Luka Doncic 27 Pts! Vucevic Misses Game Winner! 2019-20 NBA Season 

Chris Smoove
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7. nov. 2019

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marcellino sanchez
marcellino sanchez Pred 21 uro
You sleeping on JI smooth
Billy Pred 11 dnevi
Luka watches Smooves my career ;)
Eli W
Eli W Pred 11 dnevi
You were sleeping on Jonathan Isaac 😴
Aleksandar Petrovic
Aleksandar Petrovic Pred 11 dnevi
buyanjargal temuulen
buyanjargal temuulen Pred 12 dnevi
Mavs vs Heat FINAL. Round 3
Swag_21 Pred 12 dnevi
That 3 should’ve gone in😭
vMagnus Pred 12 dnevi
Commenting Until Chris Smoove Abuses Claymores Again
Jacob Correia
Jacob Correia Pred 12 dnevi
Modern warfare is waiting for you to come back
ma tt
ma tt Pred 12 dnevi
Luka is the smartest player in the NBA.
Lil DripGod
Lil DripGod Pred 12 dnevi
Chris Smoove: “ vucevic misses game winner” Me: “you not gonna mention Aaron Gordon’s 2 offensive fouls”
Noah Riley
Noah Riley Pred 12 dnevi
Where is MW4 smoove
Timmy Shea
Timmy Shea Pred 12 dnevi
love you smoove....
Adrian Schmidkonz
Adrian Schmidkonz Pred 12 dnevi
Bruh stop spoiling me with that clickbait
J-G 2fly
J-G 2fly Pred 12 dnevi
Did anyone peep Fultz falling then it seems he bang'd his head on the court floor 0:26......well it seems he's ok ig smh 😨😨😨
Zy pe
Zy pe Pred 12 dnevi
Olumide Aluko
Olumide Aluko Pred 12 dnevi
Beaver Joe
Beaver Joe Pred 12 dnevi
The magic center is OVERRATED
YOuR DaD Pred 12 dnevi
Love everybody in the comment section
Willisk6 Pred 12 dnevi
I’m not gonna lie Luka a serious contender for mvp
NoLimitSteveO 816
NoLimitSteveO 816 Pred 12 dnevi
Mavs making playoffs 🎉🎉🎉
LeBeautiful Pred 12 dnevi
Luka for MVP
Drewskiii DaDon
Drewskiii DaDon Pred 13 dnevi
Augustine should’ve pulled up after that cross
TyJamar Pred 13 dnevi
Glad Fultz is finally playing 💪💪💪💪💪
Glixy Pred 13 dnevi
Am sorry but u don’t care and but any time to your videos anymore only dumb 2k
GOAT Essays
GOAT Essays Pred 13 dnevi
Luka is a Top 5 MVP candidate. Also, we write 🔥 essays for students. Order through insta: @goatessays.
johnjohnj57 Pred 13 dnevi
Luka mvp
LSJ Pred 13 dnevi
Phoenix and Dallas low key surprise teams in the west to start the season
Shezza's Video's
Shezza's Video's Pred 12 dnevi
Suns yeah, but Mavs were already hyped up with Luka and Kristaps
Diego Lara
Diego Lara Pred 13 dnevi
Don Cheech
Childish Corbino
Childish Corbino Pred 13 dnevi
To be fair he was open, you can’t fault him for taking that shot.
Luis Velador
Luis Velador Pred 13 dnevi
Luka putting up lebron stats already way less athletic but dammm
Angelo Loki
Angelo Loki Pred 13 dnevi
That game winner pic and pop would have worked on 2k vucivitc splashes on 2k
BiMi GTs
BiMi GTs Pred 13 dnevi
When nba2k20?
Rico Capone
Rico Capone Pred 13 dnevi
9.890.980 views Pred 13 dnevi
smoove spoiling us with the titles...
daniel trang
daniel trang Pred 13 dnevi
We got lucky. Simple as that, can be bias but that ain’t no smoove move. #2011champs
kzngk _
kzngk _ Pred 13 dnevi
Smoove where the heck are the raptors highlights
Toni Georg
Toni Georg Pred 13 dnevi
Vucevic shoots 20% from 3P, why he is taking the winner
Sp!dey Pred 13 dnevi
My team sucks bro🤣 cure magic
lowratehitman Pred 13 dnevi
Great game...
Warwid Pred 13 dnevi
Isaac is a monster
liamdor Pred 13 dnevi
These highlights are made by the NBA not Smoove so stop asking to include certain things it's not possible
Gianpaolo Pazzini
Gianpaolo Pazzini Pred 12 dnevi
smoove just dubs it
Immanuel Dimaculangan
Immanuel Dimaculangan Pred 12 dnevi
Star wars jedi fallen order
Maximiliano Hernandez Hidalgo
The entire army there :))
Twitter: @_Nathan_Gibson_
Can we acknowledge the fact Luka put on an arm sleeve during the game?
SShaBazzz Pred 13 dnevi
I told yall. Luka is the Truth. He has a shit ton of Larry Bird in him.
JoeBro915 Pred 12 dnevi
He kinda reminds me of a European James Harden. Or Ginobili if he wasn’t restrained in his prime
Ulf Schneider
Ulf Schneider Pred 12 dnevi
@Kyle Katano he is more the reborn magic
Kyle Katano
Kyle Katano Pred 13 dnevi
SShaBazzz lol gay
Nocna Ptica
Nocna Ptica Pred 13 dnevi
SPORTALITY TV Pred 13 dnevi
Every time smoove sad magic he was thinking about orlando magic but i always thought he was talking about luka magic
Christian Fernandes
Christian Fernandes Pred 13 dnevi
luka had a really bad game but still 27/7/7
Joaquin Grande
Joaquin Grande Pred 12 dnevi
Wouldn’t say bad in general, bad 3point shooting definitely
Josh Allonce
Josh Allonce Pred 13 dnevi
is it just me, or does Fultz always look so awkward and stiff on the court??
James Soften
James Soften Pred 13 dnevi
Luka has an iq of a 10 yr vet
Joaquin Grande
Joaquin Grande Pred 12 dnevi
destructhor77 he signed a contract when he was 13 but until 17 he didn’t become a permanent member of their senior roster
destructhor77 Pred 13 dnevi
well he began pro at 13 with the real madrid, so he is a seasoned vet ! But that doesn't minimise the fact that he has better IQ than the average NBA vet
Blues fan
Blues fan Pred 13 dnevi
Defiantly a rough game for the mavs. Kp has a bad night, and Luka was 1-7 from 3. Still got the W though, and that’s all that matters.
SkinnyBoiLemons Pred 13 dnevi
Down by 1 so let’s go for a 3
THFC 1882
THFC 1882 Pred 13 dnevi
Luka gonna mess around and be an MVP candidate
memories. Pred 13 dnevi
Why a 3?
Zombert Pred 13 dnevi
No love for Barea, huh? He made it splash 3 times in a row when the Mavs were behind by double digits...
jåđēñ Pred 13 dnevi
Mavs got lucky
Get Money
Get Money Pred 13 dnevi
Was There Gordon Was Going Off Powell Couldn't Stop Him
Get Money
Get Money Pred 12 dnevi
Immanuel Dimaculangan
Immanuel Dimaculangan Pred 12 dnevi
Xbox one
Immanuel Dimaculangan
Immanuel Dimaculangan Pred 12 dnevi
Star wars jedi fallen order
Lil Saint
Lil Saint Pred 13 dnevi
Mavs escaped with a W
Daniel W
Daniel W Pred 13 dnevi
They go for a 3 when down by 1? Give that coach a pension
Miguel Michaelides
Miguel Michaelides Pred 13 dnevi
Can't wait for Doncic vs Young match up...great new franchise players....
great bane
great bane Pred 13 dnevi
Down 1 with 6 seconds and goes for a semi-contested 3p Thats a JR SMITH move
Internet troll
Internet troll Pred 13 dnevi
Jr is god. These are noobs.
VArsovski10 Pred 13 dnevi
Should've given credit to the Barea run, he completely dug out the Mavs from the dirt before HT
Ron Samba
Ron Samba Pred 12 dnevi
Luka gave him credit on post game interview though after getting asked about his performance. He is still the vet leader.