Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video] 

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records




20. maj. 2020

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Dopeymeme Pred 9 urami
I ship Megan and MGK. I think she’d be a great (step)mom to his daughter.
Elizabeth Chongloi
Elizabeth Chongloi Pred 9 urami
Jim Rustler
Jim Rustler Pred 9 urami
aw yissss megan fuxxx
Facts India
Facts India Pred 9 urami
This Dude Sacrificed His Carrer just To Bring Back eminem
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Pred 9 urami
His "rap" sucks and this is 2000's pop punk 🗑
Dale Glennie
Dale Glennie Pred 9 urami
Eminem ruins this dudes rap career, so he switched to teen pop music. Fkn classic
Temjumrallen Temjumrallen
Love to see mgk channel growing from 4mil to 6.11during this quarantine . EST for life dude....
Elijah Norman
Elijah Norman Pred 9 urami
more please
cjmyaz Pred 10 urami
2020 version of The Wombats X Bloc Party. Killer!
Eugorn Pred 10 urami
When you realize that Megan Fox has done a music video for Eminem and MGK
Mike Pollas
Mike Pollas Pred 10 urami
Matt Brattensborg
Matt Brattensborg Pred 10 urami
Is mgk actually bringing mid 2000s pop probably punk sound back to the mainstream???
Clanden Pred 10 urami
Em brought him down a notch
بوبكر كرى
بوبكر كرى Pred 10 urami
I think rockin is better than dissing by em
Rendum Pred 10 urami
I hate mgk
paigeemikayla Pred 11 urami
I need that long sleeve she’s dancing in on the stairs but I can’t find it any where 😭
Kyles Isler
Kyles Isler Pred 11 urami
boy band level 9000
Music Syco
Music Syco Pred 11 urami
Is it 2008 again ?
Music Syco
Music Syco Pred 11 urami
Megan : I can do your video but remember... I have kids
Dang Pham
Dang Pham Pred 12 urami
Those who hit dislike thought it was the download button
cinnamon babe
cinnamon babe Pred 13 urami
Red hook Brooklyn 429
Red hook Brooklyn 429 Pred 13 urami
Megan fox is the definition of sex appeal. She ooozes sexxxxx and beauty at the same time. In a world of wannabe fake Kim kardashians and Kylie Jenner always strive to be a Megan Fox ladies 😉 . The song is a banger too ✌️
Chad Castagana
Chad Castagana Pred 13 urami
Even Kristen Stewart has more talent than Megan Fox
Joshua Field
Joshua Field Pred 13 urami
Haven’t seen Megan since Michael bays turtle series
Big boy Beilly
Big boy Beilly Pred 13 urami
Why he lookin like a Caucasian jimin
Israel Mayhew
Israel Mayhew Pred 13 urami
This song carried be back in time to my early teens
bouje kidd
bouje kidd Pred 13 urami
I feeling this one💪💪💪
Salu Salu
Salu Salu Pred 13 urami
I guess MGK is no longer a rapper...we have eminem to thank for that
Mc Joh
Mc Joh Pred 13 urami
Shiite statue you are,,,
SANTANDER FC Pred 13 urami
Just because a rapper does rock and plays instruments doesn’t mean he is no longer a rapper
Decon Streakin
Decon Streakin Pred 13 urami
Megan Fox is the baddest Sim
A K Pred 13 urami
What an embarrassing genre switch! 😂💩💩💩💩💩
SANTANDER FC Pred 13 urami
He’s been doing rock the whole decade dumbass, Stan alert *bias*
Avinash Kalra
Avinash Kalra Pred 13 urami
I love how he says "In my head" exactly like Tom DeLonge !!
Sno Dub Music and Entertainment
And millions of men are all giving MGK the virtual fist bump for landing Megan Fox! Lol!
Barbara Dubois
Barbara Dubois Pred 14 urami
MGK you need to come back to Paris please.
Zion Holiday
Zion Holiday Pred 14 urami
I honestly don't really listen to mgk but I can't stop listening to this🤍🤍🤍🤍
eugene sha
eugene sha Pred 14 urami
Очень круто! Так же, Тревис добавил своего драйва этой песне играя на барабанах!!! Топ! Скучаю по такой качественной музыке! Давай еще больше!💪💪💪
Sarah Hendricks
Sarah Hendricks Pred 14 urami
Megan 😍😍😍
Lcarter52 Pred 14 urami
I’m not an MGK fan by any measure but this is quite good.
Lcarter52 Pred 14 urami
Random thought - How dope would it be to have Trace Cyrus featured on this?
Taylor Bennett
Taylor Bennett Pred 14 urami
i LOVE this song.
Giovanni Pred 14 urami
This song gives me an "American Pie" vibe
Alice Abernathy
Alice Abernathy Pred 14 urami
Holy fuck this was bloody awesome
ON OFF Pred 14 urami
хочу её
carey Ellis
carey Ellis Pred 14 urami
I'm not really liking his music but its worth a shot 😂
Willy William
Willy William Pred 14 urami
This my situation with my girlfreind right now 😅
Jonathan Pred 14 urami
Bloody slvid.info/video/0IiL0mW2jtSk3bM.html
Jan Wizzarak
Jan Wizzarak Pred 14 urami
💸💸💸💸💸💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸💸💸💸💸💸 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (look up and ask HIM)*
Cesar Valdez
Cesar Valdez Pred 15 urami
Solo vine por Megan Fox
Angelica Matthews
Angelica Matthews Pred 15 urami
When it cut to scene of him in black I thought he was tate Langdon for a second lol
albanese1113 Pred 15 urami
The majority here is for Fox?
Hakan Hakan
Hakan Hakan Pred 15 urami
How much bro ? Also with Megan :)
Andre Mclean
Andre Mclean Pred 15 urami
In another universe this is a we the kings song
Dari Miranda
Dari Miranda Pred 15 urami
Aratrik Debnath
Aratrik Debnath Pred 15 urami
Eminem dissed him into correct path..
Homie Cide
Homie Cide Pred 16 urami
Why did he fake being a rapper? this is his lane.. lil bitty beech
SB C Pred 16 urami
I like this song best from what hes made worst was rap devil it sucked
Mark Alosio
Mark Alosio Pred 16 urami
I only came for Megan Fox
kotis Pred 16 urami
return my 2012
Kristianna Pred 16 urami
Every straight, gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, alien, rock, and/or piece of grass can agree that the return of Megan Fox did NOT disappoint! MY GOD
Daniel Krause
Daniel Krause Pred 16 urami
Em killed him into emo music huh lmao
Dallas Bagley
Dallas Bagley Pred 14 urami
Yeah, and he makes better music than Em now.
Dejan Juric
Dejan Juric Pred 16 urami
Bad Boy Record
Kudrate jahan
Kudrate jahan Pred 16 urami
He sounds like forever the sickest kids
iJustDontGiveAShit Pred 16 urami
MGK is def a talented dude. To play different genres this well is amazing.
JS Pred 16 urami
This sound like it would be in a Disney movie
vickie majeau
vickie majeau Pred 16 urami
I thought he was a rapper
John Lee
John Lee Pred 16 urami
MGK not that fire of a singer/rapper but this wasn't half bad
Syed Sahil
Syed Sahil Pred 16 urami
Machine gone kelly.
I D Pred 16 urami
Is no one hearing ems voice at the end ?!
Rub Gurung
Rub Gurung Pred 16 urami
Is mgk finally falling in love
Nathan AXL
Nathan AXL Pred 17 urami
Ewwwwwwwww Mehhhhhhhhhhh🚮
Leigh Zelepugas
Leigh Zelepugas Pred 17 urami
Sounds like new Blink, and that’s not good....
Franz Ibrahim
Franz Ibrahim Pred 17 urami
What exactly is this? It's not music
Ho Lee Fuk
Ho Lee Fuk Pred 17 urami
funny that your diss against Eminem is your most watched video..all thanks to him..also the most dislike from a trash rap videoo
Ho Lee Fuk
Ho Lee Fuk Pred 17 urami
did you just give up with rap after losing a diss war against Eminem?..bruh
Dallas Bagley
Dallas Bagley Pred 14 urami
Stop acting like your homies with Eminem or something. It's weird.
Carla Kellenn
Carla Kellenn Pred 17 urami
OOGA BOOGA Pred 17 urami
Megan Fox Wayyyyy too Hot for This Shit Tsssss 🔥 🔥🔥
Jason La Juene
Jason La Juene Pred 17 urami
jihan Fajar
jihan Fajar Pred 17 urami
MGK for hip hop : [ x ] MGK for rock : [ v ]
Vada Yori
Vada Yori Pred 17 urami
Who else ships it?
XxZombiePro69Xx Pred 17 urami
To all the people who are asking if megan fox and mgk are dating i think they are cause from what my dad told me megan fox is sperated
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