Luka Doncic Slapped By Assistant Coach! Mavericks vs Grizzlies 2019 NBA Season 

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Luka Doncic Slapped By Assistant Coach! Mavericks vs Grizzlies November 9, 2019-20 NBA Season
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10. nov. 2019

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Slick Smoke
Slick Smoke Pred 18 dnevi
Soy Doomer Low IQ
Soy Doomer Low IQ Pred 19 dnevi
Did the coat try to purposely piss Luka off so he plays better. Kinda like Giannis air ball.
Hog Wild
Hog Wild Pred 19 dnevi
Can you imagine if that coach would have been white and the player a black guy. They would have given him the death penalty
Dan kool
Dan kool Pred 20 dnevi
Luka told him in locker room slap me again and your out of a job lol
Carl Ive
Carl Ive Pred 20 dnevi
Luka should of flopped and fell to the ground.
Titi PR
Titi PR Pred 21 dnevom
Respect everyone's face
brand robert
brand robert Pred 21 dnevom
Could you imagine the shit storm if it was a white coach and a black player. They would be calling him racist and wanna be slave owner. He would instantly be fired joke or not. You would have lebron tweeting about white coaches and owners slave mentality.
Newbport Pred 22 dnevi
'Former assistant coach'
Cameron Schmit
Cameron Schmit Pred 22 dnevi
Bunch of sensitive-ass fake tough guys in these comments holy shit
Jay Labajo
Jay Labajo Pred 22 dnevi
I imagine how lucky his girlfriend was. 🙄🙄😍
Jay Labajo
Jay Labajo Pred 21 dnevom
@si Markeyan hahahaha
si Markeyan
si Markeyan Pred 21 dnevom
Bakla ampota
bornflex2975 Pred 23 dnevi
Your thoughts Mr Cuban????
Special _Efex
Special _Efex Pred 23 dnevi
Wtf? Man never let a man touch you like that
Arthur Morgan x
Arthur Morgan x Pred 23 dnevi
What’s his Twitter so I can harass him
Stinky Pinky
Stinky Pinky Pred 23 dnevi
don't touch me
rash b
rash b Pred 23 dnevi
Haha I'm not understanding this. It's so bizarre.
James Miller
James Miller Pred 23 dnevi
Luca about to have him sleep with the fishes lol
MAZINGER Z Pred 23 dnevi
He deserved to get slapped. Look at how much he improved after that slap on his face.
Kyrohnics Pred 23 dnevi
If I was Luca I would have lost the game on purpose jus cuz of that smh
Anthony Acosta
Anthony Acosta Pred 23 dnevi
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm Pred 23 dnevi
Click bait...sort of
bubble butt
bubble butt Pred 23 dnevi
He is a dirty ass European
Arjay Torres
Arjay Torres Pred 24 dnevi
Assistant coach probably slapping luca’s ass everynight in room 209..
80sruler Pred 24 dnevi
He didn’t look thrilled - of course if the colors were reversed there would be Bobby Knight outrage and the coach would be fired on the spot
Arnibal Pred 24 dnevi
slvid.info/video/woyrzm64eamGtpo.html Please watch this new video!
Finn The dog
Finn The dog Pred 24 dnevi
Imagine a white coach did this to a black player?
m7manunited -
m7manunited - Pred 24 dnevi
A black guy slapping and telling a white guy what do to? That’s slavery
andre sewell
andre sewell Pred 24 dnevi
Assist Coach: Luka you out there taking no look 3s ? Luka: Yes Coach Assist Coach: Okay take a no look slap..and a smile too..
TheGoldenPeanut Pred 24 dnevi
It’s Becuase he’s white and can ball.🤔🤣🤣🤣
Tragic Youtube
Tragic Youtube Pred 24 dnevi
Davie504 slap battle
s mitsos
s mitsos Pred 24 dnevi
Alan Sawyer
Alan Sawyer Pred 24 dnevi
That’s what you want do. Alienate an athlete who will be a franchise player. That way he asks for a TRADE as soon as humanly possible. Luca should have popped him back but took the high road. Now fine the moron coach for slapping a player and suspend or fire his face.
Bishop Kurtiz
Bishop Kurtiz Pred 24 dnevi
Finna get fined
Michael ODell
Michael ODell Pred 24 dnevi
Luka says” I don’t think we like him anymore” and his dumb ass is gone
Kylar Lee
Kylar Lee Pred 24 dnevi
If he wasn’t joking he should lose his job.
nick w
nick w Pred 24 dnevi
That was weird
DonNoDraper Pred 24 dnevi
Did any1 else c Luka lips move he said dnt slap my face like tht. I would have fired off on tht Coach super Sayain God mode 🤣💀
DonNoDraper Pred 24 dnevi
Bro u dnt slap a men 1st of all NBA game r not if Luka 2 pieced him I would have been on his side 🤣💀 Luka had tht like wtf look in his eyes to.
AB VII Pred 24 dnevi
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Pred 25 dnevi
Johan Falck
Johan Falck Pred 25 dnevi
“How can he slap?!”
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