Luka Records Career-High In PTS & 4th Triple-Double Of Season 

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Luka Doncic finished with a career-high in scoring with 38 PTS along with 13 REB & 10 AST to record his 4th triple-double of the season! He is the youngest player in NBA History to record 4 triple-doubles in the first 8 games of a season. He also joins Maurice Stokes (1957-58), Oscar Robertson (1960-61,1961-62) and Russell Westbrook (2016-17) as the only players to do so.
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9. nov. 2019

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Pick N Roll
Pick N Roll Pred 24 dnevi
Remember when haters said his ceiling is Hedu Turkoglu? LMAO
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic Pred 24 dnevi
He is a stat padding,high usage,no defense flopper.
Mark L.earns
Mark L.earns Pred 26 dnevi
Luka is great as usual! But what is with that ghostcall at 1:24? ... This is ridiculous!
Panther Free
Panther Free Pred 26 dnevi
He is like the new version of larry bird with handle. Not that fast but extremely crafty
Rex Mundi
Rex Mundi Pred 26 dnevi
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Zurko Zajebant
Zurko Zajebant Pred 27 dnevi
I am from Slovenia
D Tisk
D Tisk Pred 28 dnevi
Hampango Moono
Hampango Moono Pred 28 dnevi
Definitely MVP worthy...hope it continues💪🏿🙏🏿
joblagz Pred 28 dnevi
they lost against the knicks though.
SuperRip7 Pred 28 dnevi
Luka: stronger and stronger. 11-12-19.
chace guillory
chace guillory Pred 29 dnevi
Luka doncic is like post Malone in a way.. 1. Very skillful at what they do 2. Very young 3. Doncic is a franchise player.. he won't be forgotten n will be great for a long time 3. Post finds ways to make hits easily 4. Post Is from Texas and doncic plays on a team from Texas 5. Post improved every year m doncic has too
Swine of Culture
Swine of Culture Pred 29 dnevi
CH ii
CH ii Pred mesecem
i can see someone hurting this dude badly just to stop him.
GT 40
GT 40 Pred mesecem
We must protect this man at all costs... esp from the Kardashian curse. I am done seeing NBA careers sucked dry.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Pred mesecem
Dallas can be the new bird celtics and sage the leagues image.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Pred mesecem
Luka is great but cries too much. If he learns to play without acknowledging there are refs his game will become unstoppable.
cmac brown
cmac brown Pred mesecem
20 years old.
ronnie thornton
ronnie thornton Pred mesecem
People don't realize Luka's style of play is just like James Harden. He may get individual awards and accolades but his style of play won't get him a championship. The assist he gets doesn't mean team involvement the same way James Harden's assist don't mean team involvement. They are both stat padders of the same kind.
Milo Danglers
Milo Danglers Pred mesecem
Luka may be the best u21 player of all time his triple double records are incredible and its quite scary that his still 7-10 years away from his prime could go down as one of the best of all time when its all said and done
Andrew Pred mesecem
Alright everyone, chill out, its the knicks... not the 95-96 bulls.
lxoooxl Pred mesecem
He's only 20 years old but he plays like a veteran
Cuphead 77
Cuphead 77 Pred mesecem
Badass dude. maybe this generations Larry bird🤘👽🤘
Red Carbohydrate
Red Carbohydrate Pred mesecem
Luka magic
Jessee Padilla
Jessee Padilla Pred mesecem
Dallas's game plan: Give the ball to Luka.
Rj Billiones
Rj Billiones Pred mesecem
But he losed the game 😂😂😂😅😅
nice butcher
nice butcher Pred mesecem
Doncic the worst basket ever
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams Pred mesecem
Shawn Guron
Shawn Guron Pred mesecem
He plays a lot like Lebron tbh, not the same type of athlete but picks teams apart the same way.
The Great Western Trendkill
those muscle bully drives to the basket this year are such a great improvement. didn't see that coming in year 2
AJ Zoro
AJ Zoro Pred mesecem
Luka was an All-star last year and playing like an MVP candidate this year!
steven yang
steven yang Pred mesecem
Plays like the prime Larry Legend
Robert Vrhovec
Robert Vrhovec Pred 26 dnevi
Larry was 23 yo rookie Luka is 20 yo MVP AND I LOVE LARRY
SRT10_94 Pred mesecem
“Luka after his 6th season is averaging 77PPG 20R 20APG”
BallinDay96 Pred mesecem
He’s really good.
Peter Burman
Peter Burman Pred mesecem
Disappointed we lost.
First Name Last Name
Unfortunately we still lost this game... so these stats don’t mean shit
Lucas Henrique
Lucas Henrique Pred mesecem
veteran mode!
Andrei Leon
Andrei Leon Pred mesecem
White Magic Johnson
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller Pred mesecem
He was unstoppable when he drove to the basket, but for some reason he kept jacking contested stepback 3s. Though already a monster, still has plenty of room to grow.
John Rey
John Rey Pred mesecem
Sophomore of the year! Lol and MVP
Internet User
Internet User Pred mesecem
This kid is not fucking around. Has the chance to be top 5 GOAT.
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