Luka Doncic Triple Double 2019.11.03 Mavs vs Cavs - 29 Pts, 15 Asts, 14 Rebs! | FreeDawkins 

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November 3 | NBA Regular Season | Luka Doncic Triple Double 2019.11.03 Mavs vs Cavs - 29 Pts, 15 Asts, 14 Rebs! | FreeDawkins - NBA Video' #DawkinsLUKA
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4. nov. 2019

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My Grandma Died
My Grandma Died Pred 3 dnevi
Just looked it up. First recorded Triple 14 of all time. Nothing better.
Michelle Woolard
Michelle Woolard Pred 4 dnevi
super star 🌟
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger Pred 4 dnevi
It might be disrespectful but Luka reminds me a lot of bird Luka is just shorter
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger Pred 4 dnevi
Luka really is the next dirk of the Mavericks he may be even better some day
Johnny Valencia
Johnny Valencia Pred 5 dnevi
Luka has always been a golden boy
Mi P
Mi P Pred 5 dnevi
Dončić is a great Serb basket player, like his father Saša Dončić, like all Serbs.
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger Pred 4 dnevi
Doncic is Slovenian
François Lelavage
François Lelavage Pred 6 dnevi
He's not NBA ready...
Isaiah Davis
Isaiah Davis Pred 6 dnevi
he’s 20 toying with and dominating NBA competition.. last to do that was LeBron 😯
Waynimations Pred 6 dnevi
His basketball IQ is so great
MusicKnowledge1 Pred 6 dnevi
This Wigga can ball
Edward Angelo
Edward Angelo Pred 7 dnevi
Man, stop the hate for Trae. We both know Luka and Trae are good. Luka is just a better player right now but we'll see in the future. We all know both of them gonna get them rings, MVPs and shake the league for many years. I just hope that they'll someday meet in the Finals. That thing gonna be epic as hell. 🔥 Let's wish them good health.
Maryan Paunov
Maryan Paunov Pred 7 dnevi
To be honest Porzingis is one of 100 but Luka is one and only new view of basketball LeBron knows that
hshshshshshshs Pred 7 dnevi
He will have a career altering injury soon..
THE WOAT Pred 6 dnevi
hshshshshshshs "all white players"...manu, pau, nash, rick barry, havlicek, mchale, jerry west, stockton, dirk, bird..
hshshshshshshs Pred 6 dnevi
@THE WOAT why? All white players have s career altering injuries pretty soon in their career. White men are fragile and weak and unable to stay on top for more then 1-2 years. Over the last 5 years the best white players were Love, Hayward, Jokic, Doncic... Every year there is a diffetent best whitey in the league. Black on the other hand are consistant...
THE WOAT Pred 6 dnevi
hshshshshshshs stop
Nenad Trandafilovic
Nenad Trandafilovic Pred 7 dnevi
Luka is best player from Europe ever...
Maryan Paunov
Maryan Paunov Pred 7 dnevi
Joze Kert
Joze Kert Pred 7 dnevi
Can someone tell me-Who is the rookie in Dallas
hor151 Pred 7 dnevi
can't imagine if he plays with Dirk at his Prime
Jana činku
Jana činku Pred 7 dnevi
Bravoooooo Luka, a lot of love from Slovenija.
John Rey
John Rey Pred 7 dnevi
All star and potentially an MVP no joke
iwinzeazy Pred 7 dnevi
Shout out to Atlanta! 🤗
Joseph Angelo Paroco
He would be the best nba player from Europe. And get a lot of champiobships and MVP in the future. At his age he plays like 10 years pro in the league. He got triple doubles and clutch time.
Ivan Moreno
Ivan Moreno Pred 7 dnevi
I see some Ginobili in Luka's style of play...
Ivan Moreno
Ivan Moreno Pred 7 dnevi
So effortless too, what an amazing player this kid is...
Juanma Hernax
Juanma Hernax Pred 7 dnevi
People likes this guy just because he is white. Thats racist, most of black players are much better tan him. Black people we are superior and much better than the white rubish. White people are weak, dumb and ugly.
Financial Liberty
Financial Liberty Pred 7 dnevi
Juanma Hernax if that's the case then explain us how he manages to break all those records of precocity?
Imdb Truth
Imdb Truth Pred 7 dnevi
Luka expects to be the best and expects to be a champion, it's what he does... Don't sleep on the Mavs, they're legit contenders if healthy. Mavs have ton of guys who can score, and a great coach, they'll be tough in a 7 game series.
Desmond Turner
Desmond Turner Pred 7 dnevi
Proof that players like larry bird would still dominate today
Desmond Turner
Desmond Turner Pred 6 dnevi
@Λ You are one of the few intelligent basketball fans that exist
Λ Pred 6 dnevi
@Desmond Turner all these guys now are on really good low doses of PED's with round the clock access to modern surgical techniques, trainers, and chefs informed by modern nutrition. Guys in Larry and Magic's day were doing coke and smoking cigs after games using smith machines and terrible form in the gym. It wouldn't even be fair to give them access to these amenities 21st century pros have all the time.
Desmond Turner
Desmond Turner Pred 6 dnevi
Right? Also, people always talk about modern-day athleticism but don't realize that if you took ancient hall of famers and put them in today's league they'd also have access to modern-day trainers, dieticians, and analytics
Λ Pred 6 dnevi
Desmond Turner Bird would have been a 30 11 9 guy every single year and his back would have been dealt with before it deteriorated on him, orthos are so much smarter about athletics related degenerative injuries.
Chosen One 203
Chosen One 203 Pred 7 dnevi
I love luka but slow your horses he won't be in the MVP conversation this season. Not because he doesn't have the skills or numbers but because Dallas won't finish higher than the 6th seed. Westbrook won it that f year when he avg a Trpl Dbl for the first time. But other than that go back 15 years all MVP winners were on top 3 squads in their conferences.
Robitaille Copeland
Robitaille Copeland Pred 7 dnevi
he's playing a team that would lose to some G League teams. They don't have a single legit SG or SF on their roster and are undersized down low. Watch how many times his teammates or Luka are WIDE open.
Emmanuelle Matjaz
Emmanuelle Matjaz Pred 7 dnevi
Robitaille Copeland This apply also for his game against Lakers 2 days before?
THE WOAT Pred 7 dnevi
Robitaille Copeland well cavs were 2/2 at home after beating bulls and pacers
Inexpugnabilis Pred 8 dnevi
Luka makes it look so easy. Future MVP!
Joaquin Shang
Joaquin Shang Pred 8 dnevi
he was as good or better than Simmons the first year, and this year he is way better. Simmons is a huge overrated player, Mitchell is also btter.
John  Hardin
John Hardin Pred 8 dnevi
SAS: Injured KD is the best in the world right now Luka:
Jatmiko Marsudi
Jatmiko Marsudi Pred 8 dnevi
This kid will dominate..
xarmanhs h
xarmanhs h Pred 8 dnevi
i hope he has a long an fullfilling carreer
TacticalBacon Pred 8 dnevi
Never been more proud of my mavs except in 11’ with that chip
Kim Ilagan
Kim Ilagan Pred 8 dnevi
2:09 great basketball IQ. He patiently waits for Porzingis to roll inside but didn't throw the lob cause he saw Clarkson left his man for wide open 3 on the corner
Johnny Q
Johnny Q Pred 6 dnevi
Kindof. He makes Clarkson leave his player by looking at KP.
Nel Winchester
Nel Winchester Pred 8 dnevi
Future All-Star and Hall of Famer
Zig Pred 8 dnevi
Pure basketball intelligence. 20 y old. Absolute beast on the floor!
Slim 803
Slim 803 Pred 8 dnevi
joel atico
joel atico Pred 8 dnevi
nays paz
이홍규 Pred 8 dnevi
Boy.. he's something else...wow
Harris 05
Harris 05 Pred 8 dnevi
Nah luka's like 25
THE WOAT Pred 7 dnevi
Harris 05 more like 20
loke Pred 8 dnevi
Jo Per
Jo Per Pred 8 dnevi
Wtf 3ple double in 3 quarters?
dralger Pred 8 dnevi
Miguel Dabdab
Miguel Dabdab Pred 8 dnevi
wtf? brunson listed as a forward?
Fernando Pred 8 dnevi
I’ve been saying that Luka is more like Larry bird than LBJ. Maybe he idolized him but the way he plays where he uses footwork hesis and high IQ to get space for his shit is awesome and forget about his clutch gene. His passing is incredible. Watch some big bird highlights they’re similar
Jamie Hummons
Jamie Hummons Pred 8 dnevi
He's in the MVP discussion this season
iVince905 Pred 8 dnevi
Already better than Ben Simmons
marjan mitkovski
marjan mitkovski Pred 7 dnevi
Maybe for now , but there is some whispers that Ben Simmons order jump shot from AliExpress , I wona see will you say this when hi receive his order.
w3t80y123 Pred 8 dnevi
Luka toying with the Cavs. Basic defensive mistakes all night long.
Ben Pred 8 dnevi
He is a beast, i really hope that he stays healthy throughout his career.
David Gomez
David Gomez Pred 8 dnevi
Another day at the office
Jim Jim
Jim Jim Pred 8 dnevi
What a beast. So many triple doubles
Iteru Rivers
Iteru Rivers Pred 8 dnevi
Mavs 6-0 v NBA teams this year 4-2 v NBA refs this year.
Ngueuga frank
Ngueuga frank Pred 8 dnevi
For those Who understand, this Guy is getting a fucking "Emperor Eye"😍😍
pillys michail
pillys michail Pred 8 dnevi
I'm from with, I know we have giannis and this is great for our country and now Luca a European player also crashing nba. He is unique, and for us who have watching him already in Europe we knew that he is going to be a legend, hope one day see him play with giannis us teammates
yut suneki
yut suneki Pred 8 dnevi
Doncic is the best player in the league now
LUBLANA FU Pred 8 dnevi
LUKA the " BALKAN MASHINE " His nickname should be "" the DON"
bfahren Pred 8 dnevi
I bet Suns and Kings fans are loving this.
Zidan Z
Zidan Z Pred 8 dnevi
Odbrana je smesna zato i imaju danasnji igraci takve brojke
marjan mitkovski
marjan mitkovski Pred 7 dnevi
Da da teodosic he imao jako strasne brojke , nine daleko no bogdanovic.
William Stephens
William Stephens Pred 8 dnevi
He’s really good. I would still take Trae, who I think is a better scorer and passer, by a hair. Luka isn’t defended as hard as Trae. He doesn’t receive the same amount of double and triple teams . There are moments when Trae is full court pressed during the game like it’s in high school and a team is trying to shut down the other teams blue chip prospect.
Financial Liberty
Financial Liberty Pred 7 dnevi
William Stephens Luka not receîving the same amount of double and triple teams as Trae?? You've got to be kidding right? If anything, Luka is right now one of the players in the league receiving the biggest amount of double-triple teams
Coby - To nisam bio ja
Last Night Was Amazing!!