lil DripGod Pred 3 meseci
Chris Smoove: “ vucevic misses game winner” Me: “you not gonna mention Aaron Gordon’s 2 offensive fouls”
Noah Riley
Noah Riley Pred 3 meseci
Where is MW4 smoove
Timmy Shea
Timmy Shea Pred 3 meseci
love you smoove....
Adrian Schmidkonz
Adrian Schmidkonz Pred 3 meseci
Bruh stop spoiling me with that clickbait
J-G 2fly
J-G 2fly Pred 3 meseci
Did anyone peep Fultz falling then it seems he bang'd his head on the court floor 0:26......well it seems he's ok ig smh 😨😨😨
Zy pe
Zy pe Pred 3 meseci
Olumide Aluko
Olumide Aluko Pred 3 meseci
Beaver Joe
Beaver Joe Pred 3 meseci
The magic center is OVERRATED
YOuR DaD Pred 3 meseci
Love everybody in the comment section
Willisk6 Pred 3 meseci
I’m not gonna lie Luka a serious contender for mvp
NoLimitSteveO 816
NoLimitSteveO 816 Pred 3 meseci
Mavs making playoffs 🎉🎉🎉
LeBeautiful Pred 3 meseci
Luka for MVP
Drewskiii DaDon
Drewskiii DaDon Pred 3 meseci
Augustine should’ve pulled up after that cross
TyJamar Pred 3 meseci
Glad Fultz is finally playing 💪💪💪💪💪
Waveyツ Pred 3 meseci
Am sorry but u don’t care and but any time to your videos anymore only dumb 2k
GOAT Essays
GOAT Essays Pred 3 meseci
Luka is a Top 5 MVP candidate. Also, we write 🔥 essays for students. Order through insta: @goatessays.
johnjohnj57 Pred 3 meseci
Luka mvp
LSJ Pred 3 meseci
Phoenix and Dallas low key surprise teams in the west to start the season
Shezza's Video's
Shezza's Video's Pred 3 meseci
Suns yeah, but Mavs were already hyped up with Luka and Kristaps
Diego Lara
Diego Lara Pred 3 meseci
Don Cheech
Childish Corbino
Childish Corbino Pred 3 meseci
To be fair he was open, you can’t fault him for taking that shot.
Y tu mama Tambien
Y tu mama Tambien Pred 3 meseci
Luka putting up lebron stats already way less athletic but dammm
Angelo Loki
Angelo Loki Pred 3 meseci
That game winner pic and pop would have worked on 2k vucivitc splashes on 2k
BiMi GTs
BiMi GTs Pred 3 meseci
When nba2k20?
Rico Capone
Rico Capone Pred 3 meseci
9.890.980 views Pred 3 meseci
smoove spoiling us with the titles...
daniel trang
daniel trang Pred 3 meseci
We got lucky. Simple as that, can be bias but that ain’t no smoove move. #2011champs
kzngk _
kzngk _ Pred 3 meseci
Smoove where the heck are the raptors highlights
Toni Georg
Toni Georg Pred 3 meseci
Vucevic shoots 20% from 3P, why he is taking the winner
yvngorlando Pred 3 meseci
My team sucks bro🤣 cure magic
lowratehitman Pred 3 meseci
Great game...
Warwid Pred 3 meseci
Isaac is a monster
liamdor Pred 3 meseci
These highlights are made by the NBA not Smoove so stop asking to include certain things it's not possible
Gianpaolo Pazzini
Gianpaolo Pazzini Pred 3 meseci
smoove just dubs it
Chris Smoove
Chris Smoove Pred 3 meseci
Star wars jedi fallen order
Maximiliano Hernandez Hidalgo
The entire army there :))
Twitter: @_Nathan_Gibson_
Can we acknowledge the fact Luka put on an arm sleeve during the game?
SShaBazzz Pred 3 meseci
I told yall. Luka is the Truth. He has a shit ton of Larry Bird in him.
JoeBro915 Pred 3 meseci
He kinda reminds me of a European James Harden. Or Ginobili if he wasn’t restrained in his prime
Ulf Schneider
Ulf Schneider Pred 3 meseci
@Kyle Katano he is more the reborn magic
Kyle Katano
Kyle Katano Pred 3 meseci
SShaBazzz lol gay
Nocna Ptica
Nocna Ptica Pred 3 meseci
SPORTALITY TV Pred 3 meseci
Every time smoove sad magic he was thinking about orlando magic but i always thought he was talking about luka magic
Christian Fernandes
Christian Fernandes Pred 3 meseci
luka had a really bad game but still 27/7/7
Joaquin Grande
Joaquin Grande Pred 3 meseci
Wouldn’t say bad in general, bad 3point shooting definitely
Josh Allonce
Josh Allonce Pred 3 meseci
is it just me, or does Fultz always look so awkward and stiff on the court??
James Soften
James Soften Pred 3 meseci
Luka has an iq of a 10 yr vet
Joaquin Grande
Joaquin Grande Pred 3 meseci
destructhor77 he signed a contract when he was 13 but until 17 he didn’t become a permanent member of their senior roster
destructhor77 Pred 3 meseci
well he began pro at 13 with the real madrid, so he is a seasoned vet ! But that doesn't minimise the fact that he has better IQ than the average NBA vet
Blues fan
Blues fan Pred 3 meseci
Defiantly a rough game for the mavs. Kp has a bad night, and Luka was 1-7 from 3. Still got the W though, and that’s all that matters.
SkinnyBoiLemons Pred 3 meseci
Down by 1 so let’s go for a 3
Omar Ceesay Jr
Omar Ceesay Jr Pred 3 meseci
Luka gonna mess around and be an MVP candidate
memories. Pred 3 meseci
Why a 3?
Zombert Pred 3 meseci
No love for Barea, huh? He made it splash 3 times in a row when the Mavs were behind by double digits...
jådeñ Pred 3 meseci
Mavs got lucky
Get Money
Get Money Pred 3 meseci
Was There Gordon Was Going Off Powell Couldn't Stop Him
Get Money
Get Money Pred 3 meseci
Chris Smoove
Chris Smoove Pred 3 meseci
Xbox one
Chris Smoove
Chris Smoove Pred 3 meseci
Star wars jedi fallen order
Lil Saint
Lil Saint Pred 3 meseci
Mavs escaped with a W
Daniel W
Daniel W Pred 3 meseci
They go for a 3 when down by 1? Give that coach a pension
Miguel Michaelides
Miguel Michaelides Pred 3 meseci
Can't wait for Doncic vs Young match up...great new franchise players....
great bane
great bane Pred 3 meseci
Down 1 with 6 seconds and goes for a semi-contested 3p Thats a JR SMITH move
Internet troll
Internet troll Pred 3 meseci
Jr is god. These are noobs.
VArsovski10 Pred 3 meseci
Should've given credit to the Barea run, he completely dug out the Mavs from the dirt before HT
Ron Samba
Ron Samba Pred 3 meseci
Luka gave him credit on post game interview though after getting asked about his performance. He is still the vet leader.